Italy’s Prime Minister to Richard Gere: YOU House the Migrants, Rich Guy!

Italian Prime Minister Matteo Salvini got into a war of words with Hollywood actor Richard Gere this week over the fate of migrants trying to illegally port on the Italian island of Lampedusa. Gere, who is working with the Spanish charity Open Arms to bring migrants stranded at sea to ports such as Italy and Spain, said that Italy, like the United States, should stop demonizing immigrants and instead be ready to give them respite from their travels.

“We have our problems with refugees coming from Honduras, Salavador, Nicaragua, Mexico,” Gere said in remarks to the media. “It’s very similar to what you are going through here.”

Gere said it was up to politicians in both Italy and the U.S. to stop “demonizing” refugees.

“This has to stop everywhere on this planet now,” he said. “And it will stop if we say stop.”

But Salvini, who has made a crackdown on migration a prominent part of his political platform, said that if Gere was so concerned about the fate of the 121 people aboard the Open Arms boat, he should put them up in his posh Hollywood home.

“Given this generous millionaire is voicing concern for the fate of the Open Arms migrants, we thank him,” Salvini said. “He can take back to Hollywood, on his private plane, all the people aboard and support them in his villas. Thank you Richard!”

That’s a Trump-like response if we’ve ever heard one!

No word from Gere as to whether or not he will take advantage of this fine idea, but we’re guessing the answer is no. These Hollywood elites are all about helping the poor and the downtrodden as long as it doesn’t go as far as to compromise their lush lifestyle. It’s kind of like those liberals in Georgetown, complaining about the government housing going up in their neighborhood. It’s one thing to demand that the government take care of the poor; it’s quite another to move them in down the street. Why, that – that we just won’t stand for!

It’s the same with the migrants. Richard Gere is more than happy to burden the Italian people with a further invasion of Middle Eastern migrants, but would he open his Hollywood home to any of them? Would he even deign to live in the same zip code? We think not. You don’t have any reason to support a wall at the border when you can afford to construct one around your mansion.

What do you think?

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    • Many have been saying the exact same thing since 1986. Yet no one in power HELPED because the system of governance being employed was not only built to fail but built to GRADUALLY enslave.

    • Absolutely right. Someone around the world having to put up with illegals invading their country , said something. Good for you Italian Prine Minuster! Good for you!

  1. I think Richard Gere should mind his own business, work to solve American illegal immigration ans stay out of Italian politics. Plus he could give a million bucks to “build the wall”.

    • Richard Gere has no intention of helping solve illegal immigration in America, he promotes it, in the name of tolerance and charity. However, he won’t offer anything “personally”, like ALL of the Hollywood self important “delusionals” he wants everyone else to pay for and endure the burdens.

    • We already have enough idiots running their Socialist mouths, they don’t need any help for Gere, let him stay in Spain.

  2. Like all Hollywood elites he has an answer as he finds off shore banking for his million’s. Mind your business mr. gere leave people and politics alone.

  3. Gere is a slick, narcissistic, double-talking, fork-tongued weasel who would sell his own mother and think that he care for the poor and children he is a phony and a hustler worthy morally 1 dollar….I mean that in the name of a good Latin American Catholic.

  4. Gere is a slick, narcissistic, double-talking, fork-tongued weasel who would sell his own mother he tries to be kind to the children and poor he is just a hassler and a phony Hollywood ….I mean that in the name of a good Latino American Catholic.

    • And to think … I used to enjoy his movies and TV appearances. NO LONGER!
      Hope more people follow my lead and stop paying for his movies, etc., he’s
      a real JERK>>>

  5. Minister Matteo Salvini makes sense while Richard Gere is an oblivious fool who tries to tell other people what to do! He should house the migrants!

  6. Minister Matteo Salvini makes sense while Richard Gere is an oblivious fool who tries to tell other people what to do! He should house the migrants!

  7. Gere is a dumb ass motherfucker with shit for brains. He should stick to something he knows “a little bit about,” acting.

  8. There are many types of immigrants. Some are refugees fleeing war. Some are seeking better lives. Some come to exploit a host country. Regardless, immigrants should respect the people and laws of a host country. Today’s immigrants don’t. They demand refuge. They demand welfare benefits. A host country can be generous but not exploited. The moralizing of people like Richard Gere is empty of credibility.

    • And some are thieves coming here to have a great, crooked financial life. The really smart thieves strive to break into politics because that’s where the most money is unguarded and ready to be stolen at will. Of course, they have to dodge the really big home-grown thieves who have a former on the market. Like the 20 or so unindicted Dem crooks now running for President who would steal the pennies off a dead man’s eyes.

  9. Perhaps we should look at the causes of people leaving in the first place. Fix the root cause. Why do they need to flee their home country?

  10. I agree, open up the borders to illegal immigrants as long as wealthy people such as Gere will take them in and support them. Taxpayers shouldn’t be required to foot the bill since he and other people of his kind support it.

  11. Celebrities and the rich are exempt from problems with illegals. They have 10 foot fences around their homes, gated communities, bodyguards. The middle-class always becomes the target with loss of jobs, trying to keep their standard of living, higher taxes to support the illegals-yet the celebrities want illegals in because it never affects them. THEY REALLY DON’T CARE ABOUT THE REAL CITIZENS!! WHY DON’T THEY OFFER HELP FOR THE CITIZENS THAT ARE HOMELESS, VETERANS, JOBLESS, THOSE THAT ARE SICK AND CAN’T AFFORD HEALTHCARE? They should stay in their dream worlds or actually monetarily take the responsibility of all the illegals and their needs and ensure none of the middle-class will ever be affected! THEY’RE NOT GOING TO DO THAT ARE THEY?? They deplete the economic system and socialism starts. Many countries are going through it now but again celebrities don’t care.

  12. Gere: a tired old bored man? Good actor, now lapsed into imbecility. Another self-obsessed do goober who is mostly hypocrite.

  13. This is one of the best comments i have heard since the immagrunts have tried to settle down in the USA, i believe every one these assholes that wants us to help them should take them into there homes feed clothe give them spending money and there car, and if some of the lazy ones want to work then you can give them your and see if they will support you, now if all of you took in one family in your home , you wouldnt have to worry about them anymore.

  14. Haven’t heard the “pennies off a dead man’s eyes” in years and you are correct they will take every penny any way than can

  15. Richard is just following the sheeple mindset of the majority of Hollywood people
    Not one of them has the courage or intelligence to think anything through for themselves.
    Yes, I too used to enjoy his movies, but like so many other actors, who are trying to dictate what the rest of the world should do, I will never go see any of their movies again.

    I’m very proud of Italy’s Prime Minister speaking out against HW actors like Gere, who have more money than God, yet don’t do anything good with it. They probably donate to Red Cross, who are ripping people off every day and not helping the people who need help.

  16. Gere, along with all his Hollywood friends, need to keep their mouths shut unless they show how much the truly care by building housing for people like this in their neighborhoods. Maybe then I’ll listen to what these hypocritical bozos have to say about people coming into our country illegally. However, I won’t hold my breath waiting for that to happen. What a clown.

  17. I think the real culprits of the massive influx of migrants are Nazi leftovers like Soros, Valerie Jarrett, and some others we probably don’t know about that are still alive driving this movement for NWO. If they can over run countries with poor immigrants and break countries financially, socialism can take over and the Nazis (Satan) rule the world through NWO. Step back and look at what is really going on right now around the world. Hollyweird are brainwashed liked the younger generations coming out of liberal colleges. Racism is the democrats mantra to divide (which was gone before Obama became President), people attacking police, a blatant attack on our judicial system by stacking judges, just to name a few of the radical things taking place? All part of a bigger plan to cause kios while they get ready for a well orchestrated take over of all countries. Pretty obvious to me what is taking place.

  18. What is so ironical about what the PM said is so astounding in it’s brevity…It’s been reported, and I am looking for a link to it, on FOX news and elsewhere that the HollyWood left that is opposing President Trump have an estimated net-worth of $2.6 TRILLION combined…If this is true, then they could affordably house, and maintain all 12 MILLION(reported!!!) illegal aliens in the USA quite comfortably…Again, until I can find the link this is just alleged reporting, but it really isn’t to far-fetched to believe when you consider just the estimated net worth of Richard Gere, and do the math…for about 300 other hard line HollyWood leftists…!!!

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