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Pence on Obama’s Return: He’s Using the “Same Tired Arguments”

As you’re probably aware, former President Barack Obama strode back into the spotlight last Friday with his first major political speech since leaving office. Apparently having determined that the fate of the Democrats in the midterm is more important than returning the favor to Trump that George W. Bush gave to him, Obama added a less-than-necessary voice to the Resistance, while also making a lame play for credit on the booming national economy.

In an interview with Fox News Sunday, Vice President Mike Pence said he was disappointed to see Obama bash the administration at a time when the country could use voices of unity.

“It was very disappointing to see President Obama break with the tradition of former presidents, and become so political, and roll out the same tired arguments that he and liberals have made over the last eight years,” Pence said. “We inherited an economy that was growing a little bit more than 1 percent,” the vice president continued. “In the last quarter, our economy is growing at 4.2 percent. Four million new jobs, unemployment at a 50-year low.  And to have President Obama come out and tout his policies that resulted in less than 2 percent growth — which saw tax increases, ObamaCare regulation, and a doubling of the national debt — I think was very disappointing.”

Pence also addressed the talk of Washington for the last week, which was the anonymous New York Times op-ed written by a “senior Trump administration official” who declared that a covert cabal of government workers were intentionally trying to sabotage many of the president’s initiatives.

Pence, who has come under suspicion for having written the piece thanks to a unique word – “lodestar” – that was used in the op-ed, said that he was more than willing to take a polygraph to prove otherwise.

“I would agree to take it in a heartbeat and would submit to any review the administration wanted to do,” he said.

Far from being sympathetic to the writer’s quest for glory, Pence said it was un-American for anyone in the Trump administration to create a “second track” presidency for their own whims.

“If they are that senior administration official — that they’re violating an oath, not to the president, but to the Constitution,” Pence said. “Look, it’s un-American.  And I think that’s why you’ve seen Republicans and Democrats condemn this. To have someone who literally celebrates coming in every day to frustrate the agenda that the president and I were elected to advance — it really is an assault on our democracy.  And it should be universally condemned.”

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  1. Obama is a half-breed Illegal born in Kenya Africa who while speaking there did admit on video of being the first president born in Africa to rule America. By his own admission of not being American born was never president under the Constitution therefore everything he did, sign while squatting in the white house is therefore Illegal and voided. For eight years America had no president and the democrats went wild passing Illegal laws. Everything done during this time should be VOIDED since it was all done Illegally.

    • It is far more likely that Obama was hiding His “real” father due to His political bent. Frank Marshal Davis ( a pornographer that photographed Barry’s Mother ) was a “known” Communist ; thus, revealing this fact would have derailed the run for the White House. Americans were not ready to elect the Son of a Communist—-DNA—can confirm this.

      • Barrack Obama Sr. is Junior’s real dad from Kenya..Then Obama was adopted by an Indonesian man, Stoereo..His mother had cancer and returned to Hawaii where her parents lived..After she passed away, his grandparents looked after Obama..His homeland is Kenya, not Chicago as he claimed..Frank Marshall Davis met his mother and did some sleazy posed for him and was paid for it and he was Obama Jr. mentor on learning about Communist..

    • I am always amazed at the ignorance of Americans. The public education is so bad, that people of this sort simply get lost – unable to read, unable to synthesize, unable to reason, unable to express their thoughts intelligently, unable to understand the history they are living. It’s not a question of Making America Great Again – it’s a question of Making America Think Again. All the commotion about Obama’s birth was answered. But the simplest answer was to simply look a the newspaper archives. The Honolulu Advertiser newspaper had Obama’s birth announcement at the time it happened. Simple, to the point. But let’s make a conspiracy of it. Obama’s mother somehow got to Honolulu from Kenya, probably before Barrack was born, cajoled the newspaper into putting in a fake birth announcement, as she was sure several decades later he would be running for the Presidency of the US. She probably had help from liberal socialists who faked her passport and paid for her ticket to America with Confederate money. Shortly after that, the US Air Force carried her back to Kenya as a show of respect for a future President’s Mother. It was a little harder getting the State of Hawaii to jiggle their birth certificate record keeping system, but Obama’s Mother was a clever one. She claimed to be a representative of the Trump organization and promised Honolulu would get a fabulous new hotel if they falsified the record. It was a perfect plan – and look – it worked. Fooled all those American suckers!

    • Don i wish you could prove that , it would be the 8th wonder of the world if you could. I wasted a lot of time and buckets of $ and to no prevail. Good luck my friend.

    • Don I also saw that same video,and yes he did say and admit it,he also in another video admitted to being a Muslim,as far as I’m concerned the whole democratic party was in on that along with republicans like John McCain,the best thing that has happened of late was when McCain died,it has been very quite from his part of the country and I love it.

  2. Obama is still looking down on the common people, watch his face. He says a couple words then holds his head up with chin out, saying look at me, I’m as close to perfect as you lower forms will ever see. I am me,

  3. I think Pence summarized Obama well and far too politely. Obama has been the biggest terrorist threat to this Country bar none. He is so ego involved like most Democrats that the only thing he really cares about is himself. When a President of the United States told an illegal immigrant on television that she can vote and is a citizen (because he says so) it spoke volumes about how he feels about himself and this Country. It indicates he thinks he is above the law and is a King not a President. It indicates that he only cares about how he thinks things should be and not what anyone else thinks things should be. The man was such a poor leader that he had to administer by Executive Order and as a result has no lasting legacy of anything. In less than 1.5 years his entire so called legacy has been erased and the only things remaining are the negativity and attempted destruction of this great Nation. Under the guise of making things better he divided our society and tried to dismantled almost every good thing this Country has stood for. He is not and has never been an American. He is too be ignored and scorned for his attempt to destroy this Country.

  4. VP Pence Nail It Obama Is A Has Been Noe With Nothing But Failers And Criminal Acts HevShould Shut Up And Fade Into The Woodwork

  5. Hussein Obama is implementing his father’s hate and rage “Agenda of Revenge” for white British colonial rule over Kenya and is reciprocating it on white America. Hence his book “dreams FROM my Father”. The Muslim Arab is stuck in the anti-colonial mind set of the past. The only way to get rid of him is to deport him back to where he came from, KENYA.
    Hussein Obama is a home grown terrorist.

  6. Common sense is the reason (other than hiding something” that he or anyone would not show their birth certificate. Every American, both Democrats and Republicans knew he was not born here.

  7. Obama – OR whoever the hell he really is cannot make a 20 minute speech without mentioning himself 40-60 times. His narcissistic ass won’t let him. He thinks he is “entitled” to rule the world – NOT satisfied with running OUR country he had to meddle in everyone else’s affairs too. He has been shown to spy on everyone – Not just President Trump – but all Americans and foreigners too – ALL the while having his records sealed. What part of that do the left wing loons find so challenging to understand?

  8. Poor Barry ‘Liar-in-Chief’ Soetoro just can’t get it right. The only way to get rid of him is to follow the trail of the FISA felonies, illegal surveillance against Trump and his administration, and weaponized IRS attacks on conservative groups directly to the oval orifice where orders originated. Arrests will soon be made and whistle blowers who want to stay out of jail will start singing…

  9. all you need to do to shut the liberals up is ask them how’d that hope and change work out for yous ,funny how oboma can run around now , talking about the things he failed to do while in the white house , and yes yous are right the kenyan was never a president , but a fraud planted by soros

  10. Totally agree with Don on disqualifying the fake lying obama from his fake prez position .. All needs to be taken from him including the PEOPLES monies he took from them.. Prison in GITMO is called for on the treasonist traitor..

  11. Since all the appointed stooges like comey, strozk, page, yates; brennan, mccabe, rosenstein have lost credibility and can no longer do the bidding for the NWO, they have to pull out their lead marionette named Barack Hussein Obama or soetero, whatever his name is so this clown can provide the payback he owes them for getting himmm elected twice so this Muslim fraud can keep his seat at the NWO beggars table. He will soon be incarcerated for many of his transgressions like flying $150B to Iran so iran could pay Russia for the 20% of our uranium that killiary promised to the Russians bc the Russians were not going to give up their uranium. Benghazi also which covered for the armaments that he has shipped to Lebanon which went into the hands of ISIS, al Qaeda and the nusrat front and then some Syrian anti Assad rebels.

  12. I think its great Obama is “helping ” the Democrats . He help me too not vote for Hillary , and belief its working again . I decide I would only vote a straight GOP ticket to make sure I did not mark a block for a Democrat by accident . That should do it . Bad part is , I voted for Obama twice thinking , he is the first black President and he will do a good job , and be upfront and honest . Boy did I screw that one up , not again .

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