Seriously? Florida Professor Called Racist for Using the Term “Wuhan Virus”

We might have hoped that, at this late stage in the year, we could have collectively agreed on at least a few things when it comes to this pandemic. Yes, there are going to be a handful of nutters out there who think it doesn’t exist and another handful who blame 5G technology and what have you, but the rest of us should have by now settled on some fundamental facts: It’s a thing, it originated in China, it’s marginally more deadly than the flu, etc. Agreed-upon facts break down pretty quickly after that, but most of the world should be able to at least come together on that simple bedrock.

Agreeing on one of those points – that the virus originated in China – should automatically put to bed any notion that calling COVID-19 the “Wuhan Virus” or some similar label is in any way racist. For one thing, words like “Wuhan” or “China” do not denote a race, but maybe that’s getting too pedantic, or maybe that just invited critics to use a word like “xenophobic” instead. The accusation of bigotry remains, and it is just as absurd, no matter what specialized term you use as a wrapper.

So it’s with some degree of resignation that we look to the story of Professor Alvin Quakenbush of the University of Central Florida. The political science expert is now being accused of being a racist because he has used terms like “Wuhan coronavirus” to describe a coronavirus that originated – to the best of everyone’s knowledge – in Wuhan, China.

“Alvin Quackenbush is a political science professor at both UCF and Valencia who is a racist who will deduct points from any students who express any views apart from his own and include very biased questions in his exams. Do not take his classes,” tweeted student Rayanne Anid this month.

Campus Reform then tells us how Anid went on to “prove” her case against the professor:

Anid, through her Twitter thread, published multiple screenshots of class emails and announcements and said that she intends to file a formal report with the university.

In a separate tweet, the same student posted more screenshots of Quakenbush’s political views. In it, he writes on the “Wuhan Virus,” criticizing how many play “Monday morning quarterbacks,” and looked at events in retrospect, condemning leaders for having not known acted quicker. He goes to on to defend President Donald Trump stating that “even as President Trump decided to cancel all flights to/from China, he was called racist by many in the government and the media.”

Quakenbush further elaborated the hypocrisy that many of those same members of the media and government who criticized the President for taking action in the first place, have issues for him “not doing it earlier.” He believes this “political bickering is senseless and an exercise in futility.”

So we have a political science professor engaging his students in a discussion of global politics, and this discussion includes questioning the media’s narrative that Trump is to blame for a virus that originated (once again for the people in the back) in Wuhan, China. In other words, he is being called a racist because he has DARED to bring in a conservative – or, at the very least, a counter-leftist – point of view to his students.

Exposing college students to varying viewpoints used to be the POINT of a high education. Now, unfortunately, this education seems geared towards indoctrination…to the extent that it has any point at all.

What do you think?

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Written by Andrew


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  1. It is time to be clear. We have an uneducated, likely young and inexperienced, student, Rayanne Anid, who thinks she is more intelligent and more enlightened then a person with a doctorate degree and many many years more experience then Rayanne Anid.

    the college should immediately expect her for cause and add that she is not eligible to attend any state college in Florida because she is not capable of critical or systematic thinking and does not present the cognitive skills required for higher education (i.e. she is stupid)

  2. Right on! The professor obviously taking the Trump side is the bad guy to her so therefore she thinks she has a right to try and discredit him just like all the other punks out there in blm, antifa, and so on. Domestic terrorists.Like my youngest son said, they all need to be mowed down!

  3. I am so happy that I do not have children heading to any college or universities. Those days are far gone for me but for others out there who do have young children in high school or younger, you might as well be in China or North Korea because your child is being brain washed and indoctrinated in most all schools
    You need to stand up for your child and DEMAND that they get a PROPER education with Teachers who do their jobs right and not bring their dumbass, left leaning views into the classroom.

  4. The virus is real. Anyone with half a brain knows that. But too many people are diagnosed with it when they weren’t tested or they really didn’t have it. As for calling the virus the wuhan virus there is nothing wrong with that. The left is having a field day trying to change the names of everything. They need to get a life and a job. They have far too much time on their hands.

  5. Too all parents with school age children, you need to be front and center about the education your child is receiving and for you parents who are getting ready to pay THOUSANDS OF $$$ a semester for your child to go off to some fancy college know this, YOU ARE WASTING YOUR MONEY. Parentd need too STAND UP to theseTeachers and schools.

    • Just to set things straight, this Professor did not do one thing wrong but by the time this student got to his class she and most all students have already been indoctrinated.

  6. What else could you call a virus created in WUHAN, China paid for through a Federal Grant originated through Obama/Biden and Pelosi. Call it the O’Biden Virus ? You would have to be a complete moron to be offended by calling a “Rose a Rose”, or a China collaborator.

  7. What else should we call it Wuhan is located within 20 miles of Chinas Military Chemical Warfare Laboratory? They released it on their own people and then isolated them while they died. This stuff of being polite to a Country that has spread Death to every Country in the world is STUPID. Wake up people this is the First Shot Not Heard Around the World. You don’t know what they have planned for the future.
    So that everyone knows this virus has been known for some time. In the early years of the OBAMA/BIDEN administration they STOPPED, Defunded our research so we were unprepared.
    Everyone should also know that the WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION knew about COVID in early 2019 but didn’t warn the rest of the world.

  8. Professor Quakenbush needs to sue this young student for slandering him and damaging his teaching career. I am sure she can afford to pay the settlement since her college education is now free.

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