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Media Analyst Warns Democrats Against Their “Magical Thinking”

In one of the most incisive left-leaning commentaries we’ve seen in a while, media analyst Jeff Greenfield wrote a powerful essay in Politico last week warning Democrats that they needed to get clear of “magical thinking” if they wanted to have any chance of taking back power in Washington. Keep in mind, this was written by a liberal who makes no effort at all to hide his political persuasions. This is a critique of the left by someone ON the left, and these critiques are growing more and more common as liberals who still retain something resembling a brain watch their party drown in what can only be described as abject nonsense.

Before Greenfield gets into “magical thinking” – the idea that one of these days, Robert Mueller is going to ride in on a white horse and SAVE AMERICA – he shakes his head pitiably at a couple of recent stories of people on the left confirming the worst of what conservative American thinks about Democrats.

“The most recent—and most harmful—came from John Paul Stevens, the retired Supreme Court Justice, who wrote an op-ed piece for the New York Times in which he called for an outright repeal of the Second Amendment,” Greenfield writes. “The key to any chance of enacting useful laws is to argue that they can co-exist within the current understanding of the Second Amendment and that they are not a backdoor effort to confiscate weapons. Justice Stevens, by contrast, seems to validate the central message of the NRA and its acolytes: ‘Don’t believe the sweet words; they are out to get your weapons!’”

Greenfield also takes to task a Planned Parenthood staffer who wrote on Twitter that it was time for Disney to create a Princess who’d had an abortion.

“Yes, it’s just a tweet by a local chapter, probably written by a young staffer, but what made it so inexplicable was that, whatever the author’s intent, it read like a provocation by a voice who assumed that every American embraced these hotly contested ideas,” he writes. “To someone at all uneasy about the cultural upheavals of the past decade, the tweet was evidence that their opinions are considered illegitimate, unreasonable, beyond the pale.”

You can be a cynic and characterize Greenfield’s exasperation like this: He’s telling liberals to shut up before they give away the whole game. And yeah, there’s a part of us that thinks that’s exactly what he’s doing, although we’re willing to give him the benefit of the doubt and say that he might not KNOW that’s what he’s doing. Liberal Democrats depend heavily on a nation of “useful idiots” – people who really think that the left’s agenda is not as crazy as those nutty right-wingers make it sound. We know better, but Greenfield may not.

Whether it’s accidentally exposing the true aims of that agenda to the public or going WAY overboard on the hopes that Mueller is going to put Trump behind bars, there can be no doubt that the Democrats are coming increasingly unhinged from mainstream public opinion. And, as Greenfield fears, it may keep them from realizing that big blue wave in November.

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  1. Conservatives have been boycotting Disney parks and movies for a generation now with no effect, Disney prospers. The kids from Parkland High School boycott a right wing talker and she is gone in a week. When is anyone going to notice that the extreme right wing has very little appeal and less following.

    • OMG, what planet are U living on. U must be an alien, as in from another world, non-earthling. “Conservatives have been boycotting Disney parks and movies for a generation”. Are U serious? “Kids from Parkland High School boycott the right wing talker and she is gone in a week.” Seriously? U R wrong in both cases. Laura Ingram is still on, and hot at it dumbo. And I am a Conservative and have never heard of a “Conservative boycott of Disney”. Now maybe in UR little ultra left progressive liberal socialist pin head U would like to see such a thing. But trust me worm. Never happened. Conservative wouldn’t waste their time on such nonesence. So now we have heard from UR looney bin of BS and identified is as such. Anything else dickweed?

      • Let the dumbocrats keep believing they are right, that way they will never change and keep screwing up. Just like pelosi’s latest idiotic comment that the first thing they will do when they retake congress is GET RID OF PRESIDENT TRUMP’S TAX CUTS. Typical idiots all the way they never change and the definition of INSANITY IS DOING THE SAME THING OVER AND OVER AGAIN AND AGAIN AND EXPECTING DIFFERENT RESULTS!

    • Sorry Ray,Ray, Disney may have finances, but finances are not God in the Bible there is a passage that states “thou fool tonight your life will be taken from you” Money doesn’t buy health and youth forever. Beauty fades and life ends for everyone eventually. In the end God will win out. God is a loving being but, those who reject him and His Son Jesus. will never see heaven. Disney is a fairy tale but, the Word of God is true forever!

    • And you’re still an ignorant idiot, no matter what site you speak your nonsense on Ray. In your stupid insane liberal wet dreams Ray Hill!

    • I guess you didn’t notice it was the week after Saster when school are on break. She took her kids on vacation. But I guess you can’t be bothered by details. Oh, and if anyone thinks what she wrote on Twitter was bullying, that person has a serious problem. I’ve heard worse things said on a school playground. By kids!

    • Get your info right. Ingrahm is right back on TV…Hogg is an non-thinking idiot and basically a story that has gone dead and who lost?. The Liberals. Extreme Right is not what is the real game here. You are as out of touch as the Dems hope you would be.

      • Hogg is a useful idiot, not to be ignored. Right now he is the darling of the liberal media but look in his angry eyes and listen to his determined voice and remember his words and that fascist salute, this kid will flash for a while and then his conceit will render him unmanageable to his liberal keepers. He’s toxic..

  2. True democrat

    Here is the real bottom line… Beside the fact that he defeated their lying, corrupt, treasonous madonna, the dummy-crats HATE Trump and everything he has accomplished because it completely destroyed all of the failed policies of their black messiah…

    Trump is going to deport the illegal criminals, whether those law breaking sanctuary cities like it or not, and secure our border which the donkey-crats hate because it will curtail the influx of the illegal democrat voters

    THAT is their real agenda, VOTERS… They don’t give a hoot about blacks in poverty, they don’t give a hoot about the MS-13 gangs that rape and murder young girls, they really don’t give a hoot about DACA or the illegal’s as long as they vote for them….. And they don’t give a hoot about our jobs, or the economy as long as THEY can be in power… THEY ARE SOCIALISTS……

    This is the true story the media won’t tell you.

    Democrats and the lying media never tell the truth. The majority of Americans were never in agreement with the democrats on their immigration policies.The majority of Americans were always against illegal immigration.
    Poll questions asked after the SOTU address found that a 97 percent majority of Republicans, 72 percent of Independents and even 43 percent of Democrats approved of the president’s speech, which is telling given that Trump specifically mentioned the wall during it. This tells you that the democrats are so far out of touch with the American people.

  3. The Democratic Party has been hijacked by the Left.

    Go down to the factory gates at quitting time and you will see the REAL Democrats coming out by the hundreds.

    Ask THEM if they approve of gun confiscation, foreign aid to Communist countries, abortion for no reason at all, hordes of faceless bureaucrats answerable to no law, and all the rest of the priorities of the Left. REAL Democrats are not Communists/Fascists.

  4. Liberals ate up Obama’s lies, starting of with Gruber’s Affordable Health Care Act, with Gruber telling Obama that the American People are stupid and you can sell them on this! Only, the unemployed and poor people wanted it, all think it was totally free. Obamacare ruined all Health Insurance Plans, because the Affordable Health Insurance Bill, first went after the Middle Class Employer Plans, calling them Cadillac Plans and would fine employers if they continued to offer these Plans. Over the Years employers rewarded their loyal workers with upgrades to protect their family’s. Gruber told Obama that the money from the fines would pay for the plans for the poor. Instead the employer’s just dropped those plans to keep from paying fines for Insuring their workers. Now the Middle Class is stuck with low grade insurance plans with high deductibles, with high out of pocket money before the plan pays one dime. The then Democrat House and Senate cried to Obama for a exemption from the Affordable Care Act and they got it, now the Democrats got to keep their Cadillac Health Insurance Plans, which are paid by the Tax Payer. We the People never wanted the ACA, this was one of Obama’s to do list. Only. the Illegals in California got the best Insurance on the market, which is called Medicaid which pay’s 100%, its free, and even pay’s for dental….
    2. Even, President Bill Clinton defined Marriage between a Man and Woman and the States should make the decisions about their own Marriage Law. Obama being a gay man, married the another gay man that dress as a woman wanted the Law changed. He used his newly appointed Liberal Judge to sway the vote and that happened forcing this on the American People. This was another of Obama’s agenda, he wanted to de- moralized the American People.
    3. Obama, told the Border Guard to stand down, to allow Illegals to pour into our country, the more Illegals here meant the Census Count would go up and give States like California more Electoral voting power! Hillary got a freebie from California with 55 votes, next time probably 65 votes due to counting Illegals for voting power. ” Obama already told Illegals to vote for nothing would happen to them”.
    4. George Soros Open Borders agenda was fully supported by Obama. Obama wanted to be the next
    Secretary General of the United Nations and bought in to following the UN. That is the very reason Obama wanted to bring 3rd world Radical Islamic people to the United States, that never assimilate to our culture nor follow our laws. The Radical Islamic Muslims only want to bring “Sharia Law” to all the countries they go to. Islam hates the free Western Countries, Islam hates Christianity, they Hate Jews. They demand rights they never had in the Islamic Countries, but they hates us. Funny, Immigrants from the past brought job skills here, paid their own way here, never got a dime in welfare, and they wanted to be part of the American culture. Obama did not care, he used our tax dollars to pay for the Islamic People to come here, paid for their flights, gave them welfare, let Islamic men bring up to 4 Wives and all of their children here, gave them housing, gave them Medicaid, along with up front cash to spend. He then allowed them to move to Michigan to gain Political Power. Right from Obama’s lips he admitted to being a Muslim and said the Islamic call to prayer was Music to his ears. The Democrats loved it.
    5. Obama used the ACA to change Medicare and make it pay for Tyranny sex change surgery. Obama’s Transgender rules for the Military, also make the Military pay for the Tyranny’s Sex Change surgery, even the new Obamacare Policies have to include Sex change surgery for Tyranny’s.
    6. Obama wanted to force the Nation’s Elementary and High Schools to allow Tyranny’s to used the Women’s bath rooms, the girls locker rooms and showers. This even allowed a Man, one day believe he was a Woman and the Next day be a Man again.
    7. Michele Obama is the Racist that started the Whiteness agenda. The Democrat Liberal Loved it!
    The Liberal’s are allowed to stop freedom of speech if one is Conservative.
    8. To much to print. ect. destroy the Constitution, toss out the Nations Anthem to it offends a Liberal, toss out Pledge of Intelligence to the Flag due to it offends a Muslim. Toss out Onward Christian Soldiers song for it mat offend a Non-Citizen Muslim.

  5. Bad news! I have assumed that there was no such thing as a leftist with a brain, then out of the clear blue sky one shows up. It doesn’t necessarily mean game over, since he’s preaching to a group of nitwits and there is a high probability the nitwits won’t hear him or understand him if they hear. I am not, I must admit, any kind of political consultant, but I have heard a lot about what the Democrats are claiming will be their platform for the 2018 midterms. It seems they plan to raise taxes, they plan to ignore American citizens and push hard for bigger and better perks for illegal aliens, they will definitely eliminate any considerations of a barrier wall at the southern border, and to enlarge the economy they will raise the minimum wage to $15/hr-countrywide. I can’t see them getting one vote from anyone with a brain.

    • big ED,
      In the fall elections we must elect republicans that will commit to and support President Trump’s agenda. We can’t continuing electing the same republicans that have almost the agenda as democrats.
      If the democrats take over the house, President Trump will be “toast”. Sorry to say, but that is the reality of it!

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