In Condemning Political Violence, Leftists Call for Political Violence

Leftists on social media rushed to their phones on Wednesday to make sure that everyone in their friend circles knew how horrified and disgusted and vengeful they were as Trump supporters stormed the U.S. Capitol in Washington. While breaking their backs to condemn the political violence they saw transpiring on their television sets – violence that amounted to far less destruction than this summer’s riots, we’ll note – they simultaneously gave in to their basest instincts for bloodlust.

“Hopefully they shoot them,” tweeted former DNC data science director Andrew Therriault.

Similar sentiments were tweeted again and again by leftists who defended Black Lives Matter riots as “peaceful” even as cities burned and people were murdered in the streets.

“They are now taking down the American flag in the capital and replacing it with a MAGA flag. Shoot. Them. All,” said Forbes contributor Vincent Frank.

Spotify sportscaster Walter Salcido was even more succinct with his message: “Shoot them.”

Hollywood director Rod Blackhurst was also among those calling for the blood of his fellow citizens. “Please just f**king shoot them all. Please.”

We wonder if any of these people felt a tinge of remorse after a woman was shot and killed later in the day. We wonder if they ever stopped to consider why they were so eager to call for violent revenge and retribution on Wednesday and so horrified by the idea that the military would step in and stop the riotous rampages of this summer.

We’re guessing that fashion blogger Bryan Yambao experienced no such reflection, judging from this post: “Just shoot them all! Use those guns. That’s what they are there for, not to kill innocent black people sleeping in their homes.”

And that’s probably also true of author B.J. Mendelson, who tweeted, “The central problem is that these white supremacist terrorists, and lets be clear, that is what they are, have faced zero consequences at any point. That needs to end. Shoot them.”

Imagine if anyone in mainstream circles had suggested this summer that Black Lives Matter protesters were wilding out because they had never had to face “consequences” for their actions. The howls of condemnation would be heard from space.

We weren’t thrilled (to say the least) with the scenes that unfolded at the Capitol on Wednesday, but it sure did expose a great deal of hypocrisy from the “get rid of guns” and “defund the police” crowd. All of a sudden, it turned into “shoot them” and “where are the police?”

Anyway, welcome to 2021.

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  1. The “elite” democrats are hypocrites. After all the violence they overlooked when it was for them, now they get all self-righteous over one incident that points to the right. I guess they didn’t see the anti-fa at that riot? They’re known for bringing guns to their parties. This whole thing stinks just as badly as Biden’s false election.

  2. Ok, now tell me, is there anyone surprised? Theyve taken hypocracy and subversion to levels never seen before! And apparently only a handful of people in the “sewer” tried to stop them. Cant wait to hear the whining when the criminals they dragged into office start throwing them under that big blue bus!!!

  3. Regardless of how the Democrats “won” these various elections; legitimately or not, they are now in Control of the Presidency, the House and the Senate. What goes around, comes around. They now are fully responsible and accountable for the welfare of ALL Americans. Be careful what you wish for, you may get it, and they have.
    The American people will only tolerate so many false promises. The Democrats have committed to fixing all the wrongs and evils in America…..can they do it? If you look at Biden, at his age, Pelosi, Clyburn, Hoyer, Waters, as the leaders in the House, all 80’s or close to it….then there’s Schumer, whose ONLY contribution in the Senate along with Durbin has been placing blame on the opposition party….and that’;s hard to do unless they wind up blaming the divisions in their own party……so my “take” on this election is, I’m pretty happy they won, Now we can really see what ,if anything ,the Democrat Party has to offer. For the last four years they LITERALLY did nothing but attack Trump……now he’ll be gone……and we ALL get to see if there is ANYTHING constructive they are able to accomplish, when there is no one to blame but themselves….oh they’ll make lots of excuses, and they’ll point lots of fingers everywhere but at themselves…..but the reality is NOW THEY OWN IT. I have grave doubts. All one has to do, is look at the major cities run by Democrats, NYC, Chicago, L.A. San Fran, Portland, Atlanta, Seattle………etc……….and how well that has worked out there……if that is what they are bringing to the rest of America, we’ll all need to” do a Biden” and hide in our basements.

    • If this were a politically sane and fair world I would agree with you 100%.
      However, it is not.

      What will happen is the dems will screw this country six way from sunday with no lube and get away with it…why you ask??
      Because they will blame the predictable failures of jo and the ho and the socialist agendas they will push on guess who….That’s right President Trump.
      This will be the narrative for the next 4 years that the left and POS fake news will live off of.
      They will also say that President Trump did so much damage to the country that it is impossible to fix it all in one 4 year term. They’ll point to all the evil maga supporters as proof.
      Lock downs will continue, the economy will tank, a recession will occur, there will be state laws that mandate masks when and where gov’s decree and vaccinations as well. NY state already has Bill A416 in committee and has proposed another bill for mandatory vaccinations. All will be blamed on Trump.

      The only 2 pieces of hope we have is that
      1. There are 72 to 74 million of us who know the truth and can take action.
      2. Things are going to get SO BAD, that the contrast between Pre-covid Trump America and the jo/ho America won’t be able to be ignored.

      Get your affairs in order folks. it’s going to be a long 4 years.

    • Based on the federal constitution and each contested state’s constitution all of the contested states ran illegitimate and illegal (constitutionally) elections. This does not even take into consideration statistical evidence and potential voting machine evidence. This is a fraudulent election and anyone who does not simply scream at people who present valid information ( and call out nasty names) and looks at the constitutions will have to admit that there were illegitimate.

  4. The Democrats orchestrated the Riots at the Capital so they can blame President Trump. All they care about is Power. The Democrats don’t care who they destroy to achieve their goals. We are tired of the Democrats Double Standards and their Hypocrisy towards Violence. When violence benefits the Democrats, they turn a Blind Eye. It’s time the American People wake up before we lose our Constitutional Rights and our Country.

  5. These kids think it’s a game , your parents lost control and respect , you’ve also lost your religion ! War is about tyrants , and their unhinged type of control of power . F Y I democrates possession of evil against there own ( Americans ) . And renounce you as God made you , Jesus Christ our savior will see us through .

  6. Don’t know if this will pass muster or not, but here goes. How can the Democrats be so two faced, especially in their politics? Is it because their voters have memory issues or are they all on drugs? In the summer when the BLM movement was going on and Portland was under siege, along with Kenosha, and a few more cities their leaders had nothing to say about their cities being burned, businesses being looted, people being killed. No that was ok. No condemnation from the Democrats. It had to be the people that voted for Trump, and they had to go to Washington D.C. to the capitol for anything to be said. Why, was this? It must have been ok for all those cities to be burned and destroyed. I voted for Trump! But, as I posted before my vote for him did not mean that I would protest, if he did not win. As thousands of Democrats did in 2016, when he won. I did not, and do not like Joe Biden. But, in fairness I will accept him as president of the United States. If he won fairly, so be it. If not, still the same. I will accept him as the President. But,I would also like a fair accounting of how President Trump has been treated since he was elected. Admit, what they did wrong in response to programs he suggested to deter the Corona virus, and other solutions that would benefit the American people. Also, the major news channels need to understand they did not give an unbiased accounting of the American news. They withheld information that needed to be in the news. So voters would have had a less biased view against Trump. I could understand if it was fair and equal. Unfortunately, it was not. So, by hook or crook, the Democrats managed to get a man into the White House. I’m looking forward to 2024!!!! Hopefully, there won’t be a pandemic!


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