Ilhan Omar Vows: This Won’t “Be the Country of White People”

In one of the more unnecessary and just plain stupid events in recent memory, there was a “Black Women in Defense of Ilhan Omar” shindig in Washington on Tuesday, and the guest of honor leaned into the event’s purpose by spouting off more anti-American, racist nonsense that no doubt electrified the progressives in attendance.

Instead of using the platform to carefully explain that she did not hate Jews, that she did not blame America for the downfall of Venezuela, and that she did not consider 9/11 to be a trivial event where “some people did some things,” Omar blasted President Trump for the rise of “Islamophobia” in the U.S.

No, Ilhan, we’re pretty sure that was sparked by that time some people did some things. You might want to look into it.

“When we talk about anti-Semitism, we must also talk about Islamophobia. It is two sides of the same coin of bigotry,” she said. “This is not going to be the country of the xenophobics. This is not going to be the country of white people. This is not going to be the country of the few. This is going to be the country of the many.”

Well, at least Omar admits she’s on one side of the ol’ bigotry coin. Wonder what she meant by “this is not going to be the country of white people,” though. That sounds sorta racist. Oh, right, you can say whatever you want about white people and it doesn’t count. Just like you can say anything you want about men, Christians, straight people, and any other group that the left hasn’t deemed “protected.”

And if you’re a far-left Muslim woman in a hijab, you can say anything you want about anyone, because, well, we just can’t understand the depth of her experiences, guys. It’s HER truth, y’all. You have to respect that. You WILL respect that – by force if necessary.

“The thing that upsets the occupant in the White House, his goons in the Republican Party, many of our colleagues in the Democratic Party, is that they can’t stand that a refugee, a black woman, an immigrant, a Muslim shows up in Congress thinking she’s equal to them,” Omar said.

Uh-huh. That’s just what it is, Ilhan. You’re just so damn persecuted.

Strangely enough, we didn’t see anything about this event on the front page of The Washington Post or The New York Times.

You think a “White Men in Defense of Steve King” event would be similarly ignored?

Oh right, right. Oppression and privilege and intersectionality, oh my.

What do you think?

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  1. If I were you, Omar, I would be careful of my use of the word “goons” since it is your ilk doing the “gooning”. You’re a lying cheat who married her own brother and didn’t divorce him till you were married to current husband for a year just to circumvent US immigration laws and get your brother into US. This demonstrates your lack of respect for US laws and that you do not belong in Congress. You are a stinking racist as well.You would do well to remember that it was WHITE people who founded our country and welcomed all races to join in building what we have now. If anything, your kind are late (and hate) comers and usurpers.

    • Very well said,
      And BTW Omar, you beeatch, feel free to leave OUR country immediately before we try you for treason and jail your a$$!
      There is NO place for your kind in America! There IS a law on the books from 1952 that states you are not allowed in America period, much less in OUR government!

      • Omar, I WILL PAY for YOUR return to Somalia – ONE WAY. You’ve got to promise you’ll NEVER return. You’re RIGHT, we DON’T want or need you in America. Take as many of your homies BACK TO SOMALIA as you like

        • Anti Whites call themselves “anti racists” but their actions target only one group.

          When has a “diversity activist” ever campaigned to bring white people to any global place or institution that is non white?

          Is this what they mean by White ‘Privilege’?

          Where are the “anti racists” to protest the ongoing torture, rape, and murder of minority Whites in South Africa?

          If it’s all because of ‘slavery, colonialism’, then why does noone care about the colionalism of say, Turkey or North Africa? Or the mass slavery imposed on the Slavs or the Irish?

          And if it’s about the Aboriginals, then help the Aboriginals. Importing more “thieves” to this “stolen land” as they like to say doesn’t help. Nor does importing random third parties as a solution make any sense.

          It’s clear that ‘anti racist’ is just code for Anti White
          And that diversity is CODE for White G-

        • Don’t count on her promise, Muslims’ “promise” to infidels means nothing to them! She will never leave on her own. By the way, she was elected by Americans, or were those illegal voters? Americans put her in US Congress, and she is still there. So now it is Americans’ turn to kick her out of the Congress and then deport her out of our country.

    • White people didn’t found nothing. Asians migrated to these lands first, but the oldest remains found was of African descent. White wash history only hurts us. Try doing a little more research.

      • You both need to do some more research as the latest discoveries point to people for Siberia and Beringia during and after ice age era. Of course there is probably some other studies and research that may be going on that states otherwise. I googled this subject as we go to the Pink Palace and they have a great display on human evolution and also discusses the first inhabitants of America. However, when it came to Columbus coming to America we should all know it was inhabited by American Indians. They also tested some DNA on bones and other artifacts and that is how they decided the first people were from Siberia and Berginia. They said that during the ice age the pretty much walked from there to America

        • That was what I was taught. Of course, that was before the blacks and revisionist’s Started to change history to their own liking. Now Columbus never set foot on the mainland of the American continents. That honor belongs to Amerigo Vespucci who thought he was in India and named the inhabitants Indians. He was Portuguese. Cortez slaughtered his way through Mexico and laid claim to the territories up to California for the Spanish empire. The French tried to gain control of Mexico during the Spanish American war and failed miserably.

      • Hmmm! Sounds like YOU need to go back and look at archaeological findings. The notion that the Americas were originally populated by a single migration of people from Asia about 13,000 years ago.
        “We now have really solid evidence that people came from Europe to the New World around 20,000 years ago”! Origins of Clovis culture from the Solutrean people, who occupied northern Spain and France more than 20,000 years ago. They believe that these people went on to populate America’s east coast, eventually spreading at least as far as Venezuela in South America.

      • White people didn’t found nothing. Seriously, go back to school and take a grammar course, moron. Meanwhile take a history course while you are at it. The first people to come to this country were Native Americans (known as Indians to idiots like you) who migrated up from Mexico and some areas of Central America.

      • When someone says “founded America” it doesn’t mean they were sailing along and all of a sudden somebody on the boat said “Hey! Look what we found!” It means that the society we now enjoy was begun by settlers from Europe who came here to start new lives free from the tyranny and persecution of their homelands. And believe it or not, they were white! Which doesn’t matter anyway. I wasn’t there, maybe they were some shade of chartreuse or something. Who cares? People like you care….people who can’t see past their own failures and hate.

    • Absolutely agree! I’m so angry and sick of this woman. How in the world this racist can be a member of USA Government?
      What else does she has to say or act to be dismissed from her position and kicked out of USA.
      Go to Somalia, you racist and terrorists supporter. We don’t want you here, you didn’t deserve to be USA citizen.

        • JRM, you are right his college records were sealed, he only showed a birth certificate that is in question to this date after he was elected and to top it all off he didn’t even know how many states were in this Union.

    • I keep bringing the fact she married her brother to get him, who is probably a terrorist, into the country that MUST BE A FELONY I don’t give a shit that she’s been elected or not SHE SHOULD BE IN JAIL! REPUBLICANS wake up.

    • That is a racist remark and has no place coming out of the mouth of a member of Congress. Especially since this woman was allowed to come into our country by lying to gain entry. She should be removed from office – NO benefits – and IMMEDIATELY deported – GOOD BYE!!!

    • This Muslim worthless piece of male furniture has been evaluated by pathologists. She is the largest piece of fecal matter in the history of evolution.

    • Why is she still in Congress?! None of these Muslims, including Keith Ellison are following our Constitution! They are following the only law allowed in Islam, Sharia. It is the complete opposite of the Constitution, these Muslims need to resign from office, and there should never be another Muslim running for office in any capacity, city, state or federal. If you read about Islam, and have followed it for a long time, you know that this is their way of taking over a country. First slowing invade the country, forming tribes, speaking only their language, cells where Jihadist are planning attacks against our people. When they have enough numbers, they bring in more and more families from the Middle East, and like the invasion over the Southern Border, they have baby after baby. The Muslims then start running for political offices, and win in their highly populated Muslim Districts, like Omar in MN with the Somolian Muslim population, but of course, the insane left will vote for them as well, because they haven’t a clue that they will be the first to be eliminated when Muslims gain enough power. This is their plan, they took over Europe, now they are working on the Western World. Had Killary been elected instead of President Trump, we would all be in grave danger as our country turned into a third world sewer. Praise President Trump and glorify our God for intervening in the 2016 election to save his country from pure evil. “THANKS BE TO GOD!”

  2. ….another “one and DONE” democrat that I hope gets booted out of her own “party” (as well as Ocasio..)…..I down voted the article because of what Omar did-NOT because of the article itself….

    How far left do the democrats want to go? How treasonous do they desire to be seen as?

    When will people get to a place of “enough is ENOUGH ??!!!???

    MAGA 2020!!

    • Already there,
      The DUMBYRATS don’t even pretend to do the work they were elected to do anymore!

    • Enough is enough for me too! Our founding fathers never meant freedom of speech to be slanderous. Never meant to divide this nation. The day that started to identify ourselves by color, race, ethnicity and beliefs is the day a lot of this dividing began. Our nation’s enemies do not care about our “divisions.” They only care that we are “Americans” whom they want to destroy. Well, we should only care that we are “Americans” whom we want to preserve as a nation and a people! This “woman” in Congress must leave Congress and if so be it, the US.

  3. Maybe it will and maybe it won’t be the the country of White people. But one thing for sure, it will never be the country of terrorists, religious fanatics, murders and jihadists trying to destroy our country, either. We are sure about that! Our country is very special and will remain free by almighty God as we will continue to fight by every means available for our freedoms even if we have to wear our combat boots every single day of our lives.

  4. Let me see… If i were to say that this will not be the country of BROWN people, all hell would break loose and who knows what would happen to me. This Jihad Loving Muslim, Omar, stands up and proclaims that this will not be the country of WHITE people and we are expected to sit back and take it.
    I will not. As a matter of fact, her statement could be taken as a threat against every caucasian in the USA. How long are we going to allow this swine to get by with her Anti-American agenda? She and the other Muslim from Michigan, they need to pack it up, catch the first camel to say Iran and get the heck out of OUR Republic! After all, she has nothing good to say about America therefore she should have no problem relocating to a region filled with her people. She surely is not one of ours!

    • There is a federal law on the books from 1952 that does not allow Muslimes in the USA for any reason!
      And I might add it should be immediately enforced!
      Why should we allow people in OUR country that will never assimilate to the American way of life and never intend too!

    • Their plans are to have their women have at least 4 kids each and in 20 years outnumber us.

  5. GOD’ KINGDOM RULES OVER ALL 🕎 Yes, I will drive you out of office says THE LORD. I will pull you down from your high position. GOD frustrates the plans of the crafty, so their efforts will not succeed. HE catches those who think they are wise in their own way.” (Isaiah 22,Job 5) I send this WORD OF GOD TO MANIFEST CONSISTENTLY to expose and Destroy all evil powers OPERATING in Omar and all that is Connected, all that are AGAINST GOD’PLANS AGENDA, those AGAINST THE WHITE HOUSE-PRES TRUMP and us GENUINE LOYAL AMERICANS AND US GENUINE LOYAL PEOPLE OF ALMIGHTY GOD. I loose THE BLAST OF GOD’BREATH TO UTTERLY CONSUME ALL EVIL POWERS OPPOSITION NOW. No Weapon that is formed against us shall prosper. We are one nation under GOD FOREVER. I loose GOD’🔥 Fire to Devour all unseen Plots, Schemes, conspiracies, evil spoken words, all money, wealth that is used to promote vile, wicked STRATEGIES, Destruction, MUSLIMISM COMMUNISM, Socialism, all evil STUMBLING BLOCKS that are operating against GOD’PLANS-AGENDA, Israel, THE WHITE HOUSE-PRES TRUMP AMERICA. In JESUS NAME FOREVER I DECREE AND DECLARE.

  6. Omar the Idiot! No wonder why Muslims want their women to be quiet. If they behave like her they want her tongue removed!

      • I’m a transplanted Texan, now an Alaskan girl but I totally agree with you.. But then remember, there is no fixing STUPID!! And that one is STUPID!! I cannot imagine how she got into office, but if we do not watch it there will be more and more and more of them each election…They breed like rabbits!!!

  7. Get out of USA, you are a racist and terrorists supporter.
    You didn’t deserve to be USA citizen.
    Those who voted for her to be a part of our Government have no brains, or have the same ideology as she has. They all belong to Democratic Party that became the party of idiots.

  8. Why,do the people of pur great country let this bullshit go on.she doesn’t deserve a seat in congress.what’s wrong with you your job,get her out. Resign Omar,resign! Your differently not an American, get out,resign know. Wake-up people before it’s too late.

  9. I would just like to know what in the he!! The morons that voted for this pile of trash we’re thinking? As well as that AOC pile and their sister Tlaib! NONE of these non humans have any business being in any kind of government or even a PTA gathering! With all the stupid hatred “shit” that comes out of their mouths about “THESE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA” how are they not in jail yet? I have written all of my Congressman, Senator’s and Representative’s and only one had the nerve to respond! This the little sister of Obama less than human OMAR should be handcuffed and removed from MY CAPITAL BUILDING! TOSSED OUT WITH THE REST OF THE GARBAGE, it has no place in MY COUNTRY that opened it’s doors for it’s sorry A$$! I would really like to know how the so called equal media does not report on her for the way IT talk’s about how she wants to brainwash kids to believe in this trash from her so called religious beliefs! How was it that a school let her have access to grade school kids and parents and faculty were not allowed to attend? Bullsh!+ You are never welcome in MY state…. We don’t want you don’t want your BS ANTI AMERICAN THOUGHTS don’t even want you and that stupid towel wrapped head anywhere around me our any of my fellow AMERICANS!!!!!

  10. It doesn’t matter who passed by first, second, third, or more. It matters who is here now and that whole bunch of Obama imported transplant Muslims needs to be welcomed back to where they came from. They are forbidden by their cult (Islam is a cult and not a religion) to swear allegiance to anything but Islam. Government employees and politicians are required to pledge allegiance to the flag and to the Republic for which it stands. If she pledged to the flag she faces death. Sounds like a plan to me.


  12. Omar – You and your kind are the ones who do not belong. White people were here before your people ever this part of the world, and especially this land, even existed! So, pack-up and get out of Our Country!!!!

  13. Hey, Omar……This NEVER was a country of just white people…….but its certainly NOT going to be a nation of just muslims………especially since your “some people did something”……..well we know who those “some people” are……….I find your HATE SPEECHES threatening to ALL AMERICANS. You present with the PERCEPTION OF VIOLENCE against MY COUNTRY………if you don’t like it here, go back from where you came.

  14. How are such people SO incredibly ignorant…and just who and what do they/she think she is? The rubbish that comes out of her mouth is a good example of what she calls us!
    This is OUR nation, we founded it and were/are predominately white people, so what!….This is OUR nation and we can be as we see fit…it is called FREEDOM! We have the rights because we fought for them and built this nation as we wanted! NO ONE, even our own, has the right to push anything else!
    COMMUNISM/SOCIALISM NO, NOT ONLY NO- BUT HELL NO! We have a Constitution that is the best in the world, have given and stood for freedom for ourselves and world wide! WE did the work, so ANY FOREIGNER THAT DOESN’T LIKE THAT- CAN SHUT UP! Anyone has the right to state what they think, but they have to be correct. These attackers AGAINST the nation of America are sick people. They think we have Islamophobia, when it fact we state What is true and have every right to!! Muslims are of a totalitarian governmental system that are a cult, not a religion! Muslims use it to bully their way into the rest of the world. When others don’t know who muslims are, they think they are just another religion, which is totally wrong! They do not even have the properties of faith that is real…it is of satan, their allah is no god, he is a made up figment of Muhammad, WHO WAS A TERRORIST AND A PEDOPHILE!. Read the history books and their own books to get a real education about what and who these people are!!!! No peoples who demand women be subjugated to men, marry children and mutilate them or cut off the heads of those that do not agree with them- are certainly not any people to be talking about anything! It is not a phobia, it is a fact that they are very evil people and have no right to push their way into any place anywhere in the world. Anyone that is fooled by Islam and muslims deserves what they get from association with such people, who are lost. They are not satisfied to have the Middle East to live in, they are pushing their rubbish and evil all over the world! Thus they will be one of the peoples we fight in the end times and wipe out! They push their way into places they have no right to and stupid people just let them, to include places in America!!!! Muslims have no place here, as they are totally opposite to all that Americans built this nation to be; a Christian, free nation of opportunity, blessed by God to live in freedom, as we see fit. We left Europe because of the pushy anti-freedom people who wanted everyone to conform—we struck out for a new land and built a new nation. We do NOT have to let every riff raff peoples come here, who will NOT assimilate or adhere to our customs, rules and laws! What do they or any others expect, but that they will get what they dish out in someone else’s land! Very narrow minded, ignorant, evil intent in minds, actions and spirit! Yet they think they are special and we should bow down to them…HA! They have NO idea who we are at all! This crazy woman was placed where she is, she was not voted in! She was HIRED to cause trouble as was that other nut paid to cause trouble—wake up folks!! Take a firm stand against such rubbish in our country! If we don’t, they will push and push their ways in all over, with their Qurons, violence, scarves, tents, turbines and nonsense that means nothing to us. Go away muslims and shut up, we do not want to here or want what you have to say, because it is against everything we are.

  15. sounds like a racist to me , LOCK HER UP, maybe she prefers to live in the caves or in grass huts like afganistan and africa , having sex with their goats , if it wasn’t for white people , you blacks would still be hanging from trees like monkeys , once again all you need to get elected is money , brains not required

  16. The Little Lady Is by definition a Racist and because she is, she should take the Respectful way out through Resignation due to a proven Racist Attitude. This is not about what race or Color one is. It is about the HATE espoused by the mouth she carries with her face of Hate. No Little Missy, contrary to your statement of hate towards “White People,” White people will remain in the USA. Who knows, maybe there will be a surge of White Undocumented Immigrants to the United States since they have been a neglected population base due to QUOTAS established by the Government that you claim to represent! Something to think about, as well as think about the upcoming suits against you and the Democrat party for your hate speech to which the Democrats are standing for you… either to use you as the FALL GIRL, or to find a way to cover their embarrassment by gently drifting from your sphere of hateful influence.

  17. Someone better muzzle that dog. For a colored Somalian refugee Muslim, she sure is a cocky ill informed person. She does not represent this White Country of America and never will. She is such an arrogant refugee, not the lest grateful, always talking out her arse what she thinks this Country should be not knowing we already have a great Country, it wasn’t created with just her in mind, thank God! If this is what these Muslim refugees are like, they need to be shut down and in a big hurry, get her out of Washington as soon as she can be fired. She is big trouble for sure.

  18. Someone ought to take a sharp broomstick and stick it up her puss until it exits her head in a public square so all muslim slime see it like we see what they do to Christians.

  19. I call you an idiot a moron a jackass and much worse but I don’t think you are so stupid as to not understand this ‘IF THIS WILL NOT BE THE COUNTRY OF WHITE PEOPLE IT WILL BE THE COUNTRY OF NO PEOPLE’.

  20. Omar was elected because Obama sent nearly 80,000 Somali refugees to Minnesota. These ppl have little interest in assimilating as they come from a country that is about as opposite of America as possible. Many muslims believe non believers ( infidels) are pigs and dogs who must be dealt w/ by either converting to Islam, enslaved, or death! How is that ever going to fit in here? What the hell was Obama trying to do? Clearly Omar represents thousands of ppl who elected her. We brought this woman from living in a tented refugee camp in Kenya because her own Somalia was run by rival bloodthirsty gangs. She was given a college education, used sharia marriages and divorces in Europe to bring more family here, and now elected to congress at $174,000 a year!! And she uses all the blessings of America to spit in our face, preaching hatred of our country, hatred of white ppl, hatred of Jews, and hatred of non muslims. She should be impeached from Congress and sent home.

  21. Be Blessed fellow Americans,
    Let us not loose focus on the original subject matter and I believe it is along the lines of removing from office those who have been elected to represent us, the citizens of the greatest nation on the face of the earth, and they lied their way there, not living up to their promises to us or our country.
    Some of them were born here and some have come here from other parts of the world. Regardless of where they are from ,if they fail to represent us and / or speak or act treasonous toward The United States of America and the flag that represents who we are, there MUST be a uniting of us – born citizens along with naturalized citizens who truly assimilate into the culture of The United States of America from sea to shining sea , regardless of origin or skin color.
    I , as well as some of you, served in the U.S. military right along side of some who did not look quite like me , but would have given their life to protect the Unit States of America that they were proud of, and some of them did just that.
    Let us not fall into a trap of our common enemy , both foreign and domestic that wants to be divided, we will be much easier to conquer if we allow that to happen.
    Keep the faith, stay focused , stay strong and stay united.
    God Bless you all, the Rev.

  22. This has been a country of many nationalities and colors (if that matters) for so long and then comes people like you breeding so much hate then you blame others. This democrat party has bread so much hate over the hatred of one man that you couldn’t handle being the PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES! More hatred was stirred in the Obama era and through the election process kept breeding hate, lies and character assassination of any and all republicans, no matter what their true beliefs are. Judgement of the deplorable, idiots, homophobic, islamaphobic, blackaphobic, christian loving, trash people! Did I miss anything? Number one, you don’t know me so screw you and the donkey you rode in on. Your hate will never stop me or anyone from staying true to themselves because we know we are none of those things. I don’t hate anyone, this is america! I might not agree with some people but that is what makes us great, you have That right to think, live and love different. There are honestly two occasions I have had a problem or hatred towards another nationality and that is when OUR COUNTRY WAS INVADED BY TERRORIST who were of muslim decent and THIS HATE MONGERING POS, Ilhan Omar NEEDS TO GO.

  23. This is the woman who married her brother so she could get into America. That’s pure fraud and she should be returned to the sh_thole of a country she came from.

  24. Why call a woman, I’ll bet if you take away al those rags she’s wearing, you might find out she’s half goat.

    Stock up on your Ammo.

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