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NY Post’s Goodwin: Expect Hillary to Run Again in 2020

Michael Goodwin of The New York Post is no Hillary Clinton fan, but he’s got some pretty good sources in ClintonWorld, and he’s one of the best conservative writers to pay attention to when you want to get an idea of where this corrupt family is headed next. So while it may seem just shy of absurd that Hillary would make yet another bid for the White House, we have to admit that Goodwin makes some good points when he describes her path back to the national spotlight.

Goodwin begins by acknowledging that Democrats – well, liberal pundits, in any case – have begun to turn sharply on Clinton over the past few months. He notes several recent articles in Vanity Fair, Politico, and elsewhere that have criticized Clinton from the left, encouraging her to “shut up and go away,” as one writer put it.

But, he says, as harmful as Hillary Clinton may be to the brand Democrats are trying to build right now, she may also be the only one with a snowball’s chance in hell against President Trump.

From the NY Post:

Implicit in the charge that Clinton is the problem is the assumption that others are the solution. It’s a fair point — until you try to name any Dem who has a better shot at serving as the party’s leader, uniting it around a message and potentially defeating Trump in 2020. After all, that’s the job that is vacant.

So let us run through the parade of likely applicants, starting in the Senate: Bernie Sanders, Cory Booker, Kamala Harris, Elizabeth Warren, Amy Klobuchar and Kirsten Gillibrand.

Anybody stand out? While there is political talent, none strikes me as a heavyweight contender who could lead the party and go toe-to-toe with Trump.

Sanders is running on vapors, Booker is a lightweight who embarrassed himself with the Spartacus shtick and Gillibrand is a ­do-nothing hack.

As for Warren, CNN, showing its usual tin ear, moved her to the top of the Dem field just before she imploded with her disastrous DNA test. Her silly repetition of the now-disproven claim that she has significant Native American ancestry opens her to endless ridicule and further diminishes her ­already narrow appeal.

Goodwin notes that the rest of the potential field, including Joe Biden, Bill de Blasio, and Michael Bloomberg, isn’t much more promising.

“And that was before she and Bill Clinton announced their six-month speaking tour,” Goodwin observes. “The gambit is designed to keep her name front and center without having to declare herself a candidate.”

Time will tell if Clinton really wants to make a third go at the presidency, but we would not be at all surprised. She’s got the name recognition, the clout, and the ability to raise money. 2020 could wind up being the rematch of the century.

Unfortunately for the Democrats, we’re pretty sure it’s going to end the same way.

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  1. What do I think about Hillary Clinton. For all that she has done against this country and to the Americans People, She should not be allowed to run for any office, she should be in prison, If it would of been any other, they would be.. Brett Kavanaugh is one good example, he would of been facing prison if he would of been found guilty, So my question is why is Hillary Clinton, and YES! Obama, still walking the streets, making speeches, as if nothing is wrong… People is condemning just about every little thing President Trump is doing, AND he has done more for this country and he has kept his promises so far since being in office…
    And certain people that makes speeches using threat through out to harm people. Those threats could get people killed,………… God is watching, and he’s not to happy, and believe me for everyone who allows these things to happen, will pay dearly… Cops are being killed, there being set up, There out there to serve and protect, The word FREE PRESS is being used for the wrong reasons. The court system is a joke, So when are we going to clean up this mess AND become a Country that everyone can be PROUD OF…?

    • If Hillary runs again, we’ll be back to the ’60’s! Certainly she must know how her own parties’ public opinion discounts her comments and attitudes!

    • Karen, my dear.
      No one can defeat Trump, when thousand to millions keep praying non stop for him.
      I’m one of those millions who keep praying for him.
      Not only in the US, but around the world. I’m not American, but knew longs ago about the now.
      My prayers are directly from the Holy Bible.
      “O’ my Jesus, You said “Amen, Amen I say to you. If you ask the Father anything in My Name, HE will it to you”.
      Behold, in Your Holy Name, I ask The Father for the Grace of President Donald John Trump, his family, his cabinets, American people and great Nation” Amen
      Yes, I’ve prayed for all the wicked democrats and Jezebel (Hillary) to repent before their deaths, or else hell keeps expanding.

  2. Run Hillary, run! She represents the corruption in the Democratic party. A reminder that if American voters don’t pay attention it could happen again.

  3. I agree with Karen. This corrupt professional criminal with even murder in her MO, why isn’t the FBI checking into the past 40 years of skullduggery still going on?

  4. Hillary wants to become a 3 time loser.
    The only reason people will vote for her is so they don’t have to listen to her whine for the next 4 years.

  5. What happened to the more moderate republicans, this party has become to hard lined, you look at people of color as the enemy, and that will not last, both parties, especially the republicans, have to start governing from the middle.

  6. Hope the nasty old criminalDOES run.
    Maybe that would be what it takes to bring her and slick Willie, & Web Hubble’s daughter Chelsea’s crimes out into the daylight so they could finally be charged,prosecuted,convicted, & punished to the full extent of the law.

  7. Who the hell does she think would be stupid enough to vote for the old hag! She should be in the federal pen by then with her hubby and dimwit daughter in the next cells!

  8. I do believe she will run again in 2020. Although I think she will be slaughtered at the poles. It just goes to show you how PITIFUL THE dumbocratic PARTY HAS BECOME WHEN SHE/IT/HER IS THE BEST THEY HAVE TO OFFER. I do believe that the dumbocratic DONKEY it’s self could do better in the polls than the hill.

  9. When it comes down to the wire the democrats have really failed as a party. Schemer, Booker, Coons, levy, Feinstine, Warren, (ex) Senator Clinton, Harris (K), Sanders, Gillibrand, … ad nausea have demonstrated that they are nothing but space occupiers in their government positions. They use the “fronts” of being an elected official to make themselves rich by selling books, making public appearances, and running back and forth from the state they represent telling lies and keeping their political base stoked with fantasy BUT, doing nothing for the country as a whole. Our democratic system of identifying and electing the best to represent the objectives of the country and honor the constitution must be examined, not to tear the country apart but to make it a much more appropriate and functioning body. We should tax individuals for funds equitably only to pay our way forward to maintain infrastructure (all encompassing). We need fairness in trade nationally and internationally just like President Trump is pushing for right now! What we don’t need is a bunch of whiners that do absolutely nothing productive for the country except create turmoil such as what we get from Warner and Clinton’s poor choice for her running mate. We need good candidates that have stature and such as Washington, Lincoln, Reagan, and Trump to lead this country and not someone that does nothing but terrible stuff. Look at what we would get from Sanders, Harris, Booker, Biden, … all they do is whine! Do we need to waste resources on someone like lying Hilliard Clinton? The four great Americans that died at Benghazi should make us all aware of having “bad stuff” as a government representative is not what this country needs! We have some real terrible republicans as well, but currently the so called liberal democrat is doing the greatest harm to our country. Do not waste your vote, think before marking the ballot, ask if you want a “whiner” or an honest competitor politician to be running our country. Let’s start by beginning a push for our government representatives to either adopt the health plan available to government employees as the national health plan or drop funding for that plan and force them to go on the scavenger hunt for a policy from the public offerings! If we push this idea hard enough, we will get a health plan for all quickly, and I bet it will look very familiar to the gracious health plan our government employees have today! Get it?

  10. She is going to run wearing orange? I dont think so. We get rid of Sessions and get a competent AG she will be in prison. That old hag should take a dirt nap and make people happy.

  11. Oh my…… I bet it will be Hillaria$$ for Prez, Chelsea for Vice-Prez, Billy for Secretary of State, obamy for World Government, butt kisser!??

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