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Is This the Worst Washington Post Article of All Time?

Our apologies for the hyperbole in the headline, but we’re serious here. This may actually be the worst Washington Post article in the history of that storied paper. Now, since affixing “Democracy Dies in Darkness” to the top of their website and declaring themselves the official paper of the #Resistance, the Washington Post had published a hell of a lot of terrible drivel. So for writer Timothy Bella to pen something so awful that it actually caught our attention…that’s really saying something. This piece is so biased, it would probably be rejected by The Huffington Post or Salon. But hey, for WaPo, it was ready for the masses. Apparently there are no editorial standards at all anymore, other than: Orange Man Bad.

To set the stage, President Trump retweeted a whimsical video done up by one of his supporters on Sunday. Set to the tune of “The Rubberband Man,” the video shows Trump skipping and dancing past his many enemies, whirling a cane, and generally winning.

It would have been a little bit strange for the Washington Post to actually cover the “story” of Trump tweeting out this video in the first place, seeing as how it really isn’t news by any reasonable definition. Apparently Bella understood this as well. That’s why, in addition to needlessly describing the video in intense detail, he stretched to make an impossible connection between Trump’s posting of the video and…well, you’ll see.

“Shortly after health officials in Washington state confirmed the second U.S. death from the novel coronavirus in as many days, President Trump retweeted an animated video Sunday night in which he again bragged about his accomplishments, laughed at his political opponents and critics, and smiled as Mount Rushmore was reshaped to feature only his face,” wrote Bella.

This article would already be in contention for one of the worst left-wing stories of the year, even if that were Bella’s only mention of the coronavirus. But he just…keeps…doing…it.

“Trump’s retweet came less than two hours after Seattle and King County public health officials announced that a Seattle-area man in his 70s with underlying health conditions died Saturday of covid-19, the disease caused by the coronavirus. The news of the second confirmed U.S. death was announced in the same weekend that New York, Rhode Island and Florida confirmed probable and likely cases of the virus,” he continued.

Got the point yet? How about one more try.

“The video, which had been viewed more than 1 million times as of early Monday, was retweeted late Sunday amid reports that the Trump administration has scrambled to gain control of an American response to the global crisis, a response that has been ‘defined by bureaucratic infighting, confusion and misinformation,’ The Washington Post reported. Vice President Pence told CNN on Sunday that the administration has a handle on the crisis, reiterating that the threat to most Americans remains low,” Bella wrote, making the unclear connection for a miraculous third time in a row.

Alas since apparently some readers of the Washington Post are too dim to quite GET IT, Bella goes for the grand slam: “But in retweeting the two-minute video, produced last year by a right-wing content creator Trump has previously promoted, the president yet again celebrated his accomplishments and trolled his critics at a time in when the death toll for the coronavirus crisis has surpassed 3,000 on four continents.”

We’ll just note at last that the video itself has absolutely nothing to do with the coronavirus.

But you probably already knew that.

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  1. Bella must have gotten the same tonic that made the Obamamessiah more flexible because he goes to great lengths to twist logic!

  2. For the Post’s worst story opens up to a hard set of decisions. Which month, year, decade, century, or millennia?

  3. I nominate Timothy Bella for the Baghdad Bob Award in print and broadcast media. This award is open worldwide to only the very best liars, propaganda masters, degree in mass psychology helpful with a minor in creative bullshitting. The WaPoo would be so proud of him if he wins.

  4. “Global crisis?” Not yet, & not by a mile! Compare this with 60 million abortions in the US since Roe vs Wade was handed down in 1973, 2 million Cambodians killed by Pol Pot over a 4-year period in the 70s, 20-50 million deaths during the Influenza pandemic of 1918 (with 675,000 in the US alone), more than 10,000 Americans killed by drunk drivers every year, over a million drug overdose deaths in this country over the past 20 years, 50 million Chinese murdered by Mao, 20 million Soviets killed at the hands on Stalin, 25 million Europeans killed by the Black Plague, almost 400,000 Syrians killed in Assad’s civil war, and so on. Our MSM has gone completely off the track!

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