Teacher Gets Off Light After Ripping Trump Pin Off Female Student

In one of the more disgusting stories we’ve read this week, a female high school junior from Mason, Michigan has accused a male teacher at her school of physically assaulting her because of her support of President Donald Trump. Sadie Earegood, 16, says that media teacher Paul Kato confronted her when he noticed she was wearing a “Women For Trump” pin on her jacket. Incensed that she would have the audacity to openly support the President of the United States, Kato “aggressively” took the pin from her, she said.

From FrontPage Mag:

The teacher, who has been identified as media technology teacher Paul Kato, first confronted Sadie, saying he didn’t like her pin. “That’s fine, you don’t have to like it, we can have our opinions,” she responded. But the teacher was not willing to let the matter go.

“He grabbed it and I pulled, I tried to push his hand away and he grabbed my shoulder,” she described in an interview with a local news channel “(He) just kind of put his hand there, and then he started pulling more and more and I just started backing up.”

The teacher then “took both hands and unlatched the pin from my jacket and put it upside down on his shirt and said it belongs upside down,” Sadie explained. The incident occurred during school hours on December 5.

In remarks at the time, Earegood told local Fox47 that she was completely taken aback.

“I was just really shocked that a teacher would do that,” she said. “I just want him to know that it’s not okay to do that. I want this to be learning experience for other teachers. And I’m not going to stop wearing my political stuff.”

Her mother, Capi Earegood, was incensed.

“I made a criminal assault and larceny report against the teacher,” she said. “He had no right to put his hands on my child over a pin or anything else.”

Last month, Mason Superintendent Ronald Drzewicki said that the school district would “take appropriate action” once they “have a complete understanding of the situation.”

Well, a month later, they’ve apparently come to such an understanding, and they’ve taken only limited action.

“Following an investigation by the Mason Police Department, the Ingham County Prosecutor’s Office declined to press criminal charges in the matter. Mason Public Schools officials have completed their internal investigation and have disciplined the teacher appropriately,” the district said in a statement.

“While not criminal, the teacher’s actions were inappropriate and misrepresented the mission of the district,” added Drzewicki. “MPS staff are role models. Our core values include respect, responsibility and compassion. We expect all MPS staff to model these values in interactions at school, especially with students.”

Sorry, but exactly HOW is putting your hands on a student – completely unprovoked – not a criminal act? Would the school district and the prosecutor’s office have been as quick to dismiss this case if a white teacher had grabbed a “Black Lives Matter” pin off a black student’s jacket? Hey, it’s our old friend, the self-answering question…

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    • That teacher should have been suspended, but the school system is a group of cowards and agree with the teacher. Actually I think the teacher should have been removed from the class room and I am a career teacher, but do not live in a liberal state.. thank goodness!!!

    • How do you REALLY know if it was a HE? What with all the trans-gender shyt going on these days, you never really know. If that was my daughter, and that SOB grabbed her, or even touched her with out permission, I would officially deprive him of his ability to chew solid food, and he’d be drinking thru a curly straw for the rest of his life. I mean i don’t give a shyt who this diaper stain supports. And I damn sure don’t give a piss in a tin cup what he thinks. But in Texas, your opinion, my opinion, and certainly not this throat choked Barbie Doll’s opinion matters, unless your wearing something on your hip, and you got something between your legs to back it up and use it. After I got thru kicking his ass all over Hell, I’d still be clocking his pie hole with my fist in Purgatory!

  1. Teachers have no right to touch a student unless the student gives them permission such as hugs, high fives etc. This teacher needs to be fired and made to apologize to the student in front of the entire school.
    This liberal nonsense has got to stop. And for the investigators – what are you there for if not to defend the rights of a child? Do your job.

    • You are absolutely right. The offense should be changed to sexual assault; This would draw much more attention. This used to be a big deal in the military. I attended a military course with a former Army First Sergeant, who found it necessary to write an SOP that prohibited female soldier from coming closer than 4 o 5 feet toward him. If they were within reach they could/would/may file a complaint of a sexual nature against him. No teacher or any other adult male has a duty or right to touch a young female student. I suggest going through Civil Court to sue both teacher and school officials, who are not taking this matter seriously. James Kirksey

  2. Now get an attorney and sue him for the assault and the thief. The DA can’t stop that. Might even go to Federal Court for violation of her civil rights!

  3. This teacher should of been fired and then sued, for doing nothing send a very negative message to all Americans!!! This case should be taken into are courts were he can be sued and band from ever teaching again!!!

  4. Sorry but this is another example of Democrats thinking it is okay to attack and insult someone because they do not agree with their agenda which is to control others. If he did that to my child we would have a serious problem. The school system should be ashamed, apologize and fire that turd or so called teacher. Since the school leaders have taken the politically correct path they also need to resign as well. The family needs to get a good lawyer if there is one!

    Ex:Vet and Patriot

  5. My husband is a principal in Pa. When I read this to him he said first the parents should have filed assault charges and attempted rape. There is no way a teacher can put his hands on a student. In Pa. that is an automatic dismissal and possibility of loosing his teaching certification. We need to start pushing this so this doesn’t happen again. This man needs suspended permanently and right now. I would also sue the school board for it too.

  6. Typical liberals it’s never assault when they put their hands on people, just pathetic. I would get a lawyer and go after the school nobody puts their hands on my kids, nobody!

  7. This is a outrageous.How can they claim that this isn’t a criminal act? This school administration should be investigated.This teacher’s actions are criminal he assaulted a minor. He should be placed on administrational leave without pay until there is a hearing then fired. The parents need to get a lawyer and sue the teacher and the school administrators for assault on a minor! What kind of message is this school administration saying if they don’t discipline him to the fullest extent of the law! Hopefully a good lawyer reads this story and would take on this case pro Bono? This kind of behavior should not be tolerated in any school. Great going and good luck Sadie. You keep standing up for rights!!

  8. To put it simply, sue, sue, sue! That will get the teacher and the school district’s attention and they won’t take it as lightly in the future.

  9. Are you sure he wasn’t trying to feel her breasts. And then rape her. Teacher needs to go prison for sexual assault and have hie nuts cut off. I had permission from my dad to cripple any teacher that put his hands on me. But teachers were smarter than than now. Cut off his hand to make sure he never does it again

  10. Time to teach this sissy boy dem/lib a lesson. At the same time let others sick dem/libs that there will be consequences for their actions. Vandalize his property starting with his car and house. OOOOOOppppppsss how about that slip with with that drink with red dye in it, right into this flea bag. Calls to his house 24 hours a day.

    MAKE HIM PAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. I agree there are real grounds for a successful suit here. Assault and violation of the students right to vote for (and speak on behalf of ) the candidate of her choice,. The total phoniness and hypocrisy of the left is here again on display. The left is in fact the real bigots, the real Hitlerian fascists, and the real source of intolerance and bigotry in American society. Sue them silly! It appears that is the only language they understand.

  12. The only way to make sure he is TRULY punished is to sue him and the school in civil court. Make sure the “school officials” are named in the suit. Guaranteed it won’t happen again.

  13. All teachers, teachers unions, school staff, and school districts are disgusting racist, bigoted, perverted, liberals. They need to be eliminated. We need to give full vouchers to all student in k through 12 and force public schools to compete and be as safe as private schools

  14. This teacher should be suspended without pay . Maybe fired. This is america and not a dictator state. Shame on the school board for not doing there job and firing the man. He assaulted this student. If she were my child I would file charges against the teacher and the school board for not protecting my child.

  15. This type of behavior on the part of a professional educator is totally unacceptable. No excuses or explanations can justify such behavior. How can he justified putting his hands on a student? Was he fantasizing? Trying to be provocative? Unjustly forcing his will on others? Trying to control a violent situation that put someone in harm? Is the teacher unable to control their emotions and behavior? Are they capable of separating their professional behavior from their private behavior? Is their behavior infringing on the rights of others? Did the teacher conform and uphold the policies of the school district? Is there documentation indicating that the teacher was aware of the district’s policies? Is there documentation that the student was aware of the district’s policies? Does the teacher ban the wearing of all pins regardless of their implied representations consistently and fairly? Without a suspension and complete evaluation, the school district condones and accepts the teachers actions which makes the officials and district liable for any incidents of this nature made by this teacher or other staff members in the both now and in the future. The district cannot sweep their fiduciary responsibility under the rug whenever it suits their needs. A district must exercise their fiduciary responsibility in keeping its students safe and free of influence that limits their right of choice while providing an acceptable education and environment to grow into responsible citizens.

  16. Just another Democrat that seems to get away with everything that they do that’s against the law! Touch my daughter or son and you would definitely have to answer to my 6’-6” 260 pound dad no matter the race. Whatever race they should be fired and not allowed to teach ever again.

  17. It is well past the time that all Trump/Republican supporters stop tolerating this type of bullshit. From those small minded, stupid,and cowardly jackass’s, who would if allowed give our country away.From those antifi thugs to the young smuck’s at our universities and their truly stupid instructors.From elected public servants like pencil neck Shifty to mad dog Maxine Waters or that silly twit Ocasio-Cortex and her insipid little gang of newbies.Or Nader or that belt way barnacle Pelosi or that smeary little Eric Salwell. Those morons who don’t know their ass’s from their elbows or how to learn the difference. To hell with them all, fight back be aggressively determined that they will not and cannot dictate with impunity,their too often stupid and harmful actions.

  18. That idiot needs to fired right away forever. Then he needs to be charged and imprisoned forever. So much for intelligence from the totally stupid, clueless, brain dead left crap.

  19. It would be nice to.see all students and parents who are supporters of our President walk out of the school and demand the teachers termination. Simply treat him as though he were a conservative who had merely voiced an opposing opinion .

  20. OMG, Where is the Me Too movement when you need them? A man/oppressor/authority-figure lays hands on a minor female child and no one is calling for emasculation and then death? What is this world coming to? I mean, the injustice of it all. I’m triggered and heading for my safe space, where I keep my weapons of mass destruction (my iPhone) SARCASM FOLKS. (Have to label that now.)
    Really, come on, who enabled this behavior. Does anyone think that he’s the only one on this campus who thinks this way? It is a culture people! This school is lead by someone. Lift the curtain and you will find the real BLACK MOLD AND ROT. This needs to be taken back to the Principal and then back to the District Administration. I sincerely doubt that this is a single bad actor. He’s just the first one reported.

  21. “The Constitution does not end at the school yard gate”-Tinker v Des Moines Independent Community School District, USSCt. (1969). Yes. The teacher DID commit a criminal assault. Yes. The teacher DID violate the Student’s civil rights. This is not North Korea. It is the United States of America.

  22. Good thing my kids are done with school. That creep would have lost a limb (and a testicle) and that’s before I got to him.

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