Mark Wahlberg: “Hollywood is Living in a Bubble”


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  1. каталог уаз 31514 out of Hollywood . If they make a movie I simply don’t watch it . Why put more money in these airheads pocket . Boycotts are Very effective . We should all also boycott the main stream media , and companies like Target , Pepsi , Kellogg . If we join together in strong force we can make a change !!

  2. What says that Mark is “moralizing”? He makes a very astute observation that has been irritating me for years. Hollywood (actors, actresses, directors, etc) have no more expertise in politics than any of the rest of us. I am sick of Hollywood lecturing me on what politics I should subscribe to or which charities I must support. I get that they can suppport their favorite charity or politician and they will but I cringe when they begin yelling at me on the tube or pushing THEIR agenda with carefully choreographed movies. I don’t need it. What I do need is the TRUTH! Nothing but the facts, maam, if you get my drift. I tire of the media’s thumb on the scales all the time and complaining that they need to “keep everyone honest”. I ask this simle question, “Who will keep the media “honest”?

    • Dennis,,,,As far as none of us being astute in “politics” I thank god there is another guy that shares the same affliction…..and he is going to take the oath to be Prez in 41 days and hours.

      We don’t want or need any more ‘politicians” the time has come for strict term limits and,,,,,,

      DOWN WITH THE NANNY STATE. DRAIN THE SWAMP, and God bless President Trump.

    • Where is it written that he is anti gun? If it;s in the text above i sure missed it.

      The only thing I see him against is Hollywood big mouths that need to shut up.

  3. Whenever I read of another of those “moviestars” ranting about the fact that “their liberal candidate” being the one that should win that election I merely place them on the list of movies I refuse to pay to see. And just because they can act or whatever does not make them any kind of “expert” on any thing else.