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NYT Columnist: Black and Whites Can’t Be Friends


Imagine, if you will, the New York Times publishing an op-ed from a southern white man who argued that his children would not be friends with black children – indeed, COULD not be friends with them – because black children are not to be trusted. Can you? Can you even dream of such a thing? The mere idea of such an op-ed would cause an international scandal from which the paper would never recover. Even if every other article in the Times that day was in refute to the op-ed, it wouldn’t matter. They would be out of business within a month for providing even an inch of copy space to that kind of horrible, segregationist, racist claptrap.

But if it’s a black professor saying basically the same thing? Oh, well, that’s just fine.

That’s what we’re to understand from Ekow Yankah’s published column in Sunday’s New York Times, where the law professor contends that while he may be fine with his black children assimilating in white society or playing with white children at school, he is not fine with them believing that they can truly be friends with white people. White people, he argues, are not to be trusted.

Want to take a guess at to what (or who) this is all about? We’ll give you three tries.

“Donald Trump’s election has made it clear that I will teach my boys the lesson generations old, one that I for the most part nearly escaped,” he writes. “I will teach them to be cautious, I will teach them suspicion, and I will teach them distrust. Much sooner than I thought I would, I will have to discuss with my boys whether they can truly be friends with white people.”

Yankah asserts that by supporting – tacitly or explicitly – the candidacy and presidency of Donald Trump, white people have proven that they are not truly sorry for the oppression that preceded the civil rights era. That, indeed, they are either oblivious to the ongoing privilege that they enjoy or are aggressively angry that blacks would dare to challenge their supremacy.

“Meaningful friendship is not just a feeling. It is not simply being able to share a beer,” he writes. “Real friendship is impossible without the ability to trust others, without knowing that your well-being is important to them. The desire to create, maintain or wield power over others destroys the possibility of friendship. The Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s famous dream of black and white children holding hands was a dream precisely because he realized that in Alabama, conditions of dominance made real friendship between white and black people impossible.”

Oh brother. Of course, the unspoken assumption in Yankah’s screed is that you MUST accept the terms of his ideological conditioning. There is no, “well, maybe you agree with me on this and maybe you don’t.” There may be disagreement on the point of whether blacks and whites can truly be friends, but there can be no disagreement on the underpinnings of the essay itself: That Trump is racist, that American society is built and upheld on a foundation of white supremacy, and that anyone who is blind to the first two is guilty of either implicit or explicit racism. These are the arguments that can only come from someone entirely brainwashed by subjects like “critical race theory,” and Yankah’s repeated used of terms like “black bodies” makes it clear that he is such a man.

To us, it seems clear enough that there is racial division in our country that was not there a few years ago. We’re not, however, convinced that Donald Trump is as much the reason for that division as he is the response. Want to turn everything into a game of identity politics? Perhaps this is the result.

Maybe doubling down is not your best move right now.

Just saying.


  • The “professor” spends too much time yankin’ his ekow.
    Just part of the ever-increasing propaganda mill that is being used to try to cause a civil war, followed by martial law, and the intended end of the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave.

    • sensrbtch

      jerbee, the prof is right in this case. and he has the cohoonias to tell the world.time to face the black truth.

  • My country

    It appears the qualifications of working for that rag is .You have to be stupid and ignorant .People with no education are smarter than their employees .If this is education then that idiot is doomed to die early at the hands of those he bashes . War is hell and this kind will be first to be removed .Contamination of this person whose hate and putrid ideas are disgusting and vile .And can’t be trusted in a free society to behave like a adult and must be removed from society .Send the paddy wagon down to the NYT’s all the patients are setting at desks and waiting for you .

  • JoePaul

    The only requirement credential to work for NYT is to note you are a stupid, a black racist liberal, or a vile idiot and they will hire you. The editors at NYT are liberal morons to allow such stupid propaganda to be published. The NYT is unbalanced liberal rag.

    • zizi Newton

      I had NYT and Boston Globe subscritions but cancelled last year/ I let them know that the reason I cancelled their papers was because they were too politically biased,

      • Linda Conino

        Thank you ZiZi.

  • 1madgrannie

    I have found that blacks are far more racially biased than whites. I have been told that ” I don’t eat with white people” and,” I would never invite you to a party I was throwing nor come to one that you were hosting.”, so no surprise here.

    • appd01

      I don’t find that true with my black friends at all.

      • sensrbtch

        will they cross the road for you? i bett not!

        • appd01

          Yes they would and I would for them . Like I said I don’t judge people by skin color. It has nothing to do with the kind of person they are.

  • ray2hill

    It is difficult to build bridges between races with all the raxist rhetoric coming from the right wing and out of the White House from lard ass blowhard Trump

    • whocares6

      Go back and read the article,.

    • It is odd that you make that assertion in comment to an article describing the polar opposite–could you provide a few credible sources for your claims of “racist rhetoric” coming from the White House?

      • Rodney Dietz

        No he can’t

    • Shelia Herring

      You really dont get it do you ? This racist shit has always been and I know more racist blacks or African Americans and American Indians than I do whites. I have been friends with ALL NATIONALITIES but I have also been told by some I dont make white friends ! My ex sister in law (american indian 100 percent ) when talking to me once replied ” well you white folks just are different thinkers ” to me that was being racist and her whole family talks and acts this way ! I am not racist I believe God created us all in HIS IMAGE just to bad everyone didnt get the message that HE wants us ALL to see thru HIS EYES & LOVE AS HE LOVES !!!

      • David in MA

        “God created us all in HIS IMAGE”
        Ever consider this is a mistranslation and it really is GOD created us in his imagination?

        • Shelia Herring

          David I truely dont have time to waste on stupidity and those who have nothing else to offer ! TC and GOD BLESS AMERICA !

    • Deplorable Irredeemable Susan

      You drop a charge like that with no specifics.
      What is raxist anyway?
      Calling our President names is rich coming from you!
      I don’t see you as being on the cover of GQ anytime soon.

    • backtofront

      You are really crazy. Do you stand on your head all day?

  • Ron

    he is the proof that this country’s education is setup to try to destroy any chance of liberty and free thought. He is a minority been given special rights for most of his life now he is at a upper income he now shows his true “colors” as a racist. It is amazing that he is only 1 of many who speaks this trash but as a black racist it is ok .

    • kassa1

      Do you know why? Because we the American people are allowing it.

      • Rowdy

        Maybe you do. No One will push that crap on me or mine. The SWHTF .

      • senior65gal .

        Tucker Carlson attempted to have a conversation dispelling this man’s ‘theory’ but he would not allow himself to hear it. I believe, the question becomes…Does the pigment of one’s skin determine the character of the human being near me? I think not.

        • kassa1

          The Democrat party or shall I call really what is the Communist Party, is using the blacks to promote their evil agenda or America or shall I say hiding behind the blacks that being the stupid ones on the 20% did get the coverage from the media who are nothing but trash to start with just like the trash media that supported Hitler and Stalin.

  • Marion E McKenzie

    This Columnist is one of the main reason we Whites want NOTHING to Do with Most Blacks..He is like a Mongel Dog he Bites the hand that feeds him..This is what the Special treatment we have given the Blacks has gotten us..I am grateful ALL Blacks don’t think the way this piece of Shit Does…

    • rebecca

      I imagine he feels like he earned his way. How do you justify your statement regarding “special treatment” we have given the blacks? By “we”, I assume you mean “white people”. I KNOW blacks and whites can not only be friends, but also have life long committed relationships. People are people. We all have flaws, prejudices, beliefs, faiths, goals, etc. Maybe one day, if we keep trying, mankind will stop judging by skin color and deal with people as people. You don’t have to like everyone. There are evil people in this world. Not all of them are black. Nor are all of them white.

      • George Durdin

        We can never close the racial divide as long as we have black and white racist adults that are passing the anger, resentment and hatred on to their children and continue to fan the flames of racism. We had made progress until the election of Barack Obama who stoked the flames of racial division over his eight years in the White House. It is a cancer on society unless we cut it out…….

        • gvette

          Funny, we didn’t really have that big of a problem with it, until we got gay boy Barry crammed down our throats.

        • Vicki M

          Obama wanted to start a race war so he could declare martial law. The conservatives would not bite but he keeps trying. Most people see others as people not as a predetermined member of a “group” to be hated. Obama tried mightily to make blacks hate whites and divide us into opposing “camps”.
          The very worst thing to happen to blacks is welfare. They are Enslaved by Welfare and it is of their own choosing.

          • backtofront

            I think that they have been set up to see welfare as their right, by evil conniving left wing politicians. It has become a culture that many are trapped in.

        • zizi Newton

          Exactly. Obama is the one who fanned the flames of racism, instigate racial hatred. He was in such unique position to unite the people, to bring harmony in our country. Instead he did just the opposite.

          • backtofront

            In other words, when he had a wonderful opportunity to do good, he chose evil. THAT will be his legacy for me.

          • Alphonso Tate


        • rebecca

          Having lived as long as you have and experienced all you have, I find it saddening that you want to place the bulk of the lack of progress on Mr Obama. As a white woman having lived my entire life in the deep south, I don’t believe racial division can be blamed on one man…..not even the president. Human beings have brains. They are capable of thinking for themselves. Apathy is easier, and blame follows.

          • George Durdin

            I find it sad that you missed my point because it couldn’t have been any clearer. I did NOT blame the racial divide on Barack Obama…..what I did blame him for was that after YEARS of making progress on that divide and racial tensions cooling, Obama DID introduce “identity politics” in to his rhetoric to divide the American people not only by race but by gender, sexual preference, education,wealth, poverty, religion,regional, morals and values. Obama took his tactic directly from 60’s radical Saul Alinsky’s book “Rules for Radicals” who borrowed liberally from Vladmir Lenin, with the intent of sowing seeds of division, chaos and mayhem amongst the American people. This is the first tactic of anarchist to overthrow democratic forms of government. Obama clearly stated his intent at his inauguration was to “fundamentally change America” and did his damnedest to overthrow our free market, capitalist, Constitutional, representative Republic and replace it with an oppressive Democratic Socialist welfare state(ie Obamacare). Obama politicized and weaponized nearly ALL of our Federal agencies(NSA, CIA, FBI, DOJ, IRS, EPA, NLRB) to use against his political opponents, another(deep state) tactic used by Lenin, Mussolini, Hitler, Castro, Chavez and other despot leaders. Americans have been programed by our government and the liberal progressive media, that has used our airwaves to manipulate the thoughts and opinions of the voters and has made a majority of our people willing and “compliant sheep” to the will of our ever growing government . bureaucracy. If you are my age you must remember studying George Orwell’s fictional prophecy “1984” that has come true and spoke of a “Big Brother” government. Blame goes where blame is deserved Rebecca.

          • rebecca

            I might agree that agree that Mr. Obama contributed to and continued with “Big Brother” government, but you and I both know Big Brother government was and continues to be firmly established in our country. All you have to do is look at the FDA and the pharmaceutical industry in America. I still believe people can and do think for themselves regardless of government influences. It’s just easier to be apathetic and think someone else will take care of it.

          • George Durdin

            You apparently don’t know the basic difference between the Republican party of small and limited government and the Big Brother mentality of the progressive party that has continued to increase the size and scope of the Federal government with each successive Democrat administration. That is the very struggle that we are having in DC right now, with a Republican administration that wants to pull back the growth, expanse and reach of the Federal government and the progressive socialist that are fighting them tooth and nail. Barack Obama’s agenda was to establish an oppressive Democratic Socialist welfare state by establishing more “entitlements”(Obamacare) that could not be taken away from the American people and at the same time stymying the economy and making more people reliant on Big Brother. The liberal progressive media was Obama’s ally by supporting and advocating his progressive socialist agenda and manipulating the thought and opinions of the American people. It isn’t apathy Rebecca…..it is brainwashing and manipulating the “compliant sheep”. Believe it or not you can find the film “1984” on youtube….perhaps it will refresh your memory. We have gone WAY past Orwell’s fictional prophecies of Big Brother…..

          • rebecca

            Allowing oneself to be brainwashed goes hand in foot with apathy. People don’t have to buy into the manipulation and be the “sheep” you refer to. Congress, both houses also bear a large portion of the responsibility of cramming Big Brother down the throats of the American people. While republicans talk a good game each and every election year, I’ve yet to see them make changes for the good once the election is over. Will this administration be any different? Only time will tell. But I know, if they fail, the blame will once again fall on past democrats. Orwell’s 1984 film was and is a movie. It’s fiction. Does today’s government reflect some of his ideas? Looks like. It’s not a self-fulfilling prophecy. Curbing Big Brother takes the willingness and cooperation of both Congress as well as this president and his administration.

          • Alphonso Tate


      • appd01

        Well said. I have had many friends of all races,for many years.

    • zizi Newton

      I think most black people don’t think anything like this professor, or the BlackLiveMatters gang. Nice people don’t catch attention, don’t make news. Just like when dog bites people it’s normal and don’t make big news. When a man bites dog it will make big news.

      • Paul

        I would love for you to be right. But just when do the good people speak out against the baiters and shakedown artist?

    • Virginia Ramos

      Marion Mckenzie…..It’s your kind that keeps me with the same mind set about you folks (even though I do have white friends). And it’s the likes of you the reason most Blacks speak as they do about you. Definitely not to be trusted.. You’re speaking as if you’re some God and given Blacks special treatment. I’d like to know who the heck do you think you are? News Flash!!!! Woman…..there’s only one God, and he sure is no White Man. You’d better come down off that imaginary cloud you’ve fabricated. Your Days Are Over. Most Black Americans DO NOT respect you, because, like you, you continue to show your evil against our people. Just like our Ancestors during Slavery who built this country, with their Blood, Sweat and Tears..Your ancestors treated them like animals and you’re no better.. Anyway I refuse to let the likes of you get under my skin. NOW THAT I’VE GIVEN YOU A PIECE OF MY MIND , I’M DONE. FOR NOW, DEVIL WOMAN.

      • George Dunson

        Virginia were you born a stupid racist or just work on being one your whole life

      • Linda Conino

        Sorry to say this, but your black slaves did not BUILD THIS COUNTRY, they worked on plantations, the Chinese, Germans, Irish, built this country. So get your facts RIGHT. Your so call beloved SOB, Obumer, WHO is not a REAL AMERICAN, has DIVIDED THIS COUNTRY BACK TO THE SIXTIES.

    • Virginia Ramos

      Marion Mckenzie…NEWS FLASH!!!!!Oh Yes.. Most Blacks do think the way he does, we discuss you all the time behind closed doors. All the evils you’ve done to our people, what more could you expect…..You’ve done everything to try and keep us down from progressing. You’re a perfect example of you people.

      • Robert Ahrens

        Virginia Ramos, you’re as ignorant and racist as the buffoon who wrote this garbage. I was at a party one night and a liberal was getting drunk as a skunk,( they say people’s true feelings come out when drunk), and he said, ” if we knew jigaboos would’ve been so much trouble we’d of picked the cotton ourselves!

      • backtofront

        Unfortunately Virginia, you are a victim of exploitation from the left. There are many black people who have taken advantage of equal opportunity and have become successful and productive members of society. We all have choices. Seize the opportunity, or allow yourself to manipulated by self-serving politicians into believing that you weak and dependant on government aid. The very people who pretend to support you are the ones who are keeping you enslaved for your vote. May God Bless you.

  • Ron

    judge them on there actions not on there race if they are good they will show that if they are evil they will also show that. No race is with out evil or good .

    • Rowdy

      As MLK said. By the content of their character.

  • TadhgMcLir

    People started having laws to help them live with others not long after “Adam”. We “progressed” until there were so many laws no one could live and not break some of them. Then we received the Ten Commandments, so if we lived by them we could get along, and everyone should be able to remember 10, right? Yeah, not so much. Finally Jesus tells us the Great Commandment is to “Love your God with all your heart, soul, and mind. And the second is like it, Love your neighbor as yourself.

    On these two commandments hang all the law and the prophets.” In other words, obey these two and you will
    satisfy all of God’s laws.

    2 commandments or laws, just 2, and we still can’t get it right. That’s just sad.

    • george briar

      yeah love your neighbor? Tried that the other day and now her husband wants to kick my ass.

  • DaveyJ

    New York Times is trying very hard to make New York one of the world’s most hated places!

    • Shirley H. Greer

      If history has taught us anything, it’s that nothing is inevitable in America. Socialism in not inevitable. A weakened America in not inevitable. But these threats will certainly be inevitable if we idly stand by and allow our country to be swallowed up by radical leftist ideologues who seek to transform the very fabric of our nation. Ekow Yankah said,” he did not write the article with liberal condescension or glee,” but it’s always the ones with dirty hands pointing the fingers at others. They are cowards who hide behind lies and deceit. We can only hope that time will inevitably uncover for his sons his dishonesty and lies. It’s the hate in people’s hearts that need to be removed. No one is born hating another person because the color of his skin. People must be taught to hate and can be taught to love.

      All Patriot Americans ( black, white and other)are the greatest warriors we have in our mission to teach our children and the next leaders of leaders why we are so blessed to live in America and to guard with our lives the Constitutional principles that have made our country the Home of the Brave and the Home of the Free!

  • Rob D

    I say good riddance to ya welfare mongers.

    • WatchDoggy

      Dismissing your family, are you?

  • george briar

    well don’t have any black friends and don’t want any either. And yes they can’t be trusted. In 2008 a Barack Obama had the opportunity to end racism except he decided to make it worse and although he pretended to be an educated classy well spoken individual in time he proved to be just your typical coon from the projects. He reopened the can of racism and brought back hatred and mistrust of the black population. The democrats plan to divide the people always was alive and with Obama as their pied piper it excelled for 8 horrific years.


      Wow, george WHY dont you tell us HOW you Really Feel You RACIST SOCKCUCKER ! Every Race has BAD n GOOD why you have to be a Close-Minded AAAAA HOLE

    • God,Family,Country

      You need some Help, you say Obama divided the country or tried again, Yet your 1st sentence pretty much tells us You are just fine with that. I don’t think highly of Obama, but at the same time I don’t see a difference in you.

  • Jmanjo

    One sided justice is not what our country was built upon.. The civil rights movement made us aware of inequities and we have moved to try and eliminate that but it doesn’t do any good if the blacks, when considered equal and rewarded for they achievement,s then turn around and try to use it against whites. The irony of it is appalling and we can thank Obama and his minions for that!

  • feduptohere

    Can we say Racist? Pity his children, imagine telling your child, yes, go play with them, but don’t ever trust them, because they really hate you. What a father this guy is – a failure for sure, and I hope his children keep an open mind – and realize their father is the problem!

  • David in MA

    The solution to this is re-start the back to Africa movement, with their American education black people returning to Africa could make Africa the strongest, wealthiest country on the planet and get away from this terrible country America, but ALL black people has to go, not just a few, because they will need all types of abilities to make this work. ;>)

    • WatchDoggy

      Guess you just showed your lack of education. How can anyone go BACK to where they’ve never been? Where are your ignoramuses from originally, or do you even know?

      • David in MA

        First off, the words I used were the same words used by black people who started a “Back to Africa” movement years ago (which was shot down by the African government because they thought the American Blacks were “to uppity”.)

        Secondly ever heard the word: Paraphrase? As a noun? No?

        Well here, read this if you can read.




        paraphrases (third person present) · paraphrased (past tense) · paraphrased (past participle) · paraphrasing (present participle)express the meaning of (the writer or speaker or something written or spoken) using different words, especially to achieve greater clarity:

        “you can either quote or paraphrase literary texts”

        synonyms: reword · rephrase · put/express in other words · rewrite · [more]



        paraphrases (plural noun)a rewording of something written or spoken by someone else.

      • Linda Conino

        Hey! Jack wipe, The blacks keep living in the PAST about their ancestors were slaves, so go BACK to the COUNTRY where YOUR ANCESTORS CAME FROM. Sick of ALL THIS BS in this COUNTRY. Tired of always giving handouts for PEOPLE who DON’T WANT TO WORK, LIVE OFF OF WELFARE, I AM TALKING ABOUT WHITES, BLACKS, AND ILLEGALS. So WatchDoggy, GROW UP, AND DO ME A BIG FAVOR, GET THE HELL OUT OF OUR BELOVED COUNTRY.

  • James Andrews

    Most of the hate is coming from the left.

    • backtofront

      As is usual.

      • James Andrews


  • Larry Gagnon

    I reserve the right to like or dislike anyone regardless of their race or skin pigmentation. I find some blacks repulsive as I do some whites. If I shared my views with those particular people, they would likely find me repulsive too. The authors main error is the assumption that race (or skin pigmentation) is absolutely determinative of character. If this were a world where that was the case, then the KKK would be justified because I have encountered some really repulsive black people. Of course, the parallel conclusion could be drawn about whites too because I have encountered even more obnoxious white people (which is not surprising since most of the people that I encounter are white). Generalizations make life easier and thought less necessary, but they pose a burden because they are so often incorrect.

  • CJ

    Huh? Blacks can’t be friends with whites and vice versa? Well, we sure can be great lovers! Been married to the same black MAN for the last 25 years and we are BEST FRIENDS. Our children trust the two of us (1 black parent and 1 white parent). The man sounds like a bonafide racist

  • RockyMtn1776

    The racist columnist along with the super racist Léonard Pitts as another are doing everything in their power to promote Obama’s race war. Obama tried his best to get a race war/revolution/civil war going while he was in office but the Republicans refused, afraid of being called racists themselves.
    Most black Americans are good, hard working people. It is a shame the “thug” mentality such as in Ferguson, MO and elsewhere has been allowed to develop into what it is today. There are good and bad people in all races, it is not wise to condemn an entire of people over the actions of a small percentage of that race.

  • Deplorable Irredeemable Susan

    Professor, the one who had every reason and right to hate and distrust, didn’t.
    He was mocked, beaten, had a crown of thorns pressed upon his Holy brow.
    He was whipped until almost dead, had to carry a huge cross upon his back.
    Nails were pounded into his hands and feet, and he hung upon a cross until
    he died. He never stopped praying and forgiving, even though we don’t
    deserve it, He saved us. Professor, what are you teaching your children?
    Are you “professing” love or forgiveness? Where is love in the world today?
    I’m not seeing or hearing it anymore, That is extremely sad!

  • cathylovesyou

    NY Times = New York’s Garbage Company. Wasting good black ink on good WHITE paper.
    Color of skin was a first start,like if you grew up in a White neighborhood your friend’s would most likely be WHITE. If you grew up in a mixed neighborhood most of your friends would be WHITE and possible a few blacks. The problem was blacks were basically un educated and lacked manners and etiquette and the parent weren’t all there and didn’t take care of the property. So who the hell wanted to associate with anybody BLACK or WHITE that conducts themselves in the manner described. It is not color it is culture and assimilating as to have things in common, true WHITES could act and do as the BLACKS were doing (and some White kids do ) however 50 years ago WHITE parents would never think of changing a civilized culture to accommodate BLACK people.
    It doesn’t seem the Times personnel are aware that today in so many instances color means nothing, my little grandson bring’s a Black FRIEND home from school has no idea about color but when he gets older Al Sharpton and the New York Time will create doubt in my grandson friends mind and will continue their fight to control Blacks for their vote and to extort and steal from them. You can fool Democrats and minorities as you did to the Irish and Italians but they wised up to you, leaving you the American Blacks and Hispanic Immigrants to prey upon with your hatred.
    Hippo’s, that’s the Black lives Matter, Black Panthers, Move on, ACLU, NY Times, Al Sharpton< Jesse Jackson and the rest of the Hippo's. The jig is up we know who you are and wish all Blacks and Hispanic would as well, the Hispanics have a chance maybe. With the Rhino Republican Party maybe none of us have a chance.

    • backtofront

      Read Skulltaker’s post. I believe that more Blacks are aware that they are being exploited. They have been lied to for YEARS; promised so much, over and over, but the fact is, they have been used. The truth is seeping out and Blacks and Whites have to unite against the demons which would tear us apart.

    • sensrbtch

      i dont love you chatty-catthy, sum of mies bess frens is black. n we all’s dress alike, IN GREEN. we all believe in GOD,FAMILY,AND COUNTRY! how can that bees?! WE ALL BELIVE IN THE PLEDGE IOF ALLIGANCE TO OUR FLAG,CUZ WE FIGHT FOR IT, AND WE SING THE NATIONAL ANTHUM. yana hoo!

  • Debi Presley

    Our institutions of higher learning are catalysts for “fascism” and “racism”, all under the disguise of teaching. What they are teaching, we do not need. We have enough racism in this world without fascist Professor’s enabling it. I am sure Martin Luther King Jr. would love to slap this bigot, I know I would.


    My Best Friend of over 40 years is White and I was Best Man at his Wedding we’ve seen our Kids Born n Grow up, so this likd of Garbage is just Racist Nonsense by the Type of IDIOTS who push the BLM crap !

    • backtofront

      you are so right. It is pure evil that political factions are intent on exploiting Blacks, encouraging them to think that all White’s are racist. I have been particularly attentive since the rise of BLM,
      in observing the responses to my interactions with Black people. I have been so relieved to realize that NONE of the Black people I have come in contact with have shown anything but friendly and gracious responses. It is comforting to know that most Blacks, such as yourself, see through all of this and understand full well what is going on. We all, Blacks and Whites, must stand together and resist this evil which will be the downfall of this country.

      • zizi Newton

        Well said. I hope most people do not have any skewed ideology like that professor. I hope racists are not the majority, be they black, white or others, in our society.

    • zizi Newton

      I am so happy to hear you telling your experience.


        Aloha n Mahalos from HAWAII, ZIZI !

    • Reasoned thinker

      SKULLTAKER — Absolutely correct!

    • RC

      I’m with you in this. I’m white and have worked and had social activities with some good black people. And I most definitely haven’t associated with those, both black and white, who sit on their dead asses and wait for you and I to support them with welfare checks. As you said, it’s just a bunch of racist nonsense. When we all decide we’re Americans and forget this racial thing we’ll all be much better off. Ancestors of many blacks didn’t exactly come to this country on cruise ships and had it rough for many years. But I feel so many should look back on that and say, “Well, look at me now.” Obviously there are still a bunch of rednecks around but the best thing is to ignore them if possible.

      • Defend America

        Where do you get that these idiots ( racist baiting people ) are rednecks? This professor is from New York. Definitely not a recheck.

        • RC

          In case you haven’t opened your eyes and looked around, there are redneck types in all 50 states. That ‘professor’ in NY is nothing but another Socialists trying to add to the problems Obama caused.

      • Dianna Zerbe

        when did you decide “Rednecks” were “Socialist”? have you ever meet a “Redneck”? Many of our “White” ancestors didn’t come to America on “cruise ships”? They worked hard to get to America and they worked hard when they got here. There’s good people in all races! So who are you to judge?

        I still would like to know who do you say are “rednecks”? I’m white and I’ve had friends of all colors all of my life and I love them dearly. I think you like to stir up hate! Lord help him JESUS!

        • RC

          If you’d spent your life in the real world instead of La-La land you’d know what I mean. And just who are you to judge what I say or think? If you’d taken the trouble to read my post you would noticed that I agreed with a black man. Also, you would have noticed that I found fault with both blacks and whites who sit on their dead asses letting those of us who actually know what a day’s work is support them. So the bottom line is that when it comes to finding fault with others, you’d do well to look in a mirror first. And one more thing. I don’t need your prayers. Unlike you, I’m not predigest.

  • John King

    Look . . . I lived in Hawaii for 10 years, had a Black friend and worked at Pearl Harbor . . . and my Black friend asked me, “Hows it feel to be a minority?” I just looked at him and smiled, “Yeah, I get it!” My Black friend and I had something in common in Hawaii, we were both a minority!!!

  • ToniStimmel

    The expectation of intelligence in college professors has been nosediving in the last half century. Now the colleges are struggling to keep up with the internet sellers of advanced degrees

  • Michael Paul

    I saw this guy on Tucker Carlson’s show and it was hard for me to believe the words coming out of this seemingly very intelligent man’s mouth. It is my opinion that the Presidency of Barack Obama has resulted in this type of thought. If you didn’t support Obama, you were a racist, never mind the fact that his policies were horrible and his associations prior to becoming President were horrible. I came up in the 1960’s and I thought all that racism was behind us, until Obama became President and brought it all to the fore. Trump is President, not because white people are racist but because Obama (black or white) was a terrible President and Hillary would have probably been worse. It’s very easy to call Trump a racist but where is the proof? There is plenty of proof that Obama was and I’m sure still is a racist. This professor seemed very intelligent and certainly not angry. He seemed like he thought this out and really believed it and so if I had children the same age as his children and lived in the same neighborhood, I would respect his wishes and tell my children not to be friends with his children but it should not affect their friendships with any other black kids, just his kids. My kids are grown and have children of their own and my son in particular when he was growing up always had black friends as well as the fact that my brother-in-law is black and I have never heard of this kind of thinking.

    • WatchDoggy

      When President Obama was elected and the shock wore off the masks fell off also. Even the so called evangelicals who had been faking to get black dollars lost control and had to be called down. Trump thinks he’s being treated unfairly but what goes around comes around. The way he treated President Obama is coming back to bite him in the you know where.

      • Liz

        The only promise Obama kept was to Fundamentally change America. By the time he and his wife left office everybody hated everybody because of race. Obama and Michelle left the White House with his Muslim Brotherhood Cabinet achieving their goal.

      • God,Family,Country

        You are 1 who is conned or fooled easily aren’t you? You still defend a man who did everything possible to destroy this country from the inside out, and is still working at it from the sidelines. I pity you because your just like this man who thinks white and black can’t be friends. What a Sad way to go through life, having to have others think for you!!!

        • WatchDoggy

          No, I can see through muddy water!

          • God,Family,Country

            I don’t believe you can, i see by most everything you say is a copy of the same far left propaganda used to discredit a President who unlike Obama, is actually doing something that helps Everyone, Obama didn’t do anything to help the American People nor America. He was a paid puppet of George Soros, and still is.

      • George Dunson

        We’re you born this Stupid or did you learn it in our so called “education “system ? When they passed out brains you thought they said trains and you missed yours

        • WatchDoggy

          No. I thought they said sidestep people like you and I did.

    • grnjllybn

      Obongo was born in Kenya, Africa, raised in Indonesia, got into the
      United States on a student visa, never bothered to apply for his
      citizenship, and therefore was NEVER even eligible to run for ANY
      public office in these United States.!
      I was screaming this information all over the internet before the fraud
      was elected the first time. Apparently not enough people shared the
      information. And another thing I read from several different sources is
      that many of the voting machines were ‘rigged’. I don’t really know
      how true that might be. But it would not surprise me.

      • WatchDoggy

        Don’t believe everything you hear.

      • rebecca

        Well aren’t you special! All of this is over and done with and it’s time to move forward. Mr. Obama was elected president and served 8 years. Deal with it and then get over it. You can plaster whatever information “all over the internet” you choose, and so what? It’s done. It’s the past. Are you going to continue to whine about it or move forward and help make changes in our country? Just asking. Seems to me like when things are in chaos or a new administration takes over, the blame game starts. Mr. Obama didn’t screw up our country all by himself. Congress has to share that responsibility. There are 3 distinct parts that make up our government. It’s supposed to be a checks and balance system. When the other branches of government duck their head in the sand then there will always be corruption. Mr. Obama is no longer in office. Stop beating a dead horse.

  • mary ann

    This jerk Yankha, is MARRIED TO A WHITE WOMAN. He is a very sick man.

    • Liz

      Maybe he is mad at his wife and that is why he’s running his mouth…

      • mary ann

        There really has to be something wrong with him. Some people just like to hear themselves talk. And the media gives this idiot a voice.

      • zizi Newton


    • zizi Newton

      Really?How did you know?How does his wife live with such a hateful racist?

      • mary ann

        I read it in another article exactly like this one. This article left out the two sentences.


    When we have reports like this and the lying media it’s no wonder people don’t get along. Articles like this are separating the people.

  • BH

    I wonder what these race baiters who call Trump racist have to say now that Trump got the 3 black UCLA ball players out of China after they shoplifted? Could have been a few years in jail.

    • WatchDoggy

      About time he did something worthwhile.

  • anonymous

    said it before I’ll say it again. The liberals white and black are soooo…..hypocritical!

  • George Durdin

    I’ve been around 70 years, was raised in the deep south, experienced racial intolerance in the south and also was involved as a student in segregated and integrated schools. As a student I observed the passing of the 1964 & 65 Civil Rights and Voting Acts and have seen for myself first hand the dramatic improvement in race relations and opportunities for the black community and their integration and assimilation in to our society and government. UNTIL the election of Barack Obama who brought “identity politics” to the White House and used it to divide our country in every imaginable way, ie race, gender, sexual preference, education, religion, morals, values and the list goes on. Obama followed his mentor, 60’s radical Saul Alinsky’s book, “Rules for Radicals” in an intentional effort to divide the American people, create chaos and mayhem in an effort to overthrow the Republican party and our free market, capitalist, Constitutional, representative Republic and replace it with an oppressive Democratic welfare state. The first step was the enactment of Obamacare. Our country was divided and polarized LONG before Donald Trump announced his intentions to run for the presidency.

    • Debra(bogene)

      Well Said, totally correct.

  • BonnBonn

    Our universities are full of bigots like this, creating a generation that will not listen to any conservative views. And these conservative views did not contain racism. However, since Obama;s sad eight years, we are a nation divided once again. Is there still racism? Certainly!! But , there is much more black racism than white. Makes it a tough world to live in. Maybe it is time for whites to have preferential treatment.

  • RSM

    He is just another voice in the chorus. Obama stated many times that white people never have a blacks best interest at heart. He also said he was not a post racial president “that’s not who I am.” but he could have been. Instead of uniting, he stood aside and threw rocks. He only had his own best interest at heart.
    During 24 years in the Army, and later in business, I ensured ALL people (female, male, black, white, Hispanic, native American, Korean, Japanese, Haitian, Jamaican, etc.) had equal opportunities for training, promotion, and professional development. Over a lifetime, I still have many true friends from all groups. Those who demonstrated initiative and personal responsibility achieved amazing things. Unfortunately, blacks were most often the ones who refused to take personal responsibility, demeaned those who did, played the race card, and demanded everything.

  • God,Family,Country

    Wow, and I Mean Wow!!! where do people like his guy come from!! I am 56 and grew up in the era when black people just got civil rights, and I remember alot of people weren’t happy. I also grew up with good friends who were black, brown, white. My father was a Marine Lt Col, and he taught us boys, you can’t Hate a man because of the color of his skin, but for what is inside the man. Hate is nothing more than Fear, and why should I Fear a skin color?

  • I would like to meet this man. I’ll bet we could get along just fine, even though I do not buy his ideas. Yes, I am white. As the needle said to Lady Godiva, sew what?

  • rtwoods3

    It is people like him that are enhancing racism. Obama set this country back twenty years on the race issue. To even say that white people do not care about the oppression that faced blacks back in the pre-civil right era is absurd. There has been BILLIONS of tax payer dollars spent to “uplift” the opressed blacks. To some extent to no avail. EEO, AA, Entitlements, Job programs, housing programs, health programs, etc., etc. No one EVER talks about all the efforts to help the black race in this country. The liberals continue to agree with the vocal blacks in order to get the black vote. You should know and include all aspects of a situation before making such statements. The black population makes up just over thirteen percent of this country’s population. Three percent of that thirteen commits FIFTY percent of the murder, rape and other violent crime in this nation. No wonder some of them get shot by police officers! Blacks kill many many more blacks that any other source. Department of Justce stats. If you are stupid or just choose to say things that wifi make racism grow, shut up!

  • frank shea

    BIG LIE by the LEFT to keep the minorities voting for them!
    I work with a school in Belle Glade to help athletes without fathers!

    I loved that vision of an auto driven by a Latino with Black, Latino, Oriental and White kids going to my lecture!
    They are in a poor area and every one works hard for short pay.
    They take care of each other regardless of ethnicity!


    • WatchDoggy

      Glad somebody recognizes that!

  • Jeannie

    racism is alive and well in the ALT-LEFT. I have black friends, very good friends, We don’t see eye to politically but we do not hold that against each other. this supposed columnist is as full of crap as they come.

  • Charlie1

    Another good reason to avoid college these days. Let’s see now, my family is both white and black and East Indian and Filipino so what do I do with myself? Where do I fit? My DNA is complicated. As a Christian I have learned that God sees inside and the outside color does not matter. Left wing politicians and professors are fomenting racial division to keep people from coming together. So…let me get this straight…Hillary Clinton was the other potential candidate to be elected, right? She is white, not black. She is married to a white guy. She does not hang out with black people or poor people, or any people of color. So that would have been a better solution than President Trump who employees people of all races and always has. And Obama being half white and half black spoke against white people and showed hostility for law and order and never helped create jobs for black people or helped to clean up the crime in the inner cities so they could have a better life? Sounds like this professor and the New York Slime are at it again. They are only relevant when they lie. Seems they have nothing better to do. As Dr. Carson might say…no one keeps you from being successful except yourself. When you treat others right they don’t hold you back. Yes, Dr. King made a difference and people like this guy and the liberal press are doing everything they can to undermine his legacy!

    • WatchDoggy

      How do you know who Clinton hangs out with? People who work for Trump have to sue him for their wages. Jobs he created are overseas and he doesn’t pay taxes.

      • Barbedwire

        You lib trolls just can’t help yourself: YOU’RE ALL COMPULSIVE CREEPY LIARS. Your real potential for leadership IS DIMINISHING BY THE DAY. And good riddance.

        • WatchDoggy

          This has already been verified, you can look it up. Your little tin god is full of dents.

          • Barbedwire

            Unlike the really moronic lefties, who idolized, and loved everything the MSM said he did, which was smooth-talk, as long as he had a teleprompter, putting him up on a pedestal; you can’t even acknowledge the LIE of the year, that Obama told so many times about ACA, just to get elected. I saw him on cspan say the truth when asked: “millions will lose their coverage; but only several millions out of 300+ people”. When he was on his own, his WORDS were hateful towards all citizens.

            I am not so ignorant/soft-headed to put ANY human being on a pedestal, as no one is perfect, not priests, teachers, police, and especially not politicians!!! But, the choices corrupt unsuccessful far left Killary; or this businessman who heard the frustrations of the taxpayers/voters, is not even taking a salary, certainly doesn’t need the notoriety, as he was already known around the world, as a success; and unlike ANY dem. in the past, HE is working very hard, keeping his promises; AND IS EXACTLY THE POTUS THAT WE NEED AT THIS TIME IN THE U.S.

            The last thing we needed was the type of promised support Killary was offering women, as it’s just as destructive as the support dems. have been giving blacks for decades. More freebees, like college, when our free public schools in these big cities, like Chicago; ARE FAILING MISERABLY.

  • appd01

    God does not look at the outside of a person but what is in their heart and their character. I look at people the same way. We can’t help it what race we are we were born that way. Stop.looking at the outer package and see what is in people’s hearts. The liberals are pushing this nonsense!!


    Heck. Didn’t get the memo. I had no idea this was a new rule.

  • Liz

    Little children only see friendships and playmates, the racists like the Professors and some teachers know they must wait until they can infect the minds of Young People with hate and bigotry.

  • OnTheRoad

    How stupid! I’m white and have a lot of black friends. Some have been my friend since the 60’s. What a figgin’ dumb thing to say!!!

  • Thaddeus E Hughes

    BS … The NCO (a black man) on my Titan II ICBM Launch Crew and I got along perfectly. Not once did we ever have a cross word. Our maintenance squadron was commanded by a black Colonel. He was highly respected. His squadron won every maintenance trophy that Strategic Air Command had. Our Wing was rated as the best in Strategic Air Command.

  • The New World Order elite are about color… America is about a united people and a united people are color blind.

  • sensrbtch

    this is nothing more then American APARTIDE! the demoroids and this means the black suck-cokus,the spanglers,of course the faggs/woman are gona gangbang this also. just they all did on the king dikhed nixon. wellll, king dikie deserved it.dondi!! time too shut down the dummies!

  • Robert Early

    I’m white. I have five very close black friends. Here is the difference: My black friends are very successful black businessmen, now retired, who do not have a Southern plantation or Ghetto mentality.
    They are Republicans who did not allow the Dems to keep them on the plantation by giving them the basic neccessities of life. The Plantation and Ghetto n*****s are not to be trusted, because they seek only to take, take, take. A precious few manage to escape the plantation to build a responsible life. These are my true friends. Even highly paid black football players are still in the Ghetto mentally; and some forever will be, serving their leftist masters.

  • General Patton

    A black libtard racist, who clearly hates white people.

  • Randi Amundsen


  • GuardianFlame

    That Professor truly doesn’t want Whites and Blacks to be friends…ever…for all the wrong reasons. He is using that decade’s old victim excuse to get down and pretend he and all Blacks are still the victims of the White Race. Duh! GET YOUR FACTS STRAIGHT YE OLD PROFESSOR OF LITTLE BRAINS.

    FYI Professor Clueless: the only reason you and your Black brothers and sisters even came to America is because MUSLIM PIRATES KIDNAPPED Black natives from Africa. ★★Whites did NOT kidnap you and change your lives — Muslim pirates did!★★They were the ones who kidnaped and SOLD YOU! If they would never have stolen your ancestors from their native jungles, you wouldn’t be here today!!

    Before opening your grosely misinformed mouths abt “who” caused you the biggest grief, why don’t you learn the real truths abt where you came from? Only idiot liberals think they know everything when they are the least informed race on this planet. Shame shame on you Blacks!

  • Dan Menard

    The world is full of idiots, goofballs and malcontents. Some unfortunately have crawled they way into places they should have never been allowed in to, such as educators. Professing to be qualified to teach others, they themselves have not learnt a thing about getting along with others in this our ever growing smaller world.
    Unfortunately, they eventually weed themselves our for what they truly are and what is in their corrupted minds and hearts. Some time it is too late for those they successfully drag down into the murk and mire they dwell in.

  • Barbedwire

    Just a whole lot more of the same racism FROM BLACKS. “whites can’t be trusted”?? And certainly, voting for Trump had nothing to do with black/white issues. Voting for him was with the hope that all U.S. citizens could have a better life!!! But,of course with the dem. ideology of VICTIMHOOD, blacks will not take advantage of a better economy – they’ll continue to destroy their own lives and blame whites. This professor is really what passes as an education in our nation?? We whites are getting very tired of the attacks, especially from people WHO SHOULD KNOW BETTER, AND HAVE POSITIONS OF RESPECT – they’re very hateful/disrespectful!!!

  • Barbedwire

    As these far left/lib/dems. are going scorched earth trying to get their comments in the news, every voter needs to read “The Big Lie” by Dinesh D’Souza. It is an honest/factual history of the racist/hating/corrupt democrat party. The left has never really promoted minorities, they promote victimhood, which takes the power for your own life, out of your own hands, and blames the bully, whites. And, if ALL the whites don’t change, and the poverty of blacks continues; the hatred/anger by blacks will continue and grow. Obama planted these seeds; and we cannot allow the far left to lead.

  • Richard Schwartz

    This reporter is full of shit !!!!! We hear about the problems but never hear about the mix that goes on in everyday life. Why? What about the increase in inter racial marriages. As always we don’t get the full picture. All that is reported are the extremes.

  • Tom Soriano

    One’s color has nothing to do with whether they would make a good friend. To me, it’s the character and sincerity of the individuals that counts the most. As a child, I didn’t say that I would or wouldn’t be friends with a black but, there was definitely a stigma attached to potential relationships. The pressure from other kids and adults was, at times, almost too much to deal with. At that point in my life, I didn’t realize that the pressure came from both directions. As an adult, I quickly learned that racism is a two way street, I’m talking about the ignorance that fuels racism! We, all of us, need to find a common ground on which we can build or rebuild trust in eachother. Our children and their children deserve our very best efforts and, if we all hope to survive in this world, it’s going to take a unified front against all the evils around us.

  • Estell Newton

    Blacks and whites can get along if they want too. I’ve worked with blacks and never had a problem with them. But then I’m not prejudiced. I taught my kids not to be prejudiced and they get along with all races. That’s how you stop bigotry and hatred. Teach your children to love and respect others and they will. Unless they are like the liberals and listen to the wrong people.

    • Tom Soriano

      Estell, I think that there’s a very basic difference in how we feel about relationships with other people. Your statement, “I’ve worked with blacks and never had a problem with them.”, is where we differ. Once, I had the opportunity to get to know someone, they were no longer black or white, they were Pat, John, William and so on. I also disagree with your declaration that, “I’m not prejudiced”, no matter how much we try to hide it, we’re still prejudiced to a certain degree. I’m not trying to lecture you, I’m just expressing my feelings about your comment.

      • Estell Newton

        You’re right.  I was just pointing out that I don’t have problems with people just because they’re different.

  • Richard Schwartz

    Why is it we never hear about cooperation? What about the increase in white/black marriages? What about races quietly become friends? These are normal things that happen every day
    ignored? This guy is an idiot !!!!!!!!!

  • John McClain

    Say, Mr. Smith, have you stopped beating your wife? It’s easy to set up a strawman situation and manipulate it to fit your little paradigm, but he misses the point demonstrated throughout life, the world over, the very real and actual friendship, “mortal bonds”, marriages, easily seen by anyone who cares, showing he has chosen to self-segregate, and to use it as a weapon, blame everyone else.
    I Iearned my first lessons in life from “short brown men” who were the masons building the apartment next door, in Spain, as a “navy brat”. They were the greatest men on earth, as they enjoyed teaching me what they were doing. To this day, sixty years later, I am still in awe of what they could do with the tools I learned to use in those years.
    It’s a damned shame schools don’t have higher standards for professors. The ones I recruited officer candidates from in Virginia, wouldn’t have had him, he clearly is incapable of “teaching” anyone anything of any real value. “Before you point out the speck in your brother’s eye, take out the beam from your own, then you will be better able to see the speck he might have in his eye”.
    In eight years, the single most hatefilled American president managed to reverse almost forty years of hard work accomplished in both sweat and blood, and raised up on high, so many who hold the same opinion as he.
    Semper Fidelis,
    John McClain
    GySgt, USMC, ret.
    Vanceboro, NC

  • Sam

    was the SLAVE, is the SLAVE, will be the SLAVE!!!

  • TCK-27

    This is wrong it’s people like him who are the cause for what’s happening now in our country. People with these believes should be expelled from this country and sent to a third world country where they belong.

  • Janis Tobin

    Divide and conquer. People are wising up to this same old crap!

  • Bob Nettles

    I am a wasp (white anglo protestant) but I have made some good friends with people of color. When our son was 6 month old his baby sitter was a woman of color and he shows no problems today because of it. I was in the Navy and road Submarines and we could not afford to be prejudice, we need to depend on the people to do the right thing in case of an emergence, because their lives were on the line if and when things went wrong. I was raised in the deep south, Mississippi and I even got an invitation to join the KKK, but if I did I would have lost my security clearance and it also would have ruined my chance to making it my career. I find that only people with week minds fall for this shit and I guess you are one of them.

  • Stargeezer

    Such a hypocritical, lying, racist POS! I never met a black soldier I would not have waded through fire to save and any black person I’ve served with would have done the same for me. I guess that life and death stuff isn’t as important as academia.

    I’ve never felt the least bit racist, but people who think like this guy could make me reevaluate my stand.

  • Knowledge Transfer

    Tell them FU I have enough friends!

  • Carolyn Brack-Jackson

    Ridiculous stuff!

  • Deborah Bellesfield

    So, what does he propose to do about it. I try to treat people the way I want to be treated and if that’s not good enough, well maybe we can’t be friends, no matter what the skin color. If this distrust between races continues, there is no way to build a future together. A marriage can’t survive without trust, and neither can any other relationship. Are we better off “sticking with our own kind”? If that is the goal, how do we go about making that work so that no one is cut off from the benefits of society, but no one associates outside their “group”. When we start eliminating people from our circle because they are not like us, where do we stop. Do only beautiful models associate with those who understand their world view. Do the rich only rub elbows with other people of wealth. How do we know when we are divided enough?

    I’m not sure that I understand the thinking behind my mother’s statement, but when I was in fourth grade, a black girl sat behind me, and she braided my hair. I enjoyed it and I liked her. Another black child was an amazing artist and I was amazed by his talent. I told my mother about the skills these children had and how I enjoyed being in their class.

    My mother said, you must always treat everyone with kindness, but you can’t invite black children into our home to spend the night. I realized that there were lines, but I thought that efforts were being made to change those things. All these years later, the distrust is still there and without trust, no true friendship can exist.

    Okay, you don’t trust me because of the color of my skin and I don’t feel responsible for the bad behavior of my ancestors. All I want to know is where do we go from here?

  • dranalog

    Moe stupidity from a so called educator.

  • Donald Lindsey

    he is a total moron, i have African friend and are like brothers

  • Ron Dapo

    Just another fool, not going to comment on. The more outrageous it is. The more publicity you get. RESPONSIBLE PRESS? Bull crap…..

  • Anne Latella

    Just keep learning how many stupid people & professors there are in the U. S. left wing liberal corrupt idiots!

  • Anne Latella

    You can thank Obama for going back to this sort of divisiveness. Up until he became President all races were
    all getting along very well. I am speaking of the 90 years I know about friendships.

  • Napoleon


  • deertick

    I said, these people are for an all black society. You just won’t be able to deal with them. I lived in Nigeria for three years, I speak from experience…….

  • James Andrews

    Fprmer president Owebama was the greatest divider of the people in modern history.

  • BT

    This is so sad to think that this man will knowingly and intentionally ruin his childrens’ innocence, and the course of their lives, with his innate racism and kneejerk Democratic hysteria. If the adults would get the hell out of the way, the children could get along just fine.

  • keithbreedlove

    The nyt depends on this kind of garbage to keep things stirred up so they can sell fake-newspapers. Why else would they support Thug Lives Matter when statistics show that TLM is based on a lie?

  • apzzyk

    I think that I have observed that most of racism and bigotry are learned. I was raised in a small town in N. CO, which had, for some reason, been controlled by the Klan until about the start of WWII, and only had Latinos as minorities so I could not even understand the ‘white trade only’ signs in the windows of he small restaurants and beer joints since half of my class mates in elememntray school were hispanic – most dropped out to work in the fields before graduation. I met my first black man in boot camp in the USMC, and treated them as I did all other recruits and was assigned for permanent duty in a supply and maintenance unit which had a high proportion of minorities because Truman’s EO integrating the military of 1948 was not popularly accepted by the grunt units. I think that because I freely associated with my black fellow Marienes that the discrimination against them rubbed off on me, but that was ok by be. Later, I would up in grad school at Texas A&M when my daughter was in elementrary school, and since she played with the black kids in her class she had to white plamates and the same for a Jewish girl in the same class. The price of having minority friends is not having that many friends in your own ethnic group. The result, was that when my daughter became an adult she still identified more with the blacks than she did with the whites, so she married a black man and has 3 boys who are mixed. The oldest tried to assume the total black identity until reminded that his mom and grandmother an I are white and we are the ones who pay attention to him and his needs. His grandmother bought him a condo and a couple of cars – he has inherited my problem of loaning things to people who should not have them. Now, 70 years after I was in elementary school, the % of minority people in the same town is still less than should be expected. The town still have no places of worship for minority religions even though we have the people. Largest city in the US without a Jewish Temple? I really do miss the diversity that I have seen in other places. I have returned to my Quaker roots and as some may know, we are the ones who started the Civil War because of our Under Ground Railway. My home is still a sanctuary.

  • Reverend Lawrence L. Blankensh

    I disagree! White and Black can be friend. I can says more… etc.

  • Red Baron

    I suspect they misspelled Ekow’s last name. It should be Yankoff.

  • grnjllybn

    Obama was the MOST DIVISIVE ‘President’ in history !!

  • rick meek

    that’s funny – i just saw a bunch of kids playing together and having fun —– Must be the NYT and parents are the problem….

  • Alphonso Tate


  • vinny

    I wouldn’t want my kids being friends with NIGGERS!!!

  • diamondgirl5

    I have seen my own 5 year old attend kindergarten with children of every ethnic background. He doesn’t see ‘color’ or religious ‘habits.’ Only we see those because we were brought up with no exposure to it. Our children will ultimately make this world a nicer place for all to live in. We, however, will have to be more tolerant, while other ethnicities will have to try to conform to the country that they chose to live in.

  • Dale P Patterson

    What an asshole.

  • Richard Schmidt

    It seems to me Yankah (ironic name) that in your determination to transfer your suspicion/prejudice to your boys, you have also transferred your insecurity and ignorance.

  • Defend America

    This professor is an idiot. My family is white we not only have several friends from the black community but friends of many nationalities. We also have a mixture of color in our family. People who are not racist and wants equality for all does not see color. Only these liberals and haters who do not want this country to unite would believe this garbage.

  • silver fox

    thanks fake ass obuma and the dims

  • silver fox

    fire this ass reporter

  • myworld5

    We were friends until Obama stepped into the picture …! However, most everyone knows by now that the Globalists are behind all of this ……it’s just a ‘piece’ of the plan for reducing the population .(their ‘goal’ time for all the Robots being completed is near)…’When I think of all those beautiful secret cities – places- built under our cities for the Elitists to ‘run’ to when the trouble starts I know we have failed our beautiful country …… the end of the ‘story??? God is still in control and His Will be done…………
    I have always ‘picked my friends according to their ‘behavior’ and that’s the way I raised my family – color nor religion has anything to do with it ………(now I’m more cautious about ‘religion’ because of the ‘terrorist’ situation ….and we can’t call that ‘religion’ ……….)

  • CrustyOldGeezer

    Let’s give this theory a shot.

    The VAST MAJORITY of Blacks in America, DO NOT live in ghettos.

    They get up every morning, spend time with their families, go to work, treat everybody at their workplace with courtesy and respect regardless of skin color.

    They RAISE THEIR FAMILIES to be good Citizens and RESPECT others regardless of skin color.

    Attend local events and rub shoulders with neighbors, regardless of skin color, go hunting/fishing/golfing and many other activities regardless of skin color.

    They attend Church, work in ALL sectors of the local communities. Some SERVE their communities as Policemen, Firemen, Dog Catcher, even local government and are treated with respect.

    They pay taxes and are among the first to volunteer when needed.


    That about cover the subject?

  • Garin Farmer

    Trump is racist as is the Redumblican party I don’t blame him for his views because he’s basically right on

  • onefour

    Maybe this professor needs to get out from behind his desk and travel this country to see what this country is made of. I find in most places people of all races live quite well together. It is only where BLM and there ilk is predominate that there is trouble. This needs to look at what is good about this country and promote that instead of the hate he is spewing. Yes, there has been a lot of wrong done but to only dwell on that and not show the good he is further dividing us. Remember we need to look to the past so we don’t make the same mistakes now and in the future but we don’t need to live in the past.

  • J R Gordon

    This is very sick. I appreciate the freedom for such a letter, but wish there was an opportunity to refute such allegations face to face. Americans are not perfect, but in my opinion, we are well ahead of whomever is in 2nd place.

    We are a country made up of individuals and families from all over the globe – some came here of their free will – and others did not, but we are all here today. Our mutual future depends on our respect and consideration for each other and delivering on the promise of equal opportunity for every citizen who wants it.

  • barbarakelly

    The NYT——–go to hell- I have grown up with blacks and some have been good -good friends. So take your nose out of the air and stuff it. All our blood runs red. Its the person that counts NOT THEIR DAMN SKIN COLOR. You people can piss me off so bad its not funny. –Talk about narrow minded idiots.!!

  • bongching

    The problem I see is the culture of oppression is self imposed. Unless someone is profiting from this culture. They and I mean anyone of any skin tone using their skin tone for feeling sorry for themselves only hurt themselves.