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Leading Feminist: We Will Never Support Conservative Women

Jessica Valenti, who has turned herself into one of the most prominent feminist voices by always managing to be slightly more extreme than the average lefty is comfortable with, penned an op-ed for The New York Times this weekend that was exceptionally honest. In it, Valenti explained that conservatism and feminism would never, and could never, be compatible and that conservative women should NEVER expect her support.

“On Thursday, Gina Haspel, President Trump’s choice to lead the Central Intelligence Agency, was confirmed by the Senate, making her the first woman in that position. That same day, Fox News announced that Suzanne Scott would be the company’s first female chief executive,” Valenti writes. “There is a distinct lack of feminist celebration over these women ascending in these jobs — an absence that Republicans have criticized as hypocrisy. Shouldn’t we feminists be pleased by these shattered glass ceilings?”

Well, it is hypocrisy, but Valenti writes as though there is some kind of confusion in Republican circles about why feminists don’t celebrate these achievements. There is no confusion. Everyone who knows anything about the feminist movement knows that it is firmly rooted in the worst forms of socialism and is nothing more than a front for the greater liberal cause. This is why women like Gina Haspel, Carly Fiorina, Sarah Palin, and Ivanka Trump aren’t just “not celebrated” by the feminist collective – they are vilified even worse than any man. It is the same phenomenon we see when we talk about the way Democrats treat black conservatives or the way Hispanic pro-immigrant groups talk about Marco Rubio. These people are not just political enemies; they are TRAITORS.

In a world defined by identity politics – and feminism is identity politics at its worst – there is no room for those who betray their form. It’s not often that a feminist comes out to make the point as audaciously as Valenti does in The New York Times, but hey, it’s not like she’s giving away state secrets.

She laments that by trying to make feminism accessible to all women, the movement has given Republicans the freedom to claim its mantle without actually believing in its tenets.

“The truth is that while feminism need not be complicated — it’s a movement for social, economic and political justice — it is not for everyone,” she writes. “You cannot be a feminist and support an immigration policy of taking children away from undocumented immigrant mothers. You cannot be a feminist and go along with the White House’s newly announced domestic gag rule, a mandate that would withhold funding from any health care center that helps patients find abortion services.”

There it is, laid out bare for the world to see: You cannot be a feminist and oppose abortion. You cannot be a feminist and support upholding immigration law. You cannot be a feminist and a Republican.

To be honest, an op-ed like this was long overdue. It’s time to stop treating this term – “feminist” – as if it were a politically-neutral label that any man or woman should be happy to wield. It isn’t, and it’s time for conservatives to re-learn that lesson. Feminism is but one prong of the left’s pitchfork and it will never be anything more or less than that. To call yourself a conservative feminist is as silly as calling yourself a conservative communist. They are mutually exclusive.

Thank you, Jessica Valenti, for reminding America of your movement’s true intentions.

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  1. Another leading Dumbocrapic feminist competing for the Guinness World Book of Records for being the largest ASSHOLE!!

    • She is obviously not a feminist but is imply a leftist. Ignore her, she has nothing to add to the dialog.

      • Absolutely. Who cares about this Jessica Valenti anyway. Doesn’t matter what she says. She doesn’t realize that conservative women are completely supported by conservative men. Feminists are only supported by themselves, basically on an island.

        • Yes, but her screed has enduring value for young women coming into maturity who may be unclear about the “movement’s” true color and intent. For that, I thank Jessica for self-identifying as an anti-American socialist who wants to transform this country just as Obama said. As an aside, just imagine this dialog between a man and a woman. “I love you, but I am going to fundamentally transform you.” The woman replies, “But if you really love me, why would you want to transform me into something else?” Lesson learned.

        • Depends on your definition of feminism. As a husband of a Ph.D. wife and M.D. daughter, I know darn well they depended on 20th c feminism to help them : better education, jobs, equal pay, stopping harassment, belittling, rape, violence, etc. All men and women should be “feminists” of sorts, based on those reasonable reforms. If conservatives push anybody back to the 1800s (yes some do), they are rightly condemned for it.

    • Since she is from NYC, the most neurotic place on earth, she has no credibility except with the pussy hatters and the Prozac generation

  2. So, it’s ok to support a would-be mother to abort the would-be child in her womb, but it’s not ok for immigrant children to be separated from their parents, yet it’s ok for government institutions to remove from a family a child who “thinks” it’s another gender different from it’s birth,” when the parents seek to discourage their child from such wrong-headed thinking?

  3. This is so typical of the bigots that pass themselves off as being open, accepting, understanding, and fair. Only a person with a mental disease that can only be remedied by a brain transplant would make some of the statements this purported woman made.

  4. I a woman and am glad you will never support us, it would be a hugh embarrassment to conservative woman everywhere.

  5. Women should support women period. The wave of feminism in the 60’s was to unite women… I don’t consider her a feminist at all if she can’t accept all women, big, little, black, white, conservative, screaming liberal, etc, etc, etc. What is her definition of a feminist?

  6. Just an extreme leftist hiding under a more acceptable facade. Same as “LIBERALS” they r not.
    Merely regressive Global/Socialist using Stasi/NKVD tactics 2 intimidate those who have different opinions. Don’t let them bamboozle u they r nothing but global nazies. Yes NAZIES, were socialists it’s in the abbreviation. Little Adolf hated & mistrusted capitalists, check your history. Mudering leftists alway’s shout loud slogans like S__G H__L!

  7. Why vote Conservative when you can vote for the Socialistic embracing DumboRATS and lose more rights and freedoms. Check out Socialistic countries and see how they treat feminist.

  8. If her ilk want to kill unborn babies, slam a door in a man’s face, take food off my table to feed illegals with money that I’ve worked hard for, have no border security, etc., that I wouldn’t want to have the term “feminist” attached to me anyway! Good riddance! Sorry I burned my bra!

  9. Whatever would she say to the average conservative woman ? The only thing her reality revolves around is her love of Abortion and her unrelenting hate for President Trump and probably for any man whom she suspects of having the testicular ornaments real men make no secret of having. Her accomplishments are no way as many as Ms Haspels, and the other woman chosen as CEO of Fox Cable has not yet presented her bio to the general public. As for the Times they are in many ways nothing more than a Tabloid only the American Communist Party reads.

  10. It worked exactly as planned. She wrote something really stupid and it is getting her the attention she obviously craves. Doesn’t matter that most of it is negative as in the PR world all attention is good as long.

  11. Whoa, I’d say this sad little chick has a chip on both shoulders, yes? My prayer for her is that she figures life out enough to get herself on an honorable path, and sooner rather than later; She comes across as absolutely miserable.

  12. Aha! So feminism isn’t about advancing the roles and freedoms of all women, only those pussyhats who are radical leftists! Finally, the truth emerges… and explains why not a single feminist group protested Billy Clinton’s rape of women as a serial rapist.

    Mystery solved.

  13. Who cares about what Jessica Valenti thinks. I would run away as afar as I can from that kind of feminism. She sounds very much like being a socialist.I had enough of it living in Former Soviet Union. Thanks God I’m not there anymore.
    Go there Jessica, find out how they will treat you there, and when you’ll come back you’ll kiss the ground of this country, I mean USA of course.

  14. “You cannot be a feminist and support an immigration policy of taking children away from undocumented immigrant mothers. You cannot be a feminist and go along with the White House’s newly announced domestic gag rule, a mandate that would withhold funding from any health care center that helps patients find abortion services.”
    “And ‘YOU’ cannot be a conservative woman if you support open borders, and take in an undocumented MS13 child ( who is really NOT a child, but a short young looking killer/rapist, etc), You cannot be a conservative if YOU go alone with Left-leaning/ liberal/communist ideology and not support the White House’s newly announced domestic gag rule, a mandate that would allow funding from any health care center that helps doctors murder and dismember babies!”

  15. She is like a woman at my old company, who wants it both ways. She was a very vocal self-proclaimed feminist. She blamed all her problems on “sexism.”
 She approached the building one morning carrying a large box. She was about 30 feet from the door. A manager saw her coming and held the door open. (He routinely held the door open for other people as he entered the building.) She screamed at him that it was sexist to hold the door just because she was a woman. Stunned, he let the door close. 
 She stopped, looked across the parking lot, and yelled to another woman, “Did you see that jerk? He saw me coming and just shut the door on me!”

  16. Ms. Valenti, You do NOT speak for me and I am a TRUE FEMINIST from a family of strong women who answered the call to care for and nurture our country. If you want to be EQUAL, get a sex-change operation and see if that qualifies you.

  17. I choose to take the higher road. I can only think of Mark Twain at this moment when he said, “Let us be thankful for the incompetents. But for them, we could not succeed.” I love narrow-minded people. I need not worry about competing with them 🙂

  18. Valenti you are so wrong, I’m a feminist to the point of raising my daughter’s to be successful and to never depend on any man to survive because they are capable of doing everything in life, this is feminism not your pathetic definition of hating men and become an immoral prostitute like you, I’m also a conservative professional immigrant who supports women everywhere and that does not mean I will become a man to call myself feminist, what is wrong with you, get a mental evaluation ASAP you have problems, real one….I don’t need your support because millions like me are united to fight against fake feminists, we love our men and you can’t change that so get lost.

  19. I’ve never even heard of this supposed “leading feminist” so apparently I am totally disconnected from society or maybe it is because I don’t need support form any group, be they feminist or anti feminist characters. I’ve always felt confident enough in my own skin, using my own brain, grit a desire to succeed in whatever I desire to accomplish in my own life. I do not need conformation or support from someone that depends on another human being to validate them.

  20. She is not a feminist. She says that women are only the ones that she wants. The rest of the women are not women … did anybody hear before something more stupid ? … poor thing.
    ( woman ?)

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