Nike “Represents Best of American Values,” Says California Governor

Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey did his state and the country proud on Tuesday when he made it absolutely clear how Arizona felt about Nike’s decision to back down on the production of an American-flag themed sneaker. After Nike announced that they were canceling the shoe, which was to feature the Betsy Ross 1776-era flag on the back, because of pressure from their spokesman, Colin Kaepernick, Ducey said that his state wanted nothing to do with the company.

“Words cannot express my disappointment at this terrible decision,” Ducey tweeted. “I am embarrassed for Nike. Nike is an iconic American brand and American company. This country, our system of government and free enterprise have allowed them to prosper and flourish. Instead of celebrating American history the week of our nation’s independence, Nike has apparently decided that Betsy Ross is unworthy, and has bowed to the current onslaught of political correctness and historical revisionism. It is a shameful retreat for the company. American businesses should be proud of our country’s history, not abandoning it.

“Nike has made its decision, and now we’re making ours,” he continued. “I’ve ordered the Arizona Commerce Authority to withdraw all financial incentive dollars under their discretion that the State was providing for the company to locate here. Arizona’s economy is doing just fine without Nike. We don’t need to suck up to companies that consciously denigrate our nation’s history. And finally, it shouldn’t take a controversy over a shoe for our kids to know who Betsy Ross is. A founding mother. Her story should be taught in all American schools. In the meantime, it’s worth googling her.”

But never to miss out on a chance to take sides against America, California’s Democrat Gov. Gavin Newsom reached out to Nike to tell them how much he cherished their “values.”

“Hey Nike,” he tweeted, “we’re just a quick jaunt over the border. Thank you for doing the right thing. CA is open for business and welcomes those that represent the best of our American values.”

So, there you have it. In 2019, shunning the American flag and letting millions of illegal aliens into the country is the “right thing.” Caving to the anti-police, anti-American attitudes of a failed NFL star represents “the best of our American values.”

Who ARE these people? If they hate this country so much…what’s keeping them here?

What do you think?

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    • Yes Gavin is as stupid as that air head Governor moonbeam—His answer to plastic in the Ocean is to make it illegal to put shampoo into small containers—what a dope head—I mean that literally the Guy must be high,


    • I agree, JoelM!! newsom, is a true piece of crap! Affiliated with the other demonCRAPer jerk, jerry brown, and going far back….do your research, you won’t believe it! Bottom line, these TRAITORS who are for their own gain, who do anything and everything to destroy this country, as long as their pockets are full with OUR money! I wish they ( R ) would have the nerve to treat traitors the way we use to deal with them. But that’s not going to happen. The ONLY hope we have ( and that’s a ‘ for sure ‘ ) is that Jesus is coming back REAL SOON, and no matter what or when….these imbeciles WILL BURN IN HELL FOR ETERNITY!

  2. Sure CA is open for business… with the debt you’ve accumulated and burden you’ve placed on the residents & mainly businesses of CA you need their tax dollars. Yet, the issue you most conveniently ignore is the fact CA is not good for any business but to your laws and disrespect for business with all the taxes. And, Nike, I won’t be purchasing any of your products and when more America citizens move their business to other companies…your Board of Directors via the SHAREHOLDERS will ask the real question…why do we need the leadership and support staff that promotes disrespect for America.

    • I cannot boycott something I cannot afford to begin with.
      As for Kraperneck? What’s he done for this country except generate gag reflex where ever he goes.
      Californicate? Believe nothing you hear or read from them and only half (being generous here) of what you see.

  3. Low IQ Oldsome –he was a plant and needs a kick in his stinking ass—-recall the sob –there is a recall petition

  4. The only thing that NIKE is good for are new toilet brushes and used toilet paper . . . They lost my business PERMANENTLY. TRUMP and his allies 2020.

    • I heard that Nike is now putting the Limited Edition of the “Betsy Ross” shoes on sale for $2500.00 to $5000.00 a pair. There will be those idiots who buy them.

  5. I was raised in California and left there as quick as I could. The idiots there have just gotten worse. The way they treated are military vets coming back from war was and still is a shame. I have family still there and have no reason to visit cause there all a bunch of dumbass Democrats. It will keep going to hell because they keep the Democrats in offices.

    • After living in Calif over 50 years, I moved to Arizona in 2004. Best decision I ever made. Thanks, Doug Ducey, I stand by your wise decision. Let’s all boycott Nike and see how long they last. Hiring Kaeperdick was a bad decision and they should pay for it dearly.

  6. I don’t know Kaepernick, but he is obviously a decent American with the courage to demand justice for minorities.

    It is shocking to read the malice and ignorance of the comments here; the twisting of the facts.

    The above comments cause real Americans, including Kaepernick, and me, a U.S. Army vet, to fear for the future of our beloved nation.

    • I can’t believe that a military man would agree with the PARASITE KAPERDICK. HE DOESN’T GIVE A SHIT ABOUT MINORITY HES DONE NOTHING FOR YHEM HE WAS RAISED IN A Wealthy. Family. Never went with out if he’s so damm worried about the minority. Get. His check book out. And start helping them. I worked for 53. Years. Paid my taxes and paid to all the lazy stinking PARASITES that would not work. So to me I say. SCREW YOU KAPPERDICK AND NIKE YOU. SORRY AXZZ AMERICA HATING SCUMBAGS. OH AND MY SON EAS ALL ARMY. AND ANY ONE THAT. BURNS OUR FLAG SHOULD BE. WHIPPED. YOU HATE OUR COUNTRY. THEN PAVK UP YOUR UGLY AZZZZZ. AND MOVE OUT. YOU PARASITE. WILL NOT. BE. MISSED. AND TAKE. NEWSOM. & BROWN. WITH YA

    • Your not a US VET, or you’d be biting your tongue saying that…Krapondick is a sorry piece ofshit, whose “nigger”(no offense African Americans)agenda is to draw as much attention to himself, and the other worthless “niggers”(BLM’s)…his anti-American gesture positioned him very squarely where he needs to be…UNEMPLOYED by the NFL!!!

    • Are you totally drugged out or just naturally stupid? That idiot couldn’t even play football so he decided to make a name for himself by kneeling during the flag presentation. He got other brain dead players to do same for the race problems that were started by the Kenyon traitor Obama who by the way is 1/2 white. We have so many truly black Americans who fought and died right along with whites and others to preserve the rights we have and a pity the right for people like you to stand for stupidity. My husband served over 20 years in military and died of a disease attributable to military and am so glad he never had to depend on an idiot like you.

  7. Not sure how the TRUE taxpaying citizens of califukya, have not dropped this goober smoocher down a hole somewhere…never to be seen again.
    They are working and paying taxes, to support every illegal who wants to waltz across the border and into the arms of this socialist piece of shit politician. The very people he is financially raping to enrich these illegals, could never be eligible for the same handouts and benefits.

    That’s like a fat stay at home wife telling her working husband he is bad, evil, racist, misogynistic, homophobes, white supremacists, nazis, despicable and lower than pond scum…AND he has to work his ass off to support her and their kids…AND she will be allowing other kids and families (any that want to come) into their home and sleep, eat, live without contributing a thing. The husband of course will have to sleep in the back yard and may be lucky to have enough money to buy something to eat…since she steadily siphons off more $$ from his paycheck to support the growing hoard invading his house.
    At what point does the husband say F-it…Grab a bat or shotgun and go clean house, to include the fat, lazy, entitled, thankless wife, who gave away everything?

    Wake up tax paying califonians. You have slowly been turned into financial slaves by this pole smoking idiot and many like him in the past. You now support those who will take everything you have when given the chance and not even utter a thank you as you starve in the streets and they pass by you in their free car, with their free healthcare, free food stamps & WIC on the way to their free home, after voting in an election they have no business voting in…because they are NOT AMERICAN CITIZENS…they are califukyans.

    • 5 years max…JMHO!!!Civil War…get your gun oiled, and your ammunition stacked, and stashed…IT’S COMING!!!

  8. What a disgrace this slimey piece of crap governor is. Ca. deserves him and maxine, and pelosi and feinstein and the phony hollywood crowd of over rated jerkoffs.

    You also deserve all the immigrants and homeless and filthy cities and crime these shit for brains bring into CA. If Az. was smart they would build the wall between them and CA. Same for the other states bordering mexicalifornication.

    Edward John Vercelli

  9. If there was one last turn to “paradise “ and that turn was to the right, the “snowflakes” would turn left !!! What a trainload of obnoxious, elitist, obstructionist losers. GET REAL PUNKS!!!!

  10. Nike represents nothing a Patriotic American would represent. Reason ? If they bend to the will of someone like Keapernick (or however his name is spelled) that hates America like most radical leftist and uses the NFL to show his hatred, you can’t tell me Nike has a Patriotic bone in their company.

  11. then GOV ask nike to send you millions to help with your clean up after the quake. you won’t need any more help from the rest of us,

  12. How can Newsom say Nike has values when he does not? He supports sanctuary cities, allowing illegals to stay. Nor will he do anything about the homeless in SF where diseases are rampant, rats by the thousands re carrying diseases which can also be the plague. Newsom is only concerned about keeping illegals and making taxpayers foot the bills. Wake up liberal. He is liberal as they come and so is Nike. Neither respects the values of America.

  13. And this is why uneducated politicians should not be in office. Does he not realize on the current flag the 13 stripes red and white represent the same 13 colonies that supposedly Colin Kaep and the dumb governor are protesting in the first one? Does that mean the Governor will do away with the current flag as well?

    • I totally agree, plus they can take this Socialist/Communist Governor along with them.
      On 2nd thought, why screw around ? Take the entire state but leave what few good people who are trapped there to the rest of us. We will take them any day other than millions of illegal aliens !

  14. Spoken like a TRUE COMMUNIST dumbocrat leader. Why isn’t california NOT TRYING TO SECEDE from The USA, BELIEVE ME YOU WILL NOT BE MISSED!

  15. I salute the US Military, but NOT nitwits who condone the disgusting behavior of a spoiled moron who had everything given to him by this country and the parents he seems to disrespect as well. Oh, and BTW, that goes for the illustrious Governor of the Socialist State of California, Gavin ‘Clueless” Newsome who seems to want to do more for loser companies like Nike and illegal Aliens than he ever does for Citizens of the USA. But what do you expect from Nancy Pelosi’s nephew? I suggest that all the dumbbells, including Kaepernick and Newsome look into the history of slavery, before they protest something they haven’t a clue about!!!

  16. Chris Fogerty, do you honestly believe Kaepernick is a decent American with courage to “DEMAND” justice for minorities? What justice are you referring to? Did you drink too much Cool Aid to be thinking this way? He is nothing, but an overpaid ballerina with a twisted mind, and get off the Cool Aid.

  17. Gavin Newsom would not know American Values if you nailed them in front of his face he has never been an American really and always been a Globalist Pervert!!!

  18. Well Newsom go to Nike and have them give you billions of dollars to fix your state from the earthquake. We taxpayers don’t want to support a commie Governor or state. Maybe the illegals and gays will contribute and I’m sure Hollywood will give you as much as you need.

  19. This creepy looking Democrap governor of california is about the WORST in history for awesome California–when he comes on tv you can for sure bet on it it will be all UNAmerican agenda–i CANT EVEN look at him–i change the channel he looks like a cheap cheezy used car salesman from the 1970s–who voted this stange guy in–he has no values–WE THE PEOPLE WANT HIM OUT—we pay their salaries -fire him now-LOVE Awesome President Trump who loves AMERICA and us patriotic AMERICANS TRUMP/PENCE 2020 MAGA watch real news FOXNEWS HANNITY/PENCE

  20. Scott paper announced a new enhancement. When you wipe with Scott, an image of Colon Krapperneck magically appears!

  21. Newsome’s statement should come as no surprise what so ever. Newsome is a degenerate, a pervert. Just like most democrat office holders.

  22. From a man who made California a “Sanctuary State” and who along with his Democratic cronies is allowing his state to go down the proverbial tubes, “go figure”

  23. Gavin Needsome is the archtypical Anti-American Californication Asshole. What an imbecile Nike was one of the first to head ovetseas, pay underage children slave wages in deplorable conditions and show mega profits to its shareholders. Hardly the workings of a moral leader in the industry. Kaepernick, a third rate, third string the NFL paid $10M to “go away,” has the moral compass of a Cat in heat.

  24. Governor screwsom “”forgot”” to mention to nike, they’ll have alot of regulation to deal with, whole lot of taxes, more costly permits to build and operate..

  25. To nike S.O.B. top brass, owners of golden parachutes. Wish I would have done it sooner, I stopped buying Nike merchandise about 10 years ago. I hope thousands more do the same.

  26. I’m so very proud to be from Arizona! Our Govener stood up pulled our financial support, and said we don’t need their facility built here!

  27. It seems as though any time these so called “reformest” disagree with anyone, it has to do with Slavery. If that’s the case, no one should have anything to do with Spain. They were the first major World power to have a big role in Slavery. Then the British started it, remember that almost all the wealthy people in America’s beginning were slave owner’s. But wait, wasn’t the African Warlord’s that really started Slavery to begin with?! They went through village after village gathering up slave’s then selling them to other tribe’s or whomever wanted to buy them. All of this happened so many year’s ago that why is it still being even talked about in our day and age? None of US today or within the last 100 year’s have had anything to do with Slavery. One my distant relative’s in West Virginia back in the 1860’s would go to Virginia or any other Slave State and buy a family of slave’s, bring them back to West Virginia and give them land and a house to live on and mainly their freedom. He spent almost all of his money doing this and that’s one reason why there are Black’s living in Montgomery, WVA to this day. Slavery is still going on in Africa and many other countries, so why are these so called “Do Gooder’s” living in America’s past instead of helping with building OUR future?!

  28. I lived in the BayArea from 1968 thru 1970. SF was one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Now is just another shithole like Portland and Seattle. All ruined by Democrats. Wise up west coast and kick all these losers out of office.

  29. Gavin Newsom has shit for brains. What a dumb ass motherfucker. This cocksucker is destroying California. Dip sit asshole. Anybody who supports him has shit for brains too.

  30. Another huge picture of the braindaead socialistic demise of what used to be one of the most popular and desired places in the country to live. Now is is a sewer of socialists who have destroyed everything thaat once was beautiful about CA. I was born and raised there in ’50-60’s era. Now I would ot allow anyone in my famly to live there and certainly it is no place to raise children. There is o Law, no Education worth a damn (it has been turned into DEMONCRAP brainwashing camps), taxes adn cost of living are beyond any reasonable amounts nfor the huge lack of what the mnoney was ever spent on besides graft (certainly ot spent on infrastructure, educaton improvements and teacher salaries, nothing notable spent on improving blocking of the dispicable influx of illegal aliens, approve protecting the criminals illegals and murderers over the safety of the taxpayers with their “Sanctuary Cities and Stte policies”, have destroyed any simbalance of support for police and ICE. Today I would to live there if you gave me the entire state free. The state legistalors and elected officials only seem to care about whose had is putting embezzled funds into ther pockets. Just look at the character of Pelosi Waters, Jerry Brown, Feinstein, etc and the current so called governor to open yoru eyes and really see what a horrible state o collapse the entire state is facing. People are leaving in droves, and who would blame them. You don’t have to be college educated to see all the terrible trip e beign perpetrted in that state, but you defiitely have to be blind deaf and just plane braindead not to seee how bad things are there.

  31. Pelosi’s nephew is free to buy all the Nikes he wants – all the Nike products I used to have are now either in a landfill or have been incinerated to produce energy. As California continues to spiral down the toilet left wing loons like Newsom continue to chant “All is Well” reminds me of the ending of the movie “Animal House”.

  32. I will never allow anyone in my family to eevr buy Nike products again. If they prefer Braindead Anti-American C. “Kepper Prick” over our taxpayers and their customers then they do’t want my business.

  33. Mr. Newsomewhat is a real stand up guy. Slept with his campaign manager’s wife and now married to the bimbo. As for Nike and their overseas slave labor all i can say is buy new balance made in the USA. As far as Betsey Ross flag goes she was against slavery, but as usual these idiot’s have no knowledge in America history. So furnish the illegals with new Nike’s along with their healthcare. Just keep it in California

  34. Neither Nike nor Gov Slickback represent the best of anything. They both rely on the BIG CONs of the left. They compete for lowlife status among each other.

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