Obama Imposes Sanctions on Russia, Trump Says “Move On”


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    • His biggest efforts seems to have been in impressing foreign countries with his flowery speeches and HUGE financial contributions of tax payers money to some other countries needs.
      America will be better off without him.
      THEN, that leaves the future. – – – –
      We know what a president should mean to, and do for, the nation and the people. We know Obama is a failure in most of what we expected from him. We do not want another such as Obama; and, Bush was just about as bad leaving similar problems for Obama that Obama is now leaving for Trump.
      I would say though, that although we are seeing some promising efforts and talk from Trump; we will not know for sometime whether he will be any better or any worse that Obama. He is certainly going into the job with far, far more criticism and public concern than any other president over the past years. The vast majority of that though is coming from CNN and MSNBC, both of which have shown their weak professional abilities for honest and balanced reporting. We can only hope he shows us he is and can become a real blessing to the nation and the American people. We can not stand three failed administrations in a row.

    • This will be the shortest sanction in history. 23 days…

      And where do they get ” reject the findings of his intelligence agencies.:???? He HAS NO INELEGANCE AGENCIES yet. It is the royal exalted boma’s guys that came up with this totally stupid crap.

      Here is the fact, THERE WAS NO HACK by ANYBODY. One or more of the people in the DNC leaked that info ON PURPOSE.

      More BS lies to give to the Clinton News Network to send out tot he useful idiots.

      • Spot on – And Julian Assange all but named DNC programmer, Seth Rich, as his source. Seth Rich was assassinated on the DC streets and the FBI refuses to investigate.

  1. remember how he campaigned on ending wars , well he didn’t end jack sh*t, we are still in iraq and afganistan , he left the war in syria continue , he built isis and started another war , and now he is trying to start a war with russia , he has given billions to terrorist in iran to fund terrorisum , the freak needs to be tried for treason

    • Obama turned his back on the Ameriacn people and the rest of the world.
      He has the idea that all it takes to lead is make flowery speeches and throw more money into problems. With a $2.2 Billion dollar marketing budget he can buy a lot of promotional stuff that will convince people he is doing a great job in spite of what he does or fails to do; and the media, drawing a huge part of that marketing budget, is more than happy to sell him and his agenda.

  2. How does sending 30 Russians back to their own country going to stop the Russians from spying on our country? They have been spying on America long before computers were invented. Did you notice, Obama’s anger was concentrated on the elections and not the Classified and Top Secrete US documents that were exposed by Hillary? So, the question is; why did Obama go on and campaign for Hillary, after knowing she breached our security, but had no qualms about going after Russia for their breach, and how about China’s many breaches. The fact is that, Americans do not predicate their votes on Russian opinions, wherein, Obama predicated his actions on the Russian breach, because it interfered with his initial plan to financially destroy the middle-class i.e. he knew Hillary would protect his bankrupt Obamacare, and the 10’s of thousands of corporate regulations he issued to stifle the American economy. The recent land grab will cost our country billions, and who know what else he has planned these next 20 days. He’s an evil man.

    • I would have loved so much to have seen Obama’s expression when Trump won the election and Hillary lost.. he as many of the dems thought this witch was truly going to win.. Hillary would have continued his abuse to the American people and this one of the big reasons she lost.. and Trump won.. He will hopefully pull us out of this hole Obama has dug for us… worse off now for sure than when he took over..

  3. I don’t care if it was the Vatican that hacked Hillary’s emails.
    What matters is what those emails revealed – not who revealed them.
    We are allowing the media to divert our attention to a “shiny object”
    and not concentrate on Hillary’s prosecution

  4. This is also Obama’s revenge for someone uncovering what the Democrats and Hillary were doing to our political system. The real abuse of the election was Hillary fixing the primaries to Sanders exclusion. The Democrats are acting as if the discovery of their corruption and deceit is the sin, and not the acts themselves. Criminals think this way. They are all innocent and never accept accountability. It is always someone else’s fault that they are discovered. We need to get back on topic and seek Hillary’s prosecution – for the good of the nation and to protect our election system from similar internal sabotage

    • He has only 18 days and hours to keep it up though so he better get spending fast if he intends to go through the whole 2.2 Bil.

      BTW,,,Where did the info he has ANY marketing budget come from and where did the alleged money come from.

      • Hey, Something is wrong with the clock.

        My reply is stamped “January 1 2017 at 11;03 pm….Neat trick….It’s 6:06pmhere in Cleveland. Is the DNC or Soros running this site or something?

  5. In the objective lens of history, it will be seen that Obama’s prime intention, throughout his reign, was to destroy the US as a world power. He has emaciated our military, exploded our debt, destroyed our productivity, insulted and betrayed our friends, tempted our enemies, and inflamed tensions all over the globe. His methodology: he uses his apparent incompetence as a ruse to cover up his premeditated, deliberate and systematic destruction of the US as a superpower. Russia and Islamic powers are just the beneficiaries. Obama is far worse than just “The Worst US President of All Time”.