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Kamala Harris Makes Her Closing Pitch…to Illegal Aliens

In the last days of the election, Sen. Kamala Harris apparently decided that Biden’s “good ol’ moderate Democrat” approach was no longer working for her. On Friday, she released a video explaining the difference between “equality” and “equity” that endorsed no less than communism – a set of policies with the end goal of making sure everyone has the same outcome, no matter what color their skin or what their background. And then on Sunday, in response to a question from a Nevada organizer, she made her big closing pitch of the campaign…to illegal aliens!

“I’m undocumented … I can’t vote …What can we do during this election to help make sure that we get you elected?” asked Astrid Silva of the pro-amnesty group Dream Big Nevada.

“You can tell people who can vote what life is like for you now, and what life can be like,” Harris said. “We are committed to shutting down private detention centers and ending policies that have been about separating children from their parents at the border. We want to have a president who understands we are a nation of immigrants. This is a country that was built and that has derived its strength from immigrants coming here over the generations.”

Harris then went on to use the oldest Democrat trick in the book, which is to muddy up the waters when it comes to distinctions between illegal aliens and legal immigrants.

“Define who you are, and you tell the world who you are. Don’t let anybody ever put you in a box because they have a limited perspective on who can do what and who can be one,” she said. “We are all in this together. And so, chin up, shoulders back, right? We speak our truth and know that there will always be people applauding and supporting that even if you can’t see them at that one moment, know that there are so many of us who are supporting your leadership and the power of your voice. It’s really important.”

Of course, Harris targeting illegal aliens for her final pitch isn’t really a lurch to the left for the campaign; Biden has promised to put a 100-day moratorium on all deportations when he gets into office, and he plans to end all immigration enforcement against any illegal alien who isn’t a felon. Additionally, Biden intends to raise the cap on bringing low-income refugees into the country, and he’s made more than a few intimations about finding a “path to citizenship” for the 11-million+ illegals currently living in the United States. His is a campaign dedicated to people who shouldn’t be in the country.

Which makes his lead in the polls all the more dismaying.

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  1. Not surprising for that’s one of the Demorats agenda items – citizenship for all illegals – that’s a “crock of shit” in my books, Demorats are just trying to buy votes!!

    • We as citizens must approach the Supreme Court or the United States, wha have already RULED that providing benefits of any kind is unconstitutional and thus illegal. The further stated that such activities promote illegals staying in the United States.
      This doesn’t change with a change of who holds the Office of Presidency. During the 2016 election, Barack Obama went on live TV with a request to his audience to go out and vote, further stating “Immigration will not show up at your doorstep”. I was flabbergasted, to say the least, this comic from the highest Office in Federal Government. It was at that time Obama’s position, I believe, that Americans are stupid, and would not realize the impact of what he said.
      With the statement of the upcoming President, I can see the repeat of the Obama Administration’s illegal and unconstitutional behavior.

  2. Kamal is a danger to our democracy. I always thought that if you weren’t born in the US you couldn’t run for President/VP. She should be cut from the Democrats idiot lineup along with dirty Joe. She’s a person who doesn’t like America yet was given the opportunity to make a good living here. Revoke her citizenship and send her back to Africa or India if she doesn’t like it here. Between Biden’s corrupt, lying and predator background and Kamals (Camel) background she’s better off in the desert. Democrats can’t be anymore trusted than the devil.

  3. This ballot is looking increasingly like it is being manipulated rather than counted. In the next 5-6 days, we hope to find out more about who LEGALLY won The White House for the next four years.

    I discount BIDEN’s contribution to our future, for he is the weak link in ANY organization. His star has been dimming for the past 2-3 years and will soon burn out. If that happens while he is in Office, then we are stuck with a totally frightening result ………….. the hateful, condescending reign of one KAMALA HARRIS. The above is the scenario she has been planning on since day one.

    Please America, that is something we DO NOT WANT TO SIT BY AND LET HAPPEN. Let your voice be heard, should you have any QUESTION about the validity of the numbers we see at this time. CHALLENGE our lawmakers and urge them to respond with all CERTAINTY that we put the true winner of he Election in place.

  4. biden is being pulled around by his nose, plus the fact he can’t put two sentences together, he’s old and worn out for doing nothing for 47 years, then on top of that there is horrible hairass that adds to this sickening, disgusting duo, If these two evil animals get the keys to the Whitehouse, you might as well just bend over and grab your ankles, they f—k every way but lose, WITHOUT THE BENEFIT OF A KISS!!

  5. so now we can expect 20 million illegal’s to cross the border and not get in trouble and get jobs
    when people here dont have jobs now because of the virus good going people so glad you voted
    for dems. way to go when your family goes hungry and they get food stamps and free homes
    and all the jobs part yourselfs on the back.

  6. Even the Democrats didn’t want Harris. She wasn’t even in the top five, yet the Deep State has put her in to be president before a year is up and Biden is sent to the Waldorf Hysteria for rest (and to die in peace.) We’ll have a Communist president who will tax our IRAs to buy votes with benefits for “new citizens” and in 2022 the socialist dems will have a super majority in the house and senate (22 republican seats are up in 2022.)

    Please join Second Amendment Foundation today. They, not the totally corrupt NRA, are our best hope for saving the 2nd Amendment and our nation.

  7. arris is like obama…a half breed who claims to be black and denounces their mother’s heritage,so they can prey on the people, usually for votes or sympathy. In fact, I think she is only 1/3 black as when was a Jamaican black able to own a plantation and have slaves? I hate people who lie for gain..

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    it a problem on my end? I’ll check back later on and see
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