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Shock Claim: FBI Started Trump Investigation With NO EVIDENCE At All

This weekend, President Trump pointed out the disturbing irony of the James Comey memos. To wit, it was Comey’s memos, leaked illegally to the media, that inspired the appointment of Special Counsel Robert Mueller. Which is to say that the current iteration of the FBI’s Russia investigation was started by an act of illegal leaking. Trump’s premise was that this made the entire Mueller appointment illegitimate, which, while it may not make much difference to the reality of the investigation, certainly drove the point home about this partisan witch hunt.

But then something even more extraordinary happened.

Rep. Devin Nunes, who has now had a chance to look at the FBI’s unredacted mission statement about the initiation of the investigation into the Trump campaign in 2016, told Sunday Morning Futures host Maria Bartiromo that the DOJ launched the controversial investigation without any evidence of wrongdoing on the part of Trump or his allies. If true, this would not only mean that the Trump/Russia investigation is a political witch hunt TODAY, but that it had always been one from the very beginning.

Which, of course, would not surprise us in the least.

“This is really important to us because the intelligence investigation uses the tools of our intelligence services that are not supposed to be used on American citizens,” Nunes said. “So, we’ve long wanted to know – what intelligence did you have that actually led to this investigation? So what we found now after the investigators have reviewed it is in fact there was no intelligence.”

“Mr. Chairman you’ve got to explain what you just said,” replied Bartiromo. “I think this is extraordinary. That you’re telling us that in order for the FBI, the Department of Justice to launch an investigation into so-called collusion between President Trump and the Russians there was no official intelligence used. Then how did this investigation start?”

“I think that is the point,” Nunes said. “We don’t understand and never understood.”

To call this a problem would be putting it mildly. The Democrats are out there filing lawsuits against the Trump campaign and telling anyone who will listen that they have MOUNTAINS of evidence proving that they colluded with the Russians. Well, you would think by now that just one – JUST ONE – scrap of that evidence would have been made public by now…especially considering the leaky nature of this administration. Instead, we have a situation where Congress has to FORCE the Department of Justice to come up with a justification for opening this investigation, and they simply can’t do it.

They. Simply. Can’t. Do. It.

Shut it down.

What do you think?

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  1. So if there was no intelligence for the investigation, why isn’t a Stop to it Now for it’s costing Tax payers millions, and if the Government is so broke owning over 20 Trillion. Everyone should write their senators and put a stop to the investigation.


  2. Of course the investigation started with no evidence. This is what the nation has become, the destruction of our God given rights and the rest of the Constitution. People are enslaved and don’t realize it. It’s no wonder the attitude depicts law enforcement as the gestapo or nazis, and it goes all the way to the top til Trump came on board and trying to change it back to a real Constitutional Republic is no easy task, with no respect developed by lib dems and followers and a former president that said we are no longer a Christian nation and the Constitution is no longer valid. For the President to say that what can you expect, even for the cops that really want to serve and protect, when their numbers and that of local and federal in every area is subject to criticism, threats and when a former President says that cop killers are ok? He has an agenda. He has an objective to destroy what’s left and when he continues to do it after he’s out, he is now displaying his contempt for the country and the people. Our problem in this regard started when his party, the lib dems reduced law enforcement numbers not consistant with population ratios overpowered their duties, single surveillance, single patrolling, no investigation, profiling, no patrolling in some areas, cops carrying 2 or 3 weapons out of fear and survival and due to pressure from lib groups cops being accused and convicted or loss jobs to political pressures. The only way to solve it is in numbers and training, just like the rebuilding of the militaries after the insane destruction and calling back whatever fleets we had and cutting budgets, and leaders with the experience. That was an objective to destroy any potential opposition to liberal and dems
    It is time to rebuild our nation for everybody. It is time that forced warrantless searches ended and it is time that proof is presented to seek warrants from authorities, not made up stories and lies.

    • And, these assholes are the ones making our laws? What do you think would happen if we, the people, their bosses, followed the laws like they do. President Trump has been fighting a battle that would crush a lesser man.
      These politicians can learn a thing or two from the President. Things like honor, commitment, love of the country and an excellent job ethic.
      The Washington DC professional politicians are on notice.

  3. I think that this sham of progressive left-wing radicals who call themselves “Democrats” have pulled off maybe the greatest coup ever attempted against the people of the USA. Without ANY EVIDENCE they made some up and started a plot to overthrow the duly elected POTUS. This is HORRIBLE. They should all be rounded up and imprisoned for treason. And EVERYONE knows WHO THEY ARE.

  4. This was a Democratic Setup from the Very Beginning and everybody Knew it. All engineered by the Deep State to Cover Up all the Crimes of the Traitor Fraud Marxist Muslim Mutt and the Murderess Traitor Hillary Clinton and Billy Bob Rapist…!!! They have Undermined Our whole Justice System. We have not been a Nation of Laws for many Years..!! Since they got away with Murdering Jack 55 Years ago the Bankers have been in Control for 46 Years and we have only had Control 9 Years 3 Months..!!
    “John Fitzgerald Kennedy was the Last Democrat”

  5. Time for the civil war to start. I’m done with progressive/liberal/socialist/can’t figure out what sex they are idiots.
    Lock and load….let’s get it on!!

  6. What a disgrace . Put term limits on and this won’t happen . The DC elites are corrupt and have gotten away with it long enough they think they are above the law . If not for pres Trumps election we would have never know just how badly we have been scammed . They have committed serious crimes and prision is there home not DC we are a land of laws

  7. I’m not shocked at all that the FBI had no evidence at all before they started the investigation. In 1975 when I testified against the Italian hitman’s girlfriend in open court, they were so afraid the FBI only sent one agent out one time to see if I was OK.

  8. The above statements are so true and the people of this nation need to stop, think if able, and come up with an answer to what is going on. We are continuously being made to think wrong on our laws, our rights and that we still have 3 parts of our government. We have judges making laws, judges making wrong decisions on people that work hard and are beaten down by those that desire to push their agenta on all others. We are being thrown these stupid decisions and accusations because many that are not for this nation are trying to destroy our country for globalism. If the people of this nation do not waken and make an effort to figure out what is truly going on, we are going to be lost. Our time is running through our fingers and soon we will not be able to even function as a nation with the destruction we are facing from ignorant officials acting like we work for them so they can be important in their own twisted mind they may still have. We have 3 branches of government and a constitution, we need to see if we as a people are able to bring this awesome nation back from the edge we are on before we go over to destruction. WAKE UP before we are no more.

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