Nicolle Wallace Praises “Superhero” Megan Rapinoe in Stomach-Churning Segment

In her first tease of an upcoming segment on her “Deadline” show, MSNBC’s Nicolle Wallace had this to say: “And holding out for a hero – we sure need one. Enter U.S. Soccer star and natural-born leader Megan Rapinoe. She’s chicken soup for your soul, so you won’t want to miss this.”

Right. Rapinoe – one of the most arrogant, self-absorbed athletes to get the national spotlight in quite some time – is exactly what most people think of when they think “chicken soup for your soul.” Is Wallace kidding? Or is the former Republican so consumed with hatred of Donald Trump that she considers any enemy of his a “good person.”

Oh, did we say “good person”? Guess we were downplaying Wallace’s feelings a bit.

The next tease of the segment: “After the break, a real-life superhero, an icon in her own time standing up for equal pay, speaking to our better angels and calling out Donald Trump. Megan Rapinoe and U.S. Women’s Soccer Team, now the world champs. New York City celebrated them today with a parade. We will next.”

A real-life superhero. Sure.

When Wallace finally got to the segment, she started with a clip of the ego-consumed Rapinoe speaking at the aforementioned New York parade.

“This is my charge to everyone. We have to be better. We have to love more, hate less. We got to listen more and talk less,” Rapinoe said at the event. “We got to know that this is everybody’s responsibility, every single person here, every single person who’s not here, every single person who doesn’t want to be here, every single person who agrees and doesn’t agree, it’s our responsibility to make this world a better place.”

What? Is this the same Megan Rapinoe who has made it her goal in life to become one of the most obnoxious, never-shuts-up, hateful people in the world of sports? She’s telling US to “be better.”? Oh, well, she undoubtedly just means Trump supporters.

After a lengthy segment in which Wallace spoke glowingly of Mighty Megan with panelists Jennifer Palmieri and NeverTrumper Charlie Sykes, she finished with this pathetic send-off: “Megan Rapinoe, you make us believe. God bless you and all your teammates, congratulations.”

Someone pass the barf bag.

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  1. that kneeling, non-hand over heart bitch is playing girls soccer, wait til the trannys push her out of soccer ….or 14 year old young men ….

    • I’m confused. Are all the members of the woman’s soccer team lesbians? Do all the members of the woman’s soccer team kneel in disrespect at the sound of the Star spangled Banner? Do all the members of the woman’s soccer team use “F” bombs in place of the English language? (ie: “I’m not going to the F#kn White house”) ? I have to assume that this is all true because I have not heard any of these women come forth and claim otherwise. Under those circumstances I will not allow my granddaughters to watch any of their twirking and drinking celebrations. I will direct their attentions to other womens sports.

      • I think she just brow beats them into shutting up. Never hear about what the others think. Would be interesting to hear but I’m afraid if it was opposite to what she thought, they’d be off the team in a heartbeat.

    • MSLSD’s little Nicole A$$face praises “Superidiot” Pegin Rap-a-hoe in a Stomach-Churning Segment.
      If I had a sister working in a whore house and a brother in the looney liberal democratic party … I’d try to SAVE my brother first.

  2. I wish I the power to deport her and all her unAmerican cronies like Wallace. She’s one of the sorriest human being in America.. I’m an 80 years old Veteran of the USAF and I’ll be damned if I would give this Bitch one minute of air time to spew her hatred. God Bless American and our President.

    • Jim, you have to give her air time 15 min in f 35 over the Atlantic and eject then bring the plane back that would be the air time I would give what ever it is.

  3. She is a soccer player and dang sure no hero! She left that on the field when she embarrassed America with her behavior. De Blasio can stick all this up his arse as well.

  4. Hero’s are not made on a field of sport. Hero’s are made of those who do good things for others. Such as fighting for your country. Giving of your self in time of need, to anyone. While obeying the laws of the United States of America. There are many things that people have different ideas on other subjects. No one should have the right to tell them to shut up. You may not like what they say, and all you should say is you do not agree with them. Calling some one racist with no facts to back it up is awful. This soccer woman, all she does is call people names and makes up false comment. In other words, its ALL ABOUT HER. I refuse to call her names, but I can still stop buying NIKE!!!!

  5. Sadly, the whole team went along. Not one of them would disagree or say a word for America. If that is the case, did they represent America or just themselves. Don’t think they deserve to go to the White House.

  6. Rapinoe and Wallace both have shit for brains. These fucking dumb ass cunts eat shit. Assholes bitches need to be run out of our country. They are unAmerican motherfuckers.

  7. Nicole and megan are NOT heros. Being queer or just being against Trump does not make you a hero. Just like not liking mooch doesn’t make me a hero.

  8. Since when does one saying , I’m not going to the fuckin white house, make you a hero. Because if it did then im a hero for not going to the white house when obammy and the transsexual wife of his were in the white house.

  9. Bull Dyke CrappyHo a hero? Over her uneducated and ignorant support of bench warmer Kaepernick? The stupid little butthurt “boy” that cost the NFL so much lost revenue through his misinformed and uneducated opinions, that they forked over 10 million to make him go away? CrappyHo, the Bull Dyke Trailer Trash with the loud obscene mouth a hero (which by the way it’s still “heroine” regardless of her carpet munching, you imbecile Wallace)? Yeah, I really want my Grandaughters to use that Penis-envy degenerate as a role model. NOT!!!!
    By the way, when Women’s Soccer brings in equal revenue compared to Men’s Soccer, then they can bitch, piss and moan about the pay disparity. You see Wallace, Women’s Soccer netted 73 million last year. Men’s Soccer netted 5 BILLION. Women are getting 13% of their net revenue, men are getting 9% of their net. It’s simple math, and the reason for the wide gap is due to the fact that men’s soccer has been a big deal for over 50 years. Women’s soccer has only been a deal for a few years. It doesn’t have the fan base yet to support it, and with the BS CrappyHo pulled it’ll lose some support.

  10. Nicole Wallace, you once had some decency as one of the Mass media reporters, but no longer your words in this article make you out to be one of the self serving ridiculous panhandlers that call themselves as a “Reporter”. Well you made your article just prove what you are “One of the members of a Mass Media” that does not care about reporting true facts. Once again I will bring up, the fact that Women’s Soccer is in no way an equal to Men’s Soccer, but only in the manner of income production, Women’s Soccer, is a great sport, and I believe that maybe one or two of those women may even be as good as one or two of the men’s team. However, income production, once that gets even, then maybe the women will be paid in the same range as the men. No matter the sport, all things in this day and age is related to range of income production. Nothing more, nothing less.

  11. Wallace no one in sports, male, female, straight., gay etc can ever be a hero.
    A hero is a man or woman who puts on the uniform of the USA and takes their oath to support and defend our USA. And defend it to even giving of their lives.
    Those are the only heroes in the USA.
    A politician, a judge, a lobbyist, sports asshole like these lesbos, can not now or ever be a hero.
    As for Wallace I pray some MS13 illegal invaders will get a copy of NETWORK and hopefully follow to the end and see how talking assholes are handled.

  12. Yes, Victoria, many people share your observation, too: ” I have to assume that this is all true because I have not heard any of these women come forth and claim otherwise”. The team’s silence confirms its consent. Unless, of course, Rapinoe’s vicious demeanour keeps them in tow?

  13. I read that one player stuck to her religious beliefs and got kicked off the team. Again I haven’t found proof yet, but where is the coach of this team? Where are the sponsors? Why is this one obnoxiously whatever rule what the team does? By the way there are five lesbians on the US team. And there were five lesbians on the Netherlands team? Did you all see which team respected what their country did for them and the respect they gave that country. Sure as h*ll wasn’t the one from the US.

  14. Another misguided fool with a fake news buffoon. Her 30 seconds of “fame” is a joke and a donkey braying. Pathetic

  15. Barf bag coming up right now! Ugly, foulmouthed, horrible example of a female athlete. NICOLLE
    could choose some other teammate who knows how to speak in the proper manner in public and not embarrass our country. To bad Megan is too old to have her dirty mouth washed out with soap!

  16. Nicolle Wallace is the traitor who, on McCain’s team, sent the prettier Sarah Palin to Katie Couric so that Couric could “edit” the interview to make Palin look stupid.
    Leaving President Trump out of the Rapinhoe picture…Rapinhoe refused to put her hand over hear heart….so she is anti-American for openers, and should have stayed away from our country, which she does not respect.

  17. Chicken Soup For The Soul…….Geeze the poor neglected little liberal lesbian is anything but that, while being more like the little white speck on top of chicken shit, yeah still chicken shit. Anyone that would forsake Coutry, and Flag just for self gratification, and notoriety isn’t much of a person.

  18. And now Proctor and Gamble stooped to new
    lows by giving the Womens Soccer team 500k
    to fight their fight. Is that for more vibrators
    or dyke hairdos.
    RappinHOE is a disgrace to this country.. not
    for her sexual choice..but anti American actions.
    Every American regardless of race or color needs
    to join hands to vote every DemonRAT and RINO
    out of office.

  19. No matter how much penis envy these ungrateful, degenerate, females have for their Superiors, Wallace should fact check herself(maybe not considering they believe themselves equal to men here in this case)on the use of the word hero V heroine…JS…History will little note nor long remember what they did here…it was a desperate act to gain a credibility that they forsook when they chose self, over Country… vindictiveness over their Flag. Good job, winning for the USA the Championship, thanks for nothing with your attitudes…!!!

  20. When Ali and Megan threw the flag down and waddled across it during a photo op after the game, another team player with a scowl on her face jerked it up and ran off with it. She, obviously, is disgusted with their crap, but the press never glorified her or interviewed her. They want to paint a picture that everyone hates Trump. Millions of us disagree. Megan’s time in the sun will be gone before she knows it. No one will remember her in a few years. One slide tackle and the knee is gone, Achilles tendon snaps, or muscles begin to tear. Careers end when least expected. She will be a sad footnote of what might have been.

  21. Nicolle Wallace is a dumb ass bitch with shit for brains. This faggot women’s soccer player eats shit. Fucking stupid cunt.

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