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The New Democrat Base: Illegal Aliens and 16-Year-Olds

Two strange things happened this week. Well, they would be strange if you didn’t know anything about the Democratic Party, in any event, or if you took all of your cues from the mainstream media. For us, it just seems as though these things prove that Democrats are getting bolder about telling the country who they really are.

The first happened early in the week when Democrats decided, en masse, to vote down an add-on resolution to their big For The People House bill that would have expressed condemnation for cities allowing illegal immigrants to vote. Republicans endorsed the amendment in the hopes that Democrats could at least say in public that voting was a right that should be reserved for the citizens of the United States. Ten years ago, we can’t imagine that being a controversial measure. Alas, today’s Democratic Party can’t be bothered to protect the U.S. Constitution if it means angering their growing illegal immigrant base. They voted down the resolution.

Then on Thursday, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi told The Daily Caller that not only was she interested in removing as many barriers as possible to voting, she was also in favor of lowering the voting age to 16.

“I myself, personally, I’m not speaking for my caucus, I myself have always been for lowering the voting age to 16,” Pelosi said. “I think it’s really important to capture kids when they’re in high school when they’re interested in all of this when they’re learning about government to be able to vote.

“Some of the priorities in this bill are about transparency and openness and accessibility, and the rest,” she continued. “That’s a subject of debate but my view is that I would welcome it, but I’ve been in that position for a long time.”

Wow, so there you have it.

Democrats want to remove voter ID laws so that we have no idea who is coming out to stuff the ballot box.

They want to let illegal immigrants vote in local elections (which can only be a prelude to you-know-what).

They want to abolish the electoral college, which would essentially allow our presidential elections to be decided by New York, California, and a handful of other liberal states.

And if Pelosi’s endorsement is any indication, they want to let high school kids start voting.

This party is increasingly willing to tell us exactly who they are and exactly what they’re about. Maybe the American people should start listening.

What do you think?

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  1. Great they want 16 year olds to vote. Have we not been told for the past several years that we have to treat kids differently because their brains do not fully form until 26.
    So fancy nancy and the other progressive socialist leftwing democrats who cannot convince the mature American citizens that socialism is the best form of an economy wants to let the immature 16 and 17 year olds vote because they would like nothing better to replace their parents with the government to pay for their wants and needs.

    • Unfortunately, this is not a big secret. We’ve known about this for some time now, although the 16 year old + voting block is fairly new. A lot of us suspected that this is what they were after for quite some time, but were never able to “put a finger” on that one. Kids do not belong in the voting booth. I didn’t like it when they reduced the voting age from 21 to 18 but what could any of us do about it. It was about votes and nothing else. Even at 18, the brain has not totally developed and these kids are not yet ready for that sort of responsibility, let alone know what that responsibility is as a voter. I hoped they learned something with the disaster of the obama “administration”.

      • They want to catch the kids immediately during and after they are indoctrinated with liberal ideology in the public schools. Get them voting before they have any real life experience to base their votes on.

  2. Yes it is true !!!
    The Democrats goal is to totally control everyone, and they think they know better than any of us how to run our lives and how to spend our money. 🙁

  3. What’s next in the Democrats’ nefarious plans and agenda? Let 16 year olds drink alcohol so more Americans will be killed? It is so obvious that this is nothing but a power grab by the Democrats.

  4. When does the population (constituents) get to vote on these Issues?
    I don’t remember the last time when the people were included in the
    vote for these things ie voting age, the Democrats just pass a bill??
    that says they can do whatever they want and go around the people!!!

  5. Until the American people limit terms and do away with career politicians the people we send to Washington will eventually mature into these idiots who don’t want to go to work to earn a living. They become career politicians and parasite off the American tax payer. Who gave these career politicians the right to vote for their own raises, make laws for the American people and hold themselves exempt from these same laws, give huge pensions and premium healthcare plans for themselves and their family for life after they retire or lose an Election? Don’t you think it’s about time the silent majority stopped sitting on their hands allowing this behavior to continue? Hopefully the American people will wake up before it’s too late. Look at England, France and all the other countries that allowed their politicians to do the same thing our career politicians want to do to our country. I feel that these politicians who think along the same line as Nancy Pelosi are nothing more than traders to our country. They took an oath to uphold the Constitution of the United States, which specifically Is against most of these beliefs that Pelosi ,Warren, Clinton and a lot of other people that have been in power to long, believe in. I am a Democrat and have been a democrat all my life, but, I think enough is enough. I think it’s time for the American people to start voting these career politicians out of office and not allowing any politician to remain in office For more than two terms. The wealth and power career politicians amass after being in office for this extended period of time gives them the feel and authority of being royalty hovering over us, their subjects. Just what our founding fathers and early American citizens of this country despised.

  6. Like I have been saying…The DEMOCOMMUNISTS are in a panic, because their “plantation” is being depleted by intelligent LEGAL American citizens, that have finally decided that they ONLY are being USED for their “vote”.
    The GULLIBLE illegal immigrants and INDOCTRINATED 16 year olds are the next “residents” in line to be “FED” the “usual” FALSE PROMISES of continuous “FREE STUFF” and “SPECIAL TREATMENT” , for their “loyalty” and “VOTES”, THEN, used, abused, and “forgotten” until the next “election” just like all the “others”, that have finally wised up and #WALKED AWAY from the CORRUPT EVIL DEMOCOMMUNIST “‘party”.

  7. Shows mentality of democrats. Most 16 year olds live on parents, doesn’t know what life is about. Look how old the majority of party is and they are still floundering.

  8. NO NO HELL NO so many 16 year olds are too immature and uneducated to vote. And as for illegals voting in our elections – it is illegal – against our Constitution and our laws. NO way. Enough is enough and this BS HAS TO STOP!!!

  9. No doubt, Chuckie Scumbag is illegal alien !!!!!
    Nasty nancy Is 16.
    See what we got in house handling our money.
    They are reason we stay broke.
    One thing Scumbag and Nancy needs to know WE ARE NOT THEIR PARENTS AND DON’T WANT TO BE.!!!!!!!!

  10. Jim,

    While I agree with much of what you say, the sad reality is, we the people gave away our ability to control the politicians, long ago.
    You’re vote matter little or not at all, when it comes to regulating and holding your congressional representatives accountable.

    I say that because what you and I want and see as prudent…term limits, salary/retirement/healthcare caps…is not what THEY want.
    Much like you’d be hard pressed to find career welfare recipients voting for a law that would cut “THEIR CHECK” in half or eliminate it totally, I doubt you’d find one member of congress who would vote to give up their cushy existence.

    Even if you could get “your” reps to vote for something like that, do you think omar, occasional kotex and talib would?

    “Their constituents should make them vote for it or vote them out”, you might say. Very unlikely, since the socialist, muslim, african refugee, lgbtq, blacklives, meetoo, illegals and now teens who have found cover and a mouthpiece, would never kick out someone who will get them money, benefits and an avenue to push their agendas.
    So none of those districts, will push term and benefits limits, much less vote against someone who is their champion and ATM.

    So while one or two states MIGHT find an honest, candidates, it will mean nothing when a vote is taken in the house and the senate. Those who won the congressional lottery are not about to hand back the job and perks.

    As you pointed out these lifetime members see nothing wrong with pay raises and perks packages for themselves.

    We the people gave the farm away long ago. Getting it back, isn’t going to be as easy as TRYING to vote out a greedy, life long congressman and replacing that person with an “Honest, moraled, incorruptible candidate. Even if you could do that, they will be one honest minnow in a swamp of sharks.

    • And there you go. We have an HONEST president, and he is alone in everything he is doing and trying to get done for OUR country and for all of US! MAGA…The Dems are trying to do whatever they can, to get their own vote in 2020…God help us all, and vote for Trump!

  11. Communists, Socialists, Nazis, and other radicals of like minds have always used children and youth to overthrow existing governments. Look at Mao’s Little Red Brigades, the Hitler Youth, the Communist Young Pioneers, and child soldiers in Africa, South America, and Middle and Far Eastern countries. Stalin said that if he could control a child before the age of six he would have him for life. Sixteen-year-olds are not allowed to buy guns or drink, but they can vote!?? Please. This is crazy. They are minors still in high school. They cannot own property or sign binding contracts. Terrible idea, but typical of the radical left.

  12. I cannot believe anyone would believe that 16 year olds should vote in the political area. They know nothing about the world or politics. As the Supreme Court has said several times, these teenage juveniles are not mentally mature because their physical brains are not yet fully mature (which only occurs in the LATE teens and even into the early 20’s. They have no life experience to maturely make decisions of importance to this country, and nearly every decision they do make is not using a rational, deductive logic faculty, but the “feel good” syndrome that seems to be dominating this up-and-coming generation. My God! help us when these pro-socialist enter politics when they finish their pro-socialist education in our colleges.

  13. Scumbocrats will do anything to gain control of this country to make it into a raging socialist cesspool where they control every aspect of our lives. All of these voting changes would allow them to do that with more voter fraud. It’s time for real Americans to wake up to save our country and our freedom.

  14. The Demoncrats want 16 year old voters because they no next to nothing about American history and government thanks to our educational system and radical socialist teachers. This along with getting marijuana legal will keep them voting for Demoncrts.

  15. Now I understand why Nancy Pelosi walks so strangely, kinda like she a stick up her butt or holding a grape between her butt cheeks. The answer is as simple as, after reading all the non-sense she is spewing about her support of allowing all illegals to come into this country without going through any security checks and lowering the voting age to 16, it is evident that she is just full of “it”. With “It” being fecal material, this the reason she walks like she’s about to go squirt “it”. She REALLY needs to retire .

  16. You’ve got it all wrong, Pelosi isn’t giving elected control to the Democrats by advocating open voting to everyone, she’s handing the country over to China.
    If everyone can vote, and China has the highest world population, tbey could cast 3 billion votes for write in Manchurian candidate.

  17. They don’t take civics until they are 17-18. I did not know one party from another until after college. Then it was clear to me, I was a Republican. Until then, I did not really know the critical differences.

  18. The Democrats are so desperate to preserve their power that they will stoop to allowing Criminal Invaders (aka Illegal Aliens) and clueless teen-agers to vote! What a sorry state of affairs for these evil people.

  19. I savor, cause I discovered exactly what I was having a look for.
    You’ve ended my 4 day long hunt! God Bless you man. Have a nice day.

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