SJWs Turn on “Hamilton” in Latest Example of the Left Eating Their Own

Just look at these glowing reviews of “Hamilton” from 2015. Before the dark times. Before the Woke Empire.

The New Yorker: “It does not seem accidental that ‘Hamilton’ was created during the tenure of the first African-American President. The musical presents the birth of the nation in an unfamiliar but necessary light: not solely as the work of élite white men but as the foundational story of all Americans. Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, and George Washington are all played by African-Americans.

The New York Times: “It also feels appropriate that the ultimate dead white men of American history should be portrayed here by men who are not white. The United States was created, exclusively and of necessity, by people who came from other places or their immediate descendants.”

The Nation: “Race and ethnicity aren’t meant to disappear into irrelevance here; they are significant. True, seeing Washington, Jefferson, Madison, and the rest of the colonial crew played by black, Latino, and Asian-American actors isn’t a narrative snag. This is theater, after all, good old-fashioned make-believe. […] But Hamilton wouldn’t have clicked with white actors in these roles. The theatrical, corporeal point, which can’t be conveyed by the script or score alone, is that America’s history—and its future—belong to men and women of color as profoundly as to anyone else.”

Yes, back in those distant days of just five years ago, the Broadway smash hit “Hamilton” was seen as a mighty force – not just of theater and art but of, yes, social justice. What could be more progressive and cool than recasting a bunch of historical white guys as rapping, hip-hop dancing people of color?

My, how quickly things change.

“Hamilton” was back in the conversation this week thanks to a live-filmed version that debuted on Disney’s streaming service. But not everyone was grateful to see the Broadway show back in the spotlight.

“Are y’all ready to talk about how problematic Hamilton is? Lin Manuel Miranda created a piece of work that used hip hop (a genre created by black people) to tell the story of colonizers and slave owners,” one Twitter user mused.

“As much as I love the show, it and it’s writer are deeply problematic,” another wrote. “I’ve intentionally or unintentionally ignored these things for years, but I’m trying to fix this now so I can fully contextualize and understand Hamilton and it’s effect as a whole.”

Another Twit wrote: “I mean I think the fact that a musical like Hamilton (which is deeply problematic and nationalist) has to exist in order for non-white actors to have a space on Broadway is just very indicative of how non-white stories will never be able to thrive on this elitist medium.”

The woke mob even managed to extract an apology from “Hamilton” creator Lin-Manuel Miranda, who was apparently too slow to speak out about police brutality in the wake of George Floyd’s death.

“We spoke out on the day of the Pulse shooting. We spoke out when Vice President Mike Pence came to our show 10 days after the election. That we have not yet firmly spoken the inarguable truth that Black Lives Matter and denounced systematic racism and white supremacy from our official ‘Hamilton’ channels is a moral failure on our part,” Miranda said. “As the writer of the show, I take responsibility and apologize for my part in this moral failure.”

Just goes to show you: No matter how progressive, woke, and allied you think you are today, the Cancel Crew will come for you eventually. You have to wonder how many people will have to learn this lesson before we stop pandering to these moralistic scam artists.

What do you think?

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Written by Andrew


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  1. I refuse to see hamilton because I find it a pathetic joke to have people whose IQ s are so inferior pretending to be people with superior IQ s and to do it with rap is insulting to anyone with an average IQ who see s rap as a poor imitation of music and talent!

  2. I could not have said it any better than Carol. Rap is loud, ANGRY, profane and degrading to Women. It is not Art. The director is laughing his ass off because of all of the bucks he will gain from White Folks who do not understand they have been Snookered. But after the onslaught nationwide these last weeks the BLM has declared War on the Big Cities and White Parts of the USA and has let us know this MARXIST war will not ever stop. There has been book burning and statues of Historic Figures have been destroyed even of the Abolitionists. This Marxist Organization a resurrection of Bill Ayers Communist Weather Underground with some of the same terrorists advising and whispering behind the curtain. George Soros is supplying money ,bricks by the pallet, weapons, incendiaries. It is a war they can never win. America does not want a war with minority citizens. Nor do we want to stand by and see our History and culture destroyed by Marxist gangs.

  3. there will be a tremendous push-back if something is not done to control these thugs. will someone please explain to me how defacing a national shrine is not a hate crime, but painting over a BLM logo on a public street is? I fail to see the hate crime here. people are complaining about what “offends” them, but don’t seem to care what offends others. I say what is good for one group is just as good for another. why can’t the authorities jail these thugs and be done with it? Burn, Loot, and Murder has nothing to do with racism. it is just a way to destroy America. if you dont like it here, move out. I am sure there is some place you can go. but wait, I dont think they will pay your welfare like we do. and I dont think they will allow you to run rough-shod over them… wake up America, before it is too late.

  4. Miranda is a RACIST ..plain & simple. Back in 2016 , he placed a CASTING CALL to SOLICIT NON-WHITE ACTORS ONLY… Can you imagine that ? Check out The NY Daily News March 30 , 2016.. “IF” it had been the other way around.. the REAREND Al would be screaming about that being ….of course… “RACIST “. The Double Standards are so obvious , the the lefties are fine with it , as long as it works out in their favor & their RACIST AGENDA..

  5. Using actors of color in the characters of Washington, Madison, Jefferson is brilliant! The Declaration of Independence defined the plight of the American Colonist which was the plight of every American Colonist across the board.

    I found HAMILTON more entertaining than GUYS AND DOLLS, or the other dusty, old, ad nausea CHICAGO – HAMILTON has today’s genre of music and has been outspoken social justice THEATRE which the Left loves; the play AND the actors accosting the Pence family proved that the actors themselves have let history be damned because Republican Trump / Pence in real time represent the very precepts of our Declaration of Independence and Constitution, INDIVIDUAL LIBERTY WITH INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS OF FREEDOM BY OUR CREATOR while Demoncrats have become synonymous with <socialism<.

    Today, Mao, Marx, Lenin play a large part in State Governments' politics – CRIMINALS ARE RELEASED FROM PRISON AT THE SAME TIME LEGISLATURES ARE PETITIONING TO REMOVE OUR SECOND AMENDMENTS RIGHTS OF SELF PROTECTION. That is TYRANNY. BLM is killing innocent children of color!

    Of course the Left has turned on HAMILTON; as entertainment goes, the play is STILL about AMERICA, the country the LEFT HATES – VOTE TRUMP / PENCE 2020 !!!!!!

  6. It sure is fun watching all these mental midgets turning on each other. The majority of them, when their IQ reaches 12 the should sell, ’cause it ain’t goin’ any higher. The real intelligent useful idiots have an IQ about equal with the room temperature at my house!!

  7. As a white woman, I found Hamilton offensive. I began watching the Disney “version,” and was offended by the lie–that portraying the founding fathers, most of whom bought, owned, and sold slaves, absolved us of our second original sin, the first being our genocide of the indigenous. I do believe that “… America’s history—and its future—belong to men and women of color as profoundly as to anyone else.” But they belong to the real history, the truth. Not what we learned in school, but the genocide, the enslavement, the hypocrisy of the words in our founding documents vs. the reality, which still does not reflect those words in 2020.

  8. I agree with these righteous thinkers, in fact this should go even further, any and all money made from this show should be returned and placed into a fund to help with the Reparations that many of the Democrats/Leftists/Liberals/Socialists believe that should be paid to the descendants of slaves.

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