“Not All Who Menstruate Are Women”: Cornell Puts Tampons in Men’s Rooms

If you ever had the idea that the people running an Ivy League university are smarter than the average person, let that theory be laid to rest once and for all. As Cornell University has proven this year, these folks don’t even know the basics about human anatomy.

From the College Fix:

Male and female students at Cornell University started the school year with free access to menstrual products due to the activism of a student group.

The Gender Justice Advocacy Coalition at the Ivy League school led the movement toward accessibility to period products on campus, according to campus paper The Cornell Daily Sun.

“We wanted to make access to the products as equitable as possible and have them present in all bathrooms, as not all people who menstruate are women,” graduate student Liz Davis-Frost explained to The Sun.

Oof, swing and a miss, Liz.

Indeed, all people who menstruate are women, a fact Davis-Frost should have probably learned a long, long time ago. It’s usually liberals who get up in arms about our public schools failing to teach kids the basics about sexual anatomy and the reproductive system, but damn, maybe they have a point if this is where we’re at.

Of course, we kid. We know that this is not a matter of ignorance – or at least, not the inadvertent kind. This is politics, and yet another effort on the part of LGBT loons to normalize the idea that trans women ARE women and trans men ARE men. That this idea is undermined – significantly – by biological facts like menstruation gives them no pause. They just shift the ridiculousness a step further and claim that men can have their periods, women may need Viagra on occasion, nothing is stable, and people can believe whatever they want.

Well, unless that belief is that men are men and women are women and one cannot simply slide from one gender to the other at will. That makes you a reprehensible bigot whose wizard books should be burned in a pile.

What do you think?

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Written by Andrew


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  1. Is this a way for Lizzy to tell men where to…..?
    I understand condoms in both (all three?) toilets at Ivy League colleges, but really….

    • They should have machines that can only let you into a men’s restroom if you have a penis. Great idea, uh? Yep, that’s why I need to be president of the United States. Vote Bidumbass/Harrisuckcocks 2020

    • Maybe I am missing something here, and I will stand corrected in any case, but it begs the question: If men can actually “NEED” feminine hygienic products(tampons, or Kotex)what is the sense in LABELING bathrooms or segregating them according to gender? Why not just have COMMUNAL bathrooms where males, females can go at will? I AM ALL IN ON THIS IDEA…!!!

      • Yeah, great fucking idea, Stingmyass. Let’s make it easier for men to rape women. How does it really feel to have shit for brains? You are one dumbass motherfucker.

      • That Stingray cocksucker needs a tampon stuck up his sorry ass. What a dipshit. Hey, Stingray, are you really a fantastic faggot like everyone says?

  2. When a biological man has a baby then maybe “men” will need tampons. I haven’t seen it yet, and probably never will unless someone perpetrate a hoax.

  3. If you need a tampon you belong in the womens bathroom, not the mens.
    Since the left likes to talk about science…science says you are XX or XY…there is no X? there is biological males and females and those who think they are something they are not do not need tampons as much as they need mental health treatment

  4. Do they have a Biology Department at Cornell? Maybe Liz should drop in and ask a few questions. Hint: Having tampons in the men’s room is going to inhibit the maturation of the males in your institution. Junior-high jokes will run rampant with every guy carrying around a Tampon to toss at someone being a wimp. Male Snowflakes will be inundated with Tampons for their (VAGINAS). Liz, you just dropped the combined IQ at Cornel by several points. Quietly have these idiotic ideas removed from the male bathrooms. If a woman needs a Tampon, she needs to go to the Women’s restroom. I know this was a huge “Virtue Signal” for you because you chose to brag about it. It is not a virtue to be stupid. This is not done out of ignorance about vaginas and who has them so this puts you into the stupid column. Why do you still work in a University?

  5. “Wherefore God also gave them up to uncleanness through the lusts of their own hearts,…” Romans 1:24 KJV and OH by the way “Joe Biden” CLEAN UP that filthy mouth! You need soap in that dirt trap of a mouth!

  6. Two genders only. Male and Female. Boys become men and girls become women. What education, morals, and type of thinking you instill in your kids is what makes them. Teach them to be polite, generous, good trades, good working values, and you will be proud as a parent.

  7. It looks like CORNELL isn’t a center for higher learning . . . it’s a RETARD think tank for Left Wing Politics – and NOTHING else. What a WASTE of TAXPAYER’S dollars! One DISGUSTED Patriot finding COMIC relief. Team Trump and his allies 2020.

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