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The Media Has Already Botched the Ukraine Story Beyond Repair

In their zeal to finally “get him,” the mainstream media has already botched the Trump/Ukraine story beyond repair. And, seeing as how it appears that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi was going off of nothing other than those reports when she announced a formal impeachment inquiry into President Donald Trump, we have to imagine she – and other Democrats still working with at least half a complete brain – are wishing they could have that back. Because from the moment the White House released the transcript of Trump’s phone call with Ukrainian President Zelensky, it was immediately obvious that much of what we’d heard about this call…was pure, unadulterated horse pucky.

In the days leading up to the transcript’s release, we heard all kinds of nefarious things about Trump’s behavior.

He’d made a mysterious “promise” to a foreign leader that compromised U.S. security. (The transcript proved THIS to be a lie).

He’d mentioned Joe Biden no less than “eight times” on the call to Zelensky. (The transcript proved THIS to be a lie).

Trump had engaged in a quid pro quo with Ukraine, offering U.S. military aid in exchange for dirt on the Bidens. (The transcript proved THIS to be a lie).

Trump demanded that Ukrainian prosecutors investigate the Biden family. (The transcript proved THIS to be a lie).

To make a long story short, everything that actually put Trump in a damning light according to prior reports…wasn’t actually in the call. At all! And if the media had reported this accurately from the start (or had at least hesitated before reporting things that had no basis in fact or for which they had zero corroborating evidence), this whole impeachment hysteria would likely have never gotten off the ground.

We’re not much for conspiracy theories, but if you are…try this one on for size: Trump set all this up. He WANTS the Democrats to impeach him. He baited Pelosi into this nightmarish political scenario, because he knows his approval ratings will soar the very second the Senate acquits him, if not before.

No, no, we don’t believe that it went down this way, but you could ALMOST believe it, because it makes more sense than Democrats actually thinking they have something on Trump here. This is a media-created scandal that doesn’t exist in reality. If Democrats don’t find a way to put on the brakes (and, frankly, it may be too late for that), they are going to destroy any shot they might have once had of taking the White House next year.

Hey, Trump always said that the major papers would endorse him for 2020, because they couldn’t stand the thought of losing all of that juicy revenue. Maybe this was their way of making sure that doesn’t happen.

What an embarrassment.

What do you think?

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  1. It is long past time that the multimedia crowd start talking/printing the truth–and bury the contemptible lies that the democraps have spread about President Trump (and a few other good Republicans). The credibility of the press, and journalism in general, is at its lowest ebb since the Spanish-American War–which was started by YELLOW JOURNALISM. No one wants to see YELLOW JOURNALISM occur again, and yet, here it is in today’s market. The truth is that President Trump has done more for the United States and its citizens during his first 3 years in office than both bushes and ovomit did in their combined tenures (and not one of them deserved to be in office)–and this is a fact that the YELLOW JOURNALISTS CANNOT DENY. If a Journalist wants to be viewed as credible, than that person needs to brush the dust off his/her Code of Ethics (yes, they do have a Journalists Code of Ethics), and follow it to a ‘t’.

    • Agreed. We see our local news, who claim to be unbiased, willing to put a spin on key news events that favor the progressives rather than just staying with the facts.

      Perhaps they are trying, but it may be that the national MSM influences how they address the given topic or new item locally.

  2. I have read the phone transcript in its entirety and there is nothing to base impeachment on. The media has exaggerated and lied about the whole thing and the Democrats took the bait and started impeachment proceedings with Dame Pelosi leading the charge, accompanied by trusty, faithful lapdog lackeys, Nadler and Schiff. They have nothing but are trying to gain traction with the lies. Anyone can read the entire transcript, it is on the on the internet. Trump made no promises or threats of withholding any military aid, or used coercion on the Ukrainian president and did nothing to compromise national security. This whole thing is going to blow up in the faces of the Democrats pushing the impeachment issue because the majority of Americans, and that includes many democrat citizens, are against impeachment.

  3. Another “Conspiracy” take: The Democrat Had to get rid of Biden. He’s a time bomb that goes off against them in pre-election debates. Remembering the effect of torpedoing Bernie the Commie in ’16, hoping to tie his removal to Trump, they generated a circumstance via the (supposed) third party whistle blower that was certain to reignite questions about father and son Biden and the Ukraine quid-pro-quo – then blame the (claimed to be “history” and irrelevant to current situations) exposure on the President. Two birds with one stone – or, even better, two Bidens and a 2020 opposition candidate.

  4. A lot of the so called journalists work in government or is married to someone in government a lot of them democrat or some FBI or CIA bent on taking out Trump before he was elected there’s few journalists left

  5. The Dims are so desperate to take Trump down, that, they’re grasping at straws. This pretty much guarantees that President Trump will win a 2nd term. And, a LOT of people are praying, too. God allowed him to win, so, if HE wants Mr. Trump to gain a 2nd term, He’ll work it out right. Even some Dems are against impeachment. And, God controls the affairs of men, & He raises some, & puts down others. And, Nancy Pelosi is going to pay a HIGH price for her sins. She can ‘pray’ all she wants to, but, the Bible PLAINLY says that ‘He heareth NOT the prayers of sinners, except the prayers of repentance.’ I used my own words in here, ’cause I can’t remember how it exactly reads. But, you get the gist of it. I wouldn’t want to be near her on Judgment Day!!

    • The Scripture is in John 9:31 And, it actually says, “Now we know that God heareth not sinners: but if any man be a worshipper of God, and doeth his will, him He heareth.” The prayers of repentance we know He hears, otherwise we’d ALL be sinners! And it’s easy to SAY that you’re a Christian, but, if you AREN’T doing His will, which is to follow Christ, then you AREN’T a Christian. And, one of the main things you WON’T do, is to promote abortion, and, another thing you WON’T do is to tell people that it’s ok to break the law, & enter a country illegally. And, no, Jesus did NOT break any laws when his family escaped to Egypt. They didn’t have the same laws that we have. But, each country DID have soldiers at the borders, & people had to show papers in order to enter that country. Which is basically the way it’s supposed to be here. Nor did He tell us ANYWHERE in the Bible that women have the right to kill their unborn child. Too many people today try to make the Bible say something that it doesn’t. I’ve come across a few in the posters. The Law, that God gave to Moses, was for the JEWS specifically. When Jesus died, & was resurrected, the disciples started to spread the Gospel. And, when Jews came in, & although they were converted, tried to make new believers adopt their customs, the elders that were in Jerusalem, AFTER they had prayed, & asked, sent word to them that all that was required of them was that they NOT eat meat that had been sacrificed to idols, & that which was strangled, AND from fornication. This was to the Gentiles, & not to the Jews. Some Jewish customs wouldn’t harm us, but, most are more ceremonial, so unnecessary for us to follow. So if somebody tries to tell you that you’re not obeying Jewish law, tell them that the Holy Spirit told the elders of the early church, what you needed to do. And, of course, try to follow the 10 commandments too. Those EVERYBODY should try to follow!

  6. Nancy Pelosi with the help of Schiff and Nadler and many other Democrats have changed the House rules for the voting procedures on Impeachment. These changes apparently were done last January. This has been a set up for another so called Democrat “insurance policy” incase things didn’t come out their way with Mueller’s report. The Dems will continue with these antics until we as True Patriots force the DOJ to round them up and get them out of Congress. All of them should be forced to resign. There is more to come on the accuracy of NBC’s reporting. Apparently the former Ukrainian PM now has made a firm statement that there should be an investigation into the dealings with both Bidens. Friday night’s new cast with good ole Lester and his pal, Engels, in Ukraine reported that NO Ukrainian laws were broken by what the Bidens did with the former prosecutor. The former prosecutor also has a much different opinion.

    Even if said prosecutor was ineffective or incompetent or corrupt, it is NOT up to a sitting VP of the US to meddle in another countries INTERNAL affaires to get some one sacked. You have the right to raise an issue but NOT to THREATEN to hold up a 1 Billion Dollars in aid unless your demands are met on sacking this person. Biden gave the Ukrainians only 6 hours to comply. That is a classic Quid pro quo and it is illegal. NBC is Wrong again.

  7. Everyone please browse to the Federalist website there is breaking news that all true patriots need to read.

    The article is titled:

    Intel Community secretly gutted the requirements of the First-Hand Whistleblower Knowledge.

    Federal records show that the intelligence community secretly revised the FORMAL whistleblower complaint form in August 2019 to eliminate the requirement of the DIRECT, FIRST-HAND knowledge of wrongdoings.

    The chairman of the Intel committee is Adam Schiff. He and other Democrats on the committee secretly changed the requirements so that they could then bring articles of impeachment using “HEAR-SAY” information. There is NO single whistleblower in this mess. It is a collection of rumors, hear-say and innuendo from many different sources.

    Shifty Schiff could not get our president any other way so he and the Dems on that committee changed the Direct and FIRST-HAND knowledge requirement so that almost anything could be grounds for impeachment. Schiff ambushed our President, essentially “shot him in the back” on changing the reporting rules for whistleblowers. It is not yet known how many others helped and assisted Schiff from other various agencies to effect this change. The process started sometime in May of 2018 and the new forms were uploaded on or about September 24th of this year just in time to be used by the so called “whistleblower”, (who apparently is a collection of Dems working on the Impeachment action).

    Please go look up Whistleblower First-Hand knowledge requirement on the Federalist website and you will be able to read the rest of the story.

    Since the Dems changed the rules we need to mount a campaign so that every Senator and Representative Know that we now know the dirty dealings of the Intel committee chairman.

    Nancy Pelosi with the help of Schiff and Nadler and many other Democrats have changed the House rules for the voting procedures on Impeachment. These changes apparently were done last January. This has been a set up for another so called Democrat “insurance policy” incase things didn’t come out their way with Mueller’s report.

  8. Well, like I keep saying, when the Dimocrats kicked God out of their party, satan moved in & took over. So God gave them over to reprobate minds. It’s really sad, especially when Pelosi says she’s doing God’s work, when promoting abortions. She is serving the god of THIS world, & not the God of all creation.

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