Impeachment Fever: Dems Want to Take Kavanaugh Out, Too

Friday was the one-year anniversary of one of the most sorry spectacles in American history: The smear campaign against Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh. And much in the same way that 2020 Democrats like Elizabeth Warren and Kamala Harris continue to believe the fake news that Michael Brown was “murdered” in Ferguson, they told us this week that they also still “believe” in the testimony of Christine Blasey Ford. We suppose the latter is somewhat more forgivable – Blasey Ford’s story hasn’t been conclusively disproven, unlike the Brown fiasco – but it’s still pretty questionable. There are a lot of holes in Blasey Ford’s story. A LOT of holes.

But that didn’t keep Warren from tweeting: “I still believe Dr. Christine Blasey Ford. And like the man who appointed him, Brett Kavanaugh should be impeached.”

Virtue-signal harder, Liz.

“A year ago, Dr. Christine Blasey Ford told her story. Senators didn’t listen, but the Americans people did,” Beto O’Rourke wrote. “Like Anita Hill before her, the impact of her testimony will inspire and encourage women to continue to have the courage to speak out. She is a hero.”

Our eyes literally can’t roll any further back.

“One year ago today, we saw what true courage looked like as Dr. Christine Blasey Ford stepped forward and testified before the Senate,” 2020 loser Bill de Blasio chimed in. “We believed her then. We believe her now.”

We didn’t. We don’t.

As for Harris, she couldn’t limit her thoughts to a tweet or two; she had to write a whole op-ed about it in Elle magazine.

“After allegations of sexual assault surfaced during Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation hearings, I saw up close that the hearings and FBI investigation were not a serious pursuit of truth or justice,” she wrote. “We need to get to the truth about Kavanaugh. And I believe the best path to truth and accountability is through a formal impeachment process.”

If we haven’t gotten to the “truth” about Kavanaugh through Senate hearings, an FBI investigation, an unlimited number of journalistic pursuits, and all the rest, we’re never going to get there. This story is as dead as a doornail, but these Democrats won’t consider the matter closed until they hear what they want to hear.

Washington has come down with Impeachment Fever, and it seems that the medicine known as “facts” has no hope of curing it.

What do you think?

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  1. The two justices trump appointed already are a thorn in the libtards side and if trump gets a second term he will get the chance for three which will keep the courts in americas favor for a generation. Thats why they are doin this

    • Too many crazies in the DNC 😖 Beginning to think that we have too many Communists in Congress, Google gave me the number and names a few months ago. Checked again and all those names removed….just the number left. Guessing those that had their names in print were not happy! Used to be a swing voter…nevermore😖

  2. There are more Americans wanting to take the whole DevilRat Socialist Party out than wanting to take Pres Trump and Judge Kavanaugh out

    • Sure am counting on that! Never want any GestapoCrat running the country! Being born and raised for years in Germany…sure as hell never want too see Communism in our America😡😖

    • Is there any way we can impeach the idiot democrats, that are not doing heir job. They were not sent to Washington to try to impeach anyone that they don’t agree with their warped thinking.
      Hillary lost and all of the crybabies can’t get over the outcome.

  3. Why hasn’t Harris been investigated for Prostitution? Sex for Profit is by definition ‘prostitution’ and she definitely profited by her affair with a married man which got her a couple of nice political appointments when she was starting out.

    • Don’t give Camel a Harris a hard time about prostitution.
      It’s the only job she ever had where she followed all the rules.
      Rule # 1: lie on your back (she is good at lying and good on her back).
      Rule # 2: spread your legs, while others hold their nose.
      Rule # 3: tell your daddy and brother it’s OK.
      Rule # 4: open your mouth and accept the prick.

      Camel a Harris and a whore house toilet are both full of $hit.
      However, the toilet can be flushed to eliminate the foul odor.

  4. The Dems want to remove anything or anyone that dares disagree with their agenda. They have worked many years getting our nation to the level of acceptance we are now seeing in a large portion of our citizens. Those who want to destroy the Republic and rebuild into their Socialist/Communist way of government.
    No matter who wins the next election we can expect some tough times ahead.

    • Agree totally! The end game does = Communism…total control IS the only reason they keep pushing their will on weak minded people. We currently have a number of people in our Congress that are registered as Communists. Back a couple of months ago Google gave me ALL those names….names have since been removed…they were ALL under the DNC👎🏼😡

    • COMMUNISM: The absolute “WORST” and LAST foirm of govt on this planet! It has to do w/greedy (%$#@&%$#) stealing from the populace and taking everything for themselves! GOVT’s “NEVER” produce, they TAKE! They are not accountable to anyone except themselves! they raise taxes as they see fit and they do what they want, and appease the populace to getaway w/THEFTS etc! Take Germany for ezample, and A.Hitler! He smoozed the public and it all but destroyed Germany! The Bible example is 1 Sam 8 KJV where the people, in Israel had NO king and wanted one! They were wanrned NOT to take a king and what would happen if they did, but they still wanted that king and so…exactly what they were warned about happened! Saul did exactly what was foretold! He was rotten king and put the people in bondage! ALL GOV’T put people in bondage! This world’s govt are doing the same right NOW! STAND by for the ULTIMATE Bondage yet to come! This will be the “New One World Order” and the head of this order will be the anti-christ! STAND BY!! IT WILL COME!!

  5. This may be UNSavoury, but it must be said: There is a reason why OUR Constitution is based upon the King James Bible as per Exodus 18:20-22 in the FACT that There are foru/4 requirments for those that serve in our govt anf those who Judge and pass laws etc. Those requirments are 1. Able “MEN” 2. “MEN” that FEAR GOD. 3. “MEN” of TRUTH 4. “MEN” hating coveteousness There is NOT ONE/1 woman mentioned in this matter or requirment! There was NOT one/1 woman in congress/senate /legis. etc until after 1921! There is a reason for this, and that’s because GOD/Jesus Christ COMMANDED it to be as such! He said so, in 1 Tim 2:12/Titus 2:3-5 etc The woman is NOT to lead, she is to assist the man! The woman cam from the man and is from the man! The man came first, then the woman! Gen 2:22-23 Now, IF you can’;t handle this, take it up w/the ONE who said what “HE” said! I am just the messenger! “IF” you will remember, a woman, named EVE statred this mess! She took of the fruit and did eat and gave to her husband….she PLUNGED the world into “SIN!” Gen 3:6-7 KJV So, now we have these woman doing the same thing, taking this nation down!!!

    • Eve supposedly gave Adam an apple and humans evolved. I think she also gave him a banana and democrats evolved as monkeys. I really feel sad for the good monkeys.

  6. Let me leave this comment and suggestion, for all who can understand and will consider: All of what this world and this nation is due to what igt will notdo, what it once did, as in 1500 to the 1900’s That’s what is KNOWN as the “Philadelphis Church age” where GOD/Jesus Christ was paprmont in the world and the wolrds govt etc The Gospel was preached woprld wide and this Govt and this nation was Great! (SEE the Book by Alexander De Torgeville- How America became Great!) His summation was that TYhe U.S.A. was GREAT because GOD was/is GREAT and this nation honored HIM! BUT< Back in 1962-3, 1970 and 73 (for those of you that remember these things) The S.Court took prayer and Bible Study and the 10 Commandments off the walls and halls of Schools and judgement. Then they aborted unborn babaies and "SHED INNOCENT BLOOD! Pro 6:17 KJV This is the reason why this nation has fallen and will fall much further and harder IF and UNLESS, we do one thing…FOLLOW what it says in Jeremiah 6:16KJV Will that happen? I PRAY, BUT seriously doubt the same! 1 Peter 3:18 KJV ACT UPON what was just said!!!

  7. The author talks about facts being a part of the impeachment. What a yahoo! Did he not listen as Old Joe Biden lectured his base, “We believe in facts, not the truth”. Some of us on the conservative side of the aisle have this weird belief that the truth and facts are one in the same thing. Not so with Democrats: for instance, most Democrats think man-made global warming is actually happening-it isn’t the truth, but they consider it to be a fact. In their twisted minds, if it’s a fact, it’s worth spending every dime this country has or ever will have to fix it. Oh, that’s right, the world will end in ten years unless we do it-just as it ended five times before when the nitwits predicted it would.

  8. The democrats have been increasing their control over We the People for many decades. As they now manage the ideology from kindergarten to Phd; and it is always the far left thinking; being taught as the “newest” thinking. We are glued to our TVs, and they control Hollywood, daytime shows and late nite TV. The (past)most respected channels and newspapers HAVE NO PROBLEM LYING, AS LONG AS THEY GET A DEMOCRAT MESSAGE. We need to fight this, by supporting some reputable/respectable sources. Do some research, the democrats have ALWAYS BEEN DRIVEN BY THE “TOTAL POWER OF A SINGLE POLITICAL PARTY/DEMOCRATS”. They are willing to share with no other power, and even Killary said, “when the democrats get back into majority power, we will see an end to the violence! I’m not sure she remembered she said that; but she did. Democrat ideology causes chaos, dependence, total gov’t power, poverty, total corruption.

  9. I watched the whole thing unfold on the TV I watched Christine Blasey Ford. And Brett Kavanaugh give their testimony. If I was Mr Kavanaugh I would have been pissed and mad too. I was always brought up to believe you were innocent till proven guilty. I heard no overwhelming hard evidence or hard proof he did anything. She couldn’t remember details where when it happened I mean if she lived in that town I’m sure she should have been able to remember that. Sorry that was another ploy by Democrats to get back at President Trump and ruin a good man in the process. These people have not gotten over the fact that THEY LOST CONTROL and are still crying about it. I’ve been a Democrat for over forty years they disgust me anymore. They are truly the slime at the bottom of the swamp. President Trump has started to turn this country around and we need now more than ever to keep going that way. I’m sorry I’m a democrat but I’m standing behind my President and everyone out there needs to too if we want us to be the country of our fathers. They knew what we would have to deal with and they set up safeguards to keep it that way. GOD BLESS AMERICA and GOD BLESS PRESIDENT TRUMP

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