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President Trump Goes to Bat for Prayer in Public Schools

Proving once again why he’s the best thing, politically, that ever happened to Christians in this country, President Donald Trump announced Thursday that his administration was moving forward with an effort to protect the right to pray in public schools.

From Lifezette:

Surrounded by people of various faiths, including Christians, Muslims, and Jews, Trump affirmed an aggressive renewal of guidance given to public schools that is meant to loosen the tight grip around the right to pray for students and school staff.

“This afternoon we are proudly announcing historic steps to protect the First Amendment right to pray in public schools. We will not allow faithful Americans to be bullied by the hard Left,” Trump said.

Education Secretary Betsy DeVos published the new guidance on the DOE website. The formal guidance is to be disseminated to all public school executives.

Critics have suggested that this new guidance is unnecessary and is perhaps a means by which Trump is appeasing the religious right in order to secure their vote this coming November. Regardless of any political intent, the new guidance is necessary.

We love this point. Oh, Trump is just doing this great thing for religious freedom because he wants people who care about religious freedom to vote for him. Um, yeah. That’s what politics is all about, you idiots. Why do you think Nancy Pelosi pushed to impeach Trump? Because she really believed that the meaningless phone call with Ukraine was worth throwing him out of office? Oh never mind, you guys are so far gone that you probably actually have convinced yourself of this sort of idiocy.

In any event, the line on Trump from Christian circles has been the same since the moment he began taking off in the 2016 primaries: He’s not perfect, but he’ll fight harder for us than anyone else in the Republican Party. Well, he’s more than lived up to that promise. He’s gone out of his way to knock down Obamacare restrictions on religious freedom. He’s taken the fight against religious persecution global, with his administration doing far more to protect religious minorities than the one that came before him. He’s done everything possible to strip Planned Parenthood of federal subsidies without congressional help. Best of all, he’s nominated two Supreme Court justices who can be counted on to defend Christians and the First Amendment.

Is this some kind of devil’s deal? Maybe it is. Maybe there is something mildly distasteful about Christians turning a blind eye on Trump’s moral failings. But trades, insofar as that goes, rarely work out  better than this one. Trump has shown himself to be an unfailing champion for religious conservatives, and that’s all that really matters at the end of the day. This is just one more example of this far-from-perfect man fighting a perfect war against encroaching persecution.

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  1. I am a Christian, but there must be a separation between Church, State, and Political Parties of any kind. When “prayers” are allowed in any Public Places including Public Rights of Way, we put the Average American citizens in jeopardy. We see in some schools where the recent “refugees” from the Middle East (who were imported by Democrats) that are obtaining Public Office that are pushing the teachings of Islam and Sharia Law which is unconstitutional. The Christian Religion was declared the Religion of the United States by the Supreme Court in the 1700’s and just because a Muslim President declares we are Islamic, it doesn’t make it so.

    • Good post. I might add that the 1st Amendment, “Congress shall make no law respecting the establishment of religion or prohibiting the free exercise thereof” has bee so twisted as to make it unrecognizable. Praying in school is not “establishment of religion, nor is putting a Christmas nativity scene on one’s front lawn, outside a church. or erecting a cross to honor the dead. But leftists use the 1st Amendment as a basis for attacking anything of a religious nature when the 1st Amendment plainly states, “the free exercise thereof.” The 1st Amendment was put in place by our Founding Fathers because the only religion was the Church of England and nothing else was allowed, and didn’t want our new government choosing a religion to nationalize. All of the ensuing anti-religious crusades, prohibitions and attacks have absolutely zero justification and it is high time for the U.S. Supreme Court to get back to the 1st amendment in their rulings on any religious matter.

    • Please Harry, IF YOU are a Christian and YOU Violate those Christian Principles by NOT doing what GOD “TOLD” you and I to do, then please don’t Identify w/Christianity! WE are COMMANDED to PRAY w/out ceasing! 1 Thes 5:17 KJV This is NOT a request, it is a command! And oh incidently Harry, please tell me where you get the statement “Separation of church and state” Please tell us won’t you! I’ll tell you where it came from: It came from the Danbury Baptists when they had heard that there was a church state being set up and yet the President had said That instead the was a “wall of separation between the church and state” That wall was a ONE WAY Wall of separation, in that the church was Autonomous and was NOT to be interfered w/by the Govt and they would make no laws in church matters but that Christians were PREFERREDE as those to serve in Govt! I am talking from memory but, IF you type in Danbury Baptists or wall of separation between church and state you will get the FACTS! Otherwise, PRAYER, Bible Study, and the 10 Commandments (ALL removed when I was a child in schools) are Commandments are found in the KJV Bible ONLY! See 2 Tim 2:15/1 Thes 5:17/Exodus 20 (w/No commandments removed) Maybe as a CHRISTIAN, you ought to take GOD’s side instead of mans side! I HAVE SEEN WHAT IS WHAT BEFORE AND AFTER THE REMOVAL OF THE THREE ABOVE, Have you!!

    • Harry, IF there is to be a separation of Church AND STATE where do you separate the church and state, and who does the separating! Please tell me? Separation of Christianity from your walk of life or from your daily walk, and your language or your speech or how you treat people etc is NO MORE doctrine then to say Adolf Hitler is alive! You say you are a Christian, well, do you treat people differant because you are separate or because you are like them? Christianity is an “ORGANISM” it is NOT an organization like for instance, the Catholic Church! YOU can NOT separate yourself from the body of the SAVIOR, or you are not of the Body! You are what you do and you do what you are! IF you steal, you are a thief, etc YOU can NO more separate yourself from yourself then you can be separate from Christianity!

  2. I personally know of a situation where a Muslim child was given the right to pray on school property to Allah. Why should Christian Children not be given their right to pray to God in school? This is completely discriminatory against Christian children.

  3. Obama was an obummer for so many reasons. We surmise that either he lied a lot or he belonged to several religions. His actions were in the favor of Muslims but he was politically a Christian…go figure!

  4. Thank you Mr. President. Those who do not wish to pray can go out of the room. I do think prayers should be a general prayer for all religions.

  5. When I was in School ion the 1940’s and 50’s, we had to always stand up.

  6. Let me say this: IF this nation would revert back to Prayer in schools ( a 20 word prayer that mentions God, but not Jesus. ) IF there would be KJV Bible Study (which was the first book printed in this country ) which this nation was founded upon, and then if the 10 Commandments were seen in schools and the walls of justice, they would change a nation back to what it should be. TRUTH is, this obverse thing happened in 1962-3 when prayer/Bible study were removed. things went bad, and not long after these were removed! The Bible says in Jeremiah 6:16 KJV That we are to ask for the OLD PATHS….and walk therein. This is the way it was was I first started school, and yet one boy, one woman, said they didn’t want them in schools so the whole nation succumbed to their stupidity! That’s what is KNOWN as “APARTIED!” I don’t go for this at all! WE NEED BIBLE STUDY, Prayer, and the 10 Commandments! These are what are known as internal restraints! They keep people doing right because it is right and because it is pleasing to GOD!! THERE is a differance from what happened after 1963 than now! All we had was gum chewing and running in the halls and spitwads etc. Now there are metal detectors and murders and all sorts of troubles! we got Paddled by the teacher or principle and another when you got home. Now you get perversions and coddled and passed on if you can’t make the grade! EVERY child wasn’t an honor student and they still aren’t The teachers and parents worked hand in hand, now, the teachers are perverted also! WE NEED PRSAYER, Bibkle Study (KJV Bible, not the Nutty Idiots version or the New American silly assinine version etc

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