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Reporter Bashes Trump for Wearing “USA” Hat. Twitter Responds.

No matter how serious the crisis, left-wingers in the media can be counted on to point the conversation back to just how terrible President Donald Trump is. If these idiots aren’t telling us that terms like “Wuhan virus” are racist, then they’re laser-focused on the president. If any of these reporters come down with COVID-19, they may not even notice because of the already-ravaging effects of their Trump Derangement Syndrome.

Case in point is Chris Megerian of the Los Angeles Times, who was covering President Trump’s Saturday morning briefing for his Twitter followers. Instead of sticking to the actual news of the event, though, Megerian decided to throw some red meat to all the Trump haters on social media.

“Trump is at the White House addressing a national emergency over a global pandemic while wearing a baseball hat you can buy on his campaign website,” wrote Megerian.

Apparently the reporter was angered by the sight of President Trump wearing a ball cap that said USA on the front. He might have guessed that criticizing this look would not go over well, but…then again, maybe he didn’t. When you spend your life in Californiastan, you could easily forget that around the country, there actually are still people who love America.

No worries; Twitter users reminded him.

“Thanks for the ad, Chris!” wrote Republican media strategist Caleb Hull, linking to the president’s campaign website.

“This poor reporter was triggered by seeing the President wear a hat with ‘USA’ proudly emblazoned on it,” noted the Trump campaign’s Matt Wolking. “I guess we should cut him some slack. His bio says he ‘Previously covered the Russia investigation,’ so he’s probably pretty frustrated that he wasted a significant portion of his life on the collusion hoax and has to accept that Donald Trump is still president.”

Other responses were just as withering:

“Oh wow.  The president of the USA wearing a USA hat.”

“We get it. You hate the United States of America.”

“The US has a pandemic of TDS sufferers. Let’s find a cure to this terrible syndrome.”

And then there was this sober reply from Melvin Gaines: “From now on, when I find juvenile tweets from the MSM like this one, I will just put it out there that it is the media’s responsibility to report MEANINGFUL, if not vital, news to assist and inform the public, and to keep petty, partisan opinions out of it.”

Yeah, sorry, Mr. Gaines, but that’s the old way. Today, it’s a contest on social media for journalists to prove who’s the most woke, the most anti-Trump, and the most eaten up with hatred for America. Reporting, to the extent it still occurs, is strictly secondary.

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  1. Screw this anti Smerican POS. At a time when we
    should all unite as one you have now life fake news
    loser worrying about what hat our President was
    wearing. Just get some of your liberal Antifa thug
    friends to try and remove it.
    When you could be doing your job and objectively
    reporting you choose to slander the President like
    the little bitch you are.

  2. This “fake news” reporter has again shown his extreme hatred for the U.S.A. in his triggered lambast against our president for donning a USA hat while giving his update on the coronavirus. Inciting fear and panic and their blood-thirsty venom against our president and this country is what the MSM now requires of their reporters. The management of the MSM pulls these scumbags out of the deepest layer of the swamplands they infest and hire them. I do not watch ANY of their programs at all. I see some of their comments on the internet and see that there is no hope that they will ever mend their horrid ways and ideology short of death.

  3. Juvenile Chris Mergian of the LA Time should be ashamed of himself for his insane statements regarding the President….Chris, I guess you’re an American, but not according to your assinine post. The world and our country is in crisis so shut up and support our country .

  4. I would bet megerian is NOT a fellow veteran who’s served the USA. All he serves is toxic breath from his anti American big mouth. Hey crissy sissy boy, I wear a hat with USA on it. You’re welcome to come rip it off my head and see how that works out for you!!

  5. First things first. The MSM has no reporters. They employ socialist hacks. Ignorance and stupidity are the only requirement to work for them. Us Americans will succeed in spite of the MSM fools. They will NEVER succeed at what they are trying to do.

  6. Thanks for the Trump 2020 Campaign advertisement. I just bought a new hat and made a contribution. Only the toxic, failing left wing policies are worse than Covid-19! TRUMP 2020! USA, USA, USA.

  7. No worries. This jackass and all other Californicators will soon be under Marshall Law. Hopefully you won’t get in the traffic jam from the few real Americans who are leaving CA in droves.

  8. Thank you Twitter for banning conservative ads and Trump ads. Without your help, we wouldn’t be where we are. Your nasty. evil treasonous tactics have made us love Trump even more. Keep up the great work, though, we love it!

  9. If you combine Chicken Little with the Emperor wearing no clothing, you come up with the USA at this time. Panic over a virus we all carry within our bodies and the media’s fawning over an imaginary set of new clothes. Pretty pathetic on both sides.

  10. If these people don’t like the U.S.A., and our duly elected President would your please leave. All of you divisive commentary only serves to tear down the U.S.A. we don’t need you in fact if you would go to another country you could we would be happy for you.

  11. The worst part of Covid-19 is that Everyone has closed their Borders so we can’t even get rid of these morons…. Not even China will accept them…. That really sucks!

  12. If only these democrats would focus their derangement syndrome on the issues at hand helping us all instead of going into politics it just shows how sick t hey really are. God bless the USA.

  13. Haters will complain and hate, and complain and hate, and complain and hate no matter what hat he wears, no matter what he says, or no matter what he looks like, and no matter where he appears.

  14. Get over it Chris. You’d be happy to see Trump wear a Russian hat so that you can say that Trump is Russian!! You’re a sick asshole like the rest of your leftist comrads. Too bad you choose to write fiction instead of the truth.

  15. So this anti american report is criticizing the president of the United Stated for wearing a USA HAT! if he was wearing a russia hat what would the reporter say? If it was a Canada hat? How about a Cuba hat?

    This reporter is a piece of crap that should be fired.

  16. Excuse me but:

    If you think it is so bad here? Pack your trash and go to China and we will see how long you last. One wrong sentence and they will never find your body!

  17. Chrissy was triggered by that awful man with the horrible, virtue signaling hat he was wearing! Oh my goodness, it was horrible. Did you see it? It was soooo bad that it turned my ears off. What was he even saying? My eyes were glazing over and I had a panic attack. I was not really there, so I went to the safe place in my mind and hummed to myself. Finally, it was over and I could leave. The only thing I took away was that he was wearing that horrible, trigger hat! That’s was the American people need to know about. That must have been why I was sent there. I had to identify the TRIGGER! (Sarcasm) Put this poor snowflake out of his misery and lift his press pass. Consider it an act of mercy. Besides, he sounds like he left there a slobbering, idiot and that is the same as coughing. Not good for public safety.

  18. Think “WE” have a little Devil inside us all . . .
    while NewsCreaters seem to only do that
    when dealing with The Donald . . .

  19. He is the President of the United States of America. He should be wearing a USA hat. If he was wearing a China hat they would then say he is a communist. The media hates President Trump and America so much it doesn’t matter what he says or does, they say he and America is wrong.

  20. What idiot knuckleheads some of our reporters are. I guess it would be okay
    if he wore a hat that read “China” or “Globalist OK” or I Love Democrats” then
    I wonder what they would complain about then. I guess they would whine about
    what tie he wore with his suit, or complain that he did not speak kindly enough
    to them, or some other idiotic bullcrap they could come up with. My question is
    what kind of morons are pretending to be reporters, columnists, or correspondents.
    I haven’t witnessed anything but a bunch of illiterate thumb-sucking babies pretending
    to be intelligent adults. I haven’t seen many adults among the entire lot. The News
    Media in our country really does suck. There are only a few in the News Media that
    we can trust for getting the truth.

  21. I wear a USA ball cap and I also wear a “Make America Great Again” Cap. When I am not wearing one of those caps, I wear a 101st Airborne Division Cap. I am a Vietnam Combat Veteran and proud of it. If one of my caps offend anyone too bad; especially people like Chris Megerian, who are supposed to be independent and truthful reporters. But, as we have seen for years now, there are no truthful democrat left wing reporters. So Chris Megerian and others like him, I realize you do not favor the United States, as shown by where you work and where you are from. So for all of you Mergerians and Megerian supporters, I shave a message from those of us who still love America: Kiss My Ass. God Bless America and God Bless President Trump.


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