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Positive Article About a Conservative in the NY Times? Cue Liberal Outrage!


The Daily Wire’s Ben Shapiro has been uncompromisingly NeverTrump from the beginning of the billionaire’s campaign; the rift between Breitbart’s positive coverage of Trump (and the infamous Michelle Fields incident) ultimately caused Shapiro to leave for the greener pastures of his own site during the 2016 primaries. And it is likely only because Shapiro has been a regular and consistent critic of Trump that the New York Times felt he was the sort of “safe” conservative they could write about without explicitly calling him the devil and letting their readers know that he was a cancer on the United States. So they wrote a halfway-positive piece about him and his brand of conservatism, which, considering that we’re talking about the New York Times, is still something to behold.

And naturally, it inspired outrage from liberals – including one very famous Hollywood actress.

After Eric Boehlert of ShareBlue – the most godawful liberal clickbait site on the internet – saw the piece on Shapiro, he quickly penned a nonsensical tweet to his 37 or so followers. “This is why Trump is President,” he wrote, apparently missing the fact that Shapiro seldom speaks highly of the president. “NYT writes puff piece on a former Breitbart bottom feeder. Number of critics, liberals, Dems quoted in piece: Zero.”

Oh no, the New York Times wrote ONE article about a conservative without framing it in the context of what the idiots who read ShareBlue think about him? What a travesty. That is CLEARLY why Trump won!

But Boehlert’s inane tweet found a fan in actress Debra Messing, who said the article was not only why Trump won the election but also: “And why I cancelled my subscription to @nytimes.”

Oh, well, they really are “failing” now. Once you lose Eric Boehlert and “Grace,” you might as well sell off your printing presses and ride off into the sunset.

The piece is generally positive, we’ll give it that, but there are at least two sections that Boehlert and Messing apparently failed to read.

“Liberals loathe Mr. Shapiro,” the article states in one part. “They say he is a pugilist who has built his brand on the nation’s addiction to outrage. He is part of an industry that whips up conservatives against the left, they say, and the fact that his audience is mostly young will deepen the divide for years to come.”

That’s not exactly flattery. Then there’s this part, where they quote Shapiro’s insightful comments on the left’s hierarchy of victimhood:

“Way down at the bottom are white straight males. Those are people whose opinions do not matter at all. Because those are the people who are the beneficiaries of the system. They don’t get to talk about the system because they were the ones who built the system.”

Critics say that is great red meat for his audience, but it’s nonsense. Even if straight white males are low on the left’s pecking order, they have most of the power in Washington, in statehouses, in every corporate boardroom. They run America.

Yeah, there’s that weaselly “critics say” disclaimer, but it couldn’t be more obvious that we’re reading the thoughts of the author in this passage. This is hardly what you would expect to find in a “puff piece,” much less an article so rabidly pro-conservative that it can be blamed for Donald Trump’s victory.

But then, we’re talking about people so stuffed into their own left-wing bubble that the New York Times is not liberal ENOUGH for them. It’s probably folly to use logic against them.

  • Buckeye conservative

    The outrage of the liberals knows know ends. Just recall their screaming into the empty skies about the previous election of Donald Trump, perhaps hoping some remote interstellar people will come to rescue them from their hell.

    • marshmil1789

      Ha! Thanks Buckeye. Well stated.

    • DrBarbara

      I wish those interstellars would come and rescue them! Then we wouldn’t have hell on Earth.

      • paulrph1

        I think you misunderstood him. He said to rescue them from the conservatives and not from themselves. They would still have to live in the hellhole they created. But they would think it was nirvana because someone else what making all of the decisions for them.

        • DrBarbara

          No, I understood…..I was being sarcastic. ;0)

    • Vince

      I wish someone or something heard them and would come to get them

      • Deborah Pratt

        Unfortunately, no one and ‘nothing’ really ‘wants’ them. They figure as long as they’re ‘stuck’ here–they don’t have to deal with them!

  • marla1

    This country needs to get rid of the muslim Oslima and Killary!! A great many people have died for America , Oslima has brought so many killers and potential killers ,he should be sent back to Africa here he came from a s an exchange student! Look at the 54 people that have died under Killary, does she deserve to live?

    • marshmil1789

      NO! Hillary is an American terrorist along with her husband, with Barack Hussein Obama and his Muslim pResidential staff for eight fraudulent years.

  • Medic RN

    Our Republican politicians need liberals as “resistance villains” to camophlage the fact they are getting nothing done.
    House, Senate, White House, DOJ, FBI….ZIP!
    Nothing! McConnell-Ryan are working for a different group; Not the people. McCain, Flake, Corker are liberals in conservative clothing.
    Liberals? LaVar Bell. Wherever ignorance reigns, pride and stupidity abound.

    • George Durdin

      You apparently don’t understand how Congress works Medic. It is possible for a party to “control” the House, the Senate and the White House and NOT have full control of our government. The Senate is bills passed by the House go to die because of the 60 vote limit to pass legislation. The Republicans are currently EIGHTS seats shy in the Senate of controlling legislation. The minority party’s
      “RESIST, PERSIST and OBSTRUCT” efforts has become an effective block to all efforts of the Republicans to get legislation out of the Senate and to the President. Unfortunately that block also includes professional career RINO’s that have NO intention of compromising and working with President Trump. The Republicans do NOT control Congress……..

      • Medic RN

        Thanks George! You’re correct. My bad. Only to imagine your lesson may be a study for many? We’re told dailey how Republicans control Congress. I assumed they actually
        did. Again, my bad.

        • George Durdin

          I appreciate your response…..I hear the liberal MSM say this day in and day out and it is aggravating because they use it to undermine the Republicans in Congress and the President. We can solve the problem by removing as many of the RINO’s up for re-election in 2018 and then taking at least eight Democrat Senate seats in the Senate during the midterms. Which is not impossible given that TEN Democrat Senators are up for re-election in states that President Trump won by double digits in 2016.

          • Medic RN

            As I wrote, I realized the liberal strategy of inference- disinformation.
            Your discussion is spot on. Tweet it. Now is a perfect time to teach this. Corker & Flake have announced their step-down.
            Please start naming names of who needs to go, in a vulnerable position, etc.
            Our vote is our voice; What we have. Again thanks.

          • Bob

            While the GOP does have majorities in the House and Senate and in the Senate do not have the numbers to overcome the 60 vote threshold, they could at least make an attempt at doing something. Maybe they are simply afraid to make certain Senators make a recorded vote. You can say all year that you are for a particular thing, but until the vote is made there’s no way you can know for sure how they think. Prime examples are McCain, Collins and Murkowski. You can at times add in Graham, Paul and Flake. And then McConnell doesn’t seem to be too excited at challenging the status quo.

          • George Durdin

            Where have you been Bob? The President can’t even get his cabinet and government confirmed by the Democrats who are “RESISTING, PERSISTING and OBSTRUCTING ” any efforts of the Republicans, including beneficial tax reductions and reform. There are definitely five or six “never Trump” RINO’s that are just as guilty as the Democrats. You can’t get legislation passed if the Democrats are going to OBSTRUCT every effort and there are RINO’s like McCain,Collins, Murkowski,Flake, Sasse are in on the cabal to overthrow the Trump presidency. If you don’t have the votes you can’t get a damn thing done. The RINO’s need to be primaried out of office by the party and a full court press needs to be applied to taking at least eight Democrat Senate seats in 2018 to solve the problem. You can’t put the blame on the Republican politicians that are trying to do their job……

        • Deborah Pratt

          Just keep in mind ‘Who’ is telling ‘us’ this daily!! The MSM!! Take ‘anything’ they say with a ‘grain’ of salt and then check it out elsewhere!!

          • Medic RN

            Yes. Thank you Deborah. The truth is occasionally elusive. But it is always there.

  • FourQ

    Interestingly, I never knew Shapiro was a Never-Trumper! I always thought he was a thoughtful conservative who looked at the world through the lens of reason. Silly me, right?

    • George Durdin

      Count me as silly too……Shapiro is incredibly bright, insightful and quick to making his point. He is fearless and confident in the positions that he takes.

  • Robert Brough

    Tis a good thing that those in charge are in charge and have been. We could be like Southern Rhodesia or North Korea or Libya OR Venezuela. It continues to be difficult to find a country or other governed entity where socialism has been successful. China comes to the minds of some. This writer is not interested. There seems to be no end to great Chinese restaurants here.

    • Been There

      Chinese restaurants here in the US do not even resemble Chinese fare ion China. A handful of boiled rice or noodles is a normal meal for the working class. Finer fare is limited to the elite. Socialism and Communism go hand in hand.

  • Lefty loons plain and simple.


    Draining the Swamp

    As the flood of accusations continue, it is important to keep in mind, that the process of Draining the Swamp will not be quick, and it will not be easy. Draining the Swamp is not just about sexual misconduct. It is about all kinds of misuse of power, and it is not just about Democrats, or the Left. There are those on the Right who have abused their positions of trust. Dennis Hastert comes to mind, for instance.

    The goal is to clean house, and remove from ALL positions of power and influence those who are seeking to destroy our country from within. Be they politicians, media persons, academics, business men and women, or military personnel, they must be exposed and removed from their positions of trust, whenever possible, or at least exposed for what they are. It won’t be enough to expose a few individuals in high positions, as the cancer of the Swamp is rooted deep in the American psyche. Through years of indoctrination from the media, Hollywood, the pulpit of the politicians, and from our schools, the cancer of globalist, Marxist ideology has infiltrated many layers of our society. We must recognize the full scope of this indoctrination and face it with strength and conviction.

    At its most basic, the fight is one of collectivism versus individualism. The collectivists believe it is the collective, that vague group of US, that is more important than the individual, though that vague collective is composed entirely of individuals. They say we must deny our families, our neighbors, our religion, if necessary, for “the greater good”, though that “greater good” always is intangible and incomprehensible. We must deny our dreams and hopes “for the greater good”.

    Communism, or its many imitators, such as socialism and globalism, is a failed ideology. It has been tried and failed in all its incarnations. Witness the Soviet Union, Venezuela, North Korea, Cuba and even China.

    It is “for the greater good”, according to the collectivists, that Western Culture must absorb all the migrants from South and Central America, the Mideast, Africa and places like Pakistan and Afghanistan; even though to help them where they are makes more sense. “For the greater good”, we must destroy the very fabric of our civilization, they insist.

    Western Culture has been successful at providing a higher standard of living, with more freedoms for everyone, yet it must be destroyed, “for the greater good”. Make no mistake, their goal is the destruction of Western Civilization.

    Those who believe in the Utopian Dream of Globalism, are fanatics who will stop at nothing. History has shown us this. We must be strong to resist them. We cannot fight one small battle and proclaim the war is won, for it isn’t. The price of freedom, (and our Western Culture), is eternal vigilance.

    Throughout history, there have been those who wished to conquer the world and subjugate the masses into a single entity. From Ghengis Khan, to Rome, to the Greeks, to Napoleon, to Hitler and Lenin, they have, through force of arms, or through subversion, sought to impose their will on the globe. Today we face the Globalists, who have chosen to unite with Islam in their quest for dominance. Their devoted minions will do what they are told, and will be eliminated when they are not needed any more. History has shown us this, also.

    Winning one battle, here, or there, is not enough. We must recognize the enemy and stay the course.

    • Luke Lugnore

      I think after we get tax reform.Trump well clan the swamp and Fire all
      The Obumber slime

    • Voice Of Reason

      It starts with the children, then the schools, then at the local government levels, then the state government, on up to national government and finally the SCOTUS. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/927626e7ca22977b79ecf7c3ca0f3b46bd3c16b6e93993eb1b6a35d452f546da.jpg

      I’m glad that Hillary was stopped! https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/bd9237837cf2181a6a45849b4de342e2899c378008df63c35afe2bb7951962e5.gif

    • anAmericanByChoice

      Start by getting rid of the UN and everything else that resembles it, internationally and nationally, at the federal, state, county, etc., levels. Get rid of capitalist cronyism which is worse than the communist plague, because it is a wolf disguised as a sheep. And in the meanwhile, make sure that as many guns and ammo as possible are in the hands of the people, because the time will come when they will be needed. At 84 I won’t be around, probably, but I am sure anyone with a brain and a heart in the right place will give’em globalists hell!

      • Deborah Pratt

        When one begins to ‘clean’ the ‘filth’ out–one should start with one’s ‘own’ house!! As my Mom used to say–‘clean your own room. Start in one corner and work outward’! From there, the ‘rest’ of the ‘house’!! When ‘our’ home is ‘clean’, then we have the ‘right’ to help others clean their ‘spaces’ if that is what they want and need.

    • Shandor1280

      Thanks for this most excellent summary of the past hundred years in the modern world, with roots in the ancient world! In a nutshell, we must stay the course by using our votes consistently and wisely against Globasoialists in every election large or small–never miss an election or think it doesn’t matter, folks! It matters a ton, as proven by the closeness of the popular vote over and over; too many patriots are staying home instead of going to the polls or even mailing in their ballots.

    • America1st

      Great post.

      To date, three have announced their resignation from Congress.

      Conclusion: Good News three resigned. Bad news still have 532 to go.

      Drain the swamp and MAGA

  • wayne g dearry

    My wife and I had to endure Obama Admin. for 8 long yrs so you crazy’s will have to do the same now–what goes around comes back to bite you. TRUMP is KING of the hill, live with it or pi– and moan about it for the next 7yrs.

    • DrBarbara

      Yep, and we endured Barry and Co. without rioting in the streets, destroying property, beating up innocent bystanders, and generally being terrorists.

      • Shandor1280

        Yes! This is the main difference between us and the collectivists who currently control the upper levels of all our political parties, the media, and consequently the mush minds of our snowflake college kids. We live and let live, while they want to crush us. Even our protests and demonstrations leave no trash or damage. But it’s hard to point this out to decent peaceloving citizens who don’t want to be seen as mean or intolerant, and to get them to understand that sometimes good people have to say Enough, or like Gandalf “You shall not pass!” And then vote against evil, even if that means voting for someone imperfect like…you know, the man who has some sins in his past a lot like Moses or King David. Except this man has mostly said nasty things, not done nasty things–other than multiple divorces.

        • DrBarbara

          It’s a good thing God uses scoundrels~~otherwise He wouldn’t have anyone to use. :o)

  • George Durdin

    The left lives on another planet and most of them don’t even know the history of the party that they follow. Andrew Jackson was the first “Democrat” President that was known at the time a progressive party. Their foundation was in opposition to the founders establishing our country as a representative Republic and not a pure democracy. The “Democrats” and now Progressives Socialist have been an opposition party since 1828 and the agenda since has been to undermine and eventually overthrow the founders Republic. They have gradually made gains since the days of FDR’s “New Deal”. We must understand that our Republic is still under attack from those that want to overthrow our form of government and Barack Obama came damn close.

    • Deborah Pratt

      Yes, ‘O’ did a LOT of ‘damage’ while in office. He weakened our country’s structure, including race relations, significantly. I think what really convinced me that voting for Trump was the ‘right thing to do’ was when Hillary promised to continue his agenda if she were voted into office!! That’s when I knew this country was on the ‘edge’ of disaster!!

      • George Durdin

        Amen…another rare voice of reason. Clinton would have just been a third term of the Progressive Socialist, Barack Obama and the death of not only the Republican party but the Republic. If a Clinton presidency had implemented another socialist entitlement program(education) it would have been the end to our free market, capitalist, Constitutional, representative Republic and they would have installed an oppressive Democratic Socialist welfare state. There is NOTHING democratic about a socialist government. We were at the edge of disaster……

  • Madonna

    Debra clearing lives down to her last name. Scrambled eggs for brains.

  • Luke Lugnore

    Obumber has a wall around his manson in DC to protect his Black ass.But liberals don’t
    Want a wall to protect our country .

    • DrBarbara

      If he is so against stopping illegal aliens he could load up his property within his walls with the gang members, rapists, murderers, terrorists, and gimmees. They deserve him and he sure deserves them.

    • Deborah Pratt

      Ironic, isn’t it?? Obama has his ‘personal’ wall and Maxine Waters lives in a ‘white’ gated community!! True to the Liberal ‘code’ of hypocrisy!!

      • Luke Lugnore

        I bet all the lousy Democrats are protected by wall or weapons but want the law abiding citizens to be defenseless

        • Deborah Pratt

          Of course they want us ‘defenseless’!! Look how that has succeeded in Europe!! I sometimes wonder about something though. If Hillary had planned on using our own military against our citizens when they rebelled, Would our ‘kids’ actually turned guns on their own people?? Are we so ‘morally weak’ that that could actually happen??

    • Shandor1280

      Good point, except the color of his posterior shouldn’t matter!

  • sox83cubs84

    Every time a libtard’s head explodes, an angel gets their wings.

    • anAmericanByChoice

      It’s a Wonderful Life when that happens. Pity most of the libtard heads that should explode don’t! Each one of those would give wings to a whole choir of angels!

  • Charlie1

    Well, Debra Messing is not as stupid as I thought – cancelled her script to the N.Y. Slime…good girl! That’s one…only millions of brain cells more for her to try to find…

  • leetabin

    liberals are cruel, arrogant, TOTALLY economically illiterate, jealous, materialistic, and hostile. No point in talking to them.

  • Ben Shapiro is a pugilist who has built his brand on the nation’s addiction to outrage. He is part of an industry that whips up conservatives against the left and the fact that his audience is mostly young will deepen the divide for years to come. Thanks Andrew for keeping the outrage flames well fanned!

  • Don Lindsey

    These Libaturds are about ready for the looney bin! I have never seen a bigger bunch of Wussies in my lifetime!

  • Michael Paul

    Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reed and Chuck Schumer coupled with a poor economy, a candidate that most people hated (Hillary Clinton) high taxes, burdensome regulations, a racist President and low standings in the world are the reasons why Donald Trump won and of course THE WALL.

    • Deborah Pratt

      Just the ‘threat’ of a Wall and then the erection of ‘proto-type’ walls were enough to convince a lot of them to not even try crossing. However, true ‘control’ won’t be achieved until the ‘real thing’ is finally built!! Now, it seems, the illegals are willing to murder the border guards to get in. Isn’t ‘that’ just what we want for ‘citizens’ in this country!!

  • McFerguson

    The democrats know their game is up. Their philosophy of being politically correct at all times and focusing on identity politics is a loser. They know it. So their agenda is to let poor people from third-world countries gain ILLEGAL access to the U.S. where they’ll get a bunch of free stuff, eventually become citizens and cast their votes for democrats. And all the while the democrat leaders rail against things like requiring Photo ID to vote. They call it “voter suppression”, when it’s nothing more than ensuring each voter is who he says he is and is properly registered. There is nothing worse for a legitimate U.S. citizen than to have his vote cancelled out by an ILLEGAL immigrant who has no right to vote.

  • What_no_change???

    Many if not MOST of the problems in and with government and the draining of the swamp could and would be solved with the enactment of one simple concept. “TERM LIMITS”. Since the swamp would NEVER do that to themselves we need to push for a Convention of States and RAM IT into EVERY orifice they have.

  • anAmericanByChoice

    Who the heck is Eric Boehlert? Share what? ShareNoClue? And who’s Debra?… stop “messing” with the trash, people, too many flies and rats coming to the sh|t pile already!

  • CJ

    QUICK! Someone has to check if pigs are indeed flying or HELL has frozen over

  • JOE

    what demoRATS want for America!Mao thought that he could catapult his country past its competitors by herding villagers across the country into giant people’s communes. In pursuit of a utopian paradise, everything was collectivised. People had their work, homes, land, belongings and livelihoods taken from them. In collective canteens, food, distributed by the spoonful according to merit, became a weapon used to force people to follow the party’s every dictate. As incentives to work were removed, coercion and violence were used instead to compel famished farmers to perform labour on poorly planned irrigation projects while fields were neglected. LIBERALISM Is It Mental Illness or Demonic Oppression?

  • JOE

    rocky • 5 hours ago

    In defense of Donald Trump: Try to keep these points in mind,

    Donald Trump did not steal your money.

    Donald Trump did not raise your taxes.

    Donald Trump did not quadruple the price of food.

    Donald Trump is not starting a race war.

    Donald Trump did not leave any US soldiers in Benghazi to be slaughtered and desecrated by Muslims.

    Donald Trump did not send the US Navy to fight for Syrian Al-Qaeda.

    Donald Trump did not arm ISIS and systematically exterminate Christians throughout the Middle East.

    Donald Trump did not betray Israel.Donald Trump did not let illegal Aliens in the USA,o dump@$$ an the demoRATS did.Donald Trump didn’t give russian 20% of the USA uranium the F’ING demoRATS did. Donald Trump did not create a 20,000,000,000.000$ debt! LIBERALISM Is It Mental Illness or Demonic Oppression?JOEUPYOURS’MF’ERS!

  • Nikita63

    Liberals are born brain dead and then go into slow deterioration from that point on. They are hopeless and if they had their way, We would all be in Communist labor camps for expressing an opposing point of view, having a moral conscience or morals of any kind, believing marriage is between a man and a woman for purposes of procreation and having the temerity to Believe in God; especially the Christian one this Country was FOUNDED on. They are terminal cancers to National Unity, career parasites and welfare wonks with no traditional AMERICAN values, no work ethic and in fact, no ethics at all and will NOT accept responsibility or accountability for a damned thing they do; UNLESS it is to take credit for an achievement by someone else; as Obama did when Navy Seal Team 6 took care of Osama Bin Laden. They make me physically ill and so do their RINO aiders and abettors. The democratic party EXEMPLIFIES all these undesirable traits and ought to be outlawed and I am a politically UNAFFILIATED citizen and Vietnam Disabled Veteran who thinks for himself because I CAN with a degree in Government acquired a year PRIOR to my service in Vietnam ‘s 1968 Tet Offensive with the 199th Light Infantry Brigade; followed by 18 months assigned to the Combat Traumatic Amputee wards at Walter Reed Army Medical Center then on Georgia Ave, N.W. IN Washington, D.C.! You can disagree all you want but I EARNED the right to speak Truth, even if no one in Government will wish to see it or ACKNOWLEDGE the pragmatic reality OF IT!

  • marla1

    Why isn’t the animal who said he would kill Trump killed??He deserves nothing less!!Term limits and eliminate the Oslima left overs and old mitch McConnell and Ryan!!! hopefully old song bird McCain dies shortly !! Anything to save America!!!!!!!

  • dan

    Apparently they don’t understand the simple words “YOU LOST”. We, the taxpayer, middle America, are the better for it. We are tired of you taking our tax dollars to buy votes by giving away the treasury to those who do/will not work.


    The democratic party are the destroyers of America.