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Sam Donaldson Pens “Salute” to CNN Clown Jim Acosta

Sam Donaldson, the veteran reporter and anchor for ABC News, should have resisted the urge to sully his own reputation by associating it with that of CNN White House correspondent Jim Acosta. We get that the “news guys” like to stick together and pretend that we’re in the middle of some unprecedented crackdown on the First Amendment, but let’s save that delusion for the country club, shall we? Let’s not embarrass ourselves by trumpeting it on the pages of CNN’s website.

Donaldson writes what is essentially an endorsement of Acosta’s new book, “Enemy of the People,” and we can only assume that CNN and/or Acosta slipped Donaldson a few bucks for the glowing review. In it, Donaldson essentially adopts Acosta’s viewpoint that he is an unfairly persecuted member of the free press. In actuality, he is a clown whose presence on the White House lawn is a stain on the press and a black mark on our democracy. He’s deserved every bit of the treatment he’s gotten from President Trump, and then some. To cast himself as a free speech martyr is nothing short of hilarious. But then, being funny is what a clown does.

“When Jim Acosta tried to ask President Trump perfectly reasonable and appropriate questions at a televised news conference last November, he was called ‘a rude, terrible person’ by Mr. Trump, who said CNN should be ashamed for employing him,” writes Donaldson. “And no president before in history, as far as we can ascertain, ever attempted to ‘lift’ a reporter’s White House pass because he didn’t like the reporter’s questions.”

So, first of all, let’s address Donaldson’s first claim, which is that Acosta’s questions at that press conference were “reasonable and appropriate.”

“You said during the midterms, Mr. President—” Acosta began.

“Here we go,” Trump said, already sensing Acosta’s predilection for using his time as a platform to pontificate.

“You said that this caravan was an invasion,” Acosta continued.

“I consider it to be an invasion,” confirmed Trump.

“As you know, Mr. President, this caravan was not an invasion,” Acosta said. “It’s a group of migrants moving up from Central America towards the border with the U.S.”

“Thank you for telling me that,” said Trump, his patience wearing thin.

“Why did you characterize it as such?” Acosta asked.

“Because I can call it an invasion, you and I have a difference of opinion,” said the president.

“But do you think that you demonize immigrants—”

“Absolutely not,” said Trump, explaining that migrants need to come to this country in a legal fashion.

Now, already at this point, Acosta is out of line. He’s not asking newsworthy questions. He is using his time with the microphone to act as a political pundit. It is not a question of fact whether or not caravan migrants constitute an “invasion.” If you want them here, obviously they don’t. If you don’t, then you very well could call it that. Maybe you can ask Trump why he calls these caravans an invasion, but you can’t say, “It’s not an invasion,” and then lecture the president about the kind, caring nature of the Central American migrant.

But all of this is beside the point. Trump tried to move on to the next questioner, at which time a White House staffer attempted to take Acosta’s microphone away. Instead of relinquishing it, he tried to get in another question about the phony Russian collusion investigation. That moment was where Acosta lost his precious press pass. It was not about freedom of the press, it was about one fool who doesn’t know how to behave in a press conference.

“Jim Acosta and the other hardworking men and women who cover the White House will continue the effort to do their job. And the news organizations who send them there will continue to back them up.

I salute them and am proud to stand with them,” Donaldson concludes.

Sorry, but there’s nothing admirable about using your position as a White House reporter to go on a crusade for the #Resistance every time you get called on. Acosta has acted like a cartoon character for two and a half years now, and if he now stands as the representative for the free press, then it speaks volumes about where the news business is headed.

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    • I realize that I am at an age at which memory begins to fade, intellect starts looking for another host, and curmudgeons like me become more curmudgeonly. I am 72, and I remember watching the news and understanding it as far back as the 1950s. So my memory leaves something to desire. But I am reasonably certain that reporters used to REPORT the news, NOT create it. The reported the news. They did not comment on it. They reported the news. They did not manipulate it. I remember Mike Wallace. I remember Chet Huntley and David Brinkley. I remember Walter Cronkite. I remember Robert Trout. I rememebEr John Cameron Swayze. There are more, but this is a pretty representative group. These people were reporters. I can’t actually say that I NEVER heard these boys commenting on a news piece. But their stock-in-trade was REPORTING the news, not trying to create it. WHERE HAVE THE REPORTERS GONE, LONG TIME PASSING? WHERE HAVE THE REPORTS GONE, LONG TIME BEFORE. WHERE HAVE THE REPORTERS GONE? GONE INSANE, THE LOT OF THEM. And we, the good people of the United States stare at a barren landscape of decency, of accuracy, of TRUTH. And we, the good CITIZENS of the United States, are left with the hope that it is not too late to MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN. For, unless we can do that, that barren landscape will be devoid of life, with only recordings of the greatness that once we were. I thank GOD that Donald Trump came down the escalator and gave the Troglodytes in this country a comedy. Gave them something to laugh about, until the results were in and their laughter turned to tears, and to a seemingly endless resolve to force this country back onto the road of desolation, of destruction, the road on which Barack Hussein MaoBamarx so skillfully placed before us. I thank God that Donald Trump stepped in to tread where angels used to dance. When I was on active duty in the US Army I had occasion to officiate over about a dozen military funerals as the Officer-In-Charge. This was in a day (1970-1973) in which there was no shortage of funerals. As I prepared for the first time I had that unhappy duty, I thought long and hard about what I would say to a grieving loved-one, something that would communicate how I would have felt were I on the receiving end of that three-cornered, folded Flag. I remembered back one decade, at the funeral of my uncle, when I was 15. I had remembered the precise words spoken by the officer at that funeral. From the first funeral at which I officiated to the last, I always said the same thing: A GRATEFUL NATION PRESENTS TO YOU THE FLAG UNDER WHICH HE SERVED. To our great President Trump I say that, with all due respect to the great Joe Dimaggio, we have turned our lonely eyes to YOU. And you do not disappoint. You are the one bright, shining star that gives hope to us. And to all the Sam Donaldsons I say “go back to being reporters. We don’t care what you think about anything. And to the “GREAT” Mr. Acosta, all I can say is that, to call you a Troglodyte would be an insult to all the Troglodytes who have walked this Earth.

      • My feelings are that they are being paid big money to do it exactly that way. It’s the tail wagging the dog. Thing is, we don’t have to be part of it. CNN’s ratings are in the toilet. It used to be the high standard. This is correct when they say that journalists used to report the news, not create it. I don’t hide behind anonymity. Jim Self

      • Sorry, Mr Kobrin…
        I must disagree ONLY with your statement about Mike Wallace and Walter Cronkite…
        These two individuals were the beginning of the biased network groups we now have to hear ocassionally…
        Everything else was absolutely true, and I adhere to your thoughts…
        ( … very good for 72 years, I must add… )

      • I am 70 and I remember that time as you do. It was never like it is today. Reporter actually reported news and did not report their opinion!! Never did they behave as Jim Acosta does and so many others. It’s truly disgraceful and a crying shame that these far left “reporters” only report their point of view instead of reporting real news!! Back then you never really knew the political side they were on. It was just actual news!! Not all the biased views of their own. It’s shameful the so called press has gone to playing in the mud.

      • Mr. Curmudgeonly Kobrin, Thank you for your service to our great nation! You are very much appreciated. My family is full of veterans and active military and I understand the way you feel when you give a person the Flag that had covered the casket of a loved one. That Flag is to be respected~~ something that the Left has lost (if they ever had it). And Acosta is one of those who has lost integrity, and respect for the President of the United States of America. He is a disgrace to our country and should not be allowed back into OUR White House.

  1. I have a “salute” for both of these members of the Propaganda Press and it is the “ Peace Sign Minus One! “

    I thought only Doctors had the GOD SYNDROME now it seams that so-called journalists have it or is it the SATAN SYNDROME?

      • And all the idiots stick together like fleas on a dog. It’s asinine! The press acts like it is the only “truth” and anyone with half a brain knows that’s not true. I stopped buying the newspaper a long time ago….when I realized it only covered one point of view….the LIBERAL one. I have no interest in hearing what the liberal Democratic Party thinks about anyone or anything. They lie, they cheat, they demonize and all just because their presidential candidate lost (and thank the Lord she did!).

  2. Sam Donaldson, you have always put yourself on the same pedestal as Acosta, so why should we expect anything less from you! If what Acosta does in news conferences is considered journalism, then what he gets back from the President or press secretary is nothing more than “answering” his question! Acosta and you are both gas filled egomaniacs!

  3. It’s absolutely ASTOUNDING what these “Journalists” (giving them the benefit of the doubt) will do to hear themselves speak! Obviously, they are seeking their “15 MINUTES OF FAME,” but wait! TIMES UP – NO REASONABLE PERSON CARES WHAT YOU THINK!!!! ALL FAKE NEWS!!! If they say it long enough, EVEN THEY will believe the “stuff” that comes out of their mouths.

  4. I have lost all respect for these fake news media hacks. It’s all about their ratings and personal greed. The world today says whatever is politically correct and personal income. I do not even watch CNN and the rest of these liberal news media that support the corrupt and anti-religious (immoral) Democrats because they have sold their souls to the devil. I have stated before if We do not vote them all out of the govt. God will take care of business.

  5. There is no news anymore, just some hacks opinion about world events which for some reason 1/3 of the population believes. They have never done anything of worth in their lives. Acosta will have someone buy all of his crappy book to make it look like it was great. Ha Ha 30 people show up for the book signing, it just shows what a joke he truly is, just like the NEWS has become !!!!

  6. That is probably why Sam always has that scrunchy look on his face..his little brain gets over-powered and his face can’t stay straight! Acosta is a media leper!

  7. The fact remains the global warming is real and is caused by humans. The ice caps are melting and ocean levels and temperatures are rising. The man in the White House does nothing to protect the environment and to deal with the problem.

    • Larry Harvey, you need to take up global warming with Almighty God. The gov’t is doing what they can; as to the rest, don’t blame President Trump!

    • The most recent evidence indicates that we are in a period of warming that began about 15,000 years ago at the end of the last ice age. There is no evidence that that warming has be significantly increased by man’s activities. Neither are there unusual melting of the ice caps, in fact in many areas they are growing and there has been no significant increase in ocean levels in the last 500 years. Develop a bit of critical thinking and do the research and stop repeating the chicken little routine. According to the climate change (the rest of the chickens don’t call it global warming anymore, apparently it was too specific) cult the oceans would have risen three feet by now and the average temperatures would be 15 deg F higher than they are based upon claims only 20 years ago. Even Al Gore just purchased a Ocean front property in Montecito Ca. Stop slinging the BS, it just makes you look stupid.

  8. Sam WHO????? You are the OLD school Sam, and it’s hard coming back from the “dead files”. Your legacy as OK, and now you have ruined all you worked for by pulling this STUNT. You can’t be this senile.

  9. Well, Sam, I used to respect you but obviously you have a touch of Alzheimer’s if you are lauding that clown Acosta. He is and always will be the biggest joke CNN has. He is so far off base and by no means a real reporter..just another hate Trump groupie.. sad to see in a grown man!

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