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MAGA Warrior Lindsey Graham Slams Media for Not Investigating Biden Scandal

If you’d told us only a few years ago that one of the biggest MAGA warriors in the U.S. Senate would turn out to be Lindsey Graham (R-SC), we would have advised you to double up on your prescriptions. But after being firmly in the NeverTrump camp for most of the 2016 election, Graham came quickly to his senses after getting to know the new president. Now Graham is one of the most reliable defenders of President Trump in Washington, and he doesn’t miss a chance to show the media how corrupt and useless they’ve become.

Graham was back at it on Sunday in an interview with Margaret Brennan of CBS’s “Face the Nation.” Just before a commercial break, Brennan decided to slip in one of the liberal media’s most tiresome lies – the myth that everything about former Vice President Joe Biden, his son, and Ukraine was completely above board. The myth that any allegations of wrongdoing have been debunked.

“We’re going to have to take a quick break,” Brennan said. “I do want to say, though, that to this point, nothing has been in any way substantiated in regard to corruption when it comes to Joe Biden himself. His son served on the board and was paid for it.”

“I just think the media is so in the tank over this issue, it makes me sick to my stomach,” said Graham.

“You were saying it needs to be investigated,” Brennan said.

“Yeah,” Graham replied. “Nobody’s investigating it.”

“You’re acknowledging there’s no proof of it,” said Brennan.

“CBS hasn’t sent one reporter—”

“To Ukraine?” asked Brennan. “Yes we did.”

“Yeah,” Graham scoffed. “I don’t think you take it seriously.”

Brennan told the audience that they would take this debate up after the break, but that turned out to be a false promise. No surprise there. The media is well-practiced in “debunking” Republican talking points when there’s nothing but liberals around to back each other up. It’s quite a different story when they have on an intelligent, thoughtful conservative like Graham, who knows damn well what kind of propaganda game the media is playing. Once they get just a little bit of push-back, they either retreat like the cowards they are, or they stand their ground and wind up looking like fools.

Either way, works for us.

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  1. It is easy to look like a fool when you ARE one. This is just going to be another Harvey Weinstein case. This time we are talking to a different alphabet network though. This is the biggest story on the news and they are trying to bury it. s usual, Fox will follow Rudy’s investigative work and have the story far ahead of the MSM. The money trail is how this will play out. Money was paid to multiple banks and then laundered through Latvia and back to Ukraine where it was sent to banks in the USA for dispersal of bribes, consulting fees and all funded by US Aide payments. Burisma was only one of the vehicles. A corrupt Oligarch was running most of the payola, and he was also using the aid to buy military weapons for Ukraine. Hunter and Devin Archer were placed on the board to insure the Aid did not dry up. In exchange, he became a Board Member. That was his job. Daddy decides about Aid, Son’s job the condition of sale. Clear things up a bit Ms. Brennan?

  2. The MSM will never investigate a democrat crook, because it would be akin to investigating themselves which will never happen. The best thing we can hope for is that they all go under due to lack of income OR everyone is fired by the owners and rebuilt from scratch. They are not news organizations with journalists or investigative reporters. Instead they are all propagandist clowns built in the likeness of Josef Goebbels, Hitler’s chief propagandist.

  3. If you only watch a half hour of cnn each evening you possibly could still be a democrat. But if you truely follow politics and your still a democrat you sir are an asshole

  4. Just more of the same Lies from the Dems lib dnc propaganda MSM MOB. They’ve NEVER reported on any of their Lying on any of their DEBUNKED stories i.e. mueller witch-hunt …… MSM MOB are Deranged & Dangerous Facists Opinionated 1000%. Not OBJECTIVELY News worthy anymore!!!!!!!! DemonCRAP news only….Sick / Evo/ LOSERS / DERANGED

  5. So why is it Lindsey Graham doesn’t investigate. He has the resources, he has subpoena power, and he has a mouth that always targets everyone else who doesn’t do his job for him. Get off your carcass Lindsey and put up or shut up.

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