James Comey Hammered From Both Sides After Election Day Tweet

Not that it should have come as any surprise to any sentient human being, but James Comey is out of the closet: On Election Day, he tweeted out a picture of himself wearing a Biden/Harris shirt and making it clear where he stands on the vote.

“Vote for your country,” wrote the former FBI director.

Comey may have thought that he could win over the left’s hearts and minds with this tweet, but he was sadly mistaken. Within hours, he was getting hammered with criticism from both sides of the political divide, proving yet again that even in our divided country we can all come together and agree that James Comey sucks.

“Yes I know voting feels like a very small thing but it is truly the only possible thing any of us can do to save the country from a malignant narcissistic wannabe-fascist,” snarked New York Times writer Jill Filipovic. “Literally nothing else a single person could have done for our country other than cast a ballot in 2020.”

She was joined by the Daily Beast’s Molly Jong-Fast, who tweeted, “Trying not to cost the Democrats the election again?”

And then there was feminist author Geraldine DeRuiter, who wrote, “LOL, you are the reason we are in this mess, it’s not like we’re gonna forget.”

Others, like social activist Helen Kennedy, were more succinct: “Have the decency to go away.”

Conservatives and Trump supporters were no more forgiving of Comey.

“You were the ‘non biased, apolitical’ FBI Director?” asked Connecticut Republican J.T. Lewis. “LOL.”

“Comey, continuing his ego trip, and reminding America that he is a partisan activist,” tweeted GOP official Steve Guest.

Perhaps the winner was Ben Shapiro who kept it short and sweet:

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    • Yes, Jimmy, wearing a Bidumbass/Harrisucksdicks t-shirt makes you look like the disgusting creep that you are. I got news for you, Jimmy. The KKK is coming for your sorry ass. They will have fun fucking you up, motherfucker. Woohoo Jimmy, prepare to get your ass kicked hard, cocksucker.

  1. Let’s not forget FBI director James Smarmy’s appearing before the Senate Judiciary Cmte and doing his imitation of Granny Alinsky during her FBI interview:
    “I can’t recall.”
    “I don’t remember learning.anything.”
    “I don’t recall being informed of that.”
    “That’s about all I can recall.”
    “I don’t know.”
    “That doesn’t ring a bell.”

    And just as Special Counsel Ferris Mueller admitted during a nationally televised case of elder abuse, that he was “not familiar with” Fusion GPS, Director Smarmy told Brett Baier, “I’m not sure that’s true.” (that HRC & the DNC had paid for the Steele dossier) even after JOHN PODESTA had admitted it.

  2. You libby snow flake males better supply your libby snow flake husband with viagra so his dick is hard enough for you to swallow .

  3. Does this man have no shame? Does he think he is still relevant? Neither side would ever trust him. He is a man unto himself, a person who is probably talked about behind his back rather than talked to his face. How can he ever show his face or speak in public? Are his children not embarrassed for him? He must be dillusional or trying to make a come back in the most undignified way. Best to lay low for the rest of your life and just do charity work. You owe the world that much. Smart you are not…Swarmy, YES!

  4. How can this guy didlskin still be able to write his comments on line and not be cut off? But I understand this is a conservative press, and he has that right. Not like other networks that will cut you off for saying the right thing. I thought by now Comey would be drinking coffee from a silver metal cup and in an orange suit. And hopefully have access to reading the Conservative Free Press.

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