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Republicans Want DOJ to Investigate Clinton, McCabe, Comey, and Lynch NOW

Eleven Republican members of Congress have sent a criminal referral to the Justice Department, demanding that Attorney General Jeff Sessions initiate an investigation into four people whose names have become synonymous with scandal: Former FBI Director James Comey, Andrew McCabe, Loretta Lynch, and Hillary Clinton.

While Sessions announced recently that a federal prosecutor was now assigned to examining some of the problematic issues arising from the 2016 campaign such as FISA abuse on the part of the DOJ, he has resisted pressure to name a second special counsel who would take the investigation out of the hands of the FBI and the Justice Department. As such, the pressure is only increasing, as is evidenced by the referral sent by Rep. Ron DeSantis of Florida and 10 other lawmakers.

The Republicans want the Department of Justice to leave no stone unturned in their requested investigation. Among the questions they want answered: What happened on that airport tarmac in Arizona, when Lynch met privately with Bill Clinton? How was the probe into Hillary Clinton’s secret email server handled? What factors went into approving the sale of Uranium One? Did James Comey lie to Congress? Safe to say that by the end of such an investigation, Barack Obama himself might have to worry about the feds showing up at his door.

“Because we believe that those in positions of high authority should be treated the same as every other American, we want to be sure that the potential violations of law outlined below are vetted appropriately,” the lawmakers said in their letter.

In addition to the aforementioned names, the Republicans said that biased FBI officials Peter Strzok and Lisa Page should also be put under the microscope of investigation.

Sessions has his appointed federal prosecutor looking into some of these open questions and the Office of the Inspector General is due to release a report on the email investigation soon, but there is certainly still room for more to be done. So many problems have been raised in recent months, and none of them are getting the scrutiny they truly deserve. Meanwhile, we have Robert Mueller running all over creation looking for unpaid parking tickets in an attempt to push Trump out of office. The bias stinks, and it stinks of a coverup.

Eventually, the corruption is going to come out into the open. If Jeff Sessions wants to make himself an American hero, he’ll be the one to expose it.

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  1. I hope Sessions is CAPABLE of doing ONE DECENT THING in his positions and power. Doubtful, since he is an indecent man.

  2. why isn’t Obama’s name in the line up? and a few others we all know about that straight up betrayed the American people????

    • Fastand Furious AG must be investigated to determine his involvement and liability in the death of a border guard. This is an ex AG who has been held in contempt of congress. How can he even think of running for US President? Who would vote for an Ex AG who is not trusted by Congress?”Itis evidet that the higher echelon of both the FBI and DOJ need to be tried for diverse crimes against our people and OUR US CONSTITUTION> The retired General wo was scratching his hedad all the time lyhing to congress (forgot his name) was head of National Security if I am correct. He must be investigated for he allowed the FISA court to be used illegally

  3. Don’t be fooled by this article, people! These Republicans are just saying what ‘we the people’ want to hear so that we will vote for them again. Then, once they are re-elected they will go back to doing NOTHING for the voters and continue fighting against the president and what he is wanting to do for our country. They are all two-faced liars. They had plenty of time to investigate Clinton and all the rest of them, but chose to give all of them a free ride. They have no intentions of ever prosecuting Clinton. It’s just campaign babbling to get your vote. PLEASE do NOT vote for any incumbent senator or representative who is running for re-election! VOTE FOR THE REPUBLICAN OPPONENT IN ALL THE PRIMARIES. Cleaning the swamp starts with the voters voting those greedy, corrupt liars out of office!!!

    • Hate to see MY GOOD Senator have to be primaried but you have hit the Truth. I hold no expectations of the Dim Wits ever doing anything but what their Leaders Command. [My Grand Father, Bless his soul, would vote for Hitler, Mao or Stalin if they had a D behind their name] Then we have the blacks that are died in the wool D’s when every single democrat since the civil war has worked to suppress the blacks, UNTIL LBJ came along and with the stroke of a pen stated This will guarantee the black vote Democrat for the next 100 years. He was MY State Senator and you would have to dig deep to find a bigger racist, but he fooled the blacks and now with the Reverend’s Sharpton and other race baiters making their money off racial divide, the D’s are supporting OPEN borders to replace the blacks on the Government Plantation.

    • I really don’t want to, but I have to agree with everything you just said. It is a very sad truth, and it is something they have done time after time & nothing ever changes with the status quo.

  4. Robert Mueller, Jim Comey, Peter Strzok, Lisa Page and Andrew McCabe have ushered in the new level of competency, integrity, honesty, transparency and trust to the FBI.

  5. The bunch of them should be locked up, fined and the key should be thrown away.We are a Nation of Laws, some people might not like that for they have their own Agenda’s that are Un-American, and want Power and have great greed. That’s what happening to our country. Do what you can to Protect our Freedoms and Rights from these types of people.

  6. The bunch of them should be locked up, fined and the key should be thrown away.We are a Nation of Laws, some people might not like that for they have their own Agenda’s that are Un-American, and want Power and have great greed. That’s what happening to our country. Do what you can to Protect our Freedoms and Rights from these types of people.

  7. The bunch of them should be locked up, fined and the key should be thrown away.We are a Nation of Laws, some people might not like that for they have their own Agenda’s that are Un-American, and want Power and have great greed. That’s what happening to our country. Do what you can to Protect our Freedoms and Rights from these types of people.

  8. Not likely with a virtually non-functioning DOJ, NSA and the FBI. To many of Obama’s people are still there along with the RINOs. Since many in both political parties have joined forces in an effort to get rid of Trump I do not expect anything of merit to come out of this. For me, Sessions was the biggest disappointment for the administration. He has shown his true colors and they are not red, white and blue.

  9. If they wont do there jobs its time to lock them up for treason. Let them know 90% of them will hang. Its the firstest with the mostest information thats going to keep them alive. Personally I want to kill them all.

  10. And while we are asking for the near impossible, lets investigate all the House and Senate. Lets not be picky do them all then we would have a new House and a new Senate…

  11. I think the investigations should go further and not limit to these 4 but also anyone in the DOJ and FBI nationwide should be interviewed to determine if he/she are loyal to the Constitution and the DOJ duty to carry out their tasks. I think every detail of Hillary’s actions and orders from obama should be reviewed from subpoenas for her to testify under oath to a special prosecuter of her entire job as sec state, including her involvement in arab spring, nuclear deal, domestic upheavils, refugees, etc. I think the investigation and special prosecuter should have authority to go where it takes him/her, with out restrictions.. And I think it should all be made public.

  12. Sessions will continue protecting these criminals as long as he has this job..We need an A/G who is capable of taking action….I think Sessions is either hiding something or hiding from something!

  13. It’s well known that Mr Bigmouth loathes these people, especially Mrs. Clinton; and for reasons not entirely clear.

  14. HELL YES. The DumboRATS have put themselves so far above AMERICAN LAW AND ANY OTHER LAW OF THIS EARTH AND BEYOND that they think that they can do no wrong. I have jokingly said that a Federal Democrat Prison should be built, now I wonder.

  15. Why is it that the Democrats are so squeeky clean? Oh, I forgot, they are NOT. In fact all this smoke screen that has fallen on everything Trump has supposed to have done is in fact a grand coverup of the total corruption of the Obama Administration and the continued raping of America by those he left behind. Not to mention the FACT that the Democrats even admit that the election was rigged to have Hillary win and that the illegals are voting. What has been done about that? Nothing. I guess there is something to be said for changing the legal system in this country and making it apply to all. I wonder, should be petition to Congress to place a new Constitutional Amendment on the next ballot that will do away with the Supreme Court and the way they have twisted our laws in their attempt to legislate laws themselves? Also to do away with the plea bargain as it is unconstitutional in that it takes away a person’s right to a trial by jury. Then we have th matter of lawyer/client privilege and what the Democrats have done to that. Not to mention that the lawyers always find a way to protect their own like the BS about Comey getting himself off due to the Hillary Clinton email thing and his actions re: it. BS, he has committed so many crimes that it would take a month to loist them. Where is the justice there. Time to change the justice system NOW. Then we have the AGs: Holder who decided to give guns to crooks and got a Border Patrol officer killed. Lynch who makes deals with criminals on the tarmac in private tatetas. And finally we have Sessions who sits on his hands and goes uuuuua and aaaau and twiddles his fingers when he should be attacking the criminal element in his own Department and especially the FBI. Mercy, God in Heaven PLEASE help us the situation has gone beyond human bounds.

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