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Ted Cruz HAMMERS Zuckerberg in Tense Congressional Hearings

Much of Mark Zuckerberg’s testimony before Congress was focused on the leak of user data, absurd questions about the rise of hate speech on the internet, and Facebook’s role in preventing the spread of “fake news,” at least a few Republicans managed to ask Zuckerberg about something that Democrats would just as soon ignore: the social media giant’s enormous and oft-proven bias against conservative voices.

Sen. Ted Cruz, specifically, did not disappoint when it came his turn to grill the Facebook CEO. Rather than follow his colleagues down the predictable rabbit hole of rehearsed questions and answers, he took this invaluable moment in the spotlight to ask Zuckerberg about Facebook’s status as a political tool and whether or not the CEO considered his website a “neutral public forum.”

“We consider ourselves to be a platform for all ideas” said Zuckerberg.

“Are you a First Amendment speaker expressing your views, or are you a neutral public forum allowing everyone to speak?” asked Cruz.

Zuckerberg, frying under the lights, noted that there were certain things banned from Facebook, including “anything that makes people feel unsafe in the community.”

This answer hit many observers as telling, seeing as how Trump supporters Diamond and Silk were just recently censored and restrained by Facebook. The reason given? Their brand was determined “unsafe for the community.” No further explanation was deemed necessary.

“There are a great many Americans who I think are deeply concerned that Facebook and other tech companies are engaged in a pervasive pattern of bias and political censorship,” said Cruz on Tuesday.

It’s doubtful that Congress will be able to do anything about Facebook’s obvious political biases, and there are plenty of good arguments that there is nothing they indeed SHOULD do. Facebook is, after all, a private company, and there is a long history of increased government regulations making things worse rather than better.

On the other hand, as was pointed out quite nicely by Sen. Lindsey Graham, Facebook has what can only be considered a monopoly on its specific social media category, no matter how much Zuckerberg may claim otherwise. This not only gives him (along with Google and Twitter) intense power when it comes to censoring free speech, but an extraordinary amount of leverage against people who must submit to the site’s peering eyes just so they can connect with all of their friends and family members.

How much private power is TOO much? That’s a question that we’re all going to have to wrestle with in the coming years.

What do you think?

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  1. Censorship is where alarm bells should be heard and people should pay close attention!

    Mr. Zuckerburg/Facebook, Google, Twitter, Amazon and others need Competition at the same and higher levels.

  2. Does Mark Zuckerberg think his demographic is the same dim bulbs that shout down INVITED conservative speakers on campus? If so, it is another good reason I don’t “LIKE” Facebook and don’t use it! b Who needs “Facebook Friends” anyway?? People with no friends otherwise??

    • I ran into trouble as a conservative long ago with Facebook. I never use it except to respond to someone who has requested something from me. I go on line to do it and even then, I am reluctant.

    • I don’t use Face Book at all.Just too much babble about nothing. From what I just learned about Zuckerberg , I hope everyone stops using it.

      • I only use face book to check on my grandson who is in the marines. I look to see he is okay. My sister uses it all the time and I get p’oed because she is constantly putting my pictures out there no matter how many times I tell her not to

    • I use facebook for one reason and one reason only. I don’t accept any friend requests. I don’t have any stranger-friends. I only use it to read some political debates. And write comments.

    • Most people are extremely stupid and they need FB friends because they do not have real ones. Zuckerberg is in the business of MAKING MONEY ON IDIOTS IV THR WORLD. Life proves him right – he is multi billionaire!!!

  3. Zuckerberg is an idiot – he not only allowed private info to be given out – he also is against Conservaatives. I’m glad I was never one to be on FB and many of my relatives and friends are getting off the site.

  4. I think Zuckerfreak should be on trial then put in prison because of his, and his companies discriminating actions against Christians and conservatives. Private business my ass. Just look at what happened to Jack Phillips the Christian baker. Two fags filed discrimination charges against his PRIVATE business and won, all the way to the supreme court. Unfortunately, after 100’s of thousands of dollars, the outcome of his case is still divided. Other PRIVATE businesses sued for their Christian beliefs; Elane Photography (lost and had to pay $7,000 in fees); Ocean Grove Camp Meeting Association; Jim and Mary O’Reilly; Jim and Beth Walder; Aaron and Melissa Klein………just to name a few that were taken to court because of their PRIVATE businesses!!!! Put Zuckerpuke in jail, NOW!!!

  5. Once u used fags, you lost all respect. Your racist remarks make the facts irrelevant. you r a jerk. why are christians so delicate? they cant just bake cakes? give me a break, killing their religious beliefs and hurting their religion. Ask the POPE, he is all for fairness and helping and accepting gays into his billion plus religion. They cant discriminate and are repulsed. Publish all those names and they will go out of business, swear no one anymore wants this discrimination and wake up to 2100.

    • Ah….he is entitled to his beliefs as well as the “fags” and those with “MD” behind their name. You think that makes you special?? I know a lot of Doctors that are nothing but arrogant morons who aren’t as smart as they think they are. Thanks for trying to impress us though. The whole gay right crap has gone way to far and religious people SHOULD have the right to not do business with them if they don’t want to. Wake up to 2100? Yes what great advice given the fact that this country has become a shithole thanks to the liberal movement. No it is time to fight and reshape the US as it once was which means stifling the liberal crap.

      • Love your reply to the MD. And yes, in order to get our once-lovely country back we have to shut the liberals up. And they are so stupid they don’t even realize they are being used by the enemies of America.

    • Hey Doc, Christians are not delicate~~ in fact we are some of the toughest people on the planet. We have to be, we are persecuted and misunderstood by nearly everyone else. (You should read the stories about Daniel, the three Hebrews in the furnace, the European Christians during WWII.) No, we can’t “just bake cakes.” We have the right, but even more important, we have the duty to do our Father’s will and to live as He mandates we should. Why can’t the gays just go down the street to the next bakery? One word of caution~~ don’t go to the Muslim bakery to order a cake for your gay “wedding.” They hate gays and have no trouble in beheading them. The reason the gay couple went to the Christian bakery to begin with was to cause trouble. They have an agenda, which is to kill, steal, and destroy Christians.

      • Excuse me! The pope is a catholic construction! The does NOT represent the Christian community! I doubt if believing Catholics agree with his solutions and I broke my IPad when I asked her Yao define aggressively solitious! Most sesolitious as a dog bringing its owners slippers. To be aggressive in that the dog must bring the slippers to the door, to the bed, (anytime he takes them off), the dog wants to please and in this example he is a one trick pony! Don’t you get it? Their constituents watch news every night at the same time. Like cows to the barn. They get Dem news! They refuse to hear another view! Fox to them is propaganda! The women of fox have never jumped on the women’s rights bandwagons, or blamed others for their choice! The best thing Murdock did is hire women lawyers that had an interest in media! They know the law on even the most obscure stuff. Anyone that doesn’t tune in the five…or at least one of the evening shows (Hannity, Ingraham, Carlson) you are hiding from reality!


      • I posted 25 minutes ago and it hasn’t showed up! Wait aaa minute….if that post doesn’t ahow up then this one won’t either. So I could essentially let loose on everyone right! By the time I got this far in my wwait to flaggelate society for giving in to politics as usual but then supporting the very bills that keep them enslaved,!i don’t want govt (NHS) to kill my grandchild because they can’t figure out why he is sick! He got so sick he is on life support! The drs. Have not found a definitive diagnosis but want to take him off life support! They went so far as to tell the judge the baby’s brain was mostly gelatinous liquid. What a picture to paint for an infant!
        I don’t care if the child dies tomorrow or the next day, parents should be allowed to seek care ANYWHERE they choose to to

  7. Regarding Zuckerberg’s responses to congressional questions, many of them “softball questions”‘ in my view, the guy should be arrested, the charges being LITTERING. By the way, re the quality of some questions, they were better left unasked. Surely, while individual members of The Congress might themselves be “computer illiterate” to one degree or another, they have staffers who aren’t. How come our elected things didn’t solicit advise from such people, which they seem not to have done.

  8. I never joined FB or Twitter or any other “social” site. Its not that I am antisocial, I just feel there is too much stupid speech on these sites, with too much private info risk. People used to ask me, what’s your FB acct. Sorry, I’m not on FB. I usually don’t believe in texting much, its stupid especially when it goes back and forth, stupid, just call the person and speak to them. I know today everything is so impersonal, too afraid to actually talk to someone face to face. Yeah, and I’m antisocial.

    • Miss Gloria, while I agree with you on many things, the only reason I see for fb is keeping track of a family and friends! I do post religious and political stuff on my page. If you want to remain my friend you will regardless of what I post! If not feel free to delete me. I’m not monetizing my page but, if your a snowflake, just unfriendly me. I’m not going to stop posting my political views! Just be thankful conservatives don’t have their own version of ANTIFA!

  9. Ding, ding, ding… Alarm bells, censorship on conservative “free” press. Where is my comment? Or does your name mean, press free of conservatives? No conservatives allowed to speak here until checked to be safe for the community. What liberal is deciding what is safe?


  11. “…leverage against people who must submit to the site’s peering eyes just so they can connect with all of their friends and family members.”??? There are many, many BETTER ways that I use to connect with my family and friends, and Facebook is NOT one of them. Facebook may be a private company, but it serves the public, which means that Zuckerberg does NOT have the legal right to play God and pick and choose what is said by whom. When you put a home up for rent, you do not get to pick and choose whom you can rent it to as long as they have the money. And then there’s the matter of the bakery owners who were sued for refusing to sell a product to someone, and the judge made them pay so much money in damages that they had to close their business. So where does it say in the constitution that only people like Zuckerberg is allowed to pick and choose who uses his network and how???? Totally biased and double standard for the liberals. They’re nothing but a bunch of BULLIES!!!

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