Leftists Bash Katy Perry for Being Nice to Her Trump-Supporting Family

This has been a week for despair and disappointment, that’s for sure. But when we read the things that leftists say on Twitter, on television, and in the pages of the liberal rags passing for newspapers, we reckon we might have gotten off lucky. Because if these people had their way, Trump wouldn’t have just been defeated in this election, he and his supporters would be rounded up and fed to the sharks. These people are seething with rage and hate, and they have revenge on their minds.

Take their reaction to an innocuous, sane tweet from singer Katy Perry. Perry has made no secret of her support for Democrats – she sang for several Hillary Clinton events in 2016, and she even let her use the song “Roar” as her main campaign theme. But while Perry was excited by the election results as they rolled in this week, she wanted to remind her followers that it’s not illegal to be nice to those who were disappointed by the outcome.  

“The first thing I did when the presidency was called is text and call my family members who do not agree and tell them I love them and am here for them,” she tweeted. “#FamilyFirst. Call your family today. Happy Sunday.”

We doubt we could find much to agree with, politically, in a conversation with Katy Perry, but you have to respect her for that sentiment. It’s one that’s been missing for too long in our politics, and it was a welcome message coming from a popular and influential celebrity.

Naturally, she’s now under fire for the tweet.

“Super good to know white supremacy isn’t a dealbreaker for you,” whined African-American author L.L. McKinney.  

“Those people voted for a man who incited violence and didn’t care whether marginalised groups lived or died,” bawled British actor Rahul Kohli. He said that Perry’s family and other Trump voters must apologize for supporting the president. “That’s the bare minimum before there can be any talk about love and moving forward.”

“You’re behaving like this was a mere ‘difference in opinion’ and not real people’s lives being destroyed by fascism,” tweeted actor Kelechi Okafor. “Very wild to witness.”

Yeah, so there you have it. If you’re a Biden supporter who dares to still love your Trump-supporting relatives, you’re an accessory to white supremacy, an apologist for fascists, and someone who doesn’t care all that much about “people’s lives being destroyed.”

After she’s done telling her family that she loves them, Perry might want to read these tweets and think a little bit about the crazies on her side of the political divide. She might finally realize why her family actually supports the guy who just got voted out.

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Written by Andrew


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  1. Over the next two weeks we the people need to push hard on officials Local ,State and Federal to go full McCarthyism in the Senate and to reopen the Committee on Unamerican Activities in the Senate , then drag both Soros and Koch in front of it followed by a seemingly endless parade of communists, communist sympathizers and other subversives and when we meet resistance and we will meet resistance now that the powers that be have gotten the suckers to vote and will dump us to the wayside like they always do it’s time for recall elections on officials Local ,State ,Federal . We went through Hell this year and just as 2019 was worse then 2018 and 2020 was worse then 2019 , 2021 will be worse then 2020 unless we shut this down hard. Gray Davis tried to pull a fast one on California just like the nation got played this year and California kicked Davis through the goal post and out of the stadium in a recall election. The nation got played this year but the powers that be had to spend a massive amount of money, resources, time and people to do it and they can’t do it again so soon. So it’s time for punishment instead of waiting around for whatever hits us next.

  2. “You’re behaving like this was a mere ‘difference in opinion’ and not real people’s lives being destroyed by fascism,” tweeted actor Kelechi Okafor.

    I don’t think he(?) knows what fascism is.

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