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Open Season: The Whistleblowers are Coming Out of the Woodwork

Apparently jealous of all the attention the (registered Democrat) whistleblower is getting for ratting out Trump on the Ukraine phone call, another so-called whistleblower has come out of the woodwork. Like the first, this one has filed a complaint in which he alleges to have heard something from someone about something he has no personal knowledge about. Naturally, the Washington Post took this story and ran with it, since, after all, it may (or may not) put President Donald Trump in a negative light. And when the Post hears something like that, they don’t investigate and they don’t question it. They just say, “You had me at Trump,” and go to the presses.

“An Internal Revenue Service official has filed a whistleblower complaint reporting that he was told that least one Treasury Department political appointee attempted to improperly interfere with the annual audit of the president or vice president’s tax returns, according to multiple people familiar with the document,” the Post reported.

Uh-huh. So this whistleblower does not personally know that this occurred. He “was told.” By whom? The Washington Post? How many times are Democrats going to run this playbook before the American people groan in unison and scream at them to stop coming to us with this unverified, unsubstantiated nonsense? Who is this guy? Who are the “multiple people familiar with the document” the Post interviewed? Who is the “political appointee” WHOSE TAX RETURNS IS THIS STORY ABOUT?

A responsible journalist might have lined up at least a few of these answers before going to press, and a responsible editor would have damn sure demanded them. We’re sure none of that happened here, though, because, hey, the media’s credibility is already shot, so why not just go for broke?

“The Post has been unable to verify the allegation in the whistleblower’s complaint of improper communication between Treasury and IRS on the tax audit program,” they note.

Of course not.

Asked by the Post if it bothered him that critics were saying his complaint was uncorroborated, the whistleblower said no.

“That’s what investigations are for,” he said.

Well, no. Investigations are typically launched when there is good, firsthand reason to believe that there is something worth investigating. Unfortunately, we’re now in an era where any Deep State Democrat can say whatever they want about the president and get a whole political machine rolling towards impeachment.

Oh, Democrats. If you pull the rabbit out of the hat and win the next election, God help your president. Payback is a bitch.

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  1. This is all total BS by the bias media and crooked Democrats. These are not whistle blowers, they are cheap imitations of fraudulent claims inspired by crooked politicians. Americans politicians have sunk to a new low and the FBI and DOJ need to have them prosecuted for tampering with the lawful execution of our nation’s business.

    • Right on JC, glad you noticed and contributed. If everybody would understand this, we would be furthur along with prosecutions. I don’t think it’s a new low for politicians, they’ve been low for a long long time, it’s just a new different way to come across to people to get em the message. They just refuse to see that the message is, ‘keep doin what your doin and ya’ll goin down’… that means it’s OUR turn. For ALL of you crooked politicians… see ya in the funny papers, jail or at the end of a rope!

  2. it just proves that people are liable to do anything if they are paid enough. The FEEBLE INSANE LIBERAL DEMOTARD TYRUNTS have stolen and bilked enough that they think $$$ will buy the politicians off. It worked for awhile, let’s see what they think a couple of years from now. Oh, that’s right, they may not be able to think in a couple years because they will ALL be hung for treason…
    boys and girls, men and woman – may JUSTICE seek you out and destroy all who try to mess with this country, our Flag, our Constitution and OUR PEOPLE!

  3. I have decided to be a federally protected whistleblower. I’ve seen several draft indictments of the Clintons for the many serious felonies that committed when they occupied the WH. Further, during the Obama Administration, Obama allowed thousands of automatic weapons to be sold the the Mexican Cartels that were then used to murder countless Mexican Nationals and at least one American Agent. Further, Obama sent over $3 billion to the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, $1.3 billion to Iran for the release of our Naval personnel, released $150 billion to Iran that was then used to support international terrorism, used the IRS to target conservative non profits. targeted conservative TV reporters and allowed American’s to be murdered by Islamic terrorists in Benghazi and then covered up his incompetence and corruption with total lies. Obama lied about the ACA, shovel ready jobs and billions to bail out the unions and his friends. The list is much longer but I demand something now be done about these criminals in government. Yes I’m a whistleblower.

  4. Tuba footers. Jackass roadapple. The LOLLIPOP GUILD (mainstream storytellers) are doing their best to protect their swamp creatures. Disabable the LOLLIPOP GUILD now!

  5. aw come on I want to be a whistleblower too as I can make up some real whoppers better than the ones those two idiots made up like I once heard from someone that was in third grade with trump and donald used to beat him up and take his lunch money and buy candy and wouldn’t share any of it with anyone. there is also a rumour that the democrats have 27 more whistleblowers lined up with good stuff against that rascal trump. gee this is so much fun.

  6. These people are NOT whistleblowers, the are leakers and lying bad ones at that !
    I doubt if these low information Democrats have any idea that what they are doing is right on the border of treason. Attempting to oust a sitting President and overthrow the Republic is as serious as it gets. Perhaps bringing back the ancient penalty for treason might put a screeching halt to so called “whistleblowers.”

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