Not Satire: NYC Mayor Declares “Meatless Mondays” to Save the World

If you’re a student in New York City public schools, you might want to think about bringing your own lunch to class with you on Mondays. New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio is rolling out “Meatless Mondays” to all schools in the 2019-2020 educational year, and he sees it as a wonderful way to save the world in the face of that dreaded specter of doom: CLIMATE CHANGE.

At a press conference this week, the quasi-Communist mayor of the Big Apple said that the change – already piloted at 15 Brooklyn schools – would have positive effects on both the health of students and the environment.

“Cutting back on meat a little will improve New Yorkers’ health and reduce greenhouse gas emissions,” de Blasio said. “We’re expanding Meatless Mondays to all public schools to keep our lunch and planet green for generations to come.”

In the lunchroom on these days, students can expect choices like “whole grain rotini pasta with herbed marinara sauce” and “kid friendly kale salad,” which may be our favorite oxymoron of the year.

Schools Chancellor Richard A. Carranza was upbeat about the change.

“Meatless Mondays are good for our students, communities, and the environment,” Carranza said. “Our 1.1 million students are taking the next step towards healthier, more sustainable lives.”

Carnivorous diets have become the latest front in the war against fun – a war waged in the name of climate change. In an interview with The Guardian last year, scientist Joseph Poore said there was no better way to help the planet than to adopt a vegan lifestyle.

“A vegan diet is probably the single biggest way to reduce your impact on planet Earth, not just greenhouse gases, but global acidification, eutrophication, land use and water use,” said Poore. “It is far bigger than cutting down on your flights or buying an electric car.”

In a feature article on the topic last year, however, the website The Conversation noted that even if every American went meatless, it would not have a significant effect on carbon output.

“Many people continue to think avoiding meat as infrequently as once a week will make a significant difference to the climate,” they reported. “But according to one recent study, even if Americans eliminated all animal protein from their diets, they would reduce U.S. greenhouse gas emissions by only 2.6 percent. According to our research at the University of California, Davis, if the practice of Meatless Monday were to be adopted by all Americans, we’d see a reduction of only 0.5 percent.”

The effect of New York City public schools going meatless on Mondays will, in other words, be so small as to make no difference whatsoever. But as long as it takes attention away from the city’s looming financial crisis, we suppose de Blasio will be more than happy to dive right in.

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    • You are being very polite. He is past being a bonehead. He’s made a mess out of New York.
      Like the Guy in is infested with needles, rats & tents. Honestly you have to wonder
      just how far it is going to go before it is stopped. Oh, the NYC mayor his wife lost all the money
      and she doesn’t know where it went is there no investigation on this going on??? I’d like to put these Mayors through a meat grinder and make mince meat out of them. They are communist
      and its beyond me how these STUPID people keep voting them back in.

      • ! DeBlasio is a CATHOLIC TRAITOR. ALL CATHOLICS ARE TRAITORS. A hundred nations, a thousand years and not one success in the lot. Vote for ANY CATHOLIC and you vote for a traitor and failure forever.

      • You are correct. A radical socialist mayor has to be voted in by bonehead voters. You can pee and drink in the street now and the cops don’t have to issue a summons. The voters in NYC would vote for Joseph Stalin if he had a “D” by his name.

    • Yes. He only needs the makeup to have fully transitioned to the clown that he is. Shame on New Yorkers for electing comrade DeBlasio mayor (seems like now they’re going to get what they deserve).

      • They elected Mario Cuomo’s son after his old man failed to balance the State Budget for twelve straight years. Even though most of the State voted against him the Union controlled NYC, Buffalo dock workers, and Albany carrying the majority of votes kept on electing him. It wasn’t until the Unions finally realized they were going to go broke if something wasn’t done that they elected Pataki as Governor and Julianne as Mayor of NYC. It took letting the Republicans run the State and NYC to get things back in order. As soon as NY was out of danger of financial collapse, the Unions did it again and the Democrats have been running NY down all over again. You may not like this but until Donald Trump can clean up the DOJ and assign multiple task forces to thoroughly investigate the Union problem, nothing will ever change for the better. As long as people vote Democrat, the Socialist will continue to tax America to death and enslave the masses to Govt. controlled hand-outs thus giving Govt. power and control over We The People instead of the People controlling the Govt. African Americans beware. Stalin, Hitler, and Mao were all Socialist and they all hated dark skin people. How long will you be free under a total, Socialist Dictatorship? Think about this when you go to vote in 2020.

    • Its three meats mondays & two meats Tuesday through Sunday
      Starting with breakfast sausage, bacon or stake and eggs , Lunch shall be either veal ,beef ,pork or lamb. Supper Chicken, turkey, duck goose or cornish hens Fridays are always fish or something of the sea . Screw these morons. They preach ctap they themselves dont follow.

  1. Here we go, government over reach. This idiot thinks he know what’s better for us than we do. Maybe he thinks he could save some money to fix his city’s deep deficit with meatless Monday’s. God help us if he ever runs for president

    • didn’t Moochell do the same crap telling people how to eat. well his Shitty is Broke so he’s looking for ways to cut money from public services. what a Piece of Shit

  2. You are a idiot. I call for a three year investigation into every aspect of your life and your family and friends lives and see what we come up with. I also call on all conservatives to pull a feinstein on you and your entire family. No peace for this idiot and his family

  3. This liberal socialist democratic have big problems inside the NYC ,Corruption,crime,bankruptcy,more welfare,more homeless,more illegal immigrants,more taxes,now said I help the media ambience

  4. New York Mayors ??? Dinkns a do nothing that let the city go to pot while he played Tennis, Koch and nice guy, a real New Yorker, liked everyone and trusted everyone to his dismay they were crooked. Guiliani The savoir of the City, Blumberg for a Liberal Democrat understood what a great job Guiliani did, and didn’t upset the apple cart NYC was great again, then a third term convinced him he was their father and came up with silly idea’s. Now they have the worst Mayor since Boss Tweed, a Communist, a protege of Dinkins, following the same path that destroyed the City, a crooked guy,that hasn’t been caught as yet,and really naive’. I feel sorry for the New Yorker’s that have to put up with his far out far left impractical idea’s.

  5. Stupid at its finest, must have been a drop put from Yale. No sure sign of education here in NYC’s
    Mayor office.

    • Well, Delbert, now that we know that half of the grads from universities like Yale only got there because mommy and daddy bribed the admissions board when sonny boy couldn’t qualify academically, it explains a lot about how this Bozo got where he is today.

  6. Do the Catholics still have meatless Friday? I know they used to. But this no meat Monday is just a silly action to declare himself “politically correct” in liberal eyes. Its about as smart as saying that every kid in school contribute one penny to bring down the national debt. Honestly, the Dems & liberals keep giving reasons NOT to vote for them.

    • The Catholics must still have meatless Friday otherwise the world would have ended long ago. LOL. Stop eating meat and they’ll complain the oceans are over-fished. Vegan? Where are you going to grow veggies when you need the land to house all the Illegal Democrats? Oh, that’s right, we’ll import them from China.

  7. They can sugar coat this action all they want. However, it is another way of removing your freedom of choice. They could have vegan meal and meat meal for choice. It is just like when they stopped allowing 16 oz. fountain drinks for a time. What next, a day when kids will not be allowed to wear clothing made of cotton?

  8. how many meatless mondays does it take to make up for the millions of dollars that Mrs.DeBlasio made to disappear?

  9. what a moron.,Climate change is not true and proven not true by science. let the dieticians determine menus who were trained in this not the idiot mayor

  10. I have a much better Idea that’s guaranteed to work. dumbocrat legislator less MONDAY, TUESDAY, WEDNESDAY, THURSDAY, FRIDAY, SATURDAY & SUNDAY, in other free of them 24/7/365!!

  11. I have a much better Idea that’s guaranteed to work. dumbocrat legislator less MONDAY, TUESDAY, WEDNESDAY, THURSDAY, FRIDAY, SATURDAY & SUNDAY, in other free of them 24/7/365!

  12. Traditional Catholics do not eat meat on Fridays. Why? Because that’s the day that our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ was crucified. We are in dire times. We need to sacrifice. You don’t have to be a Traditional Catholic to do this. May God bless you.

    • after Henry became smitten with Anne Boleyn, English fish-eating took a nosedive.

      You see, Henry was desperate with desire for Anne — but Anne wanted a wedding ring. The problem was, Henry already had a wife, Catherine of Aragon, and the pope refused to annul that decades’ long marriage. So Henry broke off from the Roman Catholic Church, declared himself the head of the Church of England and divorced Catherine so he could marry Anne.

      Suddenly, eating fish became political. Fish was seen as a ” ‘popish flesh’ that lost favour as fast as Anglicism took root,” as Kate Colquhoun recounts in her book Taste: The Story of Britain Through Its Cooking.

      Fishermen were hurting. So much so that when Henry’s young son, Edward VI, took over in 1547, fast days were reinstated by law — “for worldly and civil policy, to spare flesh, and use fish, for the benefit of the commonwealth, where many be fishers, and use the trade of living.”

      In fact, fish fasting remained surprisingly influential in global economics well into the 20th century.

      As one economic analysis noted, U.S. fish prices plummeted soon after Pope Paul VI loosened fasting rules in the 1960s. The Friday meat ban, by the way, still applies to the 40 days of the Lenten fast.

  13. He’s already turned his career into an example of how to be heartless, brainless, gutless, and spineless. He might just be a whole different species.

    • You are correct!! DeBlasio is a CATHOLIC TRAITOR. ALL CATHOLICS ARE TRAITORS. A hundred nations, a thousand years and not one success in the lot. Vote for ANY CATHOLIC and you vote for a traitor and failure forever.

  14. Time to fillet the mayor. Who the fuck does he think he is. I hope someone fillets his ass. What a jackass’s asshole

  15. Laughable. How will that fit with “expert dietician” Michelle Obama’s destruction of school lunches in favor of inedible crap that was often unidentifiable? Get your popcorn, folks, and sit back and watch the Left piss off even more people.

  16. Just another dimwitted dimocrat!!!! All the things going on in his city – and his city on the verge of bankruptcy and all he can do is declare Meatless Mondays!!! He is NOT a dictator of the city – we still live in a free country and are free to choose what we want to have for our meals.



    • Nobody is even talking about it…I don’t understand, this should be on the news every day, till somebody figures out what the hell is going on…

  18. To paraphrase Archie Bunker, mayor warren wilhelm jr. is a meathead.
    If you are wondering who warren wilhelm jr. is that is de blasio’s birth name, who would trust a guy who changes his name? NOT ME.

  19. Deblasio is a CATHOLIC TRAITOR. ALL CATHOLICS ARE TRAITORS. This comes from the folks a few hundred years ago that were fishermen and were not doing well. The pope said that all good Catholics had to eat fish on Friday to support the fishermen. This boondoggle lasted until a few years ago. There are a hundred nations south of the USA, give me a nice long list of a successful CATHOLIC “C” nation. Vote for ANY CATHOLIC and you vote for failure and a traitor.  

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