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Now She’s Finished: Joy Reid Also Criticized Islam in Old Blog Posts

Thus far, MSNBC host Joy Reid has miraculously held onto her job after old posts from her blog surfaced. The posts, which had Reid on the “wrong side” of the left’s LGBT thoughtline, came to light after the website Mediaite went digging around in the Wayback Machine, which archives websites and how they change throughout the years. Reid engaged in a campaign of extraordinary lying, assuring her liberal fans that she’d been hacked by some nefarious entity, but those claims were met with laughter and incredulity from people who would have been inclined to accept an apology. Yet, somehow, she remains on the air.

But those days may be coming to an end.

Because while Reid might have gotten away with her slurs against homosexuals from the mid-2000s, she may not be able to get away with an even more horrendous left-wing thought crime: Criticism against Islam. It turns out that she was “guilty” of that as well in her old blog, which we recently learned thanks to some detective work performed by the Washington Free Beacon.

In 2006, Muslims in the Middle East broke into violent protests (do they engage in any other sort?) when a Danish newspaper published several cartoons depicting the prophet Muhammad. Reid talked about the riots in her blog at the time, and she took issue with an American Muslim group that referred to the entire episode as a “learning experience.”

“Uh…ok…I’m not sure what we’re learning here, except that the current iterations of Islam are largely incompatible with Western notions of free speech and expression, and thus, I’d say, with the Bushian dream of Western style democracy for all,” she wrote.

She also had some sharp words for anyone who really thought Muslims were going to embrace those values. “You guys wanna demand that the world’s billions of Muslims get with the ‘classical liberalism’ program?” she asked. “Good luck. That tactic has really worked out for the Scandinavians, the British, and the French.”

Ooof, this is the kind of rhetoric the Southern Poverty Law Center cites to put people like Sam Harris and Richard Spencer in the “hate” column of their website. It is not tolerated, at all, by the modern liberal left, which believes that Islam is a beautiful religion tainted by one or two bad actors around the world.

Perhaps Reid will get a pass seeing as how this was 2006, but we’re not sure. This might be the straw that broke the camel’s back.

We will say this, though; if Reid was saying this kind of stuff on her MSNBC show these days, she would be – by far – the most watchable host on the channel.

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  1. OK, whatever you think of Islam; let’s forget about that for NOW, and let’s SEE what Muslims think ok. According to Islam and Sharia Law #1 It is an OBLIGATION, for a Muslim to LIE to fulfill Allah’s commandments. Again in S/L no#2 IT is the DUTY of all Muslims to hold “JIHAD” or war agaisnt all NON-Muslims! According to Sura 2:191-193 Muslims are told to “FIGHT” them. (NON-Muslims) whereever you find them. and again in Sura 8:39 Muslims are told to fight until all religion is from Allah. Then one more time, in Sura 5:33 It is said for Muslimsto “KILL” oppossers of Allah. This is NOT my word(s) this is form the Koran and what ALL Muslims read, are taught and espouse! This is Muslim teaching!

  2. They have very dangerous teachings based on hate – not love. It is so against what God teaches…totally teaches the opposite (pretty much). A few of their laws are similar to the Christian faith, but very little. Ask a Muslim how they treat their wives and women in general. Ask how many women have died at the hand of a Muslim man. Ask a Muslim woman how it feels to wear their burka in 90 degree plus heat while their men go about uncovered. And each day that goes by we will see more and more children growing up being brainwashed into thinking this is a loving God. The One True God would not support this as a religion…..but would see it as a cult which makes victims out of His people.

  3. I really don’t care she is part of the 2 standards. One for lefties one for the others. She’s a pathetic human being

  4. I’m not surprised in the changes of Joy Reid down the years. See these Liberals are always looking for a way to fit in so they can get the ratings people listening to them. Basic facts and values. Right is right and wrong is wrong. Joy Reid does not have that Concept in her lexicon! That’s a common disease of the left

  5. Joy seems as though she’s very intolerant of those she despises. Not only that, but she’s a liar, knows that WE know she’s a liar, but her arrogance and lack of shame prevent her from telling the truth about her nasty attitudes — most of which offends one group of marginal Americans or another. But hey, she’s a liberal and despite being an ignorant, intolerant bigot, she gets a pass from the left no matter how unfashionable her attitudes are.

    The only time a liberal is tolerant is when you agree with them.

    Joy is a hypocrite, a liar, a bigot, and a fool. By all means, keep her on the air!

  6. Islam is nothing but Pro-Satan, Satan worshipping cultist movement. It’s not even a religion as no movement that advocates lying to and the killing of any member of religion that speaks out against the tenets of Islam should be given a religious standing. Islamist beliefs should be ostracized by any religion that believes in the one true God.

  7. It seems Ms. Joy Reid before becoming famous had a lot of conservative ideals. Her blog states as much. To get to where she was before the archived blog came out, she had to negotiate and agree with the liberal media. I didn’t know there was a company that archived our blogs! I thought once deleted, cancelled, expunged, that was it! Sure some folks that liked what I said that day may have saved or screen shot it but an archiving company? Gives new meaning to once on the web….

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