Rachel Maddow Bleeding Viewers After Pushing Russia Hoax for Two Years

There was a time, not that long ago, when MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow seemed poised to become the most popular left-wing pundit of all time. With her ratings soaring over a period of nearly two years, she was the first cable news personality in a long time to give her competitors at Fox News a run for their money. With in-depth stories about the Trump/Russia connections, she enthralled her liberal audience with tales that painted an undeniable picture of international conspiracy. Truly, you could not faithfully watch her nightly show without becoming dreadfully certain that our president was a treasonous rat, serving at the pleasure of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

And then, reality came crashing down.

And so did Maddow’s ratings.

This year, in the wake of the Mueller Report, which decimated the left’s Russian collusion theories, Maddow’s ratings have dropped more than 800,000 viewers. From a peak in January, where she was averaging 3,288,000 viewers each night, Maddow has slipped well into the 2 million range, bleeding viewers who have turned off her program with disgust, having figured out that she was doing nothing more than propagating wild conspiracies and delivering them wrapped in a bow of faux-intellectualism. It was effective propaganda, no doubt, but propaganda was all it ever was.

It is a remarkable fall from grace for a woman who beat Sean Hannity in the ratings in March 2018. So compelling was her program to liberals that she not only slipped past Hannity on a couple of occasions, she drove MSNBC’s total primetime ratings up 30%. After years of turning in solid performances, she was breaking away from the pack to become a bona fide left-wing superstar. And she did it all while assuring audiences, night after night, that there was something nefarious going on between President Donald Trump and the Kremlin. Something traitorous.

It all turned out to be nonsense, of course. Mueller’s investigation, powered by a team of 19 angry Democrats, looked under every corner for signs of collusion. They interviewed witnesses from here to Moscow, looking for any evidence that Trump had worked with the Russians to tamper with the 2016 election. If they had found anything, they would have written the most damning investigative report ever to land in Washington.

But they didn’t. And now people like Rachel Maddow are paying the price for their lies.

Her fall would almost be a sad one if it weren’t for how badly she mislead the American public for two solid years.

But then again, she’s far from the only one.

What do you think?

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  1. I call her Rachel MadCow. This far-left liberal cow has gone completely mad, foaming at the mouth with pure hatred and lies about Trump. She and her MSM cohorts only know how to voice their liberal opinions ..they DO NOT report the news! Its obvious investigative reporting is not on their agenda. I would not believe a word the MSM ever spews; especially Rachel MadCow.

  2. Whenever I get depressed I play the video of Roachole Madcow melting down when she finally figures out that Trump was going to win.
    Best therapy ever!

  3. No one should be surprised at the resulting loss of TV audience. When President Trump fought back against the corrupt MSM filling the airways with Fake News, the leftist audiences most likely concluded that “Trump can’t take it!” They all should be reminded that he was not complaining of that MSM’s treatment of him alone, he also was issuing fair warning that the news commentary public was being exposed to not only lies/distortions about him, but the MSM needed their public’s cooperation to provide a Trump-hate effort , the fury of which had never been seen in America! And so, MSNBC’s, CNN,s, and the rest, were pawns who the MSM concluded must be poisoned against the President of the United States. It was a tough situation to win against, but Trump did it anyway. And now, the MSM’s citizen-pawns are so disgusted, not so much with Maddow and others, but with themselves for being USED like a bunch of believing fools.
    Trump has nothing against them, they made their own choices whether to believe FAKE NEWS or not. Perhaps, if they feel no longer affiliated with TV News which sold them out, they should venture to news channels which respect their collective intelligence.

    • I thought they were in the business of news and not making up news, lies and conspiracy fairy tells by brain dead leftest who are incapable of telling the truth. They have never given kudos to Trump on anything and I believe there audience has finally woke up to the fact they are an arm of the DemocRATs who run the biggest criminal organization to this day.

  4. We now know how it felt for the German people to hear the propaganda of Goebbels and others in the Nazi regime. But the fake news create some propaganda each day anew. Now it’s about racism, impeachment, financial/tax filings, misogyny, purported lying, sexism, and hatred.The Trump derangement crowd spews hatred and the liberal press stokes it, including Rachel Maddow.

  5. It’s nothing more than the viewers acknowledging the bias, falsehood, shallowness of reporting, and lies she bestowed on her viewers. Truth prevails, lies do not but not forgotten. She did it voluntarily. It is what it is…the American people are rising above the lies and deceit promulgated by news readers that spew untruths and just bias opinions. They are realizing the media is more corrupt, manipulating, and will easily compromise their morality, ethics, and integrity for viewers and dollars….it’s not about truth – just lies.

  6. WHAT DID YOU EXPECT?!? . . . She REAPED what she SOWED. When someone continues to tell LIE after LIE, the people WILL NOT LISTEN anymore. Her “house of Cards” came crashing down, and it landed ON TOP of her . . . Team Trump and his allies 2020.

  7. Madcow…….OOOOH WOW…Seems like its lying pie hole has sunk its boat big time.
    I am certainly glad of that…….which means the “he shes”or whatever they are that supported “it” in any way have nothing to show for anything other than totally lost
    credibility……..Oh, that’s right, they didn’t have any credibility to begin with and suffice
    it to say, none of them were ever worth the meat they are made out of, perhaps being thrown into a pot ‘o chili for head hunters………but that would probably give the head hunters food poisoning…..but I digress…………..

  8. These liberals are still so pissed that President Trump won, that here we are into the next run for the white house and they are laying on the ground kicking and screaming like a toddler having a tantrum. I can’t believe that supposedly grown men and women could be such bad sports at a game that everyone new the rules for. In my state (California) our idiot governor has signed a bill, obviously aimed at our president stating that no names will be placed on the presidential ballot unless the person running reveals their taxes for the last 5 years. This will no doubt be overturned.(this is blatantly illegal, but the 9th circuit will support it)
    and since when are we to give ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS rights that american citizens don’t have. when has an american citizen ever been allowed to take their children with them when they are incarcerated? California is also giving illegals free health care with California citizens footing the bill. (no, they didn’t ask us if that was ok)
    When are the courts going to uphold the laws of this nation and prosecute illegal activity against those who break the law. they prosecute citizens for breaking the law, but not illegals. whether they drop the word illegal or not, it still a crime to enter this country without permission and it should be. what country in the west other than the USA allows people to blatantly disobey their immigration laws? This is pure madness and it’s out of control. It’s gotten so crazy, that these illegals are now making demands to our government on how they should be treated after disregarding our laws. The plain and simple answer to this is to shut the border down and put these clowns on notice. anyone caught breaking into our country should be banned from entry forever. this is a no brainier. why are we letting the libs and these illegals dictate laws that are already on the books. I understand that they want to live the american dream. American citizens would like to live that dream too. Why do the libs think that they should have that right after breaking our laws before they even get into the country? And black Americans, wake up. (I’m black) the libs have lied to us for my entire life. They have bamboozled us forever. the Trump administration has produced jobs, brightened our economy and put the world on notice that we will not pick up the tab for countries that have the economic power to do so themselves. ( NATO, UN, unfair trade policies) I really don’t get it. The arguments put forth by these liberal bimbos is plain stupid. No other word fits as well.

    • Gerald, great comment. After seeing the footage of Baltimore I was just incensed that Cummings called Pres. Trump a racist. He was pointing out the human suffering in one of our major cities, nothing racist about that. The people in Baltimore agreed with Pres. Trump that Cummings has done nothing for them. My point is that people in these Democrat run cities are living in worse conditions than the criminal invaders coming over our borders. The people in Baltimore deserve better than the criminals demanding asylum. And that goes for NYC, Chicago, LA, San Francisco, Seattle, Portland, on and on. These Americans deserve better, they deserve their leaders to treat them like Americans and to STOP treating criminal invaders at all! The border needs to be closed indefinitely. Thanks again for your comment.

  9. MSLSD’s Roachel Madcow, a psychedelic slant on the looney liberal news.
    She’s an expert at serving the brown stinky koolaid to her viewers.
    Lemmings should watch no more than 5 minutes a day, or risk addiction.
    The symptoms can linger on for years and a 12-step plan may be needed.
    In some cases intervention and retraining are required.


  11. Patrick
    Your racist comments are horrible! Posting them on conservative blogs corrupts and taints the rest of us. It portrays our logical and reasonable arguments as racist and bigoted. As a lifetime (74 yo white) conservative I strongly condemn your comments!
    I applaud my brother Gerald Wright’s comments above. He has my highest respect and admiration. You, on the other hand need to reassess your thinking.

  12. Patrick, your frustrations are very much collude by all of us Conservatives, but I also condemn your racist rhetoric…We must not let them push us to violence and bigotry…it is the worse thing we can do, because it just adds fuel to their fires.In other words don’t give them the satisfaction of knowing that they have provoked this kind of blatant rhetoric and ideas in you…The old adage “You can catch more flies with honey than you can with vinegar”is what I say, so my advice would be to tone down the racial slurs, and I would even go as far as calling for a stop on using “slants”(Roachel, Madcow)when adressing a persons name…WE are better than this, and it took another Conservative blogger to help me see that we don’t score any points in the polls by how many racial slurs we shout out…

  13. Thankfully, people finally see this Maddow person for what he/she is. A radical communist pushing communist ideas and stirring up trouble. A divider, a horrid person to do that to her own country. I, for one would like to see her and her kind off the airwaves.. it is like a disease!

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