L.A. Taxpayers Dole Out $1.3 Billion in Welfare to Illegal Aliens

We’re beyond holding out any hope that there may come a day when even the liberal Democrats in Los Angeles might take a second look at how much of their paychecks are going towards worthless left-wing causes like caring for illegal immigrants, but you would think that the bloodiest of bleeding-hearts would be taken aback by this story. According to Fox News, $1.3 billion of taxpayer money in Los Angeles went to illegal immigrant families over the course of 2015 and 2016 alone. Drawn from the Department of Public Social Services, the numbers show that illegal aliens were the recipients of nearly a quarter of all welfare funds in the county over that time period.

But hey, let’s bring MORE of them in!

From Fox News:

The sanctuary county of Los Angeles is an illegal immigration epicenter, with the largest concentration of any county ​in the nation, according to a study from the Migration Policy Institute. ​The county also allows illegal immigrant parents with children born in the United States to seek welfare and food stamp benefits.

Robert Rector, a Heritage Foundation senior fellow who has written extensive studies on poverty and illegal immigration, said the costs represent “the tip of the iceberg.”

He said the costs of education, police and fire, medical, and subsidized housing can total $24,000 per year in government spending per family, much more than would be paid in taxes.

“They get $3 in benefits for every $1 they spend,” Rector said.

As goes Los Angeles, so goes the rest of the country – IF we let the Democrats have their way. Because make no mistake about it, they want to turn the rest of the U.S. into California East, so pleased they are with the way things are going out there. The only bulwark we have is Trump, and while we admire the work ICE has done under his command and what he’s attempted to do at the border, only so much can be done when Democrats block, sue, and obstruct at every opportunity. It doesn’t help, of course, that Republicans can be almost as bad when it comes to immigration.

This will be a nation-killer if we let it. No ifs, ands, or buts about it.

What do you think?

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  1. I’d be willing to bet that the VAST majority of the good citizens of California are LIVED paying out THIS much money to ILLEGAL IMMIGRANT freeloaders because of a BUNCH of MORONS (Democratic Lawmakers) allowing this to happen. I think that There needs to be ANOTHER election in CALIFORNIA to remove these MORONS from office. I’m sure glad that I DON’T live in California – I couldn’t handle this stupid INSANITY. (Team Trump and his allies 2020 – KAGA (KEEP America Great Again)

  2. The nonsense in California didn’t start yesterday. It’s been going on for a long time and if the citizens want to put up with it, have at it. Lets build the border wall across California and give it to Mexico before the plague sets in..

    • Your right there…this has been going on since the 1950s-60s…and truth to tell, I don’t think there is a fix to it….Well, let me clarify that, there isn’t a fix that doesn’t have the politicians in California scared to death. Almost half of the voters in LA don’t even know that there reps are sugar coating everything they get. Hey, next time we get in power we are going to take EVERYTHING away from EVERYBODY and give it to you…Basically, what they have been telling them for the last 50-60 years, and the saddest part is that they don’t even realize what idiots the Democrat/Liberals are making out of them…Hey, I live in LA, I’m the coolest(albeit, the poorest, dumbest, and least healthy)person in the USA. OK, good Luck with that, right?

  3. Stupid californians. You deserve what you are getting. You keep voting for these fascist liberals and you get to pay. Just stay in your icky california. We dont want you in washington oregon idaho or Nevada becuase your a sicko and have a stupid political views.

    Your liberal political point of view does not make you cool here – it makes you stupid and unintelligent.n ok w go pay your taxes you slave. Mexicans need their free housing.

  4. Foreigners are NOT interested coming to this country for anything we have thatis good or right, but ONLY for the benefits theycan receive! FREE stuff entices people! These people that come usually come from a nation that has NOTHING or is going the way of destroyed! Most Central/S.American nations or third world nations and have NOTHING! They are under dictators and want something else! So, they take what this nation will give freely and yet, they don’t realize that this NATION, will soon follow! There are those who say this is crazyand so am I, but, we will see! ALL the world shall soon be following a one world ruler;the anti-christ! The world is sooooo BLIND to GODs “WORDS”, they will not, nor can not “SEE!” Rev 13 KJV

  5. And just imagine if they had used that money to clean up their streets, and kill the rats, and help the mentally ill people who are there. What a beautiful place it would be again. Instead it looks like a third world country. All aid should be cutoff to every sanctuary city in America. But if the democrats get into office every city will look that way. Really scary time in our country right now.

  6. Get rid of those Activist/Legislating criminal and treasonous federal judges and I do not mean bring them before the criminal and treasonous members of Congress.

  7. I am just glad I was smart enough to leave Mexifornia in 1980. It was a beautiful place while I was growing up, but now it’s a filthy, over crowded, never ending nightmare of urban sprawl. And the crime rate is through the roof. It’s definitely going Third World.

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