Michigan Student Files Complaint After Roommate Watches Ben Shapiro Video

Well, we have finally reached peak 2019 academia. While President Trump is doing his best to ensure the return of free speech to our liberal college campuses, an incident that occurred at Michigan State University last September shows just how important it is that we remain vigilant. Even in an atmosphere where we’re accustomed to conservative speakers getting de-platformed and students forming vicious protest mobs every time a teacher questions the concept of “white privilege,” this story startled us with its sheer ridiculousness.

From the College Fix:

One evening last September, a Michigan State University student awoke from his nap to see his roommate sitting at his computer. There was a video playing, and the student realized his roommate was watching a video of conservative commentator Ben Shapiro.

The newly awoken student then took to his own computer to file a complaint with the administration’s bias reporting system against his roommate for watching the Shapiro video.

“Ben Shapiro is known for his inflammatory speech that criticizes and attacks the African American community,” the student wrote in his report against his roommate. “I thought hate had no place on MSU’s campus yet MSU has roomed me with someone who supports hate speach [sic].”

The Fix found the complaint, which the college addressed by actually accommodating the student and putting him with a new roommate, along with dozens of others that have been filed at MSU this year. Michigan State just launched a new “Public Incident” website, and students are encouraged to use the site to access the “bias reporting system.” This is where students (and professors) and complain to the administration about the many microaggressions they may fact throughout the school day.

For instance, this doozy:

In late November, a lecturer was giving a work presentation when he made a joke about surveys asking “sex” as an identifying question. The professor noted that the concept of “sex” is different to people of different ages, as older people are more likely to see gender as a strictly male/female choice.

“The ‘joke’ implies that being transgender or intersex is something people age in and out of,” a person present complained to the bias reporting system.

“I approached him after the presentation and told him that it is unacceptable to make transphobic jokes and he cannot do that again, but again, he didn’t really seem to understand, and didn’t respond,” the complainant wrote, adding the professor “has a past history of making insensitive remarks about other groups, so anything is possible.”

Once upon a time, college was a place you went to have a little bit of fun on your way to getting a degree and entering full adulthood. We guess those times are quickly vanishing. Too bad.

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    • I agree with the offended young lad. Sometimes I see a beautiful young girl go into the short. I suddenly feel like my female side awakening. I lift my little finger in the air and disrobe so that I can shower with my sister friend. We wash each other and curse Ben Shapiro for telling the nasty truth.

      • I suggest MSU rename its sports teams “The Easily Offended” The school administration should gather this snowflake up and drive him out of campus while a recorded laugh track while the entire student body watches,

    • This type of stuff should not be a surprise. I am a 73 year old baby-boomer. We were the culprits who discovered liberalism. I have to admit that I was one. Fortunately for me I awoke to reality and left this ridiculous part of my life behind. It took til I was about 57 years old but then again the liberalism of my early years was nothing compared to today’s liberalism, just like the marijuana of today is about 10 times stronger than it was in my college years. Anyway those that remained behind as liberals introduced their children to it and they and their children are running the colleges and universities today. Fortunately by escaping from liberalism i was able to teach my children what is truly right and the lesson rubbed off on 4 of my 5 children and hopefully all or most of my grandchildren (17 as of now) will follow the right path as constitutional Americans not crazy liberals.

  1. Wow, poor little snowflakes. The “offended” people would have never made it out of the sixties. And, the United States of America would have been better for it. How about post birth abortion up to and including college age.

  2. The recent flooding wasn’t from global warming. It was all these snowflakes melting.

    If one can not stand being offended, that person is a candidate for a nervous breakdown by 30.

  3. Colleges, Universities are no longer institutions of higher learning, but Socialist/Commie Indoctrination Centers. Elementary & HS has become the same!

  4. I dont take them seriously.. they have a short circuit or low on fluid.
    I just laugh them off. We have enough weird in the world without dummies inventing new problems.

    • It is OK to laugh them off, but remember, the entire university (Michigan State) was turned upside down to accommodate the snowflake, and other silly little spoiled students who were “triggered” by one person watching a taped TV show.

  5. Throw the punk who complained out of school. Or throw him in jail for a 1st admemdment violation. He needs to have his ass beat

  6. This losers parents must be so proud of the loser they raised. I’m sure those same parents framed all of his participation awards too.

  7. This kind of complaint should be thrown in the trash and the person making it be required to watch and learn that his complaint was BS and he didn’t know what he was talking about. These snowflakes need to get tough. As a frosh I had a roommate that played the electric guitar and/or lifted weights a making the klink clank sound after I went to sleep. I toughed it out for the year. The alternative was beating the heck out of him and I didn’t think that was a good idea.

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