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MSNBC: Trump is Now the Head of a “White Identity Cult”

Well, having failed to learn anything at all from the 2016 election, liberal Democrats are back to their old favorite call-and-return line: Trump is a Nazi racist who must be stopped before he becomes the next Adolf Hitler.

We suppose it was always inevitable that they would circle back to this failed strategy after their Russian collusion theory fell apart, but it’s no less disappointing to see it in action. This is a sure-fire loser for Democrats in 2020, and for that much, we take comfort. But in the meantime, it’s only going to worsen the racial divide in this country, and it could very well stir up a psychopath or two in the meantime. That, we don’t need.

Count on MSNBC, though, to carry water for the Democratic Party’s agenda. And host Chris Matthews was fully on board Monday night when talking to left-wing author Tim Wise.

“Democrats face a choice in 2020,” Matthews said. “Do they take on Donald Trump as if he’s just another Republican President whose policies they say are wrong or do they argue something more dire? That the man seeking a second term in the White House presents a moral danger to this country. Do they make 2020 a fight between good and evil? Well, in a series of tweets that went viral this weekend, author and anti-racism activist Tim Wise compared the challenge Democrats face now to what they faced when the former KKK leader David Duke was running for office in Louisiana in the early 1999s.”


Wise came on the program to elaborate on this ugly comparison.

“I won’t say that Duke and Trump are the same,” he said, “but they both appeal to white racial resentment as the yeast that makes their political bread rise and when you were dealing with a movement that focuses on that, in a sense a white identity cult, you can’t treat them like just another candidate.”

Where exactly did this “white identity cult” come from, by the way? Did it materialize out of thin air, or was it perhaps created by liberals who have made it very clear that everything from the national anthem to the Confederate Flag to Thomas Jefferson is a relic of racism? What did you THINK was going to happen? White Americans were just going to roll over and die?

To the extent there are racial tensions in our politics today, they are there because the Democrats won’t quit telling us how eaten up with white supremacy America is. And as long as they persist in demonizing America’s history, culture, and way of life – as long as they keep presenting white Americans as something to be overcome and relegated to the past – they are going to lose.

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  1. Chris you are white! If you want to be another skin color it can be changed but you have chosen white. So why are you so hostile toward the skin color you and 70% of Americans have? you are clearly a racist but to be a racist against the color of skin you have makes you mentally ill as well as a racist Chis.

    Ah ah Chis is mentally ill. Hey folks lets all watch the lunatic on TV. He gets trills up his leg during his show!! Kind of pornographic but that is what TV lunatics are!!

    • How the hell does he stay on the air? The owners of these stations must love to see their ratings go into the toilets. I guess sponsors love them because they keep giving them big bucks to stay on the air.

  2. All of these losers on MSNBC and CNN are racist. They talk about it 24/7 they are obsessed with race. They have serious mental issues and try and put on others what they feel.

  3. “That the man seeking a second term in the White House presents a moral danger to this country. ”

    He certainly is speaking of anyDemocrat contender for the presidency.

  4. Chris Matthews is a total loser to spout this crap. Trump is no nazi or Hitler. Matthews, however, is an inept fool and should be fired for being a racist pig and defamer of our President. MSNBC is not a worthy or viable news media anymore. Perhaps they should be banned from the broadcasters.

  5. Well okay, I guess that makes me a member of the “White Identity Cult,” whatever that is. I am white~~ born that way. Not ashamed because I was~~ born that way. Don’t “identify” as white because, well~~ born that way. And I support and defend Pres. Trump~~ not born that way, but made a reasoned and logical choice.

  6. ……and chris is head of the ” White IDIOT Cult “. We win again. When will these POS li real morons realize they are in fact the true Hitler like fascist? I’m guessing never.

  7. There can be absolutely no doubt about the TOTAL leftist, ant-American bias of the Establishment ‘news’ media. They, MSNBC, CNN, ABC, CBS, NBC in particular, with the NYT, WaPo, LA Times, …. in the print media, ARE the Enemy of the American People. The bottom-dwelling creatures like Matthews that spew these lies and hate are lower than, worse than child molesters.

  8. We all of different races need to get rid of stations like MSNBC and CNN for they truly are the evil in are country and one of the biggest enemies of are country and as long as we have these kind of bias and communist news stations in are country we are going to have division in are country and have hatred!!! We all have to come together and get rid of news stations that try to create division and bias!!! For we want real and honest none bias news reporting for the news stations should report truths and allow the citizens to decide what is right and what is wrong, we do not need a news station that tries to decide issues for us!!! All news station must report the truth on both sides and not favor one side over another for that is not their job that is left for the people to decide when the truth is reported on!!!!

  9. The Main Stream Media, in their race to outdo Pravda and Tass, has demonstrated that they are the propaganda stem of the deep state and hence the democratic party

  10. They have ALL gone crazy – now a WhiteIdenty Cult!??!?!?! REALLY!??!?! You have got to be kidding!!!! And others don’t call people out by color and get accused of being a racist!??!?! Oh yeah that’s right the only people that can be racist are white people?!!? NOT!! There is so much racism and bigotry in this country that it is horrible and it DID NOT start with this president – the great divide was put into action by the previous administration. If you have a different opinion or thoughts on anything you are immediately labelled a racist. So for all those of color that speak against white people they are bigots – since supposedly people of color cannot be racist. So fed up with all this garbage.

  11. Here is an old adage that applies to EVERYONE: Those who point fingers at others have three pointing back at themselves

  12. White people are just now beginning to take ownership of being white just like the blacks and other races have been doing for ages , There is a coming alive of this white rejection of other races condemning whites as racist , evil and immoral . I am white and as such I don’t like what other races are attempting to do to belittle and lessen the character of white people .

    • The USA was founded as a CHRISTIAN Nation -worshiping the True & Living God who Created the Universe we live in- Gave us the Bible: Genesis to Revelation, with instructions for every area of our life! He loves each of us 100%, but does not force us to love Him ~ actually gives up those who ignore or resist Him. None of us had a choice of parents or the color of our skin, but when we realize we are a sinner (all are born one) wages are Physical & Spiritual death, but God’s gift is Eternal Life (He paid the debt) We are told to love one another. Ephesians 4:32 “Be kind one to another , tenderhearted, forgiving one another, just as God for Christs sake has forgiven you”. If you do not understand this, God says “The fool says in his heart there is no God”, “the natural man will not understand” & that someday “every knee will bow before Him”. He also tells us: “If you seek me with all your heart, you will find me”. Lots of true information on the Internet. Beware, anything that contradics(sp?) the Bible: Satan, (a deceiver, liar, no TRUTH in him) is behind it! Many do not realize they are under Satan’s control & actually need God’s gift of Forgiveness! I am a Great Grandmother my husband in WW2 Army Air Corp 75 years ago. 50 years ago he worked on the Apollo Space Program- Landing on the Moon- an Aeronautical Engineer at Kennedy Space Center-Cape Canaveral.Fl

  13. Chris Matthews apparently saw the career winding down, and had two choices – push to go out over the top as an extremist or start being fair, factual, accurate and lose his job, ending his career earlier than he intended. He opted for plan A and rehearses the BS in the mirror before he goes on air.

  14. The “identity” issue rests with the news organization trying to find viewers to support their idiocy. It’s just ludicrous to “coin’ such a phrase based on others that sit on their behinds and do nothing but hold out their hands for freebees. They all need to live in Somalia and wear christian crosses. Just pure BS on their part and the CNNs, MSN, ABC, CBS, ABC, and others are just too damn DUMB to understand nor comprehend they are the idiots for buying into BS. Just wonder how many bridges Como and others have purchased.

  15. Damn! I couldn’t even read the article, the headline was enough. I’m so sick of this crap. I voted for Trump and plan to again. My Cuban daughter in law, my Eskimo grandchildren, 4 of them, my black son in law are all one happy family. I’m white by the way, oh yes, we have to worry about the unusual sexual family. Well don’t worry, my brother is gay, had an uncle and a few coudins. Still one happy family. It’s just these liberals who push racial discrimination.

  16. WOW!!!! That’s the pot calling the kettle black! Oops! Now the PC police will come after me!! The MSM need to go back to using the dictionary when they use words like racist and bigot. Then you need to check your application of the words!

  17. The media, CNN is owned by AT&T; and it goes on and on if you check into the ownership, you will find they are all left wingers who just want power and control They do not care how they get it. They are playing into the hands of communist powers who want to dominate our economic strength and basically take it over. Everything they propose (i.e. Green New Deal) is meant to cripple America’s economic strength and eat away at the morals and family values. This is a long drawn out plan and they are so distraught that Killary did not take over the white house as they planned. We Americans have to realize the racist talk is being fed to us by them so they can attempt to divide us and cause internal strife. We can’t fall for it. “Love God, love one another” Jesus.

  18. Hey Comrad Matthews,
    My several black Trump-supporting friends are quite put off by your rediculous racist comment. They did not realize that rhey were part of a white cult. Amazing.
    Perhaps you are the true “cultist”, Chris. Examine yourself.

  19. Thank you fake news msnbc because deplorable by itself is hardly enough.
    Now I know I am a Deplorable member of a White Identity Cult – and I damn proud of it!

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