The Birdbrains Who Won’t Have Kids (Because of Climate Change)

CNN recently did a profile of the group BirthStrike, which is comprised of some 300 people who refuse to have children because of, you guessed it, climate change.

This group has gotten some publicity because (who else?) Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez recently posed the question to her Instagram followers: Is it still morally okay to have kids when the world is going to end in only 12 years? We’re not sure what the results of her informal poll were (skewed, no doubt, due to the intellectually-challenged demographic that actually tunes in to her Instagram channel), but the people of BirthStrike are clear about their answer: Absolutely not!

“I really want a kid,” one BirthStriker told CNN. “I love my partner and I want a family with him but I don’t feel like this is a time that you can do that.”

This girl, 33-year-old British musician Blythe Pepino, says that the world is headed towards an “ecological Armageddon.” That disastrous future event inspired her to form BirthStrike last year.

“The BirthStrikers have decided they can’t bring children into a world where scientists predict climate change will bring bigger wildfires, more droughts, and food shortages for millions of people,” reports CNN.

“You are gambling with someone else’s life,” said 29-year-old Cody Harrison. “If things don’t go well, that human is not going to have a very good life.”

To be fair, they’re probably not going to have a great life growing up under the tutelage of parents who think this way, so maybe these people are making the right choice.

But then, maybe these BirthStrikers are just reading the tripe coming out of left-wing think tanks like Australia’s National Centre for Climate Restoration. In a paper, cheerily titled “Existential Climate-Related Security Risk: A Scenario Approach,” the authors argue that the world may very well be completely doomed by 2050.

“35 percent of the global land area, and 55 percent of the global population, are subject to more than 20 days a year of lethal heat conditions, beyond the threshold of human survivability,” they write, predicting a dark future. “The scale of destruction is beyond our capacity to model, with a high likelihood of human civilization coming to an end.”

Well, at least 330 parents won’t have to worry about their children seeing that devastating conclusion to this beautiful human chapter of history. We’re sure they will be sighing with relief when doomsday comes. And if it doesn’t, maybe they can brag and take credit for averting disaster! After all, if you’re in for a penny, why not the whole pound.

What do you think?

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  1. I don’t think anyone needs a reason to not have kids, other than I don’t want to be a parent. Most kids are ungrateful ingrates these days anyway.

    • Not everybody is cut out to be a parent. You can be a wonderful person and not want to spend your life rearing children. A larger problem is all the people who shouldn’t have them but produce all those “accidents,” then abuse or neglect them and fill our prisons.
      If you don’t want children, more power to you. Use good birth control.

    • Obviously, based on replies to your comment, a few of us absolutely agree with you. I see this so called strike, as a blessing. Fewer “oxygen thieves” are being born. Useless liberals.

    • Think of a perfect world without the idiot liberals. This is one species I would rejoice in seeing become extinct. Even if they wanted to breed, they’re so confused with their genders or should I say non-gender that it would be impossible for them to do so.

  2. Let’s not ridicule them too much, let’s keep it low. I mean if they do not want to have kids because of climate change that’s great FOR ALL THE REST OF US. So let them not spread their seed, THINK OF THE DARWIN AWARDS!

  3. They shouldn’t have kids, we don’t need any more intellectually deficient people… the Politicians proved that!. Well we do have Global Warming and I agree with AOC that we need to Tax and spend to combat it. Yes we need to reduce CO2. Therefore we need to TAX Politicians for their Hot Air they produce bitching about everyone but their own wrong doings… Bernie is in the top 1% in that category.. and you know how he wants a tax on the top 1%! Is anyone aware that the Sun lost its spots? That is a key indicator of the SUN COOLING which means what? Ask AOC what happens when you turn the heat off on the stove.. Does the pan cook well? And what would we do without AOC and her Solar Panel Plan when the People find out that to produce each panel there is a large amount of TOXIC Byproduct created. Won’t that affect the Water Table and Water Quality? And what about the land on which the toxic wastes are stored. Think there will be no leakage.. Lets ask the People who Live next to Coldwater Creek in MO! Yeah and then stop coal fired electrical plants.. but wait Methane is 24 times more of a greenhouse gas than CO2.. But to be fair AOC doesn’t know gas from a hole in the ground… Her claim to fame is being a Bar Mistress. Guess she thought it was the fastrack to being a Member of the BAR and be accepted as an equal to other Representatives. OK let US continue with what happens when you burn methane gas, it turns to CO2 which is 24 times less a potent greenhouse gas than in its natural form. So essentially we are reducing the greenhouse effect by using natural gas and creating energy at the same time. OK the Final Words: If everything the Member of the BAR -AOC is correct, we have 12 years to do what? Either move underground or to super insulate our homes in order to combat the heat. We could also grow more Oxygen efficient oxygen producing plants that convert CO2 to Oxygen. For the people without a lot of money and small City Lots.. Why not just make Hobbit Houses and grow the super O2 Plants on the house and do our part in restoring the planet without all this BS about not having Kids, and Murdering little Humans (abortions) just to save the planet. Think smart, live smart, and trive in this new wave of sensibility regarding Global Warming. And for teh know my Heating Bill went up 30% this year over the last 5 year average. I have yet to turn on my air conditioner so far this year. So what does that mean? Thank you and have a great day.. or not!

  4. On the upside, people this dumb are actually doing the world a tremendous favor by simply NOT REPRODUCING. The world already has an abundance of stupid people!

  5. I’m fine with everyone on the Left including all Democrats not having children. That makes the world a better place for the rest of us sane folks.

  6. Typical leftist idiots! If this person had any brain at all, she’d realize that the population problem in the world – and THAT is a real problem, is NOT due to the 1.4 children per family in the West, it’s the 14 children per family in the 3rd world.

  7. You know we make fun of these “troubled” individuals, but when you see the underlying problem you shudder with the sense of what “if”…The article notes that there are about 330 of these “individuals” yet the potential for a disastrous take on AOC’s mentally challenged ideas could affect many more…she has, at last update almost 3 MILLION twitter followers that eat and consume everything this “balloon” vomits…The “blind leading the blind” in this instance very well may not be leading to disaster but remember the “cult” following of Jim Jones…918 people committed suicide(304 children)because of one insane leader…What would happen if AOC were to put out a “suicide notice” to her followers? What percentage of her followers would take her “advice”? Laugh if you will at the silliness of this article, but the underlying “moral” of the story could be something less hilarious!!!

    • While I surely don’t want anybody to commit suicide (and she won’t sacrifice Democrat voters), your point is well taken about the undue influence of a scripted moron puppet. However, if she and her handlers encourage these mindless sheep to NOT have children, that would be a blessing.

  8. Democrats – coming up with a practical, feasible and economically sound solution to a problem that doesn’t place a burden on anyone else. They are to be lauded. I’d prefer they didn’t insist upon the “Look at me!” bragging about it, but as long as they don’t make a public nuisance of themselves or demand that everyone else do likewise, I can tolerate that.

  9. Look don’t be upset with these loonies all they are doing is VOLUNTEERING TO TAKE THEMSELVES OUT OT THE GENE POOLE , a kind of self attained DARWIN AWARD WINNER?

  10. Climate change should not be a factor in having kids, I would NEVER have a kid, NOT one, The human race is a mean, nasty, controlling, uncaring, waste of flesh and energy. If there is a God, he should wipe this planet clean of humans and start over with a new breed of something better….NOT HUMANS, we are worthless creatures and need to be destroyed. The way the world is and getting worse with technologies and morons running the world. Like the Super Rich Evil people like George Soros, Bill Gates and others that have billions, then the tech companies like Microsoft spying on everything you do online, Apple spying on everything you say in your home, Amazon forcing small business out so they can control the world of consumers, Google the father of spying on all your online stuff, from emails to videos to searching of everything you type in and the rest of your personal banking and info you type in. They have all the control, and I do mean ALL the control. They can take your personal info and plow you or anyone they don’t like into the ground like dirt. They have already, just look at the Fake News and their owners, working to ruin everyone that is a friend of President Trump. Not to mention trying to ruin the President and his family and OUR country… buy using their money and power to make things up and force you to view everything their way. Control by inventing their own truth and force feeding it to everyone that can see and hear 24/7 365. They want total control and have gone as far as paying for their own country to be invaded by people from all over the world. Mostly from South America but, are taking in anyone from anywhere, they think will help then turn the vote to their party view and their view only. So have kids, with the A.I tech, corrupt leaders, under control of corrupt billion dollar people and companies, pushing their own agenda world wide. If you really love kids, DO NOT HAVE THEM, not because of climate change, but because of all the other worthless P.O.S out there ruining the planet and our lives to get their own way and total control. The reasons I listed above are just the short list.. but pretty damn good ones to not have kids.

  11. These fucking women have shit for brains. Who would want to fuck someone that is so stupid anyways. Dumb ass cunts.

  12. They should read the real science about climate, not made up stuff. There was a very thorough 400 page research paper written by hundreds of scientists and meteorologists from around the world. They stated their research, their sources, etc. It is or at least was easy to obtain on the internet. They state that “climate change” is a huge hoax. This 400 page letter was sent to the United Nations. I can’t imagine why it hasn’t been reported more in the news…ha ha. Seriously, it is a HOAX. So, when people make decisions about not having children because of a hoax, I feel sorry for them. They must not read research or read very much of anything.

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