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Kamala Harris Has a Terrible Message for American Minorities

In a tweet on Tuesday night, Sen. Kamala Harris said the U.S. is rigged so that women, racial minorities, and even people who happen to live in certain areas are unable to succeed.

“Let’s speak truth to power,” wrote Harris. “Right now in the United States, access to opportunity depends on your race or gender or what zip code you are born in. It doesn’t have to be that way. Let’s build an America where everyone has the chance to succeed.”

What a pathetic, disempowering message to send to young women, blacks, Hispanics, and anyone else who doesn’t consider themselves a “privileged” class in America. What makes it worse is that Harris herself is a living testament to how shamefully untrue this message is.

After all, Harris was born to an Indian immigrant mother and a Jamaican father. She is taken for a black woman in most circumstances, and as far as we know, that’s how she self-identifies. She was born in Oakland. If that isn’t a bad “zip code” to be born in, we don’t know what would be. Granted, her parents weren’t welfare leeches – they had good jobs in science, medicine, and academia. So she had that going for her, but she wasn’t exactly birthed into the lap of privilege, luxury, and instant success. She had to work for it.

And so she did. After her mother moved the children to Canada, Harris graduated high school in Quebec and then headed to Howard University in Washington to get her degree in political science and economics. She was a success at Howard, joining the debate team, becoming a member of the Alpha Kappa Alpha sorority, and getting herself elected to the student council. After obtaining her bachelor’s degree, she went to the University of California to get her doctorate in law. She passed the bar a short time later and embarked on her career as a prosecutor.

That would be enough for many women, but Harris didn’t stop there. She moved into politics, first becoming the district attorney of San Francisco before moving on to become the first African-American woman to be elected the Attorney General of California. Now she’s a U.S. senator running to become the President of the United States.

Imagine if someone had told Harris, way back when, that she couldn’t make a success out of herself in America because the deck was stacked against women, blacks, people from Oakland, or the children of immigrants. What would she have done with her life if she internalized the message that it was hopeless?

If Harris was right – that access to opportunity depends on your race, gender, etc. – then we wouldn’t have the slightest clue who she was. But if people like her keep preaching that message, it may soon become a self-fulfilling prophecy.

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  1. She like all minorities was told the cards were stacked against her and worked to overcome her disadvantages. She knew she was facing disadvantages. Whats this crap “imagine she was told…” of course she was told!

  2. I thought that to run for President you had to be a NATURAL BORN citizen where not only you but also your parents were born in the U.S. This is exactly how we were stuck with Obama for 8 long years.

  3. Because of Harris’ radical socialist ideas, you wil not likely see her in the general election. All of these nut cases will break themselves over unattainable issues, leaving us with Joe Biden to attempt attracting a very splintered party and a few independents. This becomes more interesting daily. The most powerful Communist the Democrats have in the race, with any chance, may be Senator Sanders. All others are just whistling in the dark. Just wait until they destroy each other in an effort to attract attention. IMO, most have jumped in too soon to have any staying power for fund raising and long term campaigns. The next 18 months will be poitical fun.

    • Oh but, but, Bernie is a self-professed millionaire. How can he be a Communist if he has a bunch of money? Is he going to give all his money to the government like he wants the rest of us to do? No? I didn’t think so. So Bernie is a typical Commie~~ keep his money while all the rest of us give 90% of what we have to him. Gotcha.

  4. It seems like she just strengthened the argument in favor of the electoral college…. otherwise, if you did not live in New York or California, your vote would have no meaning.

  5. Ask Ms. Harris why she believes this crap she’s spewed. Seems to me that when one can tout having created the lowest unemployment record in history for Blacks, Hispanics, Asians and Women while every time a democrat holds the presidency those numbers go sky high in the opposite direction.

    Ques: Is she going to give up her guns too?

    • yeah___that”s right! She does have (at least one!) a gun. Wonder if she would say how many and what models. The idiot savant Beto claims he was very well trained in gun safety but all of his guns are inoperable. And if you believe that, I’ve got some lakefront property in AZ, hee hee hee

  6. She “worked her way to success? No, she slept with more powerful poliico’s than her to get what and where she wanted. Add full blown liar to her “credentials” also.

  7. You took the words right out of my mouth.

    The author, for some strange reason, neglected to mention the critical, indispensable role one Speaker Willie Brown (a real black man and not biracial) played in her rise to political prominence.

    His own rise to political prominence speaks more to the blatant, malicious, politically-motivated and fundamentally irresponsible lies she espouses to minority children regarding their inability to succeed due to America’s racist refusal to offer them ‘equal opportunities.’

    This authentically-black man declares a pox on her house for doing so as the success of my entire family and generations of my ancestors prove otherwise!

  8. I am so sick and tired of the Dems telling people that they are so disadvantaged by their, race, socioeconomic status, gender or gender identity or their neighborhood that they can not succeed without their help (or more accurately the help of the big government overseeing every aspect of their lives)! It is ridiculous, look at what is happening with jobs, wages and lowest unemployment in 50 years. And it isn’t because President Trump has expanded government, it is because his administration has cut back the stifling regulations that the Obama administration put in place! But the Democrats don’t want to acknowledge that because it would mean their way of over regulation and high taxes doesn’t work!

  9. Kamala Harris hates Christians, especially Catholics. She proved it during the Kavenaugh hearings for the Supreme Court! She is unfit to serve!

  10. She kind of forgot to mention that the best way for a female to climb the ladder of success is to do it FLAT ON YOUR BACK WITH YOUR LEGS SPREAD. How dare this user-bitch tell anyone they don’t have a chance. There are lots of opportunities out there….and help to get you thru. You just have to want it bad enough & willing to work hard to get it!! NEVER believe people like her!!

  11. Just another minority trying to justify the demand for a freeload by singing “White Man Be Bad To Me”. Given the singing is coming from the ethically challenged Kamala Spredlegs who earned her political rise on her back. All they can do is play on the guilt Black leaders lay on white people who had nothing to do with slavery in any way, shape, and form.

  12. “first African American woman to be elected”. She isn’t African anything, she is Indian and Jamaican. Willie Brown got her to the top, well maybe the maybe the bottom, who knows.

  13. Harris made a complete ass of herself during the Kavanaugh hearings and was a total disgrace and failure as a prosecutor. She got her promotions on her back doing what she does best. How about a new campaign slogan; “We need a whore in the White House.”

  14. If you want to get ahead in our country you start by getting a good education, using that to help you obtain the job you want and then working harder than you ever have before. Race, zip code or nationality have nothing to do with it. Just look around and see all the minorities who are doctors, lawyers, judges, etc., etc. They didn’t whine. They knew they could achieve if they worked hard and got a good education. An education is one of the tickets to success in the US.

  15. The access to opportunity depends on your race or gender or what zip code you are born in. THE BITCH harris IS 100% CORRECT, THAT IS EXACTLY HOW THE F*U*C*K*ING dumbocratic PIECE OF SHIT party OPERATES. YOU HEARD IT STRAIGHT FROM THE DONKEYS ASS

  16. This woman makes me sick. My wife comes from another country and we went into Olympic Personnel of Kent, WA March of ’10 for her to fill out an application. The woman at the door told her we don’t have any jobs for you and refused to take her application. It was then I noticed all the people in line had straight black hair dark tan skin and many were speaking to each other in a non-English language. The woman at the door was a black woman. I asked to talk to the manager and she told me she was the owner. My wife is fair skinned, so much for white privilege. Something similar happened at ABM in Seattle.
    An acquaintance of ours lectured on electron microscopy application at the University of London and was published in scientific journals in Europe, here he could get a job delivering pizza. Again a fair skinned person. He is now in Houston working in the electron microscope field. My wife and I are retired.
    I guess my point is we cannot effect the input of others but we can control our level of effort. If we only see where we have been put down and rejected we will miss the opportunities that are present. My wife worked in several assembly positions here in the states. She became a citizen in 14. In her country she was the dean of the math department and taught electrical engineering. So Kamala stick it in your ear. In this country you can create your own future more so than anywhere else on earth. Why do you think people keep coming here. You are like the guy with the rooster. He had one rooster and five hens, he free ranges his chickens as well as providing feed. But the rooster felt he had to show this guy that he was boss. One morning the rooster crossed the line and spurred the farmer. Well the farmer went in and got his 22 and shot the rooster. He can get another rooster for his hens. The rooster did not know how good he had it until he was in the pot. Liberal don’t know how good our system is until they break it and then it will be gone. We need to keep idiots like this out of office.

  17. What harris did not say if she was born under the anchor baby plan, nor did she say how old she was when she moved to Canada, by our constitution if she born American but not raised in America she does not qualify to be president, doesn’t matter when she comes back, doesn’t matter if she goes to college here, she can’t be president, that is the mistake made with obamer, he had an American birth certificate (even tho it was fake ) but he was raised in a foreign country someone was not paying attention to the constitution, don’t make the same mistake again

  18. “Let’s speak truth to power,” wrote Harris.” Let’s do that. While the belief systems which divide us, historically, are the reasons for inequality with respect to economic opportunity and purposeful living,
    politicians have more reason to see the extents to which diversity has achieved, in the U.S., representation based on it than the countries of the world whose citizens often seek entrance to the U.S. for the same reasons Harris gives to avoid the U.S. If life is so bad here, pick any other country to which you would like to go and, good bye!

  19. Harris – a race-bating, neo-Nazi bigot.

    To be clear, we are ALL ‘minorities’. If you’re a male, you’re a minority. Any other sub-classification just reduces your percentage.

    Given that undeniable reality, we, America, MUST reject race/gender (of which there are only two)/ethnic/religious/ability/etc… classifications if we are to survive as a viable nation; indeed, if we are to avoid another civil war. And civil war is what the democrat party, and their storm-troopers – like Antifa, so desperately want.

  20. WELL, WELL! kamala harris! As a American Indian from Nevada and Direct Desendent of Chief Whiteknife ( TOSAWII ) and that makes me, Fifth Generation American and NOT A HINDU or A SandNigger! Your Father was Jamaican and your Mother was hindu and both your Parents NEVER RECEIVED or Got their American Citizenship as Americans to be called From The Good USA. When you were Seven years old, your father and mother DIVORCED! As me being American Indian, your a Fine One to say Shit about Us People of Color . The Real People of American. You have NO RIGHT TO TALK ABOUT ZIP CODES OR WHERE WE LIVE OR DO! Get Off your high Horse, The reason your in as Senator! You Screwed Chilly Brown to get Where you are Now! Us American Indian People Know Who You Are And Where Your FROM & Nationality of Person. Your trying to be Someone Your Not Like elizabeth warren Jokahoness! Poor little White hindu. Surprised that you didn’t say that You Were American Indian but What State?

  21. Truth is, no minority has been disadvantaged by being a member of a minority race. No minority has been unable to get a really good education because of their race. Minorities have been privileged by being first to be accepted at colleges, jobs, especially government jobs and receive the majority of welfare benefits and have for decades – going back to the 1960’s. If you’re a member of any minority, save Asians, you’re virtually automatically assured of getting into Ivy League/close to Ivy League schools even though there are whites who are much more qualified. The only minority group excluded would be Asians who far outperform all other races in schools. In fact, you don’t even have to show up for classes except for the start of a semester and the last day of class. I know I witnessed this first hand at NYU, here in NYC.

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