Surprise: Ocasio-Cortez Sees Nothing Wrong With Her Hypocritical Lifestyle

In recent days, reports have emerged showing that Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, despite warning that the world will end in just over a decade thanks to humanity’s over-use of fossil fuels, does not exactly walk the walk. At the same time she is pushing for economy-crushing restrictions on carbon output, the New York Democrat is making frequent use of fuel-guzzling automotive and air travel with no apparent attempt to cut back on her personal carbon footprint.

We are, of course, well accustomed to these climate hysterics preaching one thing and doing another. If we had a nickel for every mile of private air travel Al Gore has indulged in since releasing “An Inconvenient Truth,” we could afford to put solar panels on every roof in our neighborhood. And, perhaps emboldened by a long line of climate hypocrites who have preceded her, Ocasio-Cortez sees no reason to apologize for her lifestyle.

“I also fly and use A/C,” she tweeted in response to a New York Post article about her travel habits. “Living in the world as it is isn’t an argument against working towards a better future.”

That isn’t the most irrational response we’ve ever read, but one has to understand that Ocasio-Cortez isn’t simply commuting to work every morning and back home every evening. Indeed, the Post’s story revealed that she has racked up an enormous bill with ride-sharing services like Uber and Lyft, and that her 2017 campaign “heavily relied on those combustible-engine cars” that she wants to eliminate under her Green New Deal proposal.

“In all, Ocasio-Cortez spent $29,365.70 on those emissions-spewing vehicles, along with car and van rentals — even though her Queens HQ was a one-minute walk to the 7 train,” the Post reported.

Instead of addressing the expose with something approximating a real concern for her own carbon footprint, Ocasio-Cortez retreated into her usual stance of social media snark.

“Pack it up folks,” she wrote. “The Pulitzer’s been decided. No one can rival this kind of hard-hitting journalism.”

Okay, fine. But what about people who look up to you and think that you’re right about the environmental holocaust soon to be visited on our planet? If you really thought we were in imminent danger of mass extinction thanks to climate change, would you so carelessly take advantage of the very same fossil fuels you blame for the impending catastrophe? Don’t you owe your followers a more reasoned explanation?

Of course not. Because it’s all a hoax, and your followers know it better than anyone. It’s a trend. It’s a cause for empty-headed celebrities, millennial hipsters, and people like you who manage to embody the worst of both groups.

We agree with Patrick Moore, the co-founder of Greenpeace. “Pompous little twit,” he called you on Twitter. That’s about as perfect a descriptor as we’ve seen thus far.

What do you think?

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  1. But of course she can seem to be a hypocrite. She is a socialist and a Democrat! Another is Bernie Sanders. Both spout off about reduce your dependence on fossil fuels but both use them extravagantly! It’s the socialist way. Those who see themselves as the upper echelon of the “party” must have their perks. The peasants must knuckle under. If you think this is bad, go ahead and elect a socialist government.

    • So….. give up your road maintenance, police, fire and emergency services, water treatment, gas & phone lines, military, public schools, Social Security, Medicare, etc….. and pay for it yourself. In case you didn’t know…. these are some of the many, vital ‘SOCIAL’ programs we all count on. I think ‘healthcare’ should be added to that list and NOT be a profit industry!
      I agree… those who rightly recognize the threat of ‘human-caused’ climate disruption, should ‘LEAD’ by example. But, buying into “McCarthyism, Communism… Socialism… ‘Red Scare’ hype and blaming it on one party or the other, widely misses the point and the sources of the problem.
      Finding and utilizing clean, alternative energy can be a boom business, creating millions of good jobs… and we already have much of the technology and expertise to make it happen… NOW! But, the corporate powers that be…. who wholly own and operate most of Washington are in control. Blaming an old, white hippie, Independent Senator…. or a brand new, baby freshman Congresswoman…. misses the point. You are just being ‘fed’… someone to blame, and taking it hook, line and sinker. We can be smarter than that!

  2. Socialist/Liberal/Demwits like AOC tell people what to do and horrors actually legislate what people should do but at the same time exclude themselves from the terrible effects of their actions! NIMBY at the highest hypocritical levels!

  3. Socialist/Liberal/Demwits like AOC tell people what to do and horrors actually legislate what people should do but at the same time exclude themselves from the terrible effects of their actions! NIMBY at the highest hypocritical levels!

  4. I road on the 7 Train yesterday. It appears to be the newest subway line in New York City. I currently live in Syracuse, where you pretty much need a car. Nobody in Manhattan needs a car. However, they are parallel parked all over the place. They would have been towed away in Syracuse.

    Incidentally, I learned about “climate change” back in the early 1960s, decades before it became a Liberal hot topic. There are real climate problems which should be addressed with cost-effective engineering solutions. Only an idiot would want to abandon modern technology and have the planetary population go through the mega-death doing so would require. While biologists may be good at studying plants and animals, they are amazingly stupid when it comes to major engineering projects. Back in 1970, liberal biologists were telling their students that all of the hydo-electric dams in the country should be demolished and that coal-fired power-plants were the way to go.

  5. It is frightening to think there are enough “useful idiots” in NY to get a Marxist bartender elected to the Congress. Just as frightening is that she has been appointed to the Finance Services Committee and the House Oversight Committee. These are the idiots that are entrusted to run our government?! Maxine Waters, Nancy Pelosi, Adam Schitt, Jerrold Nadler, Chucky Schumer, Diane Feinstein, and more ALT-LEFT members of the Democrat-Communist Party USA who are dedicated to the destruction of this republic and the implementation of socialism-communism.

    • Joseph McCarthy couldn’t have said it better! (Or… a drooling, slack-jawed ‘Brown-Shirt’ listening to Joseph Goerbbels) FEAR… is a powerful tool. So is ‘Hatred’.

  6. She and the other muslims are plants in Congress by the democratic party to change America into a third world country of Socialism, All in the New World Order of the psycho demo party has turned their backs on America but want the wealth of this nation, they and all who back them should be arrested, tried as TRAITORS and either sent to Guantanamo prison/HUNG as TRAITORS/ SHOT as TERRORIST and rid the USA of them.

  7. The very obvious reason is because the hypocritical lifestyle is representative of the constituency being represented. The values and beliefs of the constituency are what is being represented. How many people would get elected to office in a large metropolitan area by running on fundamentalist, conservative, evangelical Christian values? Not many.

  8. I see her EVIL and HATE and BAGS UNDER HER EYES are starting to show……..

    Makes no difference how much make-up or lipstick she applies….SHE’S STILL A ‘SOW’ PIG…….

  9. She gives Bimbos a bad name….She is clueless….She likes to hear herself talk but never plays the rewind button to hear how ridiculous she sounds…Hopefully, New Yorkers will see right through her and she will be a one trick pony.

    • First we had Mad Maxine, Schumer the Schmuck and Pelosi the hypocrite snake.
      Now we have AOC the dimwit dumb imbecile and the Islamist terrorist.

  10. She’s an ignorant little twit that has no experience of life or American history or world history any of the above most recently Venezuela that she lives in denial of!

  11. We really don’t need this type of people in running any form of governments. Not even with prison’s job.
    Those type of people thought they get the power and hope for racial change. Nope and no way. We are the American people that serve one purpose under our nation flag…FREEDOM.
    If she cannot accept that, then it is our duty to have her banned from the United States forever.

  12. Can anyone tell me how much solar power can be generated at night, or there are periods of heavy grey clouds. How much per panel system per average home of 2,683 sq ft, which includes the cost of the panels, controllers set-up, batteries, etc.? In 2019, the average national solar panel cost is $3.05/watt. So the typical house uses 29 KW per day..

    Now FREE THINKERS want to know the costs as well as the benefit so ask the neophyte AOC how is the cost to be borne by the individual family home owner.

    Materials Used for the Construction of Photovoltaic Cells. Special materials are used for the construction of photovoltaic cells. …
    Silicon – The Most Popular Material for Solar Cells. …
    Polycrystalline Thin Films – Reducing Material Required in Solar Cells. …
    Copper Indium Diselenide. …
    Cadmium Telluride. …
    Gallium Arsenide.

    Do any of these items produce toxic waste? ie., cadmium is highly toxic and carcinogenic. Exposure can cause lung, kidney or liver pathology or failure. as an example.

    And what about the batteries and PCB from the electrical components? Is the battery acid to dump into the local environment? or the fumes created by the creation of the battery shell.. is that good for the environment or is it harmful.. do the research and come up with your own understanding so at least you know the ignorance of those who represent your well being.

    What happens when you burn bio-gas (Cow Farts that AOC wants to tax). First of all you won’t die from a Cow fart. Methane and the Environment. Natural gas, which primarily consists of methane, is the cleanest burning fossil fuel. … However, methane that is released into the atmosphere ” before it is burned” is harmful to the environment.

    Do your own comparative analysis and you might just find that it is not only more cost effective to burn Biogas and Natural gas than to use solar electricity. And you can create Bio-gas for FREE through repurposing your Defecate and Table scraps as fuel to run a generator, while also reducing the water pollution. So ASK AOC if she can come up with an actual figure on costs of making the Solar Panels and systems, including the batteries and how much each family will have to bedget for her new plan for AMerica.

  13. Of course she is a little twit, it shows the world what kind of idiots graduate from our colleges! they learn nothing. My biggest fear is not A.O.C. it’s the stupid ones who voted for her! A.O.C. reminds me of a joke, What did Socialists use to lite there homes before candles? ELECTRICITY.

  14. What I find amazing is: Wonder why GOD didn’t know that there was gonna be a problem
    w/climate change???? Folks, get real! There is not going to be a problem w/climate change.
    GOD knew what HE was doing when HE created this universe!
    This is all just a bunch of ‘crapola’. aoc is just dumb & stupid, like a child, now she finagled
    her election, she wants everybody to sit up & take notice she’s a big wheel now! When in
    actuality she’s just ”””like a smart-alec kid”, who thinks she knows everything now,since she’s
    a new ”rising star” in congress! I guess she just doesn’t “get it”, that everybody thinks she’s
    full of (??) & hot air!

  15. AOC is off the proverbial scale stupid. Or in her native language stupido. It is also apparent that like all left wingers, she is privileged to have the carbon print of a thousand regular folks, buy $3,000 outfits made by child labor, and then complain about how other people live. She may be the most disgusting politician in DC and that is saying something.

  16. She is a hypocrite full of crapp! She has a common sense…just a political ploy! When she comes on TV…we turn the channel!
    I would like to know, who the heck voted her in? Stupidity of rediculisness…no brain, just stupid, brainless, ignorant mouth!
    Republicans need to put her in her place…& Democrats need to wake up…she’s going to ruin that party! Put her to the test…why she wants all this crapp, she’s what i call an Oxymoron…deluxe!

  17. Whenever she is asked a somewhat serious question, the look on her face says it all, a blank stare to match her blank skull ! than she says oh like that’s very complicated. Everything is complicated when you know nothing!

  18. all of these people must be trump supporters because they are either deaf and dumb or to stupid to understand what trump is trying to do in this country. he wants to do away with democracy and become an authoritarian president so he can be president for life and tell you what you can and cannot do. this way he can keep you under his thumb and keep you down. so him and his family can get richer and you get poorer so you will have to beg him for food and he can sit back and laugh at you. dumbasses

  19. Of course she doesn’t that’s why she is the perfect dumbocrat/socialist/liberal, just like pelosi and the rest of the gang. They understand what they can get away from and are not afraid to use it. FLAME THROWER TIME IN CONGRESS(BOTH HOUSES)!

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