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Kasich to Veto Two Conservative Bills on His Way to Presidential Run

Ohio Gov. John Kasich has done everything short of announcing his 2020 bid for the presidency, but it remains to be seen if he will actually run – and, if he does, what party’s flag he’ll be flying as he makes a second go at the White House. Certainly, there’s little room for him anymore in the Republican Party, where he has emerged as one of President Trump’s most outspoken critics. He’s no Democrat, and he certainly wouldn’t belong there now, with their ideological platform moving further to the left than it has ever been. That leaves a possible run as a third-party Independent, hoping to siphon voters out of the squishy middle…where very few of them actually are.

Perhaps it was in a signal to those voters that Kasich told reporters this week that he opposes two new bills coming out of the Ohio legislature. Both the bills are popular with Republicans and conservatives, but the Ohio governor has sent a message that he will likely veto both of them on his way out of office.

The first of the bills is a “heartbeat bill” that would ban abortions in the state of Ohio after a baby’s heartbeat can be detected. The other is a “stand you ground” piece of legislation that would remove a gun owner’s duty to retreat when faced with a life-or-death situation. Kasich has vetoed a version of the abortion bill before and he has said for months that he would veto the gun-rights bill as well. On Monday, he told reporters that his stance on both bills remained the same.

This could force the Ohio legislature into a difficult position where they must get enough votes in the Senate to override a threatened veto. Both bills have already passed through the House with enough of a margin to overcome Kasich’s pen. If the Senate takes up the bill quickly, it could land on Kasich’s desk and force him to make good on his veto threat within 10 days. If they don’t, Ohio legislators will be heading home to their families, forcing party leaders to corral them back to Columbus for a vote. That may be difficult, and Republicans don’t have much room to spare when it comes to passing these bills.

Ohio Republicans – and pro-lifers around the nation – are eager to pass a definitive abortion bill, go through the inevitable legal challenges, and put a new quandary in front of the conservative Supreme Court. It is believed that the chances of overturning Roe v. Wade (or at least de-fanging it to a significant degree) have never been better.

But as long as we have “Republicans” like Kasich standing in the way of pure conservatism, the Supreme Court’s view on abortion won’t matter that much.

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  1. Kasich is not doing what we elected him to do and now he’s an embarrassment to the Republican party. Conservative America needs to make sure her never ends up in the whitehouse!

  2. Wait out Kasich and just reintroduce those two bills: the heartbeat and stand your ground bill for the Mike Dewine to approve!

  3. It wasn’t enough that Trump humiliated him in ’16? He wants a rematch?!?!?!? I thought he showed incredible rudeness when he didn’t attend the Republican convention which was held in his state. Let him run. Be nice to see him slink off w/ his tail between his legs AGAIN!!

  4. Kasich is no patriot of America! He belongs as far away from the US Presidency as we can keep him! Go Trump! MAGA! 🇺🇸🗽🇺🇸👍🏻

  5. Kasich has been a total idiot ever since he decided to run for president and embarass everyone who supported him with his pathetic support.

  6. John McCain’s brother Rhino Kasich is a malcontent like McCain and Romney. Both phony’s and BS merchants. Both should give up running for President, it is bad for America, in fact it is the same as what the Democratic/Communist Party has done to our country. Minorities and hate Americans are dangerous to the country and the Dem Party is totally un American.

    • You got that right we voted in more Hispanics and Muslims. you have to be aware of they will be the downfall of this country! where the hell were the minds of the people in Minnesota and Michigan putting to Muslim women who are radicals into our government is bullshit they should be kicked out of this country they hate America and its people

  7. Oh Kasich would likely be a hero to the Democratic Party…they love anybody who is anti Trump. He’s certainly NOT a Republican; and as for him not being far left enough for them, I disagree, he’s lied about and totally tried to hide how extremely liberal he really is…a RINO of the first order…maybe he and Flake can run together on a “do nothing party” ticket. I originally kinda liked him, but that was before I understood that he was faking being a Republican.

  8. Ohio Gov. John Kasich is suffering from a Kasich of mistaken identity. He pretends to be a Republican conservative, but is so far left of John McCain that both of his eyes are on the left side of his body, like a halibut…

  9. This idiot is only a self-serving moron. If he had accomplished a small portion of the things he spouts about accomplishing this country would be in a lot better place. He is not a Republican or a Democrat, he will bend in what ever direction that suites him best. During the debates at the last election, I could not bare to hear him speak because it was never about this country or what was best but what he had allegedly done. All a bunch of crap. He is the mos boring individual I have ever heard speak and nothing has changed.

  10. Will NEVER get my vote. I would go independent first. With his swampy colors exposed, he ought to have something in his background we can sic the democrats on…

  11. Maybe RINO Kasich will be in 15th place at the next GOP Primary. That translates to .0007% support. We ought to refer to Kasich as the Darth Vader of the GOP. Definitely went over to the dark side. Sad to end a great governorship as a big cry-baby!!!

  12. He is no better than the nazis who sent millions to their gruesome deaths in the ovens. Kasich must be a German name as he carries on the nazi tradition.

  13. Kasich is a RINO traitor, plane and simple. He’s one of those people who will do anything to have a photo op. We not only don’t need him in any government office (Even dog catcher) or for that matter we don’t need his type in our oountry.

  14. Ohio Gov. John Kasich has always been a good man, Did He hit his head or something to warp his mind? He should try to get back to being a Republican. I’m a democrat who has alwys thought high of him and have really been getting discused with my own Party. We could of course use some Truman Democrats or Moral Presidents like President carter always was.

  15. With Kadich’s stand your ground stance it is apparent he forget what it’s like in McKees Rocks,Pa where he was raised, to be without a gun for self-protection. That polluted Ohio water he drank surely got to his brain,folks, as the cancer did to McCains-two peas in a pod!

  16. Kasich couldn’t even hold the governorship in Ohio. How does he expect to run against President Trump and win. What a box of rocks.

  17. He would not even be qualified to be a pimple on a presidents ass. He has no clue what the average person thinks of him. He is more popular with the Democrats in his state then the Republicans,

  18. Did some parents just forget to teach their children to be graceful losers? I thought Kasich was weak in the debates. Trump beat him once he’ll beat him twice. Same with Hillary.

  19. Kasich is pro-criminal! He wants to take guns away from decent, honest citizens. Look at Chicago. It has very strict gun control laws. Chicago is a crime ridden sewer. The citizens are defenseless. The criminals still have their guns. Gun control is pro-criminal!

  20. Kasich ha simply lost his mind. No one tas him seriously anymore. The only reason he gets press is that he is a never-Trumper.

  21. I believe Kasich, because of his self-aggrandizing delusion and his thirst for power, has actually caused him to convince himself that he would have a chance of being elected President. Perhaps someone he trusts is also pushing him to believe it. I don’t believe he even stands a chance of being the candidate.

  22. I live in OHIO and I am embarrassed that Kasich is not doing what he elected to do and he is an embarrassment to the Republican party. Americans need to make sure he never gets elected as President of USA, we will be in lots of trouble. Kasich does not love those that obey the law and freedom and who are anti-programmers he loves to trash these people. He is sounding more and more like an anti-American. He thirst for power control and push his own agenda upon the people which means he doesn’t think he needs to work for the people but he will work for himself being paid mega dollars as president of USA which he will tear down not build up. Wonder who his puppeteer is pulling his strings, and how many promises he will make to get them in a position, he is taking bribes Those I have spoken to about him in OHIO would love to see him out of office and politics all together. Power in the hands of a wrong person can be very dangerous. May God Continue to WATCH OVER AEMRICA

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