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“Monopoly: Socialism” Game Vanishes After Snowflakes Get Offended

After some butthurt snowflakes on Twitter got their panties in a bunch over a “Monopoly: Socialism Edition” parody game put out by Hasbro and stocked by Target, the game has apparently been shuttled into the Great Memory Hole by both its manufacturer and the retailer. As of Monday, the game can no longer be found on either Target’s website or the official Hasbro online outlet. Just goes to show you how quickly corporate America will turn tail and run if they get even a whiff of left-wing dissent on Twitter. Pretty sad, actually.

According to PJ Media, which reported on the game’s disappearance on Friday, neither Target nor Hasbro would respond to requests for comments on the removal of “Monopoly: Socialism.” Which, we assume, means that they are simply too embarrassed to come out and admit that satirizing socialism in this day and age is actually too controversial for them to be involved with. We…we actually don’t blame them for keeping quiet. We wouldn’t want to admit that, either.

The game was quietly sold in stores since this spring, but it was elevated to national attention when a Rutgers University professor named Nick Kapur made a series of aggrieved tweets about it.

“I bought a copy of Hasbro’s mean-spirited and woefully ill-informed ‘MONOPOLY: SOCIALISM’ board game so you don’t have to – a thread,” he began. “The player tokens include a typewriter, an old-timey phone, a pocket watch, a phonograph, and a CRT television set, presumably because ‘socialism’ is so incredibly outdated?”

Well, yes, exactly! Also, we’ll probably be back to using these outdated modes of technology if socialism takes hold in the United States.

“There are also tons of references to health food and veganism, despite the lack of any clear connection to socialism, apparently because what they share in common is that they are odious things that are fun to mock,” he writes, sharing photos of properties like “No-Tip Vegan Restaurant” and a Community Chest card that says, “Everyone loves the tofu-chip cookies you made in honor of Karl Marx’s birthday.”

C’mon, we don’t believe for a second that Kapur can’t connect the dots here.

Like magic, after Kapur’s thread went viral last Wednesday, drawing anger from Leftist Twitter and mockery from conservatives (including Sen. Ted Cruz), Target and Hasbro have apparently decided to cleanse shelves both real and virtual of this priceless satire. And now we can add “socialism” to the endless list of things that the left has deemed UNMOCKABLE!

This is going to be one dreary, gray-clouded culture if these loons get their way.

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  1. NO MORE “BACKBONE” then a snail! No one willing to stand for what’s right of honest! Just go along to get along! My have things changed in the last 62 years! I do NOT know the nation i was born to in the 50’s! I quite frankly no longer want to either! This is NOT my home, I am, just passing through!

  2. Well thanks to these scum, I just donated my Monopoly board to the Humane Soc. Thrift shop. I hope no one buys it, then I will donate the cost of it. I hope no one buys this new disgrace of a board game. Actually I hope they go out of business. This is not funny.

  3. Good thing I don’t shop at TARGET. I haven’t been there IN YEARS . . . I get “Creeped Out” just WALKING in that store. Now I know why . . . Team Trump and his allies 2020.

  4. I was looking forward to buying the new Monopoly game. Too bad they caved in to the left’s pressure. Really a shame they didn’t realize that there are more sales to be garnered when the ‘right’ buys their games, regular monopoly and socialist monopoly. Was really looking forward to mocking the left.

    • I wish I had known about it earlier, I would have loved one as well. As a side note, just purchased Lawson’s book “Socialism Sucks”…saw the authors on Life, LIberty and levin on Sunday nite…can’t wait to read it….

  5. Awwwww poor little butt hurt leftist, probably need to send a big waaaaaambulance and rescue them ,and nick kapur can suk a fat one.

  6. Milton-Bradley came out with a similar game about 30 years ago called “Public Assistance” which used the current welfare rules, etc., as the rules of the game. It was recalled due to public pressure…

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