Rod Blagojevich Slams Democrats for Phony Impeachment of Trump

As far as people to have in your corner, we could probably think of a few (thousand) better people than disgraced felon Rod Blagojevich, the former Governor of Illinois. The convicted Democrat went to prison (where he still resides) in 2010 after offering up Barack Obama’s vacant Senate seat to the highest bidder, but now he’s here to tell us what we already know: That the impeachment of President Trump is the most outlandish move the Democrats have made since…well, since the beginning of December, at least!

Even if Blagojevich’s Newsmax op-ed was meant more as a plea for Trump’s pardon than a genuine exhortation of venom against the Democrats, we have to admit that the guy has a way with words. And since he’s right (and because it’s always fun to sit back and watch some good Dem-on-Dem violence), we might as well listen to what he has to say.

Blagojevich’s main argument – and it is a convincing one – is that today’s Democrats would have impeached President Abraham Lincoln had they been in power during the era of the Civil War.

“First, today’s Democrats would have impeached Lincoln for obstruction of Congress and abuse of power when he unilaterally issued his Emancipation Proclamation,” he wrote. “Lincoln didn’t ask Congress for permission when he declared an end to nearly 250 years of slavery and offered freedom to millions of slaves in the American South. He neither consulted Congress nor sought its consent before he acted.”

Blagojevich went on to say that Democrats would have also impeached Lincoln for offering a job to Robert E. Lee at the outset of the Civil War and for “suspending the writ of habeas corpus across the Union as it related to traitors, spies, prisoners of war and Union soldiers.”

After enumerating many other political-and-governance sins that could have easily triggered Lincoln’s impeachment had he been saddled with the misfortune of today’s House Democrats, Blagojevich finishes by arguing that partisan removals only serve to deteriorate our country’s strength.

“It is hard to imagine how history would have been changed had Lincoln been impeached. Thankfully, that never happened,” he concluded. “But to think that it could have happened is a reminder of how fragile our Republic is and how vulnerable our freedoms are. No president is safe if a majority of hyperpartisan House members from the opposition party are willing to abuse the Constitution and vote to impeach. And the worst part of it is, that should this happen, those politicians are taking from the people their right to choose their own leaders though free elections.”

Hey, maybe this Blagojevich guy isn’t such a bad dude after all.

Or maybe the fact that we’re thinking that is just another sign of how far the Democratic Party has fallen over the last ten years.

What do you think?

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Written by Andrew


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  1. i always wondered if Rod Blagojovich was hung out to dry by the Chicago dems (Obama, Rahm Emanuel, etc…) I think it probably was. I have no problem with our President granting him a pardon.

    • Blagojevich, is just “Pis*ed Off”, because he got caught! Funny how he “turned” against them, ‘after” he got caught! They had to “turn on him”, before he finally got smart to their treasonous, & backstabbing ways before he would side with conservatives! { Still a typical Demoncrat….eh? }….Still A-Moral

  2. Well would not be surprised as he is seeking a pardon from Trump so what better way to be brought into Trumps good graces then to downspeak the Dems of his own party…Or Willis be his FORMER party

  3. Hi Rod: Sorry to see you are still away from your family. I am glad you are speaking out about our great President. You are much wiser now than you were 10 years ago. You must now realize what has happened to Chicago home of the CPUSA.. Just when we thought Communism had been outlawed by the senate UNamerican committee from the late 40s to the early 50s–would you believe Liz warren and Bernie Sanders leading the pack to become the first Socialist aka Communist president of the USA.? I hope you get an early release so you can campaign for President Trump. I would be willing to bet that you have some really good political tales to tell the USA voters about what politics in the Demomarxist party is all about. Good luck and God Bless Rod

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