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Kamala Harris Says President Trump is a Racist in New Interview

In an interview with The Root this week, Sen. Kamala Harris said there’s little doubt in her mind that President Donald Trump is a racist. The California Democrats, now in the hunt for Trump’s job, said that the president’s remarks on Mexican immigrants, African countries, and the deadly situation in Charlottesville had proven his racist take on the world.

“When you talk about him calling African countries s-hole countries. When you talk about him referring to immigrants as rapists and murderers, I don’t think you can reach any other conclusion,” Harris said.

“So you definitely agree that he’s a racist?” asked interviewer Terrell Jermaine Starr.

“I do, yes. Yes,” she said.

This isn’t the first time that Harris has insinuated that Trump is a racist, but this is by far her strongest commentary on the subject to date.

Unfortunately, she is not the only one in the running for the Democratic nomination to express such a wildly-reckless view. Sen. Bernie Sanders has said that Trump is a racist, Sen. Sherrod Brown (expected to run) said recently that “we have a president who’s a racist,” and others in the party have been just as up front about their beliefs.

One candidate, however, shied away from the question when asked.

On the day he announced he was running for president, Sen. Cory Booker was asked if he considered Trump to be a racist.

“I don’t know the heart of anybody,” said Booker. “I’ll leave that to the lord. I know there are a lot of people who profess the ideology of white supremacy that use his words. And I believe his failure to condemn bigotry and racism, I believe that when he makes comments on African countries, when he challenges and demeans the ability for federal judges to do their job because of ancestry — that’s bigoted language.”

Booker was wise to avoid the trap. If the American people are growing sick of anything, it is the left’s desperate need to label anything and everything as racist. Any Democratic candidate who makes that a showpiece of their agenda is going to wish they hadn’t. This is not the kind of rhetoric that is going to win back Obama/Trump voters in the Midwest.

This is, in fact, the kind of nonsense that vaulted Donald Trump to the Republican nomination in the first place.

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  1. It’s amazing how idiots like Kamel can call anyone a racist when she is one of he worst of the worst. They need to find another horse to beat, this one is dead and gone. If you can’t practice what you preach, then get out of the pulpit! The people are waking up and you are losing all credibility!

    • Right on Katoo. Kalamala Harris is a dishonest, lying politician who will say or do or sleep with anyone to further her ambitions. Her track record in California is well known. She is a racist herself who loves to play the race card every chance she gets.

    • When one is “obsessed” with race, one must conclude, that that person is a racist. Kamala Harris should be under the microscope for HER views. She is nothing. She did “fornicate her way” , under one Bobby Brown, to get “HER” job in California politics. She, as is Maxine Waters, are the two biggest racists and abusers of TAXPAYERS monies. You must google Kamala Harris when tries to “interrogate” a witness at a Senate hearing. Same stupid question , rephrase 5 different ways , just to try to trip up someone far more intelligent than her. She is a bipedal joke. The I.Q. of Waters ,Harris , AOC, and Pelosci combine is , 0.00012 .

    • IF you are losing an argument and have no where to go= PULL YOUR RACE CARD!!!!
      Kamala is a loser who was thrown to the trash by Willie Brown after their illicit affair!
      She is such a loser she threatened to prosecute the Mayor for JAY-WALKING?????

      SHE IS A RACIST just like Spike Lee in his ridiculous acceptance speech!!!!

    • Democrats have always been the party of racists. Democrats murdered Abraham Lincoln (R), James Garfield (R), William McKinley (R) , & John F Kennedy (D). They attempted to assassinate five other presidents. They are the Jim Crow party; Clinton is a racist; LBJ was a racist, Ark – Dem Gov Orval Faubus – racist; AL-Dem Gov George Wallace was a racist. Democrat US Senator Robert Byrd (WV) was a member of the KKK. Kamala Harris has proven to be a socialist/Marxist like the rest of the idiots in the Democrat party.


    • It’s just a ‘right of passage’ for the Democrat 2020 hopefuls. They must get on the ‘Trump is racist’ train to enter the race.

    • Great comment, you saved me the time of commenting. The race card is so dead it is sickening when the real RACIST like her have nothing to say other then accusing someone of something. She is a unhinged Communist card holder and needs to be totally muted because she has nothing to offer this country.

    • They obviosly do not know what Trump has done for minorities…. The black unemployment rate is the lowest in the history of the USA. It was a promise he made, and it happened. Other minorities also, very low unemployment.

  2. So if a bad group uses your words then you’re the racist? That’s so stupid. If Trump is a racist he’s not very good at it. Seeing that employment among blacks is up. There are more and more blacks supporting him, because he’s done more for them. They make assertions with no substantial claims. But hey, that’s what they do. They label and demonize anyone that disagrees with their agenda. But people are getting smart to their ploys.

  3. There are rapists, murderers, drug smugglers and child traffickers amongst the illegal immigrants, so President Trump was accurate. Statistics bear that out.
    If you were to ask the people fleeing those African countries why they wanted to leave they would probably tell you the same thing, although they might not use the same graphic word, still nonetheless, it is a fact.
    He has hired minorities to work in his administration and in his businesses, what has Kamal Harris ever done but sleep her way to appointed offices and elected offices for which she was unqualified. That’s the fact, Jack!

    • They are NOT ‘immigrants’… they are ILLEGAL ALIEN CATHOLIC INVADERS. Vote for ANY CATHOLIC and the invasion will never stop.

      • That is totally not true. This Catholic does not want any illegal aliens in this country. If I had my way, all of them would be shipped back including DACA. I want my country back. The Catholic church and its charities are just wrong. Our government needs to stop paying Catholic charties to help illegals. Isn’t that against the law?

      • You ma’am are a dunce, D-U-N-C-E , DUNCE. Your I.Q. is equal to AOC and Waters combined.
        You have no knowledge , you have no morals, and you have no decency. You are lower than three week old roadkill.

    • Id like to know how “Kamel Toe” Harris can denyany of what President Trump said…:
      Kenya….Uganda….Congo….These Countries have the potential in resources, to become the most prosperous and influential Nations on Earth yet thru devisive, and divisive measures are among the poorest, and most disease ridden places…How was it wrong fro the President to liken them to s-holes…if for one minute “Kamel Toe” Harris didn’t believe him, why don’t she go to one of those Countries and try to “survive” just ONE WEEK…

      31% of the women, coming in the CARAVANS from the “military juntas” Countries from Honduras, El Salvador, Guatemala , have admitted to be ing sexually abused, raped, and forced into prostitution…Let “Kamel Toe” Harris go down to the border in TiaJuana and ask the women there if there are any rapists, and murders among theat trash heap of humanity…

      25% of ever Black male between the ages of 21-30 have been incarcerated for a felonious crime…What, besides put MANY of them in PRISON has she done to help her PEOPLE overcome this tradgedy? C’mon “Kamel Toe” Harris you know your fake “race card” expired when you spread your smooth high dollar “elite” legs for Willie…you nd he are the biggest racist baiting pair next to Maxine Waters…so blow it out of Willie, then blow it out of your nose….!!!

    • The Democrats follow their leader Satan – the Father of Lies. The take words out of context, Trump never said illegal immigrants are murderers and rapists. He said there were some that were murderers and rapist – which is true. Trump never said the media is the enemy of the people – he said, “the fake news media is the enemy of the people”. A democracy dependes on an educated public that has access to factual information. The MSM is negative 93% against Trump and refuses to report the many accomplishments of his administration.

  4. Isn’t that slander? To label someone a racist without any proof or reason what so ever? I think that these low life Democrats should be held accountable for these viscous accusations that aren’t true. Using the term falsely kinda makes them the Racist’s.

  5. Kamala…why not try a new way of being elected.
    Run on your own merits instead of falsely accusing
    President Trump of being a racist.
    Black people were wrongly persecuted on the
    past and it was wrong….just as it has bee wrong
    the injustice bestowed upon our President for the
    past two years.
    As far as running on your own merits….sorry I forgot
    you have none. Try being the only one to TRY and
    run a clean election based on facts.

  6. the only racist s in this country are the blacks they are the most ever user of the CARD, shes a fool she is stirring up crap that this nation ,people have been long in the past ,sure there are reasons for some but most especially whites ,are told just because we are white, I have many black friends, and do not care what color anyone is just how they treat me socially, remember the blacks sold themselves , Trump has endure our countries history in the last 2 yrs and he is still working for free and constantly trying to do a great job for the legal people of this country not their own pocket , its amazing that the only way the democrats can do anything is saying racist , pure scum and the Mexicans they gotten away with being illegal so long , they know they demos do not care as long as they illegally vote for them, I apologize for any insults but u know who u are

    • There are too many in DC who are not Catholic! How do you distinguish between them and their money grabbing and the Catholics? Most of the money grabbers are demo-nuts and rinos. Grow up and put the blame where it belongs! I put it on those who are so close minded that they believe anything these idiots tell them, they don’t go out and learn on their own, listen and separate the wheat from the chaff!!!!!

  7. Whenever these progressive socialist democrats call President Trump a racist they always fall back on his comments about the “sh–hole countries and rapists and murderers invading our country”.
    I don’t understand how making a true statement is racists, there are “sh–t-hole countries around the world whose citizens flee and come here both legally and illegally to get away from their sh–tg-Hole country. Examples of those countries are Hattie, Somalia, Yemen, Bangladesh and others. So how is it racist to point a finger at these countries who usually have socialism, dictators and perpetual revolution in their country?
    How is pointing out that rapists and murders are entering our Sovereign nation a racist comment? President Trump spoke about building a wall, in one breath President Trump pointed out that rapists and murders have to be kept out, in the next breath he talked about having a door for legal immigrants to come in.
    kamala harris is as about as unpatriotic as one could imagine, she would rather protect and defend illegal alien invaders than the American citizens she was elected to represent.

  8. As world history was my minor in college, it amazes me just how close the Dumbocrat/Socialists (Not Patriotic Democrats) are following the Nazis of Hitler Germany !!! Kamala Harris Says President Trump is a Racist

  9. I doubt if she meaning Kamala Harris could truthfully define the Word and even attempt to prove the unprovable!

  10. Isn’t this racist mantra getting old, sickening and false. If you wanted racism, go back to obama. Every guilty black person was invited to the White House even after they were found to be guilty. Whites were immediately found guilty. The four great soldiers (white) were left out to die because the girlie boy was tired. This is just the tip of the iceberg. Enough said.

  11. Kamala Harris has demonstrated al the indications of being a Racist. Here is the proof.

    “a person who shows or feels discrimination or prejudice against people of other races, or who believes that a particular race is superior to another.”

    “The belief that all members of each race possess characteristics, abilities, or qualities specific to that race, especially so as to distinguish it as inferior or superior to another race or races.”

    If Kamala supports the “White Privilege” Mantra, she then proves herself to be a Racist.

    Why? Because she lumps the whole of one race or group into the same ideological status as one tho whom she herself hates with a passion, and labels them as being of the same mindset and overall culture group.

    Kamala should withdraw from the Presidential COmpetition because she IS a racist defined by her own actions and deeds.

  12. She and the dems are not the smartest people and they hate the President Trump duly elected dems hate him so much they don’t care about this country and socialism has never survived

  13. Well, Lets start here, As a American Indian from Nevada! harris said that The President of United States, is a Racist, Stupid she should say that? Her mom is a hindu and her dad is Jamaican and both ( NEVER ) ever was a United States Citizen or Never Got their CITIZENSHIP for America. So tell me how is it That Kamala could be a CITIZEN of America and A State Senator of California and Try for 2020 Presidential Race! What’s Wrong With America / We here in America have TWO MANY MUSLIMS / Wrong People of Color! harris is using The Race Card with Talib, like I said as a American Indian and Former United States Marine and Honorable Discharged. I can say what I want to! Cause if it we’re to Me! I’d ask who ever Male or female? Give Me or Tell Me your Best Combat Duty Station or Where you Served it! If not How The He’ll do you know What Troops Need! Next Canidate!

  14. All Democrat 2020 hopefuls must get onboard the ‘Trump is racist’ train as a part of the application process. Harris is apparently a late starter.

  15. Everyone running is saying the EXACT SAME THING! Nothing distinguishes one from the other. Just remember, it doesn’t matter what they say, it is what they do after the election. With the exception of Trump, WHO IS ACTUALLY doing exactly what he promises, 99% of those idiots never do what they say! Think twice before you commit to any of them.

  16. Harris talks out her other end!!!! The dems are obsessed with racism with calling people racist. It seems to me they are the racist!!!! I am SO sick of all this BS. How about they work on the business of running our country, keep our country and the American people safe.

  17. If she wants to see a racist she should look in the mirror. Perhaps she is jealous because she had to sleep her way up the political ladder.

  18. And Kamala is a Hooker! Willie Brown ex mayor of San Fran, received sexual favors from her, he gave her her start in Politics and a BMW. Today Kamala is calling to make prostitution legal.

  19. Kamala Harris hates Christians, especially Catholics. Any Christian who votes for her will probably end up in Hell!

  20. It seems when they can’t think of anything to say they use the race card. I think MS Harris you might look at yourself. I think you might be the one with a problem here. I for one am sick of you claiming this over and over about anyone. If you don’t have more to offer the people then I think you don’t have much of a platform. Stop using such and get on with what it is you want to do with your life but quit putting others down to build yourself up. That is such an old school tactic and most Americans are really sick of it.

    • Anyone who dares disagree with their agenda is automatically labeled a racist and is fair game to be attacked. We can thank the ex-Imam of the Rainbow Mosque for much of this. It’s going to take decades if ever to undue the damage he did.

  21. What the United States of America needs to do is to clean house. Fire every politician they are all evil, unchristian, hateful, only for there own pockets while we the people are made slaves to keep the money coming to them with no intention to do what is right.
    All garbage.

  22. I get SO tired of Liberals calling Successful, White, Male, Conservative, Christians “Racists!” That is such a bunch of garbage. I fit in that category too, and I have an adopted Black son from Africa! Like I, President Trump is NOT a Racist. The Minorities that have worked for him love him. These radical goons on the Left have nothing to use against their competitors except lies and hate. They need to get a life!

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