Professor Wants to Bring Social Justice to Math Textbooks: Twitter Responds

In a tweet that highlights the strange, sad world we’re now living in, Williams College math professor Chad Topaz revealed that he was in the running for a position on an unnamed board whose job it would be to work on the next edition of a math textbooks series. Topaz’s purpose in sharing the tweet was not just to brag but to gather ideas from the woke masses: What sort of social justice nonsense could he sneak into the book series?

It, uh, did not go well.

“I MIGHT be offered to join the editorial board of a particular math book series. If so, I’d accept only in order to advance #socialjustice. What are your best ideas for how? Free texts? Social justice content? Required ‘inclusive teaching’ component of book proposal? Go nuts,” Topaz wrote.

Twitter users were at once horrified and disgusted by the thought of infusing “social justice” into the realm of mathematics.

Some sample replies:

“You need to step aside (if you actually believe the woke nonsense you write).”

“Numbers don’t care about feelings.”

“Teach math. Math students should learn math in math class. That’s justice.”

“It’s not enough to just produce a good math book?”

“Yes, that way those you consider disadvantaged socially will also never be employable or capable of functioning in the modern world.”

“How about teaching maths & losing the cancerous SJW nonsense?”

Campus Reform, which highlighted this absurd story in the first place, points out that Topaz’s Twitter bio describes him as a “social-justice-oriented professor of applied math/data science” who is “gay, gay, gay.”

Yeah, this whole thing is gay, gay, gay, if you ask us. We know we’re not supposed to use the word “gay” in that way anymore, but to hell with it. If they’re going to ruin math with social justice, then we’re going to push political correctness back to the Stone Ages. Never has there been a more obvious historical pattern of “if you give them an inch…” then the modern woke left. Somewhere over the last ten years, the heroes of social justice decided – all of a sudden – that our society was more racist, homophobic, and sexist than ever before in history, including the pre-Civil War days.

If it wasn’t always clear, it is now: The purpose of “progress” was not a better society, it was simply to “do progress.”

It’s about time we stopped going along with it.

What do you think?

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  1. Math is math. Two plus two is four. Not how does two plus two make you feel. That sounds like what the Clinton school taught.

  2. Same kind of crap obozos beard was pushing when it was in the position of flotus. The obozos are the reason the American students are failing to improve in math, reading and science. Of course that was and still is part of there agenda to destroy America.

    • Well you have to remember that Obama – or whoever the hell he really is – is smarter than everyone else. In Democrat thinking – the guy who put together a billion dollar fortune and employs about 34,000 people is an idiot – and – the community organizer who had to surrender his law license for LYING on his bar application is a genius..

  3. The real danger for our young people is they were deprived a good education. In 1979 Jimmy Carter created the Education Department, since then the USA went from 1st Place Scholastically in the world, to 17th place, we are now behind several 3rd world countries.. Last week new data came out on math, the USA is now 20th in the world, then the Liberals came out and said Math is Racist! Perhaps this decline is the Liberals Core Competency teaching, our youth are victims of the incompetent system and teachers!! The youth think Socialism is the answer but are unaware of the millions of human beings who died under Socialism!! Our youth are oblivious to the fact 10’s of 1000’s of Americans died for our freedom. Last week it was revealed that suicides among our youth are up 65%, sad, they are under educated, lack the ability to do cognitive thinking, turn to drugs and other means to take their own lives. Wake Up America, the Democrats are out to destroy the USA!!

  4. Inserting sociological ideas into math will not get these kids a job. It’s so much psycho-babble and is dangerous and harmful. I’ve watched this guy Topaz talk, and I think he’s one brai
    n cell closer to insanity.

  5. Where is the Justice in a person taking a MATH course and instead being indoctrinated with someone else’s social biases and notions of entitlement? If a child or person is paying for Math skills, how is substituting this garbage not fraud or theft? This idiot is actually informing us that he intends to use his (influence?) to perform this fraud. Gay has nothing to do with evil. There is nothing evil about math. Math IS. There is no gray. Formulae end in answers, or they are wrong and must be fixed. Check my math and tell me where I’m wrong.

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