John Kerry Should Only Be Mad at Himself

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In truth, the only thing the two of them accomplished was the signing of the Iranian nuclear agreement – a deal that put Israel’s future in greater jeopardy than it has been since the 1960s. Now they are compounding the damage by leaving Israel at the mercy of the United Nations.

The world will be a safer place when these idiots are out of office.


  1. Uh-oh, The big bad Bear dude had better watch out. Obama (The Mouse that Roared) and Kerry (“I voted for it before I voted against for it”) are hoppin’ mad! This is like the two married gay gays attacking Ivanka Trump for riding coach on the Jet Blue flight.

  2. Kerry has been “mad” ever since he gave up his “officer” rank and fled to the hippy dark side of “Hanoi” Jane Fonda and her commie friends. Somehow he married the billionaire heir to the Heinz family. Problems seemed to follow him around when his “boat gate” happened. I guess his failed ‘Nam experience qualified him for the SOS. He certainly doesn’t need the money. This far left wing nut is definitely a Obozo sheeple looking for his “legacy” riding on Obozo’s “legacy”, whatever that is.

    • Pretty good huh? 4 months in country living like a king and then home after the first shot the VC fires at him and then he scratched his hand with a pen knife. – Good thing he got out before he got somebody killed, though.

      He shouldn’t blame himself, though….What he should do is DROP DEAD!

  3. Kerry is a screwed up individual that does not know right from wrong. The stupid democrats have many in there party that are far left believers that could not make it in the private sector and one of their big ones is Bernie Sanders could not hold down a private sector job but held on to the senate for years. We need to get rid of career politicians and zero retirement, not the $170K+ that they receive even if they are elected to only one term a disaster for the tax payers and the longer they are in somehow they end up with becoming very rich. Look at Waters her husband was on the board of directors of a Boston Bank driving a Posche and getting a big fat salary and if Waters was not in the house he would have gotten shit.

  4. Carter was our first bad President and Obama is America’s first failed President. Everything he did turned to dog poop. And his legacy of Hope and Change… has left America so changed we now murder our own unborn children like some third world nation of heathen for a women’s right to choose death for her own offspring. This is so New World Order and not America!

    • Due Respect, but…

      There were “bad” presidents before Carter. I’ll skip those before the 20th century…I’d list Wilson (got us into a war for the NY Banksters and was responsible for the 16th & 17th Amendments, from whence come many of our modern problems), FDR (overly enamored of his “Uncle Joe” Stalin), and Johnson. We do agree, I think, that the Kenyan muslim/marxist is the worst.

    • Don’t forget uncle ” if they come knockin on my door I’ll blast a hole in em with my shotgun but you can’t have guns” joey bidden.

  5. Is everybody laughing at horse face now? They still have 19 days to create havoc with the American people and is Michelle’s struggle just beginning? That woman has got a nerve to feed us this claptrap about struggle after having lived in the finest mansion, flown the best private plane, had the most elaborate parties with the most fabulous clothes. I could go on and on but just want to note this,
    Michelle has lived like a one percent of the one percenters for eight years and she talks about her struggle. They have three + homes and are now independently wealthy and they have nothing but scorn for us poor white folks! We have renewed hope that things are getting better this year.
    Happy New Year!

    • I hope that is not true.. It’s an insult to the Jews to have him as a relative. Traitors are not much liked in Israel,,,or here anymore for that matter. .

  6. Krazy Kerry is so stupid that he doesn’t even know when he is being insulted. The Jews don’t want him, the Russians don’t want him, the U. S. can’t wait until he is gone Yet he thinks he is the best and most popular SOS there ever was. The only thing he is good at is making a fool of himself for saying things like “they can’t be Jewish and Democratic at the same time. It is two totally different things. He has no common sense. In my opinion, he was a traitor during the Viet Nam War and he is a traitor now.

  7. Kerry will never be angry or dissatisfied with himself. He loves himself too much and in that respect exhibits the same narcissistic tendencies of Obama.