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Kamala Harris: We Need More Illegal Immigrants Working in Congress

It is going to be a trip watching the 933 Democratic candidates push past each other to make Americans believe that they are the most extreme liberals in the land. By the end of this lengthy campaign season, we would not be surprised to see Bernie Sanders proudly waving the hammer & sickle and handing out copies of Mao’s Little Red Book. The guy that was way further to the left than anyone else in 2016 is suddenly an almost-mainstream candidate in the Democratic Party of 2019. And that’s because every other Democrat in the field is doing cartwheels and handstands to impress voters with their hard-left credentials.

Take Sen. Kamala Harris, who has just come out with a new piece of legislation apparently intended to make her the clear frontrunner in the “illegal immigrants are people, too” lane of the race. Together with Sens. Dick Durbin and Catherine Cortez-Masto, Harris is sponsoring a bill that would make Dreamers eligible to work on Capitol Hill as either staffers or interns for Congress.

Forget about proposing serious ideas to solve the crisis at the border. Forget about finding avenues of compromise with Republicans. Forget about getting serious about a problem that is threatening to doom this country’s economic and cultural future. No, forget all that. Let’s let illegal immigrants work in the Capitol Building. That’ll help.

“The giant sign outside my office says ‘DREAMers Welcome Here’ because we know and value the contributions that these young people have made to their communities,” Harris said in a statement. “Government works best when it reflects the people it represents.”

Uh-huh. So the U.S. government represents illegal immigrants now? That’s who our elected officials should reflect back to us? People who aren’t even eligible to vote?

As far as we’re concerned, Harris demonstrated exactly how much she cares about the plight of the Dreamers when she voted against a compromise bill that would have offered them amnesty in exchange for wall funding. She, like many of her Democrat friends, think they can somehow strong-arm the Republicans into legalizing millions of illegal immigrants for absolutely nothing in return. You can call these people Dreamers, helpless children, or the Bright Stars of Tomorrow, it doesn’t really matter. They are illegally in this country and that’s the bottom line. If Harris wants to rescue them, she’s going to need to prove that she’s serious about cracking down on illegal immigration.

Either that, or Democrats will have to win enormous majorities in the House and the Senate along with taking the White House in 2020. So, good luck with that.

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  1. What in the HELL is with this total and complete IMBECIELIC MORORN, Illegals has no rights in America and they damn sure do not belong in Congress like all the TRAITORS/TERRORIST plus the muslims bitches, all trying to tear up and remove the Constitution and put America in as a third world socialist manure pile for all the people.


    I am 61 and damn well know what I am talking about, quit listening to young socialist they are totlly stupid and uneducated about time and history

    • I totally agree and their retirement home should be Gitmo!
      And just what part of ILLEGAL don’t the DUMBYRATS understand? Because if they want to refine ILLEGAL to mean: “anything you want”, they may not like the results!

      • I’m a firm believer that Gitmo would be the best place for KH and her ilk~~ or in front of a firing squad. “Illegal means criminal, alien means invader.” It’s really easy to figure it out, but any kind of “brain activity” is nonexistent in any of the Dims.

    • We need less Traitor HO’s & haters of America in our govt!! Illegal alien Invaders HAVE NO RIGHTS IN OUR COUNTRY!! RIGHTS BELONG TO US – AND ONLY US!! WE WORKED ALL OUR LIVES FOR OUR AMERICAN DREAM!! OURS, NOT THEIRS!!

  2. The democrat party and all of its politicians and voters are now the party of total insanity and the anti American party that stands for everything that’s responsible for the elimination of a society.

  3. Giving legal citizen taxpayer money to illegals working for people that were hired (in theory) to represent us. This is ludicrous. Why do they think that it is a good idea to deny legal citizens the opportunity to get these jobs?

  4. Deranged mind of Kamala Harris makes me believe that there are too many illegals that have infiltrated the US government ALREADY! She just wants to finish the process. Everyone in Congress or even the Senate who are immigrants should be investigated as to how they were allowed to be voted in? If it’s good for President & VP to be born in America. Harris, it should go for the rest of the Federal Government! Our government is looking more and more like little Honduras and UNITED NATIONS (without the US Rep). THAT IS WHAT IS WRONG WITH OUR COUNTRY TODAY!
    Harris take your foreign . altered brain ideas back to where you came from and leave the GOOD OLD USA alone, we earned it and we like it the way it was.

    • Her very live speaks for itself. She slept her way up the ladder and needs to be stopped in her tracks. She definitely does not belong in Congress let alone running for president.

    • I agree they are destroying this great country🇺🇸We need to come together and vote these nuts out of office before it’s to late

  5. More? So who exactly is currently illegally in Congress, undermining the free will of the people of these United States? Maybe it is time to instate a full background check upon all members of Congress that examines a. if they pose a risk to our national security, b. if they are mentally fit, or suffer from any physically debilitating diseases that also effect the central nervous system and perception of reality, and most importantly c. if they are a legal U.S. citizen; that means that if they claim to be a native born U.S. citizen where they were born, if their birth certificate is authentic and matches that state’s registry, if their SSN matches the state and was not issued to someone else, if they registered for the Selective Service when they were supposed to, and whether or not they were ever dishonorably discharged from military service or they committed any crimes of treason, or terrorism. If they are a naturalized U.S. citizen it means that it needs checking if they have a valid Certificate of Naturalization, and that they did not gain access by say marrying their brother, or breaking their oath of citizenship by supporting andgiving aid and comfort to terrorist organizations and their sponsors.

  6. All the DemocRAT candidates are imbeciles bowing down and kissing a tax cheat and a race hustler, Sharpton. They do not have a mind of their own and only looking for power. They just showed the country how stupid and dumb they are. And if anyone has hired an illegal they should not be able to run for President of the U.S. They should run to Mexico and try to be their leader. But Mexico would probably deport her immediately.

  7. You will know your enemy by the action ,lack of action or by name.

    In this case Kamilia Harris has deMonstrated she is a $atanist, an EVILDOER.

    She should be hung immeidately for SEDITION, TREASON, obstruction of justice, Deceptive Trade & Fraudulent Business Practices, Dishonest Services, et al. & as an enabler as anyone that is harmed by an illegal alien- their blood is on here hands.


    Dreamers may be Americans (from South or Central America)
    but they are NOT Texans, U.S. or State Citizens therefore have NO SAY in anything.

    They are criminals, trespassers that broke the immigration laws & should be rounded up deported & IFF they come back – shot. Close the borders – post signs Trespassers will be shot.

    There is NO free lunch, free food, medical. housing or education anymore.
    Lock it down, Lock them up!

    Take care of the Vets, the seniors, the homeless here as illegal immigrants took jobs from
    We the People by under bidding & working for cash under the table.

    Any company foundto hite an illegal alien, is an ultra vires corporation consequently
    the Board of Directors are to be imprisoned, their wealth confiscated, then tried & sentenced to DEATH
    for SEDITION, TREASON, obstruction of justice, Deceptive Trade & Fraudulent Business Practices, Dishonest Services, et al.


    • Agree with your every word, 100%. If we want to leave our children and grandchildren the opportunity to grow up in AMERICA, we must step up & save AMERICA for them. Otherwise they will be subjected to the life of growing up under the Rule of Tyrants, with opportunity given only to the extreme followers and supporters of the evil of Tyranny. I am primarily concerned for my child and grandchild, since I have had the opportunity to grow up in Freedom, choosing what I wanted to achieve in my own life and then pursuing my dreams. If we do nothing now then our children and grandchildren will never know what we enjoyed through the freedoms our ancestors fought and died for us to have. Kamala Harris, while one of the most frightening politicians to date the problem is that she is not eh only ONE. Democrats have crossed over the realm of anything our founding father ever imagined might slither into our government, prepared to destroy from within. Surely they are not so ignorant as to think that the very same people that they are choosing over Americans won’t slit their throats and laugh at them for bleeding to death, all while they successfully used the Democrats to effectively invade America. We have this one final opportunity to save America from invasion and NOW is our time to stand up and shout NO, NOT ON OUR WATCH! It is time for the Liberal Democrats and RINO Republicans to see who is in CHARGE. They cannot exist if we cut off all the dollars they rip from our hands to use for their own political careers. How many of us have been paid to travel the world, make speeches, spend other peoples money and make promises we never ever intended to keep? NOW is the time and possibly the final opportunity to SAVE America.

  8. It is against the Federal Immigration Laws to Aide and Abet an Illegal Alien. Publishable by a $10,000 Fine and 10 years in Federal Prison/or both. This Idiot Harris, who has no Natural Born Citizenship, (born to Foreign Nationals {one Jamaican, one Indian} on a Student Visa before they became Citizens) that is running for President, outside of Constitutional Mandate of Natural born citizen, should be Impeached and thrown out of the US Senate by that means or Censured by the US Senate for attempting to run for the Presidency. Then she comes up with this idiocy to allow someone who is in this country illegally to work for the United States? After all, she swore an Oath to the US Constitution to Maintain it and Defend it. How about forcing her to stand up for her Oath of Office!

    Apparently her “oath of office”, The U.S CONSTITUTION and The BILL of RIGHTS means NOTHING to her like MANY DEMOCOMMUNIST “politicians”

  10. Lady your an idiot. This is American, all legal immigrants welcome. Illegals get kicked out because their ILLEGALS. Look the definition up.

  11. She is unfit to serve in the government! She should, however , have to apply for a permit to serve as a prostitute in the government she wants to form!

  12. What we really need is less of Kamala Harris’ mouth! She’s going nowhere in 2020; she won’t even last through the first primary debate. Time for her to go back to smoking Jamaican ganga and “be happy”! Leave the rest of us normal folks alone!

  13. Kamila Harris hates Christians, especially Catholics. She is unfit to serve. Want proof? The Kavenaugh Supreme Court hearings.


  15. That lady or should I say the FREAKING DUMBASS WANTING ILLEGALS working in the house is she a freaking dumbass or what. What are the damn Dems doing. They really do want to end the United States of America. Make her an all the others go an live where the illegals come from.

  16. When someone breaks the law. Don’t they have to go to jail or prison. So this being said if a illegal comes across the border then they are breaking the law. I say 20 years of hard labor in a state prison busting big rocks into small rocks. When that gets back to their countries I just about bet that would curve them coming up.

  17. I am sure that dear Kamala will make sure they are part of her and other California representatives staff. First thing you have to learn: Don’t listen to what they say but watch what they do. They can’t compare to what President Trumps gets done. They are only good at keeping from doing. Gary

  18. Your 61 and I am 86, these young people who you speak of have a generation right behind them that have totally been indoctrinated into the left Socialist movement without even knowing it. There are two generations of this Oblimers generation which who are half way, which Orchestrated this movement. And the next generation which by the most part are pure Socialist zombies. You do not listen to these people, you shut them down, you call them out, you expose them for what they are. We can not depend on the Demos to solve their problem we have to awaken the sleeping giant. Maybe, just maybe the Rhinos have finally awaken as well, it is just too bad two plus years have been partially wasted.

    • The Left started taking over the public schools in the sixties. I taught and watched it happen, horrified. The lit and history lessons are leftist. Most teachers are leftists. I was the exception. Awards day was a joke. The principal ignored the teachers’ recommendations on who had the highest averages and “balanced” the races in giving achievement awards in academic subjects. “We didn’t have enough blacks getting awards.” “We didn’t have enough girls getting math and science awards.” “We didn’t have any Hispanics getting awards.” So she gave awards based on race and sex. The kids knew better and resented it. She counted the votes in student elections in a room by herself and “balanced” the races in who got elected. The votes didn’t really count. So the kids are used to this.

  19. I agree with the fact that these new politicians of the Socialist/ Liberal bent need to be rounded up and
    sent to the third world hell of their choice! I would help pay their Airfare!

  20. That statement by Kamala Harris makes here INELIGIBLE to be an American Representative or any elected position in OUR Government. She is encouraging Breaking OUR Laws for voters, when she MUST ONLY represent American Citizens & LEGAL Immigrants.

  21. Just keep voting in the same people over and over and over again until they become career politicians. Then you’ll see these Americans citizens enter office as middle class citizens and leave as multi millionaires after years in Washington. A senecio that’s impossible on the taxpayer dime. It takes huge amounts of money from lobbyists, pharmaceutical giants, foreign governments etc. etc. etc. let’s not even do something logical like considering term limits on these people who now feel they are royale and we are their subjects. They make laws for us and exempt themselves, give them selves pensions after one term, lifetime health care for them and their families, exempt themselves from insider trading laws etc. etc. etc.

  22. Keep in mind folks; this is a Democrat Senator who is running for president of the United States who want illegals in our county’s Congress. Nothing more should ever need be said about her future. Politically, she is deade to me, and should also be dead to you.

  23. Ms Harris is just another one that serves to overthrow the government of LEGAL CITIZENS and not INVADERS that do not follow the laws. She more than qualifies for full and complete investigation for treason and active acts against a sitting government, regardless if she a member or not. Reminds me of John Wilkes Booth.

  24. We need Executive Order; ” I L L E G A L S and I M M I G R A N T S ” are NOT equal to AMERICAN CITIZENS and are NOT protected under American Law………..Furthermore, FINGERPRINTING FOR VOTING, SOCIAL SECURITY, PROOF OF CITIZENSHIP, DRIVERS’ LICENSES, WELFARE & MEDICAID AND ALL OTHER BENEFITS, into a National Database for Background Checks. Enough of the Bull$#!t.
    DEMS ARE OBSTRUCTING THE VERY EXISTANCE OF AMERICAN LAW FOR “WE THE PEOPLE”…….the American CITIZEN!………I don’t want to support immigrants with my “crumbs” social security check……..without immigrants, we could get a raise!

  25. She should be kicked out of the US Senate for obstruction of justice. If I am correct she took an oath to up hold the Constitution of this Great Country, Called the United States of America. Instead she violates it along with others to endorse “illegals” to work in the Congress. These so called Leaders need to pick up old Webster’s to understand illegal.
    They are pissing people off, for trying to gain a vote.

  26. The Hutus macheted their rival tribe because of ideological as well as historical reasons. Reading over these writings, I worry that you folks will be the next Hutus. I am 82, read in my Aristotle, Locke and Aquinas, and a bible scholar, and, knowing that your main mode of conversation is to attack the other side as mercilessly as possible, I will still repeat my own belief, accepting the persecution mentioned in Matthew 5.

    I am a Western Liberal (not a “modern” one as you define it and want to kill like the Hutus) because I get the Spirit of Jesus, which is to care for one another–individual as well as politically and representatively. I refuse the label of Socialist or Capitalist because both labels require an abandonment of conscience, a primacy which is primary for me. Seeing here such hatred, such exaggerations and such anti-Jesus rhetoric makes me fear for my safety and the safety of the rest of us common folk. Hatred and disrespect are simply not my spirit, and I am willing to listen to reason and free speech wit respect.

  27. Am I the only one who can visualize the Democrat Leaders — if they win in 2020 — standing around a big fire, having a party to burn the Constitution, calling it “racist”?
    Anything goes, so long as they can be in charge.

  28. Well, we at least know that they (Liberals, Socialists, Communists, DemocRATS) are banking their run for a position in the government on illegals to be able to vote them in. Of course this is illegal as hell but not the first time that people have been shipped in from other areas to vote again (you know those areas with a 180% turnout for a DemocRAT, without a single vote for anyone else). It sure as hell is not the first time that illegals have been pushed to vote for the Liberal, Socialist, Communist, Democratic Party (point of reference, California). I can almost assure you that 2020 will be the year when WE as Free Americans from the USA, will be using our hard earned RIGHT TO VOTE! We Americans are waking up. There isn’t a Conservative, Republican or Conservative Republican which is not going to exercise this right on 2020…we’ve seen what happens when only 12 to 15 % of the voting age populace of an area, shows up at the polls, i.e. “AOC” OF NEW YORK… I for one think that the Conservative Republicans will get off their ass and vote on 2020, we have to….Nuff Said…

  29. What a STUPID, IGNORANT STATEMENT! What is wrong with these DEMONRATS? They have to be mentally depraved to say such moronic things! I mean what part of I L L E G A L can’t they UNDERSTAND? They are way to mental to be in involved in MY GOVERNMENT! I want her and her idiot “friends and supporters” to be FIRED OR ARRESTED FOR TREASON! How can they get away with statements like this? they should be arrested so fast their stupid little heads would spin around and around! I cannot BELIEVE these traitors are ALLOWED to be in our government as well as, MUSLIMS! I am just appalled!

  30. When will ALL American citizens realize that the progressive socialist leftwing democrat party and their minions in the progressive socialist leftwing new American Pravda media put “ILLEGAL ALIENS” ahead of American citizens.
    Furthermore the take you for fools who believe that your intellect is such that you can be bought with a bunch of free stuff that we can never pay for, but who cares about that as long as they get elected and form their socialist new banana republic right here in good old America.
    Dictatorship will most likely always follow socialism, after all how else can you force people to do what is not in their best interests.
    But as long as the have the “ILLEGAL ALIENS” they can continue to force their will on the American citizens.

  31. Notwithstanding that this woman is a complete affirmative-action up-lifted imbecile, I would go for one illegal alien in congress to replace each of the following: Harris, the moronic bartender from the Bronx, Sanders, Pelosi and that Koran sucking POS Omar. A few illegals would be better than what we have, but only if they wee to replace the lowlifes mentioned above. Sorry. No more PC or Mister Nice Guy. Those days are over…

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