The Most Racist Response to the Covington Catholic Debacle

This week, Elie Mystal of The Nation, one of the world’s most cynical, race-baiting writers, penned what has to be the most racist response to the Covington Catholic debacle we’ve seen thus far. And by what we’ve seen thus far, that’s really saying something. Many a liberal pundit has made it perfectly clear that the combination of white skin and a red hat is all they need to know about a person to condemn them as evil. Mystal certainly belongs to that group of idiots, but he is especially malignant because he has the temerity to compare America’s “apology” to Nick Sandmann with…the death of Michael Brown?


Using Sandmann’s interview with Savannah Guthrie as a jumping-off point, Elias said that “white people explaining away the racism of other white people to make white people feel better is a constant feature of the Trump era.”

From Mystal’s op-ed:

There’s something Promethean about the experience: Minorities are lashed to the rock that is America, MAGA eagles peck at our livers all day, then the next day the media tell us that we have to understand the “true” motivations of the MAGA eagles—and then releases them again to peck at our livers all day.


Black children don’t get a PR firm and a softball interview when they are in need of redemption. They get an open casket and a good sermon when it’s time to appeal for grace.

Black children have their side of the story too, but they don’t get to go on Today and explain their actions, because they are dead. Their side of the story is left to bleed out in the street long before a compassionate white interviewer calls them for comment. A black teen exercising his right to stand there or walk there or drive there or play there or exist there can be guilty of a capital offense in this country. But a white teenager can block a national freaking monument and get a pat on the head from the president of the United States?

There are no words to describe what it must feel like to dwell in this pit of delusion. No one can watch any videos of this incident and come away thinking that Sandmann “blocked” access to the Lincoln Memorial. It’s literally impossible. You have to completely disregard the video evidence and take the lying fake Vietnam Vet Nathan Phillips at his word to believe that.

As for the rest of this racist nonsense, all we can say is that the media goes out of its way to give black perpetrators EVERY SINGLE BENEFIT OF THE DOUBT, often well past the point of human credulity. Mystal might want to look at studies which have proven that the “police are killing unarmed black men in massive numbers” theory is one of the most egregious lies the left has ever perpetrated on this country.

Anyone who still thinks the media goes “soft” on MAGA-supporting white people while harshly condemning minorities is worse than delusional. They are either lying through their teeth or they are outright insane.

What do you think?

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Written by Andrew


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  1. This man is doing nothing but stirring the pot and to keep dividing this country racially instituted by BHO. This is part of the Rules for Radicals.

    • One has to wonder if it is racism on the part of the Whites or jealousy on the part of some of the Blacks…I’m not implying this true of all black people, but it certainly appears to be true of those who constantly complain about poor me and White privileged. It is time to stop the whining. There are so many successful Black people in America today in business, entertainment, and the job market than ever before in any country in the world. America with all its ups and down is still the best country in the world for Black people. It is time we stop all the BS and be an American first and race, religion, sexual orientation second.

      • Thanks, Jerry, for sayin’ what I’ve been sayin’ for years. Not only is our “two-party system” broken, but the simple fact that so many people still see two, three, five, whatever types of people in America!! Not to mention (oh, let’s!!) the first one to throw the race card is probably the racist!!! And he really had to dig for that one. Dude, you’re like a dog worryin’ a bone. If “white privilege” is so real, how come I, a 62 yr old white male, a proud American, still workin’ my butt off just to survive, while you, a middle-aged black American (I presume) get to slam our (?) country?? Enough is enough!!! Grow up or shut up!!!

      only i feel it’s going to BLOW UP in their faces before to much longer, people have HAD ENOUGH OF THEIR DIVIDE AND CONQUER BS.

  2. That guy, Mystal, whoever he is, is burning up with Racial Hatred. I feel sorry for him and his people to harbor so much hate and ignorance. God help his soul.

  3. Has this guy lost his ever loving mind? Where the heck does he get this stuff? It’s obviously not because he is a positive thinking man with resolution. Wow…how is he allowed to spew this out and be taken seriously. Sounds like he has self esteem issues and talking the talk without walking the walk by DOING SOMETHING about it just complaining using the same BS rubbish to say poor poor us. Hate to tell ya dude but our colored brothers and sisters don’t need your pity. They are strong and are living productive lives without you always making them seem so helpless.

    • Loved what you wrote Phoebe. I am so sick of this “poor me, poor me attitude”. Every person in this country has the opportunity to make it if they just TRY and don’t depend on handouts. BHO was the worst person ever to represent the blacks. The man that wrote this is nothing more than a race baiter, like so many others in the Dembocrap party. Black lives matter should prove that to everyone the way they march against, and kill innocent whites. There is nothing you can do about being black, so try really hard to be a good one.

  4. I could not finish reading that drivel. Go to Turkey you POS. Their “Hitler” knows how to handle “journalists” like you.

  5. First, Michael Brown was a thug who bullied, gave it all he had to get the officer’s gun and SHOOT him, and was DEFINITELY doing evil when he was shot, and rightly so. Trayvon Martin was cast away by his “parents” who used his death to enrich themselves. Trayvon was DOING the wrong stuff at the WRONG time. He made it worse by ATTACKING the security guard! And Elie (isn’t that a GIRL’S name), fails to put the blame for this incident in the right perspective: The Black Terrorist Idiots were TAUNTING White people for expressing their opinion. They were being what some folks (including MANY Blacks) would call “niggers”. This was an opportunity for the Leftist MSM to make a raid on Christians, Males, Conservatives and Trump — ALL in one shot. Well, Elie is the mouse that roared, and is STILL in the jar after going after the wrong peanut! Elie is a NOBODY, and will NOT be remembered. For ANYTHING.

  6. That SOB should be sued for his racist views. All it does is stir up trouble. The blacks are in a better position today because of Trump. If you are not better off it is because you are still sitting on your ass waiting for your welfare check.

  7. “I WILL WEAR MINE PROUDLY! I’VE BEEN ALIVE LONG ENOUGH THAT I KNOW WHO THE RACIST ARE, THE SCUM demonrats!!!” Racist wear mask(kkk…wait a minute…ANTIFA!(demonrats)) don’t want people knowing who they are. I wear a “RED MAGA HAT!” I don’t need to hide my face so someone does’nt know who I am. “PROUD TO WEAR MY MAGAHAT!” If someone has a problem w/that “FLOCK YOU, COME AND GET SUM THEN”
    The Democratic Party started with slave owners
    of the south. It continued through the days of LBJ and his “Great
    Society”. The Democrats still own slaves, that population that sucks up
    the welfare and other enhancements to sustain their lives(“YOU”) with
    absolutely no remorse for taking unearned welfare. Democrats are
    desperate to keep these programs alive and increasing to enhance their
    voting block and make their welfare recipients dependent on them. As
    assassinating JFK, yes demonrats did that to there OWN PARTY)said at
    the signing of his “Great Society” legislation, “We have now
    secured the N vote for the next hundred years.” In other words, he
    made the Black/White/Red/Yellow, and Brown Population of welfare
    recipients slaves to them with no way out.

  8. How sad that this man gets his 15 minutes of fame by stirring up his own people enough to go out and do stupid things. They get in trouble for it, but it’s everyone else’s fault but theirs, and mostly HIS, by his nonsense! Wake up!

    • I was training a young black girl last evening from Newark NJ , she told me a story. Seems a young 15-year-old girl went to a funeral to pay respects to two other black youngsters that were killed in an auto accident. Seems they stole a car and were running from the police and crashed. The young girl was shot by a drive-by that killed her. I did not hear a thing about this in the news and live an hour and a half from there. All she said was I can’t wait to move from Newark.

  9. Proof that they are really stupid, they blame all their failures on all others, mostly whites, but do not see that they are the problem. They are devoid of true family life, no responsible parents, no respect taught only greed, they are taught hate from a young age and how to scam the public. They are taught to cry racism whenever they can not get their way and must obey the laws that cover everybody. And the proof that those who preach the most hate are the ones that are scamming their own people for money while they surround themselves with high security. Those who have made solid family’s and have become solid citizens are even chastised by their own and called “Uncle Tom or Aunt Jemima” and are considered traitors to their race. I have worked and known assholes from all races and with those who are outstanding, it is all up to the individual(s).

  10. NO CATH0L1C IS AN AMERICAN…… Hey, give me a nice long list of a successful CATHOL1C “C” nation.
    You have a hundred to pick from just south of the USA. Just remember that past failure is also a good predictor of future failure. A HUNDRED NATIONS AND A THOUSAND YEARS of 100% failure says a lot! Vote for ANY CATH0L1C and you vote for a traitor.

  11. … NO CATH0L1C IS AN AMERICAN…… Hey, give me a nice long list of a successful CATHOL1C “C” nation.
    You have a hundred to pick from just south of the USA. Just remember that past failure is also a good predictor of future failure. A HUNDRED NATIONS AND A THOUSAND YEARS of 100% failure says a lot! Vote for ANY CATH0L1C and you vote for a traitor.

    • Look Alfie, I gave up piece of my life and some body parts defending America. I AM A CATHOLIC! Up Yours you sissified twit! I’ve been dealing with pieces of filth like you ever since I was a little kid!

  12. This A-HOLE is a freaking raciest IDIOT. It is people like HIM that are trying to start a race war and NOT the whites of this country. The whites have enough brains to realize a race way will cost lives of innocent people on both sides of the fence. Butt wipes like this guy don’t care who is killed as long as he looks good. THANK GOD most whites AND blacks get along and do not want any kind of problems much-less a racial war. He needs to try to stop blacks murdering other blacks instead of trying to throw more gas on the fire!

  13. Nothing will satisfy racist creatures like Elie Mystal except a full blown race war! Hopefully they will not get their wish!

  14. Just remember that when you die you will have to stand before GOD The Father and answer for your vile remarks. Maybe you will be burning in hell.

  15. I always enjoy reading about racism when the writer is a racist. The sad part of the story is two fold. One is racism is overextended today and the second is the admission has to come from the writing. Tagging Trump with racism is like tagging Obama as not being racist.

  16. “IF” WHITE PEOPLE IN RED MAGA HATS IS CONSIDERED RACIST? …. WHAT’S NEXT? …. A GIRL IN A SHORT-SKIRT IS ASKING TO BE RAPED? … SEE HOW VERY STUPID YOU THOUGHT PROCESS IS? … CLOTHING IS NOT RACIST! ….ALSO, WHAT DO YOU CALL A GROWN WOMAN WITH A PUSSY-HAT ON HER HEAD? A racist against vagina’s? LOL (Honestly, brown people are fast becoming the most racist folks in the America right now! No reason for it.)

  17. the millennia of mileage, and challenges of climate, disease, and deprivation, as well as all the other acts of Nature that selectively sculpted the white/European mind, culture, traditions, physiology, has left a rift between core priorities and values that is not frequently bridged. Studies and observations of culture, language, thought processes as well as intellect have repeatedly pointed to the same conclusions – whites and blacks see and react to identical incidences with very different perceptions. The current situation in South Africa is one of many cases in point. The American public school system is another. We cannot continue to be surprised by repeated demonstrations of these basic facts. How to effectively deal with them is another matter.

  18. Another self appointed, hate filled, asshole who represents his race with the ancient excuse for his race’s woes, “It’s whitey keeping us down, killing us without justification and treating us like slaves.”
    When are these idiots going to own up for their actions, stop blaming others and realize with a change of attitude they have every advantage available to them that this country offers.
    These people are tiresome, counter productive and with their anger managing to hinder their race.
    Hate blinds and this guy can’t see the end of his nose.

  19. This bigoted promoter of racism is the Disease that will spread that illness to any and all that might be unfortunate enough to hear what he spews. How can this guy make such outlandish remarks and the Media troll condone and promote it by publishing the Hateful Rhetoric that bares no actual truth or factual information. I do not see what he is describing among my Friends of any other Race, Ethnicity, Religion, Gender, Height or Weight. Do you know why? Because I look at them, a friend that I care about regardless of any of the race baiting garbage this man is trying to convince us of. My friends are Appreciated, Loved and Respected for their Individuality, their Kindness, their Heart and their Honor of ALL People. We are not blinded by skin color. Wouldn’t it be a much better World if people like Elie Mystal was not the racist in the room trying to incite Hate and Anger?

  20. Black Supremacy has had so much pampering with QUOTAS for jobs and college entrance, welfare for unwed mothers (destroying the Black family), pandering by the privately owned Media with lies and hate that there is White Supremacy. I am White and I worked my way through college. I got in because I was an honor student. Blacks were admitted regardless of their grades. A Dr. Sanchez in California (black) killed 4 patients. A white student who had straight As and was not admitted to this Medical School, but Sanchez was in his place, sued, but nothing came of it. Nothing came of the 4 murders he caused practicing liposuction which he was not trained to do. They bled to death. Blacks have been given so much priority in order to get their voites that they are now using it as a weapon. Thank God for Blexit and other wonderful aware Blacks that are getting out of the Democratic Party which has enslaved them to poverty and inferior thinking. There is NOTHING inferior about skin color. They are using this for ffavors, power and money.

  21. Blacks should start thinking for themselves. And not following what the Democrats tell them to do. Get away from that party and work hard and you’ll prosper. You don’t need anybody telling you what you can and cannot do just do it. The Democrats want to keep everybody down not just the blacks.

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