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Poll: Michelle Obama Would Shoot Straight to the Top of 2020 Democratic Field

According to a new poll conducted by the Boston Herald, Michelle Obama would instantly rocket to the top of the New Hampshire standings if she were to throw her hat into the Democratic primaries tomorrow. The poll found that while Elizabeth Warren, Joe Biden, and Bernie Sanders are in a statistical tie for first place in the Granite State, the former first lady would blast past all of them if she were to suddenly announce her candidacy.

From the Boston Herald:

While there’s no indication that Obama has an interest in running in 2020, the poll gives an intriguing glimpse into what the race would look like if the former first lady decides to follow in her husband’s footsteps and give presidential politics a try.

The former first lady leads all the other Democrats with 26 percent of the vote in a theoretical matchup against Warren, Biden, Sanders and the rest of the field, according to the poll of 422 likely New Hampshire Democratic primary voters. Warren and Biden would each get 20 percent against Obama while Sanders would trail with 15 percent.

Without Obama in the race, Warren gets 25 percent of the vote, Biden gets 24 percent, while Sanders follows with 22 percent, according to the poll, conducted Oct. 9-13. All three are within the statistical margin of error of plus or minus 4.8 percent. Just seven percent of likely Democratic voters say they are undecided with four months left before the primary.

We’re not sure what this says about the current Democratic field, except that the party is definitely not running their strongest contenders. We’re also not sure what makes Michelle O a strong contender, though, so what do we know? She did what? Harangued schoolchildren to get in shape? That suits you for the highest office in the land…how exactly?

In any event, it’s all academic. Michelle Obama has said she has no interest in running for public office, and we don’t get any sense that’s a calculation that will change anytime soon – certainly not in time for her to jump into this race. But it’s certainly got to be a bit of a morale killer for Democrats to realize that a former first lady with no political experience at all could enter the race and knock them all out of contention overnight.

What do you think?

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    • Well said, Nan. She’s even less qualified than her “community organizer “ husband was. The polls showing her at the “top of the heap” mean nothing other than how stupid the people who were polled are.

  2. Michelle screwed up school lunch menus! She is not qualified for one, even had to give up law license and lies at every opportunity! She is a joke! Perhaps she can be a queen in Kenya!

  3. Let us cut through the hyperbole.
    This article clearly points out that Barack Obama left the Democrats leaderless – yes, including the twice rejected candidate Joe Biden.
    Biden was not anointed in 2016 or for the 2020 elections.
    Michelle will be no different.

  4. I believe he would go to the top of the polls among the can’tidates….. it says something about how truly terrible the rest of them are…. and he would be a moderate among this crowd!

  5. Considering her First Lady fiasco consisted of a failed lunch program, constant vacations and 22 assistants averaging 100K a year to serve her ego, think of what kind of a POTUS she would make. Well at least she would get all the LBGTQ votes.

  6. Just what we do NOT need. A GAY FRAUD Transvestite (FAKE so-called “first lady”) anti-America POS running for POTUS, and IT’S “husband” another GAY FRAUD as (first “whatever”?)
    This country has had enough of the OBUNGHOLE so-called FAKE “family”.
    The Country is finally getting back on track and we definitely do not need to slide backwards again by electing more corrupt treasonous, traitorous, DEMOCOMMUNISTS.

  7. Michael is a Transsexual with a penis, a deviant minded freak just as her illegal alien Kenyan partner “Butt Pirate Bathhouse Barry.”

  8. Our country can’t afford to have another minute of the crooked, America haters obumas. They reaped millions from their crooked days in dc. He was only the first half black president and did nothing for real African Americans.

  9. Who in the hell would want this fake woman in any kind of office,totally nuts. This is Big Mike Obama aka Michelle Obama. A DUDE.

  10. I don’t see anything wrong with michelle obama entering our 2020 US Presidential race

    unless she’s found out to actually be an illegal immigrant

    other than that, why not??

    I not voting for another demoncrat ever

    I’ve got my US Leader & US President Donald J TRUMP

    I am exceedingly content

    🎆❤👍TRUMPence2020👍❤🎆 successfully US Landslide Reelected assuredly
    Amen & Amen!!!

  11. She MIGHT shoot straight to the TOP with the DEMOCRATS but would shoot straight DOWN with the voters. The people are PRIVY to the OBAMAS and want NO PART of her. Only an IDIOT would vote for her (and HOPEFULLY there aren’t many of those). Team Trump and his allies 2020 – KAGA (Keep America Great again).

  12. Top of a stinkin DevilRattic poll but not a full voters poll. We’re aware we’re she to become Pres it would be another four of Ovomit as he would be the voice in the Oval Office. Think back to when she said,Ive Nerer Been Proud of My Country that alone should dump her down the drain into the DevilRat Cesspool.

  13. Remember? She was only proud of her Country when were were duped, brainwashed, records sealed enough to vote for her corrupt, money and power hungry Muslim husband. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!!!!

  14. If you want a third termof Ovomit vote for the Trannie. Those kids real father is now dueling them for $40 mil over them why I’m not sure. She will carry the title of Pres but Moslem ass will do all the works and here we go down the old poop chute once again. Blacks will go wild
    but when things go south they will blame Trump not the real a hole Ovomit.

  15. IF you need a laugh to get the morning started, this is the one! Just think, a woman who KNOWS, well, NOTHING about what it takes to be a leader, not even of a lunch program and and even less about being president,! Of course, she was married to her Marxist, Kenyan Born homosexual (TIME MAG said this:) husband and who knows very little about what he did for eight years. Puppets are used and then thrown out ya know! Rocket to the top? OF WHAT! This woman wouldn’t rocket to the top to an ant hill with a bomb strapped on her backside! These are words designed to suck someone into a LIE! Bet on that, from a LYING (Muslims are “OBLIGATED to LIE according to Sharia Law #1) Muslim who cliamed by false documents, “PROVEN” as such, he was born in Hawaii, yeah and he had a Connecticut SSN…Makes sense? About as much sense as an ant hill in the Queens palace at Buckingham! ROCKETto the top LOLOLOLOLOL Now that is rich!!!

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